Abra Cadabra - Daily Duppy Lyrics


Drop what your doing, AB's back with another one
Still got niggas in the field doing marathons
Ain't been long since a nigga put the bally on
My nigga made racks off a booting, they can't banter us
They shoulda known better, even though the gang full of go getters
Still put holes in broke fellas
Get your bread up clappin' dats, cah the chain diamonds dancing like some skets in the rave tryna get bread up
See no evil, hear no evil, I still bang on the opps, tryna feed my peoples
I can tell you 'bout times I put hands on the Pyrex
Me and BK stamped the fuck out that prick, he was lacking
Can't tell you 'bout times that I whipped in the Pyrex
I was beating off doors like I worked with the Trident
Fuck police, got my peoples on the wing with the lifers
I still walk with my ting, I ain't losing my life
Anyting shh, when a wrist punch
You buss your gun how much times, where you hit fums?
Anyting or anyting, shotty in the whip punk
Kweff man, might haffi dash dat away like a gyal that I hit once
Frogz said the opps getting faster, I haffi start start gyming
Lord save all the hoes and the Barbies in it
I might forget the cardio, go spot her then give the D cah she looking fine like a parking ticket
Back now, gotta put my stamp down, fam I got a rack for every pussy that I stamped out
Still in the fields like the grass in the pavements in the blocks, in the farm, you can't doubt my badness
Fam I never put no yola in the pot
Fam I never got to make it to the top, I was a worker
How you think the OT spots got jerk up?
Know from the fucking behavior, I was the worst cuz
Mans famous, and I'm still in the fields that's dangerous
But fuck it, man I always got my stainless even if I get touched, my bros will defo leave your strip taped up
Anytime we got corn for your head back
When we hit the target, straight neck, chest, back
Back the fuck up, when you hear me say "get back"
Pussy I got suttin' you don't wanna test fam
We some different type of gangsters
I had a metal in my trackie, baby girl felt the steel when she tried to grab my balls
I had to put it to the side like it's all cool
She already know what I go through
How they gonna beef me?
Darg I got racks to my name, my PRS, that's mashes for days, but I'm fucked cos of fame
Or I might sponsor my likkle young buck from the block and make him clap out your brain
I ain't blessing no beef, I got one or two guys I need to bleed in these streets
Fuck what you heard darg, man still eat
Everything I'm leaving off these music P's
On the roads when you see me, don't run
Lord knows I'll be right behind you, tryna push my rambo in your back, then I'm gone
This ain't no joke, I got it most times so it's long
That's seventeen inches for a bludclart opp
I got opps tryna hand in the towel
See them in church and dat, man doing gospel rap
Let me not talk, better have his bible on the roads cah I'mma lift his clart
Must think I'm a madman
Worldwide artist, banging on paigons, I must be a wastemen
Your favourite rappers really living a lie
Don't compare me and him, cah I got reasons to ride
I don't know what I want no more, money ain't a issue, I ain't broke no more
I'm performing for the fans, just got a round of applause
Little nigga, I done seen shit happen to me in movies that I saw
Like remember like Merk when he stepped into the court
That was me at the MOBO's
Who woulda thought free Wize?
He saw me, I could it really make it through the door
Believe a couple months later, I was picking up awards
And I ain't seen shit that I never thought I'd never see before
Pree this, now the kids worth bricks of the raw
I never practiced none of this, have you showed dem how it is?
How we live, how we runnin' up in cribs with the striz
Word to gangsters, a war in north and guess what? It's reality
They took Kobi and Neesha and caused a tragedy
How you gon' blame us for wanting to cause casualties?
I laughed when that prick died, now couple bitches mad at me
Fuck status, everyone's got guns now
I'm tryna put a pool in my mums house
Banging on the opps same way with racks in my bank account, I can never allow dem
Good in my hood, who says I'm not?
Verbal ain't corn, I cut him dead on the spot
Plus the length on my ting, that's 17 inch
You don't wanna piss me off, I put 13 in
I'm worth more than all of dem bludclart yutes on that bludclart block, have some bludclart manners, pussy
Your boy got bun and your boy got bun, the other boy got bun, where's your hammers?
Don't compare me to these broke yutes, only worth a gold tooth, my dog costs more than your outfit
And I'm always 'bout the action, just me and the sammi like Skat, you don't wanna see me clap this shit

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Abra Cadabra Daily Duppy Comments
  1. luckyducky lofthouse

    Instrumental ?

  2. Nndndn Nxnfmnffn


  3. BDM

    Good to see my guys back wiv a new song

  4. 48thyounginn_kol

    Ments wordplay🌪

  5. Brian Brown

    This is good but avelino only got 220k views absolute disrespect 😂😂

  6. BearBFC

    anyone know the name of the coat he's wearing?

    Saeed Abdulahi

    I dont know but it is hard


    Adidas. idk specific name


    nearly identical to the rains jacket i had few years back, mines had a peaked hood tho

  7. Ashley Bond

    Would love to do something over this beat🔥🔥

    Saeed Abdulahi


  8. Faith Justice


  9. Ibrizz

    The UK Ja Rule


    Abra cadabra is the UK pop smoke ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  11. James Stewart Hodgson

    I will see this all way to high court in February ya welcome to come

  12. James Stewart Hodgson

    The dog is the best blessing nexts🤪 my kids and future wife

  13. James Stewart Hodgson

    The trufe is I'm not evel I'm nice I've got a heart never had I heard a much bull shit in my life abart what been happing Charlie is my heart and best friend for life I've the right to stand up for myself I love all animals

  14. James Stewart Hodgson

    My Charlie pedegree light burn from my Bally bring my heart back to me on de pit bar heart step in between a dog fight my smooth Charlie pedegree best friend that taking him away from me nar he my heart tiger staffiesher bull terrier he my work partner a want him back I'd WIP me he ant dog fight er I step in stop big dog streding each other he not dead a you lot real he belongs to me my famlie and kids love him he qwit intelligen for a dog and he can dance why ppl lie I don't know with a respect to him he belongs to the qween


    Are you on crack

  15. E Rum

    whats the instrumental called


    Piano but modded

  16. Kyle Freeman

    Best daily this year him and dave need to link up

  17. Xalimo Xalimo

    Ounto nation

  18. John Kolapo

    Send me nudes xx

  19. Mert Guzel

    abra smokes to much thats why his voice is like that

  20. 2zer0

    Abra m hunch and LD need to buck ASAP. M honcho on the chorus with his wave and abra and ld on the verse. 💯

  21. Android Siri

    I ain't blessing no beef still got 1 or 2 guys dat gotta bleed onda streets

  22. Boo Bush

    This beat is too cold

  23. Lexus the barber 90

    Jheeeze brudda 😲😲🔥🔥 Mans ready🔪🙏🕊

  24. Jimmydifffylickywithydiffy Hgmnv

    My bro balls have droped

  25. Thehunter22812

    his Too wavy man said "give her the D cause she Fine like a parking ticket"

  26. Maga Yout

    Still got this on repeat... we believe you; some of the realist bars I’ve heard

  27. Charlie Wylie

    your fucking shit m8

  28. Nick N

    Man sounds like a british lil bibby, I'm widdit

  29. Out Of The Box Gaming

    0:07 not arsed face

  30. Out Of The Box Gaming

    0:07 not arsed face

  31. stuart neale


  32. Darren Mortera

    someone remake this beat PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. FuZz_ GaMaZ

    Sick guy abra

  34. Mazi Fader



    “She keeps my big fat shank inna louie bag”

  36. crush

    Say sorry to Uncle Rafool

  37. Nigel Ranger

    Abra not a man badda madd ting

  38. Eli Masters

    Has no one made an instrumental to this yet...seriously.

  39. paul cox

    You making me going crazy for your songs

  40. Sun Tzu

    Abz can only shine on collabs. He is too lazy, look at kojo funds and j hus. This dippy is dead his voice sounds so different... nah

    rupert giles

    Speak English you clown instead of riddles

  41. steven pleat

    Sounds like some oldskool OG Mike GLC

  42. Elliott Lawless

    Streets know this is the best Daily Duppy

  43. mm smith

    still one of the best daily duppies

  44. Jake Marshall

    How is a gang from North London beefing a gang on the outskirts of South? When do they ever come in contact with each other

    Sully MH

    Who’s he beefing?

    Jake Marshall

    Sully MH Hope Dealers from Croydon that’s their music name. Not sure what the gang is called.


    London is big and small at the same time!


    Jake Marshall Hope dealers is Edmonton next 2 wood green tf do u mean south

    Firell Parker

    @Gxdgjnni couple of dem man are Croydon

  45. DistortedSounds

    this one here see

  46. AJ Kalango

    abra 🤯🤯

  47. Brandon

    this guy fell off hard.
    i know he name abracadabra but i didn’t expect him to vanish. he never made any magic too......

    Jake Marshall

    Brandon he didn’t fall off he just hasn’t pursued music like that


    @Jake Marshall nah he fallen. his quality of music was getting worse

    UK Drill Analyser

    Brandon He hasn’t fallen off he just lost his passion for music.

  48. H1RFULT

    I aint blessing no beef still a few man that needs to bleed in these streets

  49. pavol tancos

    Big music respect from gipsy boy

  50. Nick Akeroyd

    Man's colddddd

  51. OG ZinKs

    I know him since a long time ago and he has evolved so high

  52. Romello Delancy

    UK's Lil bobby

  53. Realist

    I have serious questions... The bars are banging! ... But is that rain coat bullet/knife proof? . coz it doesnt rain indoors...

  54. Gogzy

    who's here after the ISPY REMIX


    Been here when it got dropped

  55. Dylan Smith

    All those dislikes are just people who wished their balls dropped like his did

  56. TM GAMING98

    Coldd 🌬❄

  57. Pre Muma



    Pre Muma he’s still cold tho

  58. nathan wreathall

    Where’s that jacket from?

  59. Ryan Brophy

    Bad voice G

  60. p splamatic

    Abz is so hard needs to make more songs

  61. Cheese Toastie

    Headie ones big head on the advert 🔥

  62. ReivaxOG

    Is he talking about hopedealers


    Abra disappeared like the jews

  64. esskayy

    For u lot saying drill makes u wanna do a mad ting its frequency programming. Certain frequencies can make u feel a certain way

  65. Niko Belleck

    Who saw my guy in OFB-AMBUSH then cheeeezzzzzzzz👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  66. Cryde Golem

    Woulda thought he’d call himself AC, or ABC. Maybe ABCD?

  67. Natty Wallo

    Is this piano chord based on Smoke Boys - Outside? Have a listen and tell me

  68. Tyrone Moses

    Subscribe for great content

  69. Monique Johnson


  70. sam more

    Hate it when yuts step on the mic acting like optimus prime y does it always have to be negative bars smh


    sam more u pussy

    Danny Brown

    sam more there’s plenty of positive artists out there you just gotta find them

  71. Applemaxx Music & Media

    Seriously good

  72. bklynbeef

    Please get Stefflon Don on here 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Hassy Don786

    i wanna cop that jacket still
    who knows where to cop it from

  74. John David

    This will forever be COLD!
    The more you listen the colder it gets...damn abra!

  75. Andrew Loader

    Giggs and abra needs to happen

  76. Will Evans

    Too hard. One of the best daily duppys in long🤮🤮

  77. Rome_05

    fat nigga voice lmfao this nigga goes through multible puberties fam

  78. Dan V

    Is this who all 67 call abz ?


    Dan V Abz is OFB

  79. Josh NG

    One of the hardest

  80. Scorpio Myers

    Fuck police! Get back! Man still eat lol 🖕

  81. Alex Ramsay

    Abz is on a different level. had to thaw my ears after hearing this

  82. Ashton Davies

    What’s the best to this song

    Ashton Davies

    PaPa C yeah that’s what I meant

  83. Donell Agyekum

    Need him AM and unknown T on a tune

  84. Jordan Beggs

    “See no evil hear no evil (if you know the movie) I still bang on the ops tryna feed my people!”

    His vocab is on a another level my g’s if you know you know cold still 😈

  85. Abdul Basit

    if i was his opp i would say sorry :/

  86. Abdul Basit

    big up but why he sound like a dinosaur

  87. Daniel Lewanski

    2:17 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💯💯💯

  88. Mr.CrowGamer

    This shit goes in fam 👌🏻 that’s deep voice doe sounds like the guy who sings palm trees

  89. Ben

    Lord save all the milfs😂

  90. Ryan Brosnan

    This guy used to be sickkkk

  91. Callum Carter

    Anyone who says Aitch's daily duppy is better, fix up💯

  92. Parsa Sabet

    4:02 onwards just rude

  93. Darrion Bryan

    I started fucking with grm music since 2015 n no lies this nigga is one of the best that ever did it in 876 so I don't know what's going on really in that game but this nigga is good

  94. Michael Ukaenwe

    Where’s MHuncho’s daily supply