ABK (Anybody Killa) - One Last Chance Lyrics

If I had the one last chance to do things over in my life
One last chance to say things to people before they left or past on,
The opportunity to see the ones close to me every day,
Just to say: hey,
If I had that one last chance, then, then,
I'd be all right.

If I had one last chance to say: hey, hey
I would be all right,
If I had one last chance to say: hey, hey
I would be alright.

If I had just one last chance to tell you how I feel
For leaving here eternally.
I would tell you what you meant to me
And what's been going on.
If I had just one last chance to say
What's on my mind,
Cause ever since you had to leave,
There's some people who ain't been the same,
Because it takes time.

If I had just one last chance to really say goodbye,
Right before you went away.
I think it'd really makes a difference to me,
And I'd be all right.
If I had just one last chance to apologize,
For everything I put you through.
I would probably finally rest and peace
Instead of sleepless nights.

[Chorus x2]

If I had just one last chance to hear you speak to me,
What would you say? about the way that I carry on, in my life.
If I had just one last chance to try and make it right,
What advice would you give, that'd make me wanna just calm me down,
And re-think things twice. (If I just had one chance)

If I had one last chance, last chance, last chance, (that would be all that I need)
If I had one last chance, just to tell you, goodbye
If I had one last chance, last chance, last chance, (that would be all that I need)
If I had one last chance... Why'd you have to go!?

[Chorus x2]

If I had one last chance, I would not keep you long,
The bond that we had is strong enough to carry on,
Inside the songs we sing, the memory of you will bring
Us closer to everything that's keeping us all a team.
If I had one last chance just say goodbye,
I'd tell you that I'd miss you until the day I die.
If I could see your face in front of me once again,
The room would brighten up and the world would see me grin.

[Chorus x6]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) One Last Chance Comments
  1. Simply Kandi

    I love you daddy! I'll see you again one day!

  2. Lee Lee

    One of my favs!

  3. Ethan Littlewood

    Shout out to all my juggalo’s whoop whoop this song was played at my mothers funeral she is one of the best juggalette’s I have ever known a real soldier
    Love all my juggalo family

  4. Kaleb Whitman

    I’m not a juggalo but I like ABK and twizted. am I strange?

  5. Dan Malzi

    Its repetitive as fuck. Its a sad song but most of his shit sounds like a 10 year old wrote it. Shit sucks.

  6. karessatee

    My best friend died last month, he was so young. So much left before us. This song has me bawling like nobodys business😭 I'd give everything in the world for one last chance. I love you so much Jean Dominick💙

  7. Durt life AZ

    Rest in peace duck man. Head phones bumping walking down 23rd ave n cactus like fuck yall I dont need a ride. My music will carry me where I need to be

  8. Clinton Davis

    Awesome song

  9. Death Scar Juggla

    This shit still hits

  10. Andrew Buchanan-Carter

    Fuck... this is so awful, like a cringe-inducing slow motion trainwreck.

  11. - Chiquito -

    Whoop whoop to all my native's. If I ☝️ last chance I'll be alright. MfCL

  12. jessica watch

    It's a sad song I felt sad like I was crying that his mom and dad died

  13. Shari Dupree

    RIP...Brian P. Sweeney. 2-17-81. 9-28-19. I will miss and fucking love you...till I see u again
    My love my homie my partner...Goodbye. Always. Ur butterfly

  14. Sauceboogie17

    RIP to all our family that gone to their reward in Shang ri la. Remember juggalos, were the ones hurting they are just fine!! MMFWCL Whoop Whoop

  15. jared johnson

    My favorite song

  16. psychowolf94

    Mom Jan 25 2003 (health issues)
    Dad March 15 2004 Overdose/suicide from mom
    Brandon Larkin June 17 2008(bro) overdose
    Lauren Davey August 14 2015.(sis) Cancer
    I'm 25 years old as of October 6 2019.
    And I'm trying my best here without you.
    Thank you Lore for introducing us to ICP and Twiztid, and Brandon say hi to Mom and Dad in shangra la for me. I love and miss you guys.
    This song rips my soul up.
    For the record, Brandon's obituary said he was a juggalo too, down with the clown till your dead in the ground mmfwcl forever and ever.

  17. Shari Dupree

    RIP Brian Sweeney...my #1 Juggalo...2-17-81 to 9-28-19. If i had one last chance...I would say...u r and always will be my one and only love/ soul mate!!im going 2 miss u every day,4 the rest of my life!!!I Fuckin LOVE YOU!!!!!

  18. Jennifer Bockelman

    This song really hits home me and my dad were on speaking terms when he passed away from cancer and every day I wish I could have told him how much I love him

  19. Magnum X

    This song hits hard for a lot of people but I feel it tug on fresh wounds. Another RIP in these comments. Rest well, my father. 1-7-2019. What a way to start the year...

  20. Dader 123

    fuck this

  21. Christy Obrien

    Rip ma nana my bestfriend and uncle fred

  22. Christy Obrien

    I love abk

  23. Milferd Antone

    R.i.p who Died in people family it's hard to lose who you really love you miss them so much 😭 why do people Die 💔 my dad sed when you Die you Die it's like you you want to Die to see them who ever Died the family it's hard 💔 R.i p Chico 💔😭😭

    Milferd Antone

    If who did not make this song and idk what...💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. David Eagle

    Nigga we die. We choose our path whether it's good or bad. Its human nature.

    Chris Qualtrougeehjdd

    So is grief, chill

  25. Music Mixes

    R.I.P my wife Nina Joy Markham
    1992-2019 I miss you so much love you forever



  27. Sunny McLean

    Rest In paradise My aunt GIA 😭 Love you, and I know you'll always watch over me ❤

  28. SweetLeaf Binder

    I love you ryno..im gonna miss you so fucking bad ❣❣

  29. IShitOnTheWorld420

    RIP mom.

  30. Jordan Bitsuie

    Too all my fallen native warriors keep your tomahawk polished. miss you all my brothers RIP Loren, Lowery, Jesus, Gilmore

  31. Lance Finner

    87 long years in this chaotic world and now you can rest!

  32. Phillip Caughran

    To all the ones complaining about his lisp and shit, get the fuck over it. He's part of the family and we accept one another no matter what.

  33. paradox m

    Y'all fools better not let abk get away. Keep him psychopathic. Treat him right for fucks sake.

  34. Jeremy Ramstein

    This song cold AF, but I wish I could get past the lisp. It's so annoying. I know that sounds fucked up, but I'm really genuinely trying here.

  35. Joey Thomas

    I love this song

  36. Gary F

    this track is shit...

  37. Infamous

    RIP both my sisters...

  38. Milferd Antone

    R.I.P how are Die i know how hard to lose someone how you love

  39. Milferd Antone

    I love it so so so so so much my mom have the song I sing it it so so cool I sing it in school 😊👌😎😎👌😎👌😎👌😎👌😎😊😃😎👌

  40. Tree Bree

    RIP Mom 1962-2019

  41. OrchardBird XIV

    wholly fucking shit......

  42. Michael Hendrix

    I know that his mom is a asshole not Dad fuck mom 🖕🖕

  43. Andy Newman

    Over that time, THATS ONE BIG THING

  44. Jess J.J. French

    RIP Scott Marcus Witthar miss you homie you were taken way too soon

  45. Baby Rere

    I know how abk feel.i me 1 last chance for some of my family.my graet grandma for gradma.

  46. Connie Shafer

    I know that already commented but this Song really hit's home because my adopted mom has Alzheimer's she is not gone physically but mentally she is a

    5 year old child in 79 year old woman's body & I am very close to her. I have been having a hard time with this I have wanted to give up on living because I know

    that when she is gone my family will only be there for the funeral but once it is over they will all disappear & I will be abandoned.

  47. Baby Rere

    Soooo sad 😖😖

  48. NemoDa1handedGamer

    R.I P... Mom and sister been 28 years on the 23rd wish i had 1 chance to say hi

    @Abk if it wasnt for you and the family i prob have joined my mom and sister awhile Go wished you wouldve played this song when u was in Albuquerque a few months ago :( but it was a bomb ass concert 1st time seeing you

  49. Unknown Name

    I wish I could see, talk and touch you rip dad 6-15-2019 you were the best father. Thank you for the most amazing years.

  50. stizz l

    Songs a gem r.i.p to those who passed away

  51. Skottay Skottay

    I'm nearly 50. Have to be one of the oldest juggalos here. I'm not a fan. I'm real😘😘😘

  52. thy unknowing serenity's

    I remember thy dragons dancing in the flames thy man made Beach. in Calgary

  53. Gina Wallace

    RIP.. I love you Dale Griggs 🙏💔 January 30,1969-January 14,2019

  54. The Worst Gamer

    Still a huge track...RIP to every one that got taken away too early. 🙏

  55. Della Winters

    This song kills me.... I was supposed to call my dad the day before he died. I got tied up with work.... I should have called. I'm sorry dad, i love you.... RIP, til i see you again.
    08-31-1961 to 06-04-2019

    Angel Padilla

    Sorry bro

    Della Winters

    @Angel Padilla thx.

  56. Josh Reaper

    RIP brother ABK was the last singer we saw together before he died and he played this song didnt know 2 weeks later id lose ya bro wish i had one last chance

  57. sgsunion stvccanada caldwell

    Punks dteal my phone ect and gear miss my grandpaa billy and uncle murray

  58. Shaleen Jumbo

    R.I.P to my uncle because of him I got into the Hatchet Family💞
    Whoop Whoop Uncle💯🤘

  59. Jonathan Moody


  60. Filth GAMING

    1.2k dislikes from lil pump fans 😂

  61. Tre Treadwell

    Mcl to to the family never forget our fallen peeps

  62. Joey Hals

    If I had one last chance to talk to my dad 2011 after his stroke or how about my clean and sober mom before she started slamming or how about my brother who oded of heroin. Rip fam

    Joey Hals

    But y’all be proud I have my own family making that money making my kids happy! If they only knew my past whoop whoop

  63. Joey Hals

    If I had one last chance to talk to my dad 2011 after his stroke or how about my clean and sober mom before she started slamming or how about my brother who oded of heroin. Rip fam

  64. Joey Hals

    If I had one last chance to talk to my dad 2011 after his stroke or how about my clean and sober mom before she started slamming or how about my brother who oded of heroin. Rip fam

  65. Toned Nrs

    Rip to all the brother sister cuzzins aunties and uncles that past man like fr I love y'all mothafuckas mann

  66. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    Ps they beaten me and ripped me hair out

  67. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    I wanted them abk thy true to take everything from me

  68. Brandon Smith

    Dedicated to my late Uncle Bobby
    Miss you Uncle Bobby can't believe that you are gone. I wish I could have said goodbye. I love you

  69. Multimedia By Pierre

    Love this song!

  70. Angela HARDESTY

    Husband... mom... dad... gpa! Forever with me! Love you fam!

  71. JayOmerta #SoulOweByDesign


  72. Cynthia Caudill

    All friends of the hath rip I love your music abk thank you for the song it helps me tinke about friends who died rip family

  73. Cynthia Caudill

    Rip Willam friend Tommy

  74. Cynthia Caudill

    Rip my cozn Lexi

  75. TheLostScout

    Man this song hits me so hard it makes me think of my uncle I never got to say goodbye to him he was in the hospital and they wouldn’t let me see him one last time so I always think about that I miss him so much

  76. Bree Menne

    Rip for anyone losing their loved one or just anyone who meant the world to you. Including pets because their family too, blood doesn’t have to make you family.💕🙏🏻

  77. D Rek

    Miss you grams!

  78. Träger Daniel

    Good Song German juggalo

  79. Ellen Trancosa

    No disrespect to ABK or the message of this song. But that kid must be a pro af as an actor to play the part of a happy go lucky kid an pretend theres not a thugged out clown spittin bars in his living room, they even fixed ABK's scary ass a Sammich an chips....! @1:21😄😆😂🤣🤣🤣

  80. Ellen Trancosa

    I feel like Robin Williams was like that father in the video. All smiles till he gets alone an cant take it no more an decides to end himself.

  81. Uncle Kyle

    ABK do you remember at the 2013 GOTJ meeting someone that played an ocoreina? You were buzzed up riding around with him on the golf kart and you had to piss and hopped off and went to piss by someone's tent and people got mad bcuz they didn't know who you were n thought u were pissing on their tent but you weren't and as you were pissing you told my cousin "Hey flute man, play me a nice comfortable song to piss too" lol Well that was my cousin and you sir are fuckin awsome ABK. I want to say thank you for showing him sooo much fuckin love at that gathering bro. Seriously, thank you. . Keep making music for us that are understood.

  82. Alberto Vega

    WoW 😭😭😭💚

  83. The stv Canada redehiteblue

    All thy life since 8 I felt I never belong through thy valley of shadows I walked thy valley never knowing who I was lost at 3 mom married in 85 mom died in 2010 through thy life we ran like thelem Ndlosie friar child at 16

  84. Garret Roland


  85. It's what You make it

    My bro, died at 39, I started Meditation lately, I started setting the intention to just feel a confirmation that he's at peace, I felt complete eventually, I don't remember anything because I haven't mastered lucid dreaming yet, BUT, I JUST KNOW OK.

  86. Abigail Poppins

    I heard...

    Is this correct?

  87. Bones Van Winkle

    Wow. This song hit me harder than my my mom.

  88. Brandon Vogt

    This is seriously an awesome song whether you are into their music or not

  89. It's what You make it


  90. David Hamsher

    This song really hits hard especially when u lose a kid right after birth or a miscarriage

  91. Nintendo fanguy Rules #1

    My first Abk song that I had listen to year late 2016 and I started to listen to of he's music he's a dope Rapper

  92. J C

    Whoooopp whoop!!!! ABK!!

  93. Austin Kirk

    Austin Blake Kirk ABK sup

  94. Chris Mcgowan

    1978 to 2011 miss u big man love u Sean Bradley McGowan rip dad

  95. Bradley Hollon

    Almost a year later and this song still makes me cry rip Cassie I miss you so much baby I can't believe you were literally dying when you last called me.i hope to see you in heaven one day princess

  96. Stephen Hoffman

    I miss you mom

  97. Ambitious Cat Geek

    I never got to say goodbye to either of my parents. My dad died when I was 8 and my mom when I was 21, both were sudden and unexpected. It's ironic that I keep finding this song, in 2019 after I've finally been able to process their deaths. I'm 32 and just now getting my life back together. Thank you to ICP and all of the great musicians who helped me get through this and survive. Much love. <3

  98. Rex Powercolt

    2019 , ill always be here till the day I die

  99. Philene Francisco

    One last chance!