Abra - Here To Own It 2 Lyrics

Were takin' over

Mr. Deranged some may say I'm mental
A fist to the face to keep my name off your dental
Its elemental, his rhymes evidential
But he was screaming so loud you would think he's heavy metal
I got this I got that credibility to back that
Hop up on my track, in reality you sound wack
Real talk I ain't tryna hate though
If you's a real mc how come you sitting on the bench bro
Irrelevant, kill it for the hell of it
Blowing out your candles you would think you was a celebrant
Uninvited guest I'm a tyrant at your resident
Make a lucky guess I devour and leave no remnants
Terminate to educate I'm messing with your mental state
The fight you should anticipate, I'm heavy you just featherweight
LDP confederate, you should probably relocate
Theres a price on your head and you know that I am well awake

Y'all can keep on hating I don't care yeah it's alright
Cause I get a lot of love plus these girls fine
Got my mind on my money steady grind time
Shining brighter never stopping till the world's mine
Never stopping, never stopping till the world's mine

Though how many times you try you can never break my dream
Break my team, make believe but you can't kill my self-esteem
Kingin' and killin' it in the game, that's how we do
Living by doing the right thing, those my people
We gon' reign we'll take a seat on our throne
Pop patron let's share a toast to them sticks and ‘em stones
Here's for the haters, for the doubter and the douch-ies
Look back at it man it's better than a mo-vie
See what they say don't matter what matter's what we say
We choose our own path don't settle for lee ways
Keep praying with faith and move it to make it happen
Only you can help yourself so mix some action with that passion
Everlasting it's forever once that you find inner peace
Life's a puzzle that you solve by finding that missing piece
You can't buy it with cash you gotta learn to earn it
Work, sacrifice, burn and in return it's worth it

Y'all can keep on hating I don't care yeah it's alright
Cause I get a lot of love plus these girls fine
Got my mind on my money steady grind time
Shining brighter never stopping till the world's mine
Never stopping, never stopping till the world's mine

Make no mistake I'm in the game to put all of you to the test
Make no mistake is exactly my formula for success
Been a perfectionist ever since I was born to be the best there is
Destined to lead Philippine Hiphop to its exodus
Get rid of the pestilence the rest of us should know
That I am more than just a prophet I'm a testament of hope
And I am full of myself call me a bastard truly bold
But if I never came to be the freaking standards would be low
Yo I'm here to own it, here to own the game and mold it
Into something I'd be proud of every time that I would hold it
Make it golden and open make it everybody's token
Make a change think of a thousand ways to recreate the broken
Here to own it, my lyrical style is branded as an asset
And with a flow so great every song I make's a classic,
After classic after classic
And you don't gotsta ask it whatever is the limit to this rapture
I surpassed it, make no mistake about it

Y'all can keep on hating I don't care yeah it's alright
Cause I get a lot of love plus these girls fine
Got my mind on my money steady grind time
Shining brighter never stopping till the world's mine
Never stopping, never stopping till the world's mine

Never stopping never stopping (na uh oh uh)
L D Peace

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Abra Here To Own It 2 Comments
  1. XIN JIA

    December 2019, what's up!!!

  2. Patrick Callueng

    Solid pa din. Sayang wala sa spotify neto. ☹️

  3. Kesniel PH

    almost 2020 na

  4. Psyche Boi

    used this song on our subject hahahahahaha it blew the shit out of my prof

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    New album in a few months!! Get ready

  8. kam soy

    2019, still lit 🔥

  9. Marie Jasmin Rillera

    kamusta na kaya si Abra hehehe..

  10. Lil Maky

    8 years ago na pero hanggang ngayon maa angas pa rin at ang pormahan pasok pa rin sa 2019.

  11. Michael Bernabe

    Still watching.. Solid fan ng LDP since they started this group😍

  12. Maria Caro

    Fave since 2011

  13. Well Valdez

    2019 LDP

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    Psyche Boi

    and so u are

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    2019 anyone watching this? 🤗

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    Pinapatugtog at sinasabayan ko pa rin to habang naliligo. Hahahahahahaha! Mahal na mahal ko tong tatlong to! Huhuhuhuhu! 💓

  17. Shirley Sapling

    what happened to “Poor Country”? of LDP. That is such a powerful song please bring it back.

  18. Patrick Cruz

    2019? 👀💯🔥

  19. Wilfred Donn Desaliza

    2019 everyone? this is music of my highschool days.

  20. jeremiah panda

    Fiyaaa!! Still listening we in 2019!!!

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    Ano na LDP! Buhay pa ba?

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    2019 - 2090

  25. Christian Gabriel Mortel

    2019, anyone? #thatsbawal

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    Lyrically deranged poets.

  27. Kiel Florencio

    Hope this song get uploaded in spotify! 👌

  28. Nharr Outta Compton

    This song fulfill my highschool vibe

  29. Sherwin Andes

    From this to that's bawal.

  30. Phoebe Alban

    Wow 1m views

  31. Kumusta Ako

    Eto pinatotog ko pag natatanaw mga building sa makati or mountain sa province may meaning kasi parang abot mo din ang pangarap mo pag eto sounds mo

  32. sponge bob

    One of ldp's best song....

  33. patrick abando

    Rjay ty

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    Is it just me, or does this song sound like Forever? With Abra coming out as Eminem?

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    tang ina

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    Jan 9, 2018

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    Paabutin toh ng 1M views!

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    balak ko talagang gamitin to as an audition piece eh.. di na baleng di manalo basta maperform ko lang to!!!

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    2018 💥 Lakas maka throwback napapad ulit ako dito HS Days 👌

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    November 11th 2018

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    Rjay is the real damn drake

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    who's still watching? 🔥

    Mark Freo

    AAye! Captain! Never stopping till the worlds mine!

    jack hummilton

    it's Jinilin musta na ldp

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    Who else still watching this in 2018..this song is lit..🔥🔥🔥


    gawa kayo bagong kanta please

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    There goes my teenhood rappers

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    someone add this to Spotify please~

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    Who is she? 4:06. So cool

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    rjay drake wanna be tpos nung nag rap naging loonie wanna be naman tng ina...

  66. Jon Martin

    This is my favorite hip hop group LDP for the song "Here to Own it" when I first and hearing watching this music video, it delivers that all artist who may improve for the music. Tapos kasama ang mga paborito kong rappers at singers na si Loonie, Anygma, Shehyee, Quest, at marami pang iba.

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