Aborted - Purity Of Perversion Lyrics

Fantasmes detraques de vice
Dissect, dissect - I desecrate illusions
Dissect, dissect - purity of perversion
A nameless terror feeds all my needs
Those absent eyes stare and defile the innocent
This insidious act of mastication has merely begun
Tear up, devour and desecrate
Tear up, devour and desecrate the illusion
Tear up, devour and desecrate
Tear up and dominate

Dissect, dissect - I desecrate illusions
Dissect, dissect - purity of perversion
A nameless zealot feeds all my needs

Elles glissent et serpentent, denaturent chaque courbe
Les immondices de ma creation. L'excitation a son paroxysme
Tremblements d'obscurite. Carcasses de souvenirs dont l'odeur
nauseablonde s'insinuera dans les reves les plus sordides

Dissect, dissect - I desecrate illusions
Dissect, dissect - purity of perversion
A nameless terror feeds all my needs

Dissect, dissect - And dominate
Dissect, dissect - purity of perversion
Watch me revel in my remains

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Aborted Purity Of Perversion Comments
  1. goblinbread

    It might just be the least brutal aborted album but goddamn it sure is the heaviest imo. \m/

  2. crist bkn

    Esto si es aborted

  3. Dustin Foster

    Intro: Dr Giggles
    Act of Supremacy: Texas Chainsaw (either 2 of 3... I'm pretty sure it's 3)
    The Lament Configuration: ?
    The Sanctification of Fornication: Evil Dead 2
    Organic Puzzle: Dead Alive
    Necro-eroticism: ?
    Highway I-35: Evil Dead 2
    Gurgling Rotten Feces: ?
    Wrenched Carnal Ornaments: Dead Alive

    If anyone knows the others plz lemme know lol I've tried for fucking years to find them all

    Deathcore Dylan

    Highway I-35 is a sampled piece of George A. Romero's 1985 "Day of the Dead" my favorite zombie movie of all time. It has some of the best if not the BEST practical effects. "Gurgling Rotten Feces" is Evil Dead 2 :)

  4. Forever Metal

    This album cover really fucking awesome, beauty in blood and death - twisted insanity!

  5. Death metal

    A hidden gem of death metal


    Textbook death metal.. what were they thinking!!
    My friend lent me this when i was 16 and djing in london.. It changed everything for me, didnt realise people could make that noise! that buzz saw tremelo guitar riffs and we used to say the singer sounded like a stuck pig! Then... all the amazing horror samples.

    Just fantastic!

  7. Forever Metal

    Brilliant Brutal Death Metal Album!

  8. Jerry K

    What's the name of the movie in the intro ?

    Famous Mortimer

    Dr. Giggles

  9. GYMT

    The only Aborted album that actually matters to me.

  10. Luis Tejeda

    Suena Goregrind
    Esto es Death Metal

  11. bossome_

    I wish this album was on Spotify.

  12. Joseph Vanbrackle

    Decided to update my comment from a minute ago. With metal, esp YouTube, I try to take the "if you can't say something nice..." stance for comment posting, but what the hell. Yeah this album and the Christ Denied split, are underground classics. But these guys (I should clarify, their lead "singer" Sven and whatever friends/relatives he used to rebuild this band in later years) are a bunch of weak, cowardly, shameful, sell outs of the highest order.

    They were on tour, (on one of those fuckin' Hot Topic Tours no less) a lot of the bands came next door to our gym, they had been on buses, and the venue for this was next door and had shit for amenities. I can't say for certainty what bands were there, which time (this was a usual thing) but I think I remember either Dying Fetus or Suffocation being super freakin cool. Both those bands came through, but not sure if it was same show Aborted, etc. Oh, and Vader were the best, acted like they owed their lives cuz we let them use the showers, lockers, etc. All those bands signed CDs of theirs I had since I knew the show schedule and every band played inspired, heavy, mosh driven metal passionately.

    Except ABORTED. The band I looked forward to the most, the scrounged some free food and beverages, getting autographs for this CD was funny cuz Sven ("singer") was only one there on the CD. Long story short(er) he was a total wimp, acted gay like he wanted to follow small boys, and when forced to speak would whisper with a soft lisp how he was ashamed of this album (Purity of Perversion), stunned I asked how many songs would make the set list? ZERO. He wants to forget it ever was released, talked about metal core being the future, and death/grind was a dead genre he only did for money and hated.

    As could've been predicted, their set SUCKED balls, Sven tried to change his vocals to emo or screamo or whatever the fuck the fad Hot Topic was pushing them toward. The crowd stood motionless, surprised how bad they even played their instruments, how off key they were and no one gave a shit about anything these wimps did. On a scale of expectation to delivery, this was probably the worst metal set I had ever seen at a show/fest, a total mockery. They were kicked off upcoming LA Murderfest date cuz they sucked so much poser penis no body could tolerate them. Unbelievable how such an amazing beginning can turn to pop rock metal core garbage in an instant. Oh, me and the g/f got in for free and still feel Aborted owe us a refund...

    Dustin Foster

    Jesus man are u serious?? That's fuckin crazy what a hell of a disappointment..Aborted have always had balls but to hear that is disheartening. I'm sorry you had to witness some shit like that, unbelievable.

  13. Joseph Vanbrackle

    One of the best metal albums ever IMO. Remember the zines at the time praised this album so highly that it took me dozens of distributors to find a copy, dudes were saying the minute they would get them in they were gone immediately. Almost a perfect album, catchy but brutal, gory without too cheesy, fast but hard and powerful. A true classic, will always have a copy of this in my collection!

  14. DREDD 123

    someone know from what movie the skit in the intro comes?

    Famous Mortimer

    Dr. Giggles

    DREDD 123

    @Famous Mortimer thanks!


    i think i might like this!

  16. sharkwater

    What a powerhouse they have become.

  17. Satanic Werewolf


  18. Red Threads

    Late 90's was definitely the most extreme era of death metal. Shit like this and dying fetus' "purification through violence"....it never gets old

    Joseph Vanbrackle

    Red Threads is correct...


    well try malodorous-amerenthe redolence that shits massively brutal but its due to the 90's death metal influences

  19. sfssf

    This is of one of the first albums I ever bought when I was 15. I remember being totally shocked when hearing this for the first time. The booklet was also completely insane with the inlay depicting someone who seemed to be ran over by a tank. Crazy.

    J. Scully

    sfssf wish I could see that

    : o )

    @J. Scully It's on discogs

    J. Scully

    @: o ) i did end up buying the cd... not disappointed

  20. blo p


    Erik van de Velde


    Satanic Werewolf

    Death Metal

  21. Johnwaynelsd25

    aborted at their most raw

  22. Craig Nida

    death metal related prophecies 😉

  23. Dulo Clan Ov Death

    fuckin brutal aborted !



  25. LiL KRiZz

    Is this Aborted's First Album? Is there any existing Demo Tracks even older than this? :3 

    Thanks, just reply to me if so.


    +Pein 天道 metal archives man

    LiL KRiZz

    @PunfuN Huby Dahuby Thanks. Stay Metal! \m/-

    LiL KRiZz

    @***** Thanks. Stay Metal! \m/-

    Joseph Vanbrackle

    Was this before their split with Christ Denied? The songs on that are very similar (in a great way, not a copy) of these tracks so either right before or after this came out. Could have just added those 3 tracks to this and really blew some minds ;-)

    Riley Charette

    They had one demo before this, it has gurgling rotten feces, highway I-35 and a few other tracks

  26. SurgicalGrind87

    @colin Cavitys The intro is from the movie Dr. Giggles.

    Jim Garrison

    I loved Dr. Giggles. I use to have the movie poster in my office. The Doctor is in..sane. Dr. Giggles is the same guy who played the killer Santa Claus on the Tales From the Crypt episode, "..and all through the house".

    Marco Schrieber

    And he is the Boss in the 1st Darkman Movie !!!

  27. alexa gonzalez

    orale en estos tiempos cantaba mejor no no se crean canta bien en todos

    Leonard Morales

    alexa gonzalez q onda de donde eres alexa

  28. Jonathan Mares

    sin duda.....uno de mis favoritos...!!!!

  29. Tom Callahan

    The sample at the beginning of "The Santification of Fornication" is also in the new album. Weird. 


    Tom Callahan I was wondering why they did that. I just noticed it when checking out this album. Any info on it?

    Houston from houston

    @MrLeast yea

    Peppe Frasca

    Because why the hell not

  30. Theo Van Der Wal

    poor Libby

  31. John Deere

    Intro 0:00
    Act of Supremacy 0:57
    The Lament Configuration 3:40
    The Santification of Fornication 8:29
    Organic Puzzle 11:51
    Necro-Eroticism 15:10
    Highway I-35 19:08
    Gurgling Rotten Feces 23:02
    Wrenched Carnal Ornaments 26:45

    Satanic Werewolf


  32. xlikexshadowsx

    Where is the artwork from? Is it from a movie or something?

    Black Metal Joker

    @shockofhyperbole You

    Electronic AIDS

    +Mr. Maddison People who are killing others, like on the artwork, actually do have a lot of feelings, especially while murdering

    Black Metal Joker

    @Electronic AIDS I have learned that.


    it's from a movie called "split second"

    Peppermint Hippo Stock.

    As one, I can personally tell you you're wrong.

  33. Regurgitated Organs

    awe yeah

  34. ricardo giovanni


  35. Elder Moreira

    Brutalidad, en su totalidad l,,l

  36. jluvmix

    yeah I really dig this one!

  37. Jair Junior

    I'm looking for this album. It's the last I have to buy to complete the discography!

    Joseph Vanbrackle

    This is the ONLY one you needed!

    Riley Charette

    You have the demo? That’s the one I’m looking for lol