Abra Cadabra - Scary Remix (Live Trax) Lyrics

Look, man won pree, man won pree
Punch sway make him drop to his knees
Man want question me, me? Old school like IGF and done on a beat
Where do you know me from?
Where did you surface from?
I only know your olders, you man ain't straight forward, dem man down circle dons
Like, rah, manaman chat about road life when it's go time them man they are missing
Big rambizzy by my side, when I do road imma grown youte so allow mum's kitchen
Look, man's never slippin', catch man and rip him, 1-2-5 when the maze man's whizzin' [?]
Fifteen inch affi kiss him, hit a man and make bae miss him
[?] before I tell man "shut up", before you get bruck up
Look, if I tell a man "shut up" and he don't shut up, yard get shut up
Aye, likkle man, what do you know? Abra Cadabra man two-show
Aye, likkle man, you don't know me, rinse man's girl like a bar I'm a boss like Hugo
Rah, dem man are washed, dem man are clean, dem man are new to the mac and the beat, these times when you were like thirteen you was probably poppin' your tee's
Dickhead pussy-'ole reject, in this world thing dawg mana' prefect
I've bleaked down too many man for my liking, he's lucky that he never did see death
Look, big smile when I slap guys
I'm a madman - wet man getting baptized
I don't tell lies
I'm a threat to the jail guys
Mash work they face dawg never fear no jail time
Fat boy got weight, just call don't think you won't get deflated
I heard it's an opp-beat day, no problem, I'll pop up the next day like happy belated
Two show for them, I'll put on a show for them, you want me get a show for them
I write on my iphone I don't hold a pen, there's no space cause I'm too busy holding skengs

Look, fuck-up, fuck-up
You watch your little bro get bruck up
Now you wanna talk about shooting, silly, PK, hit him with the stunner
4 and a half and a Dotty that's parked in a Rover
Both of these things make a man roll over
Ounto live got the cats never sober
Big dotty tonne man, boogs like clover

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Abra Cadabra Scary Remix (Live Trax) Comments
  1. 02matty

    What a fucking sick freestyle !! His voice is fucking deadly!!!!

  2. Li Nezz


  3. camron davies


  4. Daniel Cahill

    That’s such a hard beat

  5. R. H.F.

    abz murdered stormzy

  6. King Caba

    Ill nasty flowww 🔥 I wanna see this dude battle Big Shaq

  7. Jacob Green

    1:12 he rode that chop up in the beat too fckn nicely

  8. Ollie Sparks 1321

    Rah this is hard, true say my guy wiz shanked double digits other day

  9. Jay Stacks Beats

    This is so very hard ... and the beat is flames If any upcoming artists require beats look at my channel ... I got it all UK Drill, Afro Swing, Future Type Beats, Drake Type Beats & A lot more.

  10. Max

    What is this Vodoo

  11. Charlie Searles

    abz got the best hype man going round

  12. scouse420

    lol that 1 guy on the right haha

  13. Josh Mills


  14. Danial Khan_x

    Abz goin in ard

  15. Rebel Wole


  16. Ironhumor900

    Bmt I need friends like PK humble

  17. Marek Kinac

    imagine Abra cadabra an 67😮☺💰

  18. Stewart Hall

    Bad man badd 🤜

  19. Jamie Davey

    Who's the guy at the end

  20. Kyle Martin

    this is apsolute fire 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Awesomedjd

    Did anyone hear Stormzy's remix for this?

  22. J N

    that yute next to him is the definition of a hypeman

  23. Will T

    how old is dis nigguh fam?

  24. Maxinho 123

    the guys in the back pure gas me.

  25. Adam Nice

    Couldn't my man find a smaller hat save pulling it so tight and having a poney tale looking ting going on flapping about

  26. Jay

    I swear this guy is way to much

  27. L E

    Flow is sick wish I understood half of this

  28. Daniel Hamilton

    This guy is fucking HARD 💯✊🎤😲

  29. Don Certi

    choong fam

  30. K. LurKy

    that guy next to abracadabra at 0:37 with the cap looks like vianni😂

    mihai mararu

    L.J.F muazu thats pkhumble

  31. Drift1121

    gets guys check out my newest video it has this 🔥 UK rap with abra cadabra he dope af

  32. Mergim Berisha

    pq_humble moving wavy

  33. Victor Vincent

    Do people understand how wavy this is

  34. James Til


  35. bob Mitchell

    Pk humble feeling this 🔥🔥

  36. TJ Snm

    Bumble clart !!!

  37. Roxy Edits

    is he beefing stormzy?


    Jordaine Manner are u stupid
    he clearly said shoutout to stormzy 2:00

    Roxy Edits

    relax, it was a question, no need to get emotional

  38. Callum Mitchelmore

    This needs a lyric video!

  39. Red Nails


  40. Ria O'Sullivan

    this guys g

  41. dnthypeonutube14


  42. Fads92 Abadja

    how old is he


    Felou Abadja 18

  43. Jovan Gordon

    Better than the original g


    Well soundproof

  45. Mini Marcle

    Jeeeeeeze he's hard

  46. MissMORE

    Has anyone noticed that his boy behind him is mad

  47. legit drops x

    Abz is going to be big out ere

  48. Jasper M.

    3.000th like!! FIRE!

  49. KoDeeZ x

    this is arrrrd

  50. Jah Jah

    harddddd barz. realniggashit

  51. 15heartz

    We don't need songs about killing black people

  52. ciarrai a_Ldn v

    he's too good ... but too much calling out get a gf cadabra and do some bars on love❤

    Sparkz 2K

    ciarrai a_Ldn v dont work like dat b

  53. Natasha Brown

    Listennnnnn abz you're too much unoooo 🔥

  54. Blakz 1up

    Him & Rendo have some nigga voices 😵

  55. Declan Johnson

    Anyone know how old Abra is ?


    Hes 18 still

    Natasha Brown

    Only 18 uno 😨

  56. T Mh

    just another young spray

  57. n iv

    Mash work bate face never feared no jail time💥

  58. Ven Areille

    toooooo cold are u nutz!

  59. Behind_ You

    no more repeat guys which look like #merky ... pretending small boys

  60. Hannibal Elias

    is it just me or he use young spray flow at the beginning for a bit

  61. mahamud ali

    how many people that have heard this even know wat ounto nations acc mean ??

  62. Greezy Don

    big smile when i slap guys, ima mad man, wet man get baptized!

  63. grime uk

    next to blow!? him and big zuu his flows mad!

  64. Tokens

    this guy is special 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Aye Nizzy

    Mad hard !

  66. SuperZvn

    stormzy should link uo with abra and do scary part 2


    wouldn't work


    hmm why?

    Y A

    +Skeng Gaming it would work

  67. Madzyk 1st

    Abra Cadabra Warm Up Session??

  68. Ali Hassan

    What does he say at 0:44 ?????

    Ali Hassan

    Patois is a bit hectic for us Somalians tbh

    Ya Bumbaclart

    15 inch affi kiss him hit a man and make bae miss him

    Ali Hassan

    +Ya Bumbaclart nah the next line bro

  69. Shower PonDem

    Rarhh first time hearing him, 💥💥💥

  70. D1_JTR

    Tottenham's LD

  71. OTF Bagga Resh

    He won't blow Cah he's still on a road ting if he comes off road he will make it

  72. NotoriousRoj

    What hoodie is he wearing?

  73. kofi simpson

    When's the live trax at the end come out. Tha White boy

  74. luke kerr

    What's that Donny next to him doing




    Looool leave him alone hes showing support

    Nino B

    luke kerr tryna have a wank probably

  75. R-Killa Sherwood


  76. countlosses


  77. G G

    I was here before he blew up!

  78. KOOMZ



    u married ur 7 yr old cousin yet

    Shuaib Parkar

    uncle swear your sisters 8?



  80. StreetWearPredator

    This new ragatrap flow is fire 🔥🔥

    No Face

    That's a good way to describe his wavy genre


    it's grime not 'raggatrap' lol, people have been spitting a ragga flow over grime for years https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3HAEVgGJAgpe8MLLVDO49lbl9kl8UI8I

  81. AYZ Vlogs

    Harry Potter



  83. Chris Carna

    deez barz rehearsed

  84. Danyal

    big rambizzyyyyyy

  85. The Iceman

    Here from DEEPSPEAKS!

    Bronziee B Fan

    Large up deepspeaks that breh is a real g

    Bayern 15-3 Arsenal Bate Borisov 1-0 Arsenal

    trusssss he jus seems like one of bless guys

    Bronziee B Fan

    @o zee zee ya zimmee truss not like that van banter pussyio

    Bayern 15-3 Arsenal Bate Borisov 1-0 Arsenal


  86. TheSacia1

    Studio looks hell cool.

  87. Deecyy

    Who is next on livetrax?

    SBTV: Music

    Next Friday is featuring Loon.

    Shah Rahman

    +SBTV: Music the old school loon ?

  88. Gonelegit

    The uncle bens advertisement is getting to me... I wanna merk this Russel brand looking and sounding youte der wid that bish bash bosh tark u can't cook black man kyan fool agen

  89. curly

    Rahh man said Abz has made it onto sbtv this early

  90. User101

    too cold and the flow, had to stop it after that belated bar