ABK (Anybody Killa) - Peace Pipe Lyrics

I rebuke you in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost.

What up fam? I'm here on a more personal level. I say we take this peace pipe, fire up the end and let's roll out.

Elevate your soul with a piece of the earth.
Get rid of all the stress inside before you get someone hurt.
Take a hit of the weed, if you think that you can. Now hold it in homie, hold it, hold it... Damn. I love the sound of virgin lungs right before they bust. So if you want to come and smoke, peace pipe with. Let me take you to a level where you ain't been yet. Come and step in to circle and let's all get wrecked.

Until we meet again, I'll guess see you. Take it easy. So long homie. Nice smokin' with you... keep it peaceful. My journey ain't over yet ya'll someone in this bitch about to get me High.

One time open your mind body and soul and let yourself be possessed by the indo smoke. Write down your problems, roll them up and let's burn them away. Ain't no reason to be chillin' all sad and gray. Acting like a lost pup, teary eyed and stuff. Look every time I pass the blunt you fucked the rotation up. Let's keep it floating playa' smoke smoke gimmeh my dope. I'll see you in my next journey when I re-up bro.

Until we meet again, I'll guess see you. Take it easy. So long homie. Nice smokin' with you... keep it peaceful. I don't know what strand this is but this shit has got my ass Stoned.

Until we meet again, I guess I'll see you. Take it easy. So long homie. Nice smokin' with you... keep it peaceful. Keep it peaceful.

You know I met alot of cool ass people livin' life this way. Laid back, while getting stoned every damn day. Understand in one another while we sparking this bowl. Conversating through whole night, let the time just... go.

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ABK (Anybody Killa) Peace Pipe Comments
  1. Getscoped 02

    Whoop whoop

  2. Michelle Allison


  3. Richard Taylor

    God made weed for us all to enjoy.

  4. Wicked Momma

    🔥🔥🔥 I love his lisp!

  5. Ron Levy

    Amazing music

  6. Sean Saxon

    Shout out to my lost homies I met in Arizona at the mall somewhere near Mesa AZ... Crazy Ruissan and Tripod... Also shout out to my homeboy Irish David... I met you at that bus stop that night you told me you lived in an abbandoned house with like 5 other people... If anyone knows who Irish David from Phoenix please reaspond... If anyone knows Crazy Russian from Mesa please reaspond... Thx...

  7. Frank Hutchinson

    This song and Last Chance makes me miss the fuck out of my Dad.

  8. Jamesmay1977 Terry

    Relaxing song

  9. gold member

    We should all smoke a peace pipe, life would be easier...

  10. Filth GAMING


  11. lilshortytoodope love

    Memory lane for real ❤️💯✊🏼

  12. joe hutt

    Keep it peaceful

  13. NativewarriorZ1 gaming

    2019 still listen bitch

  14. Ted Mayer

    Who's still bumping this in 2019?

  15. oddite x23

    Perfect way to get a stoner into icp.

  16. kai young

    This song is actually amazing even if your not stoned.

    Kimberly Coulter

    I feel that

  17. Mr Jones

    Cool song but I think it would sound s whole lot better if ABK would of add native drums for the beats ((JS)) .,..

  18. JJAG0102

    Lmao so i was smokin some bud out my pipe on a bench by my pad and listenin to this and then one of my neighbors comes up and i invited him to smoke and talked n shit hes a pretty chill dude. Aint no lies bein laid back and smokin bud you get to meet some pretty chill people and its great because your understandin one another as you smoke the bowl (or 4). Fuck yeah yo

  19. chuey J

    Take a breath and hold it think life ain’t that bad keep you’re chin up, life too short to be sad or mad

  20. Richard Taylor

    this song is dope mairjuana nothing can go wrong so ya my choice is always that peace pipe man made shit is the root of evil then again I watch my parents on that shit the first time I snuck off with my dad's weed I told my sister our parents should stick with this not trading drug for drug marijuana is god drug man made shit is the root of evil drug so ya I hit that peace pipe all day every day nothing can go wrong for me

  21. Michelle Allison


  22. Deborah do Crim

    I love this one too and I'm going crazy cause I love it so much I really appreciate it very much if you could please let me know when you're coming to Bakersfield CA to play in concert for us at 😃😘😍😍

  23. OrchardBird XIV

    bald dude in the video looks like a recovering alcoholic trying not to relapse,anyone else notice that?

  24. Richard Janssen

    Really diggin this song well done killa

  25. Trojan mane

    Very nice love it

  26. JanSport BP White


  27. Sharks Fan

    This song man wow no words whoop whoop

  28. RC whitewash

    been smoking almost 26years at 36 years started grammar school

    RC whitewash

    more years now am thinking two years ago

    RC whitewash

    TOO COOL!!!

  29. Jess Batease

    Love this song it's my everyday stress relief song when I blaze. Whoop whoop MMFWCF MMFWCL

  30. Trent Kelly

    An old friend of mine showed me this song right after I graduated. He died a couple years back from a heroin overdose. RIP Cody, I miss you man.

  31. Zap Rowsdower



    Nichiren. One Kyo, one being.





  35. Chris Caudill

    Good song to Listen to when ur high as hell

  36. Stoner happy420

    Whoooop Whoooooop MY FAM

  37. Stoner happy420

    Saved my life more times than I can count ABK is the realist HOMIE I’ve ever had !

  38. Bobby E Hricko

    🤘RIP KEV🤘

  39. korm gamemaster

    This is my smoking song

  40. clayton srock

    This song is so fucking peaceful!!!!!! puff puff pass

  41. d nasty

    Lmao what the hell is this?!

  42. CHIQUITO '13'

    Whoop whoop my Natives.

  43. ahd999m

    This song made me what I am today

  44. Michelle Allison


  45. Bipedal Mammal

    FYI he's full blooded Lumbee tribe. So. You guys need to knock off the cultural appropriation nonsense. Furthermore music is for everyone, not just specific races or religions.

  46. Mxchelle Unbreakable

    Who else thought tht was Anna faris lol jk

  47. S Dox

    How you doing?

    S Dox

    Sorry it took so long..
    Just chilling....

  48. S Dox

    I wish I could smoke everyday with my people..

  49. Ishi Meadows

    lets all just smoke some green out of this peace pipe

  50. TwinDevilDedzik

    I once had a dream in TX about myself, Dedzik, Grimzik and Killa and my ex in a circle pipin down some green out a corn cob pipe and then Killa said, "Man I wish I was ridin with my homies"

  51. TwinDevilDedzik

    Warrior4Life!!!! Whoop Whoop !!

  52. wicked ninja 420

    This is a a very laid back song to smoke to Cheers y'all keep it peaceful


    Wish I could smoke some green but yeah whoop whoop mmfwcl native juggalo's 316 Wichita KS

  54. Dylan Watson

    Abk!!!! Whoop whoop

  55. jay Chiquito

    Whoop whoop what's up my Natives juggaloz and juggalletts lets roll one for are family mfcl.

  56. Fox

    Im not the biggest abk out there... ill be a man and keep it real... but i love when this dude gets on a ft and keeps it real... that hes apart of that original squad that made the movement as big as it is today...

    ...and abk if u read this, bruh, this is one of the most beautiful gotdayum shits ive heard in my life man. Love this shit.

  57. Spaghetti Westerns

    This song reminds me that there is peace in this world, why don't we just smoke some buds

  58. Jason Gillis

    1 of a kind track..🔥

  59. Nothing for Granted

    IMA get ya stoned! Weed on delivery, whenever I want!!

  60. angel ravensett

    Inhale the good shit, exhale the dumb shit

  61. Joey Quigley

    I wish I could smoke some green with ABK

  62. OrchardBird XIV

    slow this vid down and is fire af

    OrchardBird XIV

    2:25 slowed lol

  63. CSK ChiLLy

    MWCL ABK Whoop Whoop

  64. Sean Ellis


  65. Kaela Penn

    To me his lisp is freakin awesome! I admire him because he doesn't let his lisp get in the way of his dreams. He's great.

  66. brooks Brooks

    Aggravated record$

  67. Gage McCurdy

    Chacktaw and cherokee up.in the building

  68. HatchetFreak

    Good song

  69. James Ben

    Smoking blue dream to this song

  70. Ghalaxtic Mehses

    Ok this song is a great staple before I start my shift at work. I'll be back I tell myself; when I return after a long grind I resume the sacrifice of herbs.

  71. Zach Jones

    Damn that freash ass beat

  72. Sonny Monte

    Whoop Whoop MMFWCL this song is dope asf ~{stoned}~

  73. Jason Shipley


  74. MT Pride

    Elevate your soul with a piece of the earth 🌏

  75. Bløød Røse

    Getting high to this is the best, elevates my soul

  76. Verdell Johnson

    Keepin it Native ABK whoop whoop mmfcl

  77. Kyle Reese

    My fav ABK song. Always

  78. Mary Ramirez

    One of my favourite smoking songs. Even when not high it chills you out like you are. Anyone get the same feeling just from hearing it?

  79. Joseph Yuhas


  80. Niish Niichole

    .."Until we meet again, I guess see you .. Take it easy .. So long homie .. Nice smokin' with you .. keep it peaceful".. '💛✨

  81. guess my race Told

    ABK suck ass!!! Thats how I could only rate him as a rap artist. Absolutely no creativity, no talent and his rhymes are inane, fucking weak and generic. However, I will admit when I listen to Dark Lotus he's really good. His rhymes are tight and captivating except his fucking solo albums. I just don't get why that is???

  82. Joseph Yuhas


  83. danndan121

    I love ABK he is forever a Hatchet Warrior! Whoop Whoop! I also have a lisp, I had Speech Therapy as a kid, it stuck around. I don't care, thankis to ABK I am proud to rap with a lisp. Real Talk

  84. Tiffany Machado

    whoop whoop Fam love u ! :-)

  85. Nightmare King

    Whoop whoop to all the Juggalos and Juggalettes out there

  86. etrnl onez south phx

    this song is bad af


    We're can I find this song it ant on itunes

  88. zack k-ling

    Native Pride Nation Wide!

  89. Madleo Redburrow

    sheeit reminds me of my brotha smokin up bak n da day R.I.P my chief

  90. Branden Daumont

    don't let your passed determine your future! whoop whoop 4 life

  91. Philene Francisco

    I smoked some good ass bud with ABK at the after party in gallup nm... it was awsome whoop whoop

    ThE JoKeR

    Philene Francisco I got to blazed a joint with twiztid during their abominationz tour back in 2012 here in farmington nm

  92. JuggaLo Bob

    here's to all my Fellow Native Hatchet Swingers- StAy BlAzEd HoMiEs

  93. Timothy Murphy

    whoop whoop mmfwcl to all the juggalo and juggalettes

  94. Madog Killer

    whoop whoop I want thank you for the songs you make ABK it help me out everyday here in this town cause of all the haters here in this town whoop whoop mmfwcl until the day I am in the ground thanks for the music whoop whoop

  95. Bobby Hricko

    WHOOP WHOOP .. 607.. 4 ~ LIFE!!!

    R.I.P. ... KEV!!!

  96. Kidd Simon

    three years ago , the only one who ever had my back has left me .. he six feet deep now ... so now I'm el solo lobo ...

  97. Thomas Tsinnijinnie

    nice ass song when im baked

  98. Jack Madrox

    Keep it peaceful fam. Whoop Whoop


    Jack Madrox winnipegs most

  99. Ganusquah Mcmanus

    love it people think that the pipe carry's drugs lol it all tobacco witch grows the deepest and rises the highst in to the air that mother earth gave us everyone