ABK (Anybody Killa) - On My Way Lyrics

I'm on my way,
And I'm movin' top speed.
Ain't no lookin' back,
so don't even wave to me.
I'm goin' for a time to chase what I believe.
In other words I'm following my dreams.
So many set they mind to do the same,
Even if it seems a little strange.
(They still do it)
Take my advice, that there's more in life to gain,
If you just willin' to fight through the pain.
(and keep kickin'!)

Can't nobody change me,
Or what I believe.
So I'm here to make it and
need to go out and achieve.
Outdone by no one,
New life's test run.
Thought my time was up,
But the journey had just begun.

Can't nobody change me,
Or what I believe.
So I'm here to make it and
need to go out and achieve.
Outdone by God's Son,
New life's test run.
Thought my time was up,
But the journey had just begun.

This life we live,
the struggles we face.
the path we're on,
The moves we make.
At any time can all be replaced,
Like a memory in your head just being erased.
So I'll move on,
just to keep the lead.
And make sure that
nobody gets in front of me.
(look out)
It's like I can't stop now,
The power that I feel
when I'm hearin' the crowd.
It's just so addicting,
the love that you get,
with no sight of friction.
will keep you moving,
til you're all worn out.
That's the type of feelin'
that I'm talkin' about!


I got the secret and it changed my mentality,
Now I'm pushing all my energy into the galaxy.
Like a Jager Bomb, gives you personality,
I'm on my way, so don't try to come after me.
(get out my way!)
Advertise every time they criticize,
Instead of looking deep into what's real in our eyes.
So, realize...
Some look at us as a joke,
and get upset 'cause they got choked,
when they tried to provoke.

[Chorus x2]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) On My Way Comments
  1. James Coleman

    Very inspiring song,best on the album in my opinion

  2. D.P plaster master

    ABK is the shit killer tune so underrated

  3. Joseph Calabrese

    One of the reasons why I like this song, Is that It came out in 2010. The same year Adventure Time had it's first season. ...Such good times!

  4. Unknown lette

    Whoop whoop to abk the legend wicked shit spitter keep up the good work juggalo ninja

  5. Michelle Allison


  6. Josiah Burns

    We all have struggles

  7. Suliman Sultan

    Abk is always dope on the mic word

  8. lisa wolf

    F*CK YEAH!!

  9. Tim Commer

    it's the truth

  10. Cameron Burgess

    love this song whoop whoop fam

  11. Lora K

    medicine bag is all that and more

  12. xdalic

    i'm not a juggalo but I sure do love good music and this is by far one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life!

    S Dox

    That is awfully big of a compliment!!

  13. SandmanFightingSystem

    The 1 dislike must have been Justin Bieber because he knows ABK is better than him....

  14. ToxicDriveBye

    1 dislike .....you suck and or def.... juggalo for life whoop whoop

  15. zackshales

    second best in my opinion right after peace pipe.

  16. ninjamaster6

    Its 11:30 her in vegas and in about 7 and a half hours ima be jamming to ABK and the show here, FUCK YAH FAMILY FOR LIFE WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  17. CollinsvilleDumbass

    tonight when abk played this song me and this other ninja moshed the whole fuckin time screamin family mmfcl

  18. Michael Jones

    Like if your a Juggalo :D

  19. Jordan Rodriguez

    Abk redeemed himself with this album for sure

  20. miz n

    whoop whoop!

  21. thug4life012

    @BAKALAKAB ill keep it up till i die Man!! WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL!!

  22. Dave Just

    @thug4life012 whoop whoop ninja im 13 now and ive been down with the hatchet since i was 6....and i dont have any brothers i just was serfing the web and foung the song icp-under the moon and ever since,ive said ill be down...your insperational to other kids keep it up kid....mmfwcl

  23. albert fuller

    this song gives me hope thruout the shit im deal wit latley so again thnx fam whoop whoop

  24. ShongLokDong

    FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY! mcl fam, always and forever

  25. thug4life012

    @wikidtriple6 i love my family and everything that i own are the best this song changed me and our world WHOOP WHOOP!

  26. Dylan Sutich

    this song is the way i feel all the time. ABK will always live whoop whoop

  27. thug4life012

    this song will always be in my head when i Go Out And Achieve

  28. thug4life012

    im nine Years old and im just gonna hope and keep my hopes up to see my first juggalo concert Just like a Freaking Amazing Ninjas Around the world And F*ck all the haters There just dumb as hell who dose not know what music is and i will always here the juggalos untill i die and i will never be stopped my brother gots lots of albums by them and im glad nobody will stop me from listening to the juggalos i will always listen to them for the rest of my life Run With The Family

  29. mayostrain

    Brings a tear to my eyes, just 1 year ago, before I even went to my first Gathering, I pulled my self from the darkest part of my mind, and... man, I'm just glad I'm still alive. I LOVE YOU FAMILY!

  30. Dustin Kelly

    out of all of psychopathic records groups ABk is one of the best right next to icp

  31. Chris Yonge

    next to hatchet warrior, medicine bag is his second best record in my opinion

  32. crazyklown100

    "Can't nobody change me, Or what I believe. So I'm here to make it and need to go out and achieve. Outdone by no one, New life's test run.Thought my time was up, But the journey had just begun"

  33. Ty Ransom

    This song is amazing. I love my Wicked ass fucking family!! WOOP WOOP NINJAS!!!

  34. surrah nabinger

    its amazing to hear him do this song in person

  35. TJuggla

    freshest song on medicine bag thumbs up if u agree