Abra Cadabra - Mad About Bars Lyrics

Let me get this straight
Bare chat on the tweet when the G's bucked you, you was holding chase
Man got mashup, things on things all over the place
Now you wanna chat off your mouth on Peri
When your shoe was all over the place, huh
Man best pick up, pick up that shoe
Tell my man, "Pick up, pick up that card"
When the mandem hit up, hit up that food
Them man wan hitch up, hitch up pon sha
Kwasia sem who you talking to?
Man a real bad boy, who you talking to?
Man scream, "Sho" when I'm walking through
17K and your boring who? Huh
Why they wanna fuck with a nigga like me?
Man pull up, hop out and dump 2 quick, man ah fly OT
We don't run from these fuckboys
Blud, I'll slap man on ITV
You don't want it with a nigga like me
You go run when you see me
We ain't letting it bang
So why the fuck did you leave your like mikes?
Have you seen your jacket and kicks?
How you talking 'bout tramps on your timeline?
Man left his iPhone 5
So how the fuck you gonna write your lies?
Lickle man just stick to the rap ting, darg
You don't wanna get skyed
When your boy lands road, I'll be waiting for him at the door
I heard shh-shh hit him up in the jail house
Had him on all four s
Ah, they talking the shit like they pressure
I swear on my life I'm fed up
One of these yutes haffi deadup
Man trek to the op block get bitcoin for my deets, juvies Man just chat about cream, bare Ounto and cake on my scene
Big ting go boom, bye bye if I spot anyone of them neeks
Man don't scream, man don't speak
Hit him with a tum-tum make a man lean
Make a man lean, make a man lean then bop
Can't tell me about on tops
I been upsuh, me Kush and [?] lick a man down for his watch
Man tried escape, man try escape in the A
Three, me and Kush jumped in the whip, bare skrr skrr
Bare handbrakes on the roadside
Catch man and break man's face
We can do the bootings, we can do the shootings
If I tap a mission I'ma boot his door in
Big rambizzy pon my side
When we step through your mandem wan' hide
Man do road, man do road with the Ounto
Man do road with the smoke
Pussy don't choke, wet up my roach
Must can hold a two box in your nose, no problem

I've done road on my lonelies
If it wasn't for this music, man
I swear they wouldn't phone me
But that's just how it goes, B
I've always been around the wise, so I know who's my co-d
They can't fool me, I swear they can't stall me
Them pussyboys going down south like Morley's
All they ever did was just stall me
It's man crush monday, fell in love when she saw me
Let's take a stroll down ganster hill
Guns and knives is what you see on a ganster's will
I can't wait to the day that I'm soundin' like Nines
Sayin', "I got bare jewels like Stamford hill"
My niggas gettin' this money and still bangin'
I hope I be gettin' this money and still rappin'
Open doors don't mean nothin' to me if I'm still trappin'
Doing road, rollin' around there's no lackin'
These niggas sending threats, I don't give a fuck
When my daddy left me he didn't give a fuck
So when I see that certain someone I don't give a fuck
Kidnap a bitch nigga, make him live with us
How we living rough, I swear how we living rough
That's why when my niggas hit the belly all they do is blush
They heard that we be violent, they don't fuck with us
Before my Blackbox came I never heard them sayin'
"You soon blow Abz, you're killing all these shows Abz
Your on my Snapchat and my Twitter, bro, your known fam"
But my question is, when the buzz decides to leave will they remember me? Sho
"You soon blow Abz, you're killing all these shows Abz
Your on my Snapchat and my Twitter, bro, your known fam"
But my question is, when the buzz decides to leave will they remember me? Sho
Look, my lifestyle
Lately my life's wild
Bitches in my DMs move to me, they want the pipe now
Back then the bitches told man to pipe down
Free YZ, told me, "Abz this is your life now"
Lost Blickz, lost Y'z, lost Blacks
Lost Daz, man, free my brudda Daz
They got the rest of my bros in the can
It's like they wanna see us crack in the can
Free Daz, man, they hit my nigga Daz with a 7
That's my sole black star from the 7
Feelin' mad to ride and send a pussy to the heavens
Feelin' mad to ride and teach a pussy boy a lesson
Night in, night out, me and EMIX on the grind out
Pourin' out my heart, I need this right now
It's looking like my niggas gonna die out
I'm tryin'
I wanna see my niggas drivin' fast cars and nice houses
The olders beef each other and it hurts me
Totty's not number 1 no more, totty's 30
My home's really crumbling in the mix of all this bullshit
Them pussys from the other side stumbled in
I don't even know these pricks, man, I don't even know these hoes
Them dickheads are neeks to the roads
They don't know how it goes
What's the code, bro?
Blast mans face till his bludclart looks like Frodo
I'm on one, it can get sticky in the long run
I hope the love I'm gettin' is for the long run
If not, I'll be posted on the block with my long gun
And trust me, my killers them on what I'm on, mums
Fuck them pussies, they don't feel me
Now the pussy they wan' wan' feel me
I hope the industry really do feel me
Because everyday there's a voice in my head screamin' shit like, "You soon blow Abz, you're killing all these shows Abz
Your on my Snapchat and my Twitter, bro, your known fam"
But my question is, when the buzz decides to leave will they remember me? Problem

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Abra Cadabra Mad About Bars Comments
  1. Edwin Adum

    “Kwasiasem who you talking to”😭😂🔥🔥🔥

  2. Yuno Gasai

    Nigga been hard from qway back ❄

  3. Said Bangura

    Still listening to this for some realness that’s been lacking in this world we live in right now 🙏🙏

  4. JamminEST90

    That was mad

  5. Anyad Anyad

    Need lyrics

  6. Gary Baldwin

    I hate it when i hears bars about man raping another man. Its fucking wrong rape is whether done to a man or woman!!!

  7. Prod.AJ.2

    Kwasiasem who you talking to ghana 4 life man looooool

  8. Marco Bekanti

    mad fucking ness

  9. drummer_wumz x

    Abracadbra is so underrated

    jordan belfort

    Wtf😂 hes known g everyone knows... watcha mean hes under rated?!

    drummer_wumz x

    @jordan belfort ppl don't speak about him anymore is what I mean

    jordan belfort

    @drummer_wumz x mans from ends so hes spoken about alot where im from g i get wat your saying tho still

    drummer_wumz x

    @jordan belfort oh he don't talk about my ends so I guess that's y

    jordan belfort

    @drummer_wumz x lol yh probs

  10. jamesbrown855

    After searching & searching I found out who made the 2nd beat and bboooi ... Madness this guy is.... his sound cloud is full of Gems for people who like atmospheric music and deep heartfelt beats like the 2nd beat in this freestyle....

  11. robert fedak

    My g from London killer rapper

  12. Dylan Smith

    Abz is killing the uk scene

  13. Wild Westy

    3 abdul 10x bang dem doors

  14. Syke CJ

    Some say his zoot is still on the floor at Kenny’s studio

  15. Lee Bradley


  16. Lee Bradley

    Lison bro dot watch

  17. Lee Bradley


  18. Matt Crossley

    2:42 is where the real song starts


    Matt Crossley what’s the instrumental?

  19. Chloe Brophy

    Just saying no one has a voice like this apart from giggs half these grimes sound like they've just hit puberty him an giggs are the only ones who sound legit all the rest sound like 16 year old bad man wannabees

  20. AUDI*RS6 doublesorti2pots

    Révélation 💣💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

  21. MiksiGameplay

    What is the name of the last beat ???

  22. E. L

    "We ain't letting it bang, so why the fuck did you leave you're_____" what tf did he say?

  23. 808 ZucCi

    Yo I Love This mixtapeMadness abz goes hard ! .....

    But what I don't rate is Kenny Allstar callin man a pussy at the end of the video... KMT

  24. Tjaunie Noodles

    Kidnap a bitch nigga make him live with us

  25. SalehR6

    2019 anyone?

  26. sebby asdf

    even now this is one of the most versatile and the coldest mad about bars

  27. Choclarious

    Kwasiasem 😂

  28. Demi Marie

    Abz is so hard I forget im a girl when I spit he's lyrics 😭😂

  29. bike life Campbell 12

    this sonng is hard evan i like it

  30. Tony mofos

    This tune is gunna remember that abz its the one who made me fuck wu this music stile 🔞🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  31. jabir saif

    This guy gets you gassed... makes me wanna rob some man up

  32. Larry416

    "Man do road with the cunto" Shoutout my Malis 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

    owen french

    Its unta retard


    @owen french Don't try telling me how to spell my words in my own language you fucking prick.

  33. Syed Khan


  34. RizlaYT

    Kidnap a bitch make him live with us😭

  35. Wallace Coward

    Abracadabra boom shake a day 😉

  36. Manør Productions

    If ur still banging this, check my refix of it on my page, different take on it still☝️

  37. Christina Williams


  38. Monique Johnson

    Really felt this one ☝🏾

  39. Miss G

    Bars &bars. Gee

  40. Miss G

    Magic🎩🎩🎩🎶🎶🎶🎶 jheez

  41. haydn oshea

    stroll down gangstahill

  42. Matt Crossley

    Buckle up

  43. Jack Field

    Abra cadabra be only guy u will ever to sound wi a sour throat 🤣

  44. Max Patchett

    I got that phone for my birthday last year

  45. Jon Doe

    Love this kid man realest of talk pedigree jigga real yout

  46. Josh Bushnall

    Still listening in 2019 and legend has it that spliff ain’t never been found

    Lord Mock

    He literally found it

  47. InfiniteGamingZx

    Why does he look like 6”10

    owen french

    He's 6'6

    Firell Parker

    @owen french nah probs 6,2 6,3

  48. Oscar Fairbairn-Gray

    3:25 is the best part, shit deep

  49. R. H.F.

    did abra invent the 'shh'?

  50. Robert-Catalin .Barbu

    Can someone write the lyrics for the first one please?

  51. Harun

    Till now this is legendary!

  52. Kadiri Musah

    man 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  53. Juli Brecani


  54. Gsav 1up


  55. Jay Jay

    This shit is fuckin fire 📛

  56. Sam Sung

    Them 9s bars

  57. one two

    “I hope the love I’m getting is for the long run” peak cuz fake fans didn’t even support him

  58. one two

    Man was becoming one of the greats on his last verse the way he talked about falling off and he acc did

    Firdaus Farrah

    He’s falling off?

    one two

    He did bro he’s tryna make a comeback but idek

  59. Jordan Mclaughlin

    Really good abra cadabra. Real street gangster music. I love it

  60. MossadAgencyIsrael DarkStar

    I dint see anything drop cuz i was bumping my head so hard to that beat ...

  61. David R

    Ayyyy us Jews get the shoutout 😂😂😂

  62. Kenny Manning

    When my daddy left me he didn’t give a fuck hear them ones

  63. Zak Wrx

    Sellout to the 9

  64. Jalal Ahmad

    when my ddady left me he didnt give a fuck

  65. Rehan Rashid

    He raw sounds like nines


    how bruv


    Link to second instrumental anyone???????????

  67. mikey gibbins


  68. m1kes

    Still listening to this in 2018

  69. VampzGrime

    Check my abra cadabra mad about bars new Grime/Trap remix you wont be disappointed!

  70. Jozef Kovac


  71. donnyfrom hackney

    This man ain't never done nuttin he talks bout

  72. tommarshall97

    I wonder if he ever smoked that zoot lol

  73. Intent2Splash

    Mans voice is a demon uno

  74. 90 Less

    Aye this song still bangs in 2018 man gets gassed abit still 👌

  75. Authentic Self Guide

    His energy is mad.

  76. chris gray

    THAT WAS BAD..........

  77. E'ONE

    2:05 kenny vibesing in the background

  78. Yves

    Still gassing me up in October 2018 🌊🌊 too wavy

  79. Charles Littlr

    kidnapp a bitch nigga make him live wid us' jheeeeeeze boiii

  80. Abraham,s Stinking

    I'm only hearing this on the 6/9/18, 2 years of my life wasted😭.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Wow that is unacceptable 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    Sk3ngRay X


  81. xrezut

    He’s a bear!! He gets his feast at 2:15 and calms down. 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Robin Hood

    Abz is sick he wants me to go on a mad thing 2018

  83. TrapStar No1

    2nd part❄️

  84. DICE_BS5

    YOOOO manz a problem ARRRRRRRRDD

  85. Omar Raszzz

    Wats that in his hand

  86. SkrtandPlay


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    Did dmx fuck some jamcian gal in London and dip

  88. Dr. Andrew, Sp.P.

    watch this in exact sequence

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    i want the instrumental of the first song 🔥🔥🎶

  90. Macauley Ridsdale

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  91. frederic black

    see the spliff fly off his ear when he starts going in haha yes g

  92. Antonis Z

    hello please someone explain!Im new to uk rap and i wanna know all of these mad about bars are freestyles or not???Thanks