Abstract - Time (Interlude) Lyrics

I'm not who I used to be but then again neither are you
There's a lot of things we seen since then
A lot of things that we've been through

Time, time, time
Time ticks away
Time, time, time
Who we to wait

I'm not who I used to see but then again neither are you
There's a lot of things we seen since then
A lot of things that we've been through

Time, time, time
Time ticks away
Time, time, time
Who we to wait

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Abstract Time (Interlude) Comments
  1. Sodafied

    Gosh. Makes me angry that this song is so short, but I think that is the point of this song.

  2. Icon

    You should make a full song out of this because it's amazing

  3. zeth trost

    Please you need to make a full version of this its so good.

  4. Mafo Koko

    Make this longer I love it so much!!

  5. Donny_Z

    iv listened to it on spotify

  6. Donny_Z

    this song is short but a really good song i makes me think of the good times

  7. oscar townandbarnett


  8. Jesse Jokoty

    could have easily been his best song but he made it so short

    Abdullah Naseer

    Jesse Jokoty maybe thats point of the title

  9. Chance Yellow Boy

    Amazing song abstract

  10. Matija Marcikic

    Grats for 35k <3

  11. GianTrackz

    man i wanna see the lyrics pls, im spanish and is hard to understand u without lyrics

  12. Askeradus

    All your songs are fire youre gonna blow up soon

  13. RiVorted



    RiVorted this is the full song

  14. joel sundberg

    your music is fucking magic!

  15. Josh Boyall

    your à legend abstract

  16. wrije

    I just want to say, your music has helped me through so much. I found out about you just under 2 years ago, and since then I have been in love with your music. Throughout all bad times in these last two years, parents fighting, school drama, bullying, all of it, your music has helped me see the world in a new way, a way that is so much more enlightening than everything happening in the "real world". Thank you for that. I'll always be a huge fan and I'll always support you, since you have always supported all of us even if you don't realize it. <3


    Joe Niedz

    the greatest fight you will fight is for your happieness




    Joe Niedz <3

    Swag Oneguy123

    Same here

  17. Isotonic

    Amazing as always! 😍🔥

  18. Cameron Foley

    Dude your so awesome. You seriously need more credit than you have

  19. Sawyer DuCharm

    Abstract is so crazy talented. keep making awesome music

  20. rafhe

    Thank you

  21. Diego Vasquez

    this is a a good timelapse/montage song

  22. rafhe

    Is this the full version

  23. Luke Strange

    Omg this is so god dam catchy.

  24. Ega x Wandering

    Ahhh I love this one, just too short

  25. Vivid


  26. THUND3R

    Where's Drumbattalion


    Thunder Flames currently living on Drumma Avenue, in North Battalion.

    Drumma Battalion

    ThunderEdits ey! 🙏

  27. Scary Glen

    Wheres the full song i love it


    this is the full song.

    Scary Glen

    Justexile oh well that's sucks then

  28. Justin Wavez

    wish it was longer 😭😭😭😭


    Alpha Wavez that's what she said

  29. Felipe Grimmelprez

    This is so perfect but so short :(

    Gesti Zykollari

    Felipe Grimmelprez That's cuz good things last too litte, so we got to enjoy them when we have the chance

  30. Anderson Brizuela


  31. Anderson Brizuela


  32. prod. Craag

    Abstract,sou brasileiro e gosto muito das suas musicas,quando ando de skate,ouço elas,porque me inspiram,obrigado cara. :D

    Felipe Grimmelprez

    Vitor Craag17 Opa outro Br que gosta dele haushaua

  33. Sloth001

    I need to get my friends in on your music man! I already heard this on spotify and it sounds amazing

  34. Cole

    YES! i've been waiting for the proper release!


    I listen to it alot on spotify!

  35. Derek Oppenheim

    Omfg Abstract is so godly like you need more support and attention ;( You are awesome.

  36. Panduhh 2x

    1st comment