AC/DC - Ballbreaker Lyrics

Breakin' balls, bangin' walls
Work hard and tough, and I want some rough
Unpack my bags, and take a drag
When bang on nine, and dead on time

Open up the door
And lay upon the floor
She open her overcoat
Livin' out her dreams
Rippin' off my jeans

You are a ballbreaker

Engine roll, time to go
A razorback, a hog attack
Buildin' steam, whippin' cream
She likes a fat, smokin' stack

Hangin' off her legs
She threw me on the bed
Her hand went for my throat
As I began to choke:
'honey shoot your load'

You are a ballbreaker

Wreckin' ball, let it roll
You are a ballbreaker
Buildin' steam, whippin' cream
You are a ballbreaker

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AC/DC Ballbreaker Comments
  1. El elefante

    2:28: Funny Valentine´s face after Ball Breaker hit him.

  2. VNV

    Live footage of Ballbreaker riding onto a steel ball, fully colorized, 1890~

  3. Ruta Roberto Murcis Zona003

    MADRID NO BULL,Plaza de toros de las ventas 1996,i was there.

  4. Какой-то Некета


  5. Oop

    R.i.p to the Italian bisexual cowboy

  6. Iulius Caesar Zeppeli

    If I try looking this way... I can't see her at a~ll on top of your saddle right now but... The "Goddess of Victory" is already riding on my saddle. To just try and have some other woman ride on it! The "Goddess" would be jealous... and you'll lose sight of victory.

  7. Jonathan da!

    This song makes me want to throw a steel ball to the president

  8. Fabrizzio Sánchez

    D4C: *Kills Ball Breaker*
    Tusk: What did u do to my friend?...

    Tusk act 4: ORA ORA ORA ORA!

  9. K i n g S h a m e

    haha...just realized how dirty the lyrics is...

  10. Liviu Stefanache


  11. Axel Carson

    This song hit me like a wrecking ball

  12. SciFyerGaming

    When you throw a ball so well, that it expresses the golden ratio and turns your target into infinitley spinning spagehtti noodles

  13. Secret Agent Randy Beans

    2:51 are those abs I see there?

  14. Private

    Welcome to the true mans world

  15. GoodMrDawes

    So Good

  16. Lucas Figueiredo



    Jojo go watch it normal person

  17. Nikola Karabuva

    Best show ever !

  18. Jonseon

    Girls when they hear about Jersey Shore: OMG I love that show!

  19. Vidit Jain

    Coolest Grandpas man!

  20. Siddhant Gedam

    Unbelievable brutal voice 😳

  21. grindinge3

    Insane performance from Brian Johnson🤘🏼

  22. kamen rider brave lvl 5 izanagi

    Pizza mozzarella

  23. Jonseon

    Got an ad for Wawa Caesar salad after this vid.
    Arigato Iulius Caesar Zeppeli

  24. La Hexaraña

    the comment section was like
    2 years ago:
    60% jojo
    40% normal
    100% jojo
    and imagine when part 7 gets animated

  25. La Hexaraña

  26. J4NB0

    AC/DC must have Whitesnake, having both Ball Breaker and D4C and probably even more

  27. Green Seagull

    still disappointed gyro didn't twist someones balls off but ok.

  28. dedopinwue yque

    steel ball run . />>>

  29. baagii puugii

    「N U T C R A C K E R 」

  30. Spingot Goomer

    Let's go home Gyro

  31. Andrew White

    wtf are all these comments?

    Meme Guy

    About comic what are better than your life

    Andrew White

    @Meme Guy what?

    Meme Guy

    @Andrew White Yeah

    yman igut

    They're talking about an Italian cowboy who has a Metal Ball that can make a crippled jokey move and used it to kill the 23rd President of the USA in a Fibonacci/Golden Square style

  32. Artem C.

    I heard this was a big hit in Europe.

  33. just a amateur

    Youre here either because you like ac/dc or because your a dweeb

    me? well i can only say, thanks Araki

  34. I can explain my profile pic

    G O ! G O !
    Z E P P E L I

  35. Flip Flopz

    *Pizza Mozzarella*

  36. brenden kelley

    when u want to kill the president but gyro says L E S S O N 5 J O H N N Y

  37. Crentist

    Pizza mozzarella rella rella rella rella

  38. Kuuja

    Outside of jojo. I love the music Araki references to.

  39. Ctrl V

    Heaaalll yeaah Brian rocks!

  40. Kape


  41. Tusk act 4

    I miss him

  42. HeatSmite

    This song made me want to get 2 steel balls and engrave my teeth saying, "Go! Go! Zeppeli" in Golden.

  43. whalocks_

    pizza mozarella
    rella rella rella
    pizza gorgonzola
    zola zola zola

  44. RemixThePikachu

    Esidisi sung ball breaker

  45. Es Sn


  46. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    one thing is for sure: Brian Johnson has no fear of heights

  47. Random Guy

    Blinking is a JoJo Reference

  48. leinad fbi

    G O L D E N R E C T A N G L E

  49. Ballbreaker Gr

    Look at my name

  50. DominicaRepublica


  51. Lord Vulcan

    2:27 THAT is what Rock n' Roll is all about!

  52. Master Chief


  53. Toby Saunders

    I'll rudely interrupt this circle-jerk comment section and point out that Brian was about 20 m up with no safety harness there. Talk about balls, indeed.

    Andrew White

    and sings his ass off while doing it

  54. chirmandor

    You could say this is...
    *True mans world*

  55. ROI guyzmo

    Soryy to have kill gyro i Will Come back withs it in a dimensions

  56. Dragon Born

    Song that I'll be playing while me and my paraplegic friend will be playing on our way to kill the president because Jesus told us to

  57. ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ

    Good morning, anime onlys, *i've been waiting for you*

  58. D4C

    You didn’t notice but that steel ball you pitched toward me... it passed exactly over that light fissure’s line.

  59. Green Seagull

    When the Aztec fire god starts crying but you have already learned about lesson 5.

  60. Zane Alsuwaidi

    I just say so many golden rectangle

  61. Live Wire

    Way before Miley Cyrus...

  62. Daniel Ziri

    i have no idea what the comments are all about...

    Meme Guy

    Hello random 40-50 years old

    Daniel Ziri

    @Meme Guy 17 years old, thanks.

    Roy The Idiot

    Steel Ball Run

  63. Silent00

    You know its sucks getting aged quickly by Mickey Mouse-like stand coming from a steel ball

  64. diego lopez

    in Argentina this song may be colossal, here this crowd Sucks!

  65. The_jack 124

    I love listening to this Band ❤️

  66. Stormer 757

    i broke my balls on a sprite cranberry

  67. Zephyx

    Let’s kill the president with fingernails and oily balls

  68. Cornossauro Otaco

    Now i want to sing a song about "Pizza Mozarella".


  69. Victor Botellero Solano

    Todos sus conciertos son apoteosicos, revienta los estadios
    AC/DC 🎸😈🤘 forever

  70. T1000jts Android

    Ссупер брайн джонсон огонь:-):-)

  71. mettaton

    Most comments are from jojo fans.

    just a amateur

    Yep, and god dammit its annoying

  72. rerorero man

    Why do i have a sudden urge to eat some pizza motsarela

  73. DominicaRepublica

    Damn Phil drummed the fuck outta this!

  74. Dennis Moore

    Why is this entire comment section filled with Jojo references

    Meme Guy

    Because Steel Ball Run

    just a amateur

    because jojo fans want to spam unfunny jojo memes

  75. beck c.

    im just picturing gyro singing the cheese song to the tune of this while swinging on that giant ass ball

  76. 『 палава палачинка 』

    johnny im tryna sneak around but my balls are dummy steely and the clap of their spin keeps alerting the president

  77. Keppler - 134

    Está canción me otorgó la rotación dorada en la ducha!!

  78. AkilTheEmoKid2005


  79. CignoVolanteArcaico 07

    When u wanted to go to heaven
    But Gyro sad: *Pizza mozarella gorgonzola*

  80. Bruno P.

    This song is a hit in Europe

  81. bro please

    This song just tells me to help a cripple kill the president of the United States because of jesus

  82. alphamonder

    When you are not sure wheter to do a JoJo reference or CBT experience.

  83. Yuto King

    Arigato gyro

  84. Kaos The edgelord

    Tbh this song sounds like itd be a big hit in Europe

  85. Bohemian Rhapsody

    [C o c k a n d B a l l T o r t u r e]

  86. Константин Столобой

    Never say my name to everybody, Johny

  87. Austin Oetken

    Why does this version rock so much harder than the studio version?

  88. Grimluck Foster


  89. MonetizedYaY

    Gyro dies
    Johnny: 2:28


    Thanks, gyro

  90. Spider [Electric State]

    Arigato, Gyro

  91. 『 палава палачинка 』

    "listen here mozarella boi i know you have a little kid to save but jesus told me to go kill the president sooooo"

  92. Oxidized Lag

    Esidisi singing about gyro's stand

  93. Rifki Lincoln

    Lesson 5 Kono tameni.... Sokodaaa!!!!
    Arigato... Gyro...

  94. Camille PRADEAUX

    Lesson 1 : "If you have the will, then do it."

    Lesson 2 : "Work those muscles."

    Lesson 3 :"Believe in the spin."

    Lesson 4 : "Pay your respects. Spin your bullets in the golden ratio."

    Lesson 5 : "The shortest route is the detour. It was the detour that was our shortest path."

  95. Gyro Zeppeli

    Do you belive in 100% pure oxygen

  96. just a amateur

    Jojo fans are hella invasive

  97. Bro Thats Neat

    I think we all know who the best jobro is