ABK (Anybody Killa) - Thoughts Of Suicide Lyrics

Hey man you alright?
I seen how your ol girl was coming down on you
What happened? Your pops found out you lost that job and shit
Well don’t worry homey, man parent be like that sometimes, it’s like they mad at you because they get old. Just don’t go all crazy on me, talking about you going to kill yourself again, alright

Yes, in my mind I want to do it but when I pursue it I can’t seem to go through it
So I’m going to write a song just so you can feel everything I feel when I’m in the mood to kill myself
I can’t control it, these thoughts of suicide, I’m always dealing with
And I know I’m not alone when it comes to this, cause everyday it’s like the whole world pissed
So fuck your attitude and keep your bad mood cause I got one too
And I don’t give a shit who you rolling with bring your whole damn crew
We’ll call it suicide when you messin with a killa someone’s bound to die
And it won’t be me cause only one’s claimin my life is g-o-d

[Chorus x2]
You ever thought of suicide, you ever thought of suicide, you ever thought of suicide
Glad you didn’t do it, if you did you wouldn’t be here now

Are you easily influenced,
Does your parents always say that your friends are the reason that you ruint
Do you have hate for your boss, to where you wanna catch him alone and pop one off
Or is it mental health, where the only problem that you have is with yourself
Can someone please explain why it feels so good to cause so much pain
With all these thoughts we have, yep it’s easy to say to just relax
But when you that fed up, only thing in your mind is how deep to cut
Because you hate your life and you really don’t care
And things would be better if you just weren’t here
So now you ready to go end it all,
Instead of thinking of the ones you won’t see tomorrow

[Chorus x2]

[Strict 9]
It’s nothing nice, got the thoughts steadily running through my head
I close my eyes and try to picture if I’m better off dead
It sucks to me, the one and only as I sit here by my lonely
Separated from the world cause the world is so phony
Hear my cries, tell me why when you do it tell them lies
You wear a disguise I can see it in your motherfuckin eyes
It’s suicide, last ride if you wanna get inside
Shotgun it’s your boy and I’m ready to die

Do people that commit suicide go to heaven?
I’m sure everyone has their own theories
But I’m a firm believer that if you take you own life
Your soul is trapped

[Chorus x2]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) Thoughts Of Suicide Comments
  1. Heaven Squires

    Omg this is good. I have thought of suicide but only when stuff goes down idk why I think bad thoughts but I try to stay positive whoop whoop mmfwcl!!!


    hope you're doing ok still babe

  2. Nurse Wenckebach

    You ever thought of shuishiiide!

  3. John Vitolo

    whoop whoop you are the shat

  4. Charmaine Jones

    Soul rap music sikk.

  5. YourDumbAsF*CK

    @Domionofpower YOUR a punkasbitch

  6. Danielle&Friends

    @kmk4juggalo20 tht fucking sucks. im sorry dude. :( whoopwhoop!

  7. ErtMang

    @KottenKandiii bahh it wasnt me someone was on my pc and shit.. bitch ass mufuckas

  8. Danielle&Friends

    i love his live version of this

  9. Danielle&Friends

    @kmk4juggalo20 why r yu hatin?

  10. ErtMang

    Anybody Emo

  11. Domionofpower

    Definetly using this song to talk a girl out of suicide.


    hmm because i have to hear a song b4 i know what its about its not like they label the songs saying hey this is about god and blah blah blah trust me once i hear a song i dont like i dont play it again

  13. therealearthmunkey

    Whose crying? You say your under 16 yet your profile says your 28. Obviously your a liar so nothing you say will be true. You have a right to an opnion but no one gives a shit and it's a worthless opinion.

  14. therealearthmunkey

    Or maybe we don't care about what dumb bitches like you think of. Hopefully when you hit the ripe age of 16 your grammar will improve.

  15. therealearthmunkey

    I got them thoughts running through my head
    I close my eyes and try to picture if I'm better off dead
    Its up to me, my one and only as I sit here by my lonely
    Separated from the world cause the world is so phony
    In my cry tell me why when you do it, (telling lies?)
    You in disguise, I can see it in your motherfucking eyes
    It's suicide, last ride if want to get inside
    Shotgun, it's ya boy and I'm ready to die!

    ~Strict 9


    WHY WHY WHY must they bring in god into every fucking cd just aboute it seems they outkast us who dont belive is that just me am i the only one who aint down with that fine what the fuck ever

  17. therealearthmunkey

    Strict 9!!