Aborted - Retrogore Lyrics

Retrogore - Putrid obsession
Retrogore - Maniacal possession
Condemned by horrid nostalgia,
A celebration of death

Vintage tourniquet, decrepit and failing
Surgical abomination
Retrogore - Maniacal possession

Retrogore - reminiscent slaughter
Retrogore - Noxious perversion
Obsessed by an age of cinematographic grandeur
Reality fades as phantasms take over
Surgical abomination

And as reality slips, my bloodlust persists
Condemned to decompose, your body lies broken
A slave to misery, debauchery and suffering so pure
Protagonist of insanity
A slave to savagery, with the hammer I shall thrive
As you step into my realm

Retrogore - reminiscent slaughter
Retrogore - Noxious perversion
Retrogore - Putrid obsession
Retrogore - Maniacal possession

Ingrained frenzy, slasher extravaganza
The final step in a psychotic breakdown

I slip into dementia - I am death incarnate
I am the end - your end

Tendencies for gore, I always need more
My artistry, perfectly portrayed
I wasn't supposed to be - Alive and breathing
Caught on film, immortalized portrait of filth,
the star of my feature film
I am protagonist, an artist of Sodom
And as reality slips, my bloodlust persists
Condemned to decompose, your body lies broken
A slave to misery, debauchery and suffering so pure

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Aborted Retrogore Comments
  1. D A

    This was my fav album out of their new three albums. Epic stuff

  2. jazmin prado cruz

    Fucking brutal

  3. Jonathan Teirleng

    C'est bon d'avoir un bon groupe de mon pays 🔨(it's good to have a Good band of my country)

  4. Trevor Nedeau

    This album is a goddamn masterpiece

  5. Ryan Clark

    My favorite death metal band but their best days are definitely behind them. Constant lineup changes must really fuck with the chemistry. Sven's vocals are always sick as fuck but as a loyal fan I feel like they should pack it in.

  6. thedevilgood78

    Favij brought me here

  7. Fabio Alves Da Silva

    Muito doido.

  8. HardcoreAnarchist

    Fuckin sick!

  9. MetalManiac Subtitulado

    Very good

  10. Joseph Vanbrackle

    Does anyone know these guys work from back in their beginnings? Whenever I see all the fans they have I always wonder if they have heard "The Purity of Perversion," or their split with Christ Denied....I personally think their old stuff was 1000X better than this.


    Joseph Vanbrackle yea iv been a massive fan from the start. imo their stuff is just as good now as before. Ken B is killing those double kicks and blastbeats!


    Their new stuff is way better, been listening for a few years and this stuff is way more involved and just better-written. It has emphasis and intent that the first few albums lacked IMO

  11. ClassicalDeathMetal


  12. Buried YoUx

    I like this more than I thought I would.

  13. Parry the Pansexual Parrot wants to commit suicide

    My balls expanded 9,000,000 times and I ejaculated 1,0000,00000,00000x16937992773993 also, listening to this on repeat... So basically my balls are covering my house and my neighbourhood is covered in cum, thank you for this Aborted :))

  14. JrSquatch87

    you've replaced my favorite band. thank you for blessing my ears with your metal.

  15. Sam Says

    Thanks for punching me in the face.

  16. Mike Keithley

    when I listen to aborted I feel nothing but pure 100% adrenaline, fuck man what a rush!

  17. Stefan S


  18. Nick Ordi


  19. WheeoftheDead

    Pretty wimpy. I miss the Engineering The Dead era of this band.

  20. Andrés Campos

    Retrogore easily belongs in their top 3 albums. I'm pretty sure their next album will even be better than Goremageddon.

  21. Lord Brad

    Man that album art work is awesome...too bad the music is just not my cup of tea....

  22. KindanskiFilm


  23. km alternative

    LOL, this is not music. vocals are 100% fucking trash

    km alternative

    +mitchell2719 However the songs on the album still sound like songs. This "aborted" stuff is an abomination of music and the lyrics are so fucking god awful. Why do you enjoy songs about mutilating and raping women?! Lol


    +King Marc why do people like horror movies?


    @King Marc I personally don't care about lyrics, especially when it comes to death metal unless they're interesting. Part of the appeal of death metal and grindcore is the technicality of every aspect and the heaviness of it.
    You know the feeling when you first started listening to punk or hardcore, and you just wanna bang your head or punch a wall cause the songs are just so energetic? Death metal is the continuation of that.
    It's not for everyone, but it's certainly music. Try out something more Amon Amarth, it might be a bit more to your liking than Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, or Napalm Death.

    km alternative

    @mitchell2719 true


    very narrow minded comment which I would not expect from with your Rise against picture

  24. Miroslav Roskanin

    Help me.. This one raped my ears..! Awesome!!

  25. Paul Burt

    just pre-ordered the box set edition of this album

  26. ccchase420

    1:08 rips

  27. cabalofdemons

    I'm loving it

  28. hailthedarklord

    fucking sick

  29. Ruben Gonzalez

    I can't fucking take it anymore these guys are fucking sick !!
    Drop the album already !!

  30. david charlonne

    Once again a fucking perfect song. Keep up the good work guys, no other band touches your perfection.......

  31. tal grinfeld

    aborted get more and more fine and brutal every release,you guys are THE SHIT!!!!!!

  32. internetwarrior666



    internetwarrior666 While Mendel does kick serious ass at guitar, the solo is Ian's :)

  33. naialalove nai

    my cousin loves this music

    Brett Wodon

    he's cool

    Putrid Abomination

    Good cousin

  34. DecrepitOrigin888

    Oh man! Preordering this Bad Boy for sure.

  35. DecrepitOrigin888

    Holy shit! April 22nd. Had no idea Aborted were releasing another Album this quick.

  36. Necropolis Arts

    i am the 999.000 subscriber of century Media xD lol

  37. RFNkev

    Aborted are fucking amazing

  38. Jacob Walter

    Aborted are untouchable. Incredible stuff here, can't wait for the album!


    Jacob Walter ingested can touch them

  39. Hedge Knight

    yes yes yes!!!!! \m/

  40. Luis Tejeda

    Buen Death Metal

  41. Alexander McYates

    I could see myself petting my cat to this

    Lukas W-Shyuda

    +Alexander McYates *eating

    D Bowz

    @Lukas W-Shyuda *raping


    @D Bowz *being mauled by

    Samsaranian Supreme

    *having intriguing conversation about our universe with my cat*

  42. pawpsickle

    can't fucking waaait

  43. Eric Heydenreich

    This song is just right and IMO the best one today!

  44. Dmitry Kraft

    toooooooo faaaaaast!

    Zach V


  45. Lance Qualls

    aborted are on fire!!!!! they just keep getting better and better love this I cannot wait for this monster go be released

  46. jubair ahmed


  47. Camilo Vanegas

    holy mother of merch!!

  48. Camilo Vanegas

    Nothing new but kick ass

  49. SkarredKage

    Brutal stuff! Gotta love this!

  50. aux1z11

    sucks wtf

  51. Bradley Puppies

    Aborted are really pumping out material.


    you have the most death metal name ive ever seen mate


    +Bradley Kittens Man! For sure. Was thinkin that. Unreal the amount of Material they have been putting out in jus the las 3 4 years.

  52. Jonas Perez

    sinister as balls

  53. Marius Soko

    The upcoming EP seems to be better than the last one!

  54. Henna Saatana

    fucking eargasm \m/

  55. Karl Haldane

    Reg'tor Ace.

  56. Dashie41

    first EP now Album Aborted never disappoint me song is killer and brutal

  57. 000 000

    Just been uploaded for 5 minutes and already racking up more views than my yearly loan

    Nathan Campbell

    +Lex Rosier (SyXySC) It's actually been uploaded since the 1st, it was just unlisted.

    000 000

    @Nathan Campbell I was just making a joke, i knew they put a link on their fb before releasing it to everyone, i have downloaded it when you could only get it by the link on their facebook page.

    Misshapen Ape _

    +Lex Rosier (SyXySC) None So Vile, fuck yeah!

    000 000

    @FrostinFlakes Litteraly no picture! fuck yay!

  58. Mathieu Laverdiere

    Mood of the week: retroGore.

  59. iPadVulk

    Hm... getting a bit stale, are we? Let's wait for the album but this one was a bit boring, to be honest...


    There's not liking something & then there's just being jaded & pretentious.

    Danial Knott

    I agree getting very stale!!


    +iPadVulk wrong, must be trolling

    John O'Brien

    iPadVulk and Danial Knott - Fucking idiots

  60. mutantmo

    right there at 2:00 baby oh yeah right there just like that...

  61. Heresy Denied

    That's some tasty burger! Can't wait guys.

  62. Kohy96

    wait.. thats a full-length album? I thought thats another EP

  63. Andre M.

    Brutal music!

  64. Bradley Kerr

    they literally just released an EP and now they're releasing a new album hahaha

    Corné Marais

    +Bradley Kerr That's been the plan all along though. They released the EP while the fans wait for the album

    Bradley Kerr

    +Corné Marais what a good bunch of guys

    Corné Marais

    @Bradley Kerr I know right


    +Bradley Kerr Good times! :)

  65. Mylena Monaco


  66. aaron hashbrown

    this rips!!!

  67. The Hoff

    As expected. Killer!!

  68. CorzMunky

    Fuck yeah! So much fuck yeah!!

  69. bleeding1978

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! \m/ \m/

  70. Mario Estrada

    If the Mick digz it that would only mean one thing. it's killer \m/ (@,@) \m/

  71. AJ Carnell

    brutal as always, goooorrreeee!

  72. Slam Master

    That's so brutal!1

  73. Alex Beshara

    It fucking raped my soul! \m/

  74. HeadbangorGTFO

    My testicles grew 3 sizes just now.

    Martin Lindberg

    You may want to get that checked out, dude.

    Putrid Abomination

    That's like something straight outta that Grinch movie

  75. gregorio232


  76. Pyro Fan

    OH HELL YEAH!!!!! Can't wait for the full album "RETROGORE" !!!! Job more than well done guys!! :)

  77. Doom Sayer

    Sick! Masters of grind! That a power glove too in the pic? Haha nice

    Doom Sayer

    Way to counter my subjectivity with your own.

  78. Fred PHC

    Not bad but I prefer Linkin Park ! :-D ** joke **

    PressNothingAndWatchTheDamn Video

    +Fred PHC idk, Linkin Park is too heavy for my tastes

    Mike Marques

    +PressNothingAndWatchTheDamn Video If you are searching for a good introduction into Heavy things, go listen to My Chemical Romance, it's some gud brootal shit bru !

    Fred PHC

    I know but I m too sensitive, I cry on every song... HAHA !

  79. Gabriel Kunay

    Best thing to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! masterpiece!!!!!!

  80. Sergey Petrenco

    massive bomb!

  81. Thomas ABMON

    holy shiittt!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHH

  82. Steve V

    Yes. YES. YESSSS!!!!

  83. thub807


  84. Brody Holloway