Abra Cadabra - Freestyle #HungoverJams Lyrics

Lz wan vex me
She musta preed my ifizz
I was on snapchat to Lexy, I told her don't text me
The text on my phone said some shit about how she wants a next beat
Argh that's a next heat
Lz on the other hand talking bout rah you got a next beat
Dashing tings aiming at my headpiece
Dawg she kicked me out quicker than a set piece

Baby girl you know I love you
I make love I don't fuck you
I fuck bitches and I hug you, so tell me what you wan do
Get your fine ass over here baby girl I see that you wan spoon
You see me, I'm the man I've got her patterned
We have fights hit the sheets get it cracking
She knows that I'm packing, dawg never lacking
Big seven inch from the Ghana man tapping

Shawty said she hear me now we fucking
She wanna buss my head now she bussing
Make up loving, ten ten fucking
Cheated on my babes on my life I was buzzing but the sex gon pay for that
Sho, man I [?] away from that
Ha, we have fights and shit but the fights bring sex so sometimes I pray for that

I swear the fire so fresh and the kitty even fresher, accent even fresher
She said babes can you get the car keys from deh suh
Yardie girl hold your head up
Cah in the sheets shes a freak and the streets shes a lady
She don't understand that the road's what pays me
Talking bout big man ting you're out here daily
I swear you don't rate me, you're moving like you hate me
Just cool, it ain't even like that
I link you on the weekend let me phone you right back, I know she don't like that
But she's getting too clingy and she's clinging so much and it's getting kinda tight man

Girls, they just want attention
So they get mad at everything that prevents it
If they got a phone, your number and credit
They're tempted to dial up the line and start venting
So you've gotta take it slow
How you gon keep her off your fucking back when the love don't show
But love don't grow if there ain't patience so cool nuh let a nigga make that dough
Ladies, patience is a virtue, 1 2 weeks from a nigga won't hurt you
If she gives you 1 2 weeks making 3 [?] run up and burst you

I swear you need that shit in the mix up
Your lifestyles boring if she ain't saying fix up
One or two times the girl might put her fist up
Don't put your hands on her dawg just keep your distance, sho

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Abra Cadabra Freestyle #HungoverJams Comments
  1. Michael Ikoro

    Still watch this🤣 too wavy

  2. Ryan Coxy


  3. Jake Anosike

    What are these instrumentals?????

  4. Jake Anosike


  5. Natz _x

    Instant reload

  6. Chris Hartley

    How olds that mobile phone tho 😂

  7. cjrebel fc


  8. Jay Stacks Beats

    This is wavey af 🌊🌊🌊 If any rap artists require beats visit my channel ... I got it all UK Drill Instrumentals, Afro Swing Type Beats, G Eazy Type Beats & More

  9. Jacob Knight

    what's the instrumental called

    LA TV

    Jacob Knight https://m.soundcloud.com/wildboyace/5-lonely-prod-wildboyace

  10. Jadeen Simpson

    I love ❤️ this song. In the sheets shes a freak in streets shes a lady

  11. Emmanuel Udeh Made It Park

    the fool behind you is a fool for acting a fool

  12. Tommy Lee

    Anyone know the instrumental?

    LA TV

    Tommy Lee https://m.soundcloud.com/wildboyace/5-lonely-prod-wildboyace

  13. moremoney.m


  14. Yvonlis A

    I swear he sexy asf I love ❤️ when he smiles while singing 🎤

  15. isaac elliott

    2:05 ‼️‼️‼️

  16. Ali Abbas

    He jus switches it up

  17. Ali Abbas

    Ur lifestyles boring if she ain't sayin fix up !

  18. Tom Powell

    flow chill af

  19. Wyhodek Okay

    fuck this guy came out of nowhere but hes got de bars and de flow raaah

  20. K. ROSE

    We have fights but the fight brings sex so sometimes I pray for that! Oiii

  21. Caitlyn Heldt

    ayyyy my baby😍😍

  22. more time just swing where the heart is


    Dante Clarke

    DouglasCosta11i wild boy ace - lonely

  23. king of gold

    so cool dude

  24. Samzo

    0:50s ‼️‼️‼️

    JD Repz

    Samzo he fully needs to do that more

  25. Abdul Farsi

    Abz is hard but he needs to put that phone away he thinks hes pablo

    Life of Jaden

    juju phone blud

  26. Monique Johnson

    he's fresh af

  27. Birmingham City

    My man on the right is spaced out next level


    Random thought but a collab with Cashtastic would be interesting.

    Mr Make it happen 10x

    WAYNE RILEY would be crazyyyyy

  29. Bully power Fuk the haters

    Big tune

  30. blazethathaze69

    REALEST BARS - "one or two times the girl might put a fist up, but don't put your hands on her darg, just keep your distance"

    realist shit you won't even hear from bare trappers that share gyal like a zoot

  31. MissMORE

    I'm pretty sure Abz put the juju charm in that phone

    Life of Jaden

    MissMORE lol prob

  32. 陳裕仁


  33. Larnz18 Greens

    still bangs tho😅

  34. Local Opp

    barrre sounds like nines

    T Makz

    Yeah similar flow still

  35. yoo yoo

    if j hus and nines had a baby

    A D

    how gay is this comment

    Yg Ty'Rell

    +Danny Pang very

    Life of Jaden

    it never banged bro.

    r.i.p James

    Your nasty



  36. Or Nah

    what's with the dead camera angle like you're tryna secretly record

  37. Adil Ali

    What's that phone called in his hand?


    Adil Ali rolex


    @TOUK CREW 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Swarm SnipingNUKE

    Abra speaking some real shit about girls rt I feel his struggle bout them (mainly talking bout lighties). Facts.

  39. S A

    the effortless but still wavey nines flow

  40. Awedropping

    0:23 Fuck wrong with the nigga in the bottom corner... He smoking the fires.

    Mark Carson

    Loooool noe lie 😂

  41. Nick Cotton

    what phone that

  42. Ben Ebanks

    bang bang abra is to hared



  43. GONE IN 60

    sick abs!!! fire!!!

  44. Shosplash 53028

    abz is a fucking problem where did he take 'big 7 inch for the ghana man tapping'

  45. Mo Fomi

    how the fuck does this not have hunders of trimillions of views likes bruv Abz is the hardest fucking singer ever this guy Fam somebody acknowledge this guy can make money with that voice

  46. Kye KG Green

    Don't piss me offfffffff no wonder he's called abracadabra man came into the game from no where💯

    Local Opp

    yo kye were u from b hit me up

    Local Opp

    as man said were u from

    Abaas Awale


    N Stah

    My g abs from the same ends as me still💯

    Bossy Bby

    Kye KG Green fuck off ok

  47. Stefan Ellis

    Underrated but sounds like J Hus


    no he doesn't you neek

    Stefan Ellis

    His flow resembles J Hus' in my opinion you don't have to agree

    Yg Ty'Rell

    +ThatGuy Stefs i hear your point but he's still got his own unique flow

  48. bayowa samuel

    Someone Tell donny in the back to Panude

  49. Wild-Boy

    Produced By @WildBoyAce


    Where can you get this beat?




    +WildBoyAceBeats hard still 💥💥

    Steven I

    WildBoyAceBeats fuck this is fire

    My Life

    WildBoyAce ayy you mind if I use this beat

  50. Micheal g

    fan ran thats a big W

  51. Tai Buchanan


    Michel Ajayi

    Abz (no problem)

  52. Sho Lom

    can somebody give me the name of this beat and where I can find it

    Tom Brookes



    WildboyAce for top 10 mobos unsung. let's make it happen fam. vote for him ❤❤

  53. Detzky Dub

    Rah fucking phenomenal

  54. Sho Lom

    j hus at its finest

    Sho Lom

    +Detzky Dub Up it