Abra Cadabra - Robbery Lyrics

Man don't talk, man rob
Run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
Yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh 'chete before it get chop
Bumbaclart ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don't bother try run, yuh
Look, man don't talk, man rob
Run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
Yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh 'chete before it get chop
Bumbaclart ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don't bother try run

Look, PK Humble phoned man and said he got a movie
I said, "bro, I don't want no zenos I ain't no juvie"
He said, "3 nine bars of the Buju Banton, let's do this"
Me done talk, meet me at the spot down suh, I'ma be there soonish
Some of these olders just loud
Keep talkin' bout droppin' man grub
All now I ain't see loud
Say like Yung Fume, I kick down doors with the big stick
Like, where all the big bits now?
Wah, man don't really play no games
I know that ya heard that I duck man down
Look, big rambizzy pon mi side
Man a tryna tek weh a op boi now
Look, Fiddi don't play no games
Fiddi come clean, Fiddi got loud
Look, man a keep talking 'bout big man
Big man where lickle man sit down
Look, man a keep talking 'bout big man
My lickle man make man sit down
I smoke on the weed, I smoke on the ôunto
I smoke on the lemon, the ammi, the cheese
I phone up PK Humble, we need a robbery
Phone up PK Humble, we need a robbery

Man don't talk, man rob
Run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
Yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh 'chete before it get chop
Bumbaclart ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don't bother try run, yuh
Look, man don't talk, man rob
Run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
Yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh 'chete before it get chop
Bumbaclart ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don't bother try run

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Abra Cadabra Robbery Comments
  1. Chloe Brown


  2. Original King


  3. Eru Ilúvatar

    Man's old school like *TyPeWrItErS*

  4. Yuno Gasai

    Times were mad when this dropped ❄

  5. thetruth7100

    Krept looks like what Arsene Wenger would be on if he didn’t get into football management

  6. Alexx


  7. Hayley Whitmore

    These lads are sound I seen abra cadbra n remeber chilling with a few with a fat joint never forget that was awesome

  8. Safia Akhtar

    This was out 3 years ago and I’m just hearing bout it

    gud ebening

    Was you enslaved in Pakistan 3 years ago or something. Literally this was the biggest uk tune of 2016

    rip bis

    @gud ebeningu don't need to be racist u fat shit

    Safia Akhtar

    gud ebening I’m Pakistani but I was born in uk and like what did I do to you for you to be rude

    gud ebening

    Safia Akhtar it was a joke. My bants can sometimes come across as offensive sorry if I offended you

    Safia Akhtar

    gud ebening thx for apology

  9. ibrahim salim

    Song starts 0:26

  10. Josh Renshaw

    Listen to this and wanna crack the bally out and Rob ma nan still

  11. Chioma Hutchinson

    Man's gettin' Robbed like Chyna yanna.. 🔥🔥🔥

  12. NerdyData0

    How do they recommend this after the sideman video ??

  13. k k

    Here from Sidemen 👀

  14. Louie Smith

    Rah i forgot how lit this song is

  15. MikeyMyBoi

    >> Sidemen: Finish the Lyric 3 << Anyone?????

    Peezion Pro

    Yee just watched ittttt g

  16. MarinoPro

    Who is here from sideman video?

  17. Anshul Kotta

    from the sidemen

  18. lloyd vlogz

    here from the sidemen

  19. jayjay jones

    Who else is here from the side men’s guess the lyrics video

    NJ chills

    Yes indeed

    jake armstrong

    Hahahahaha Squaddd

    Pandemic fade -Fortnite

    jayjay jones meeeeeee this is so funny the way we are hear bc of sidemen they doing bit our hear

    shane higgins

    I'm here from blackbox comments

  20. holli summers

    the sidemen brought me here

  21. Sad Endingz


  22. XCZER X

    november 2019?

  23. Sho Lom


  24. banlmao

    When he said "suck your mum", i felt that.

  25. Callum234

    who's fucking phone is that 😂

  26. Creamy PinkSock

    Rip cadet

  27. Dennis Kaimari

    Abara verse is wavey. Something else fam. Jeez

  28. SmSauceEm

    What’s the original song ?

  29. spiko 1337

    *B U M B A C L A R T*


    Pop smoke brought me back here

  31. Firell Parker

    His fall off is mad. It's a shame cause hes hard.

    First Name Last Name

    Firell Parker how he fall off? he got banned from making music for 2 years

    Firell Parker

    @First Name Last Name did he, and also he didnt need to force the road ting.

  32. sG_ikxnik

    Bumbaclart dunno 😂😂

  33. Tt Ivory

    Baldi's basics ahof

  34. A 87

    Krept doing a grow in that coat?

  35. AseeF

    why Abra Kadabra talking like he heard Kodak's lockjaw ,and lived it.

  36. Armando Salinas

    WTF is this trash ,get the fuck out,who ever gave u 100,000 $is fuckin retarded

    Artemis Goddess Of Hunting

    100,000 in British pounds its worth more than the dollar.

  37. iZioid

    he forgot to say "No Problem No Problem" at the start :(

  38. Anthony


  39. Kurt Kon

    Plus y'all niggas wouldn't even know what rap is if it wasn't for us nah mean?

  40. Kurt Kon

    All you UK bitch ass niggas wouldn't last 5 mins in one of our hoods here in the USA 😂🤣🖕

    8TOXICX -234

    Ur acc moist chatting on a 3 yr old music vid

    Kurt Kon

    @8TOXICX -234 its called a child. U wouldn't know what it is to have a kid with your child molester ass😂🖕

  41. H H

    Krept looks like a wheelchair ramp

  42. Leeky HallowZz

    October 2019?

  43. sir savage the 21

    whose here from toby's channel

  44. Rudicon 4U

    Krept is this,Krept got stabbed

  45. Dannie Singh

    Wonder if krept got robbed and stabbed to this beat the other day tho😂😂😂

  46. Natasha Vaughan

    fuck being broke thats paigon but then rocks the cheapest puma tracksuit broke bitch lmao

  47. The Asian Plays

    Suk ur mum bar hit me hard
    She LD like 6 7 times

  48. J Wolves

    Needed a good laugh today, bunch of clowns haha

  49. ሰላም

    Demonic militaristic

  50. Jordan O'Connor

    Any dudes from south london in here know of a man called meeshack goudie met him in jail up here in Scotland , looking to get in contact 😜.

  51. Mr Alb

    October 2k19

  52. Robyn Anckor

    Will. I.am 😂🤣

  53. Hang Ten Home Dog


  54. s singh

    Jaks got a box best ever

  55. Dylan Smith

    2:02 - abra caDABra

  56. Dylan Smith

    Still here 3 years later

  57. Geo Gaming

    Best one yet 2019?? SEPTEMBER

  58. kelly Ziregbe

    2020 anyone ?

  59. skai

    abra cadabra really gave birth to pop smoke

  60. skai

    year 9 summer

  61. biglilmew

    Holy pallets!!!!!

  62. KabzHD

    Rt this song gets me gassed every time

  63. Joanna Deer

    Grime IS baaaddd!!!! Our Dredd outta rd soooon ha thaz when ting go rough!!!!

  64. RaynZ

    Anyone Else Think Man Said “ ur mums dead suck ur mum”😬

  65. Mr Anonymous

    This Uk drill is weird frl this ain’t got shit on chief keef 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Adou Init

    Naaa can't be sayin stuff like that. This is pure heat

  66. Sean Arr

    Abra a bad man killa killa rude boy. On opp blocks whit my Rambo slice 🎭

  67. Slender

    Still think the original was better

  68. BENMJR -

    here after popsmoke took abras flow

  69. Ronaldo 450097

    30% comments about the song
    70% comments about what krept wearing

  70. Ahmed Omar

    I fuckssssss with this shit

  71. ipeleng kgamanyane

    HIS VOICE IS NICE, he can do wonders but sth is amiss about his songs

  72. xerqt


  73. Sheek900

    Someone tell pop smoke to give thanks to abracadabra for giving birth to him 👶🏽 such a good dad🤔

  74. Tammia 2008

    4:54 is that cadet??? R.I.P

  75. Michael

    Not far off 2020 now and this is still way too cold 🥶

  76. Tony Walker

    A banger, but why does he have a house phone?

  77. Weird Rolex

    is that tanesha? 0:30

  78. Lauren Jade'x

    I am still blasting this tuneeee

  79. Jazz B

    Pop smoke got me back here like this nigga shoulda broke thru first

  80. Grozdina Petrowic


  81. Sub 2 me for No reason

    Who's here listening to this banger in 2019?

    Niall Jones

    just me and u bro
    and other people with taste

  82. Jack Mathew

    Did I just see troopz from AFTV in the vid?

    Jack Mathew

    @Firell Parker there's a Donny on the right that looks like him

  83. Cinco403TV

    popsmoke needs a song with abracadabra

    Jaida Dyer

    Omddsss imagine that would be lenggg😍

  84. camvybz goslin

    Abra voice tho

  85. J G

    Legendary Tune💥

  86. J G

    Classic Banger

  87. yeet oof

    Aye yo Barbara

  88. Thomas Achiampong

    Who's here after they performed at the Fifa World Cup?

  89. Stephen Russelll


  90. Arbaaz

    When these 3 form together you know its wild KREPT AND KONAN ISPY REMIX FEATURING ABRACADABRA

  91. JMP Comps


  92. Francisco Stvil

    Abra's deep voice can move mountains

  93. SIKE

    Still banging this in 2019🔥 One for the Drill History

  94. Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    you have Subscribe

  95. You’re Here

    This song makes me wanna rob my own flat bruv

  96. Hamza Tabibi

    i swear abracadabra is african looooooool

    Ernie Brown

    And swarmz is Jamaican lol

  97. Beny Bomolo

    Say you bust your gun no ones dead suck your mum

  98. Arbaaz

    Krept and Konan - ISPY 2019 👌

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