ABK (Anybody Killa) - My Neighborhood Lyrics

My neighborhoods full of drama, killas and thugs
Everybody’s representing by throwing em up
With a quick hi, hello, or beat down baby
Even the cops know the blocks that it’s all time crazy
It’s alright cause it’s home sweet hood
Even though half of us is up to no good
You gotta love it when you born and raised
In place full of problems that you gotta face
I’m a native in the city of these Detroit streets
With a warrior mentality that won’t at ease
Tomahawk in one hand, blunt in the other
So I can just get high and swing at motherfuckers
That’s how it is, I protect my shit
On my front porch serving up free fat lips
So come and see me if you down to hang
But when you visit in the mix you can’t be acting strange

[Chorus x4]
My neighborhood ain’t what it’s all crack up to be
So much drama

H-double o-d-c-o-v in the double 7-0 is where you finding me
With that front porch living got that lawn chair high
But don’t mistake this lifestyle for a reason to try
Cause it’s a reason to die, we straight country folk bangin
Them dirt road junkies know them country folk slangin
Got that hard, that soft, that prescription for your mentals
My neighborhood homies got them backwoods credentials
Two 4 door chevies, one’s on blocks, the other pumped out
Bad ass kids leaving grown folk’s punked out
Trailer park cooking serving up that ass
City folk’s cars swerving when them hoes walk past
Because them cornbread booties got em hypnotized
Spending college tuitions just to grip them thighs
My neighborhood to some might seem worlds away
But this is where I stay, Red clay, G-A

[Chorus x4]

My neighborhood
Is on lock cause we like it that way
My neighborhood
Is a place where the gangsta’s play
My neighborhood
Can see right through you if you don’t belong
My neighborhood
Can defeat all the weak and build up the strong
My neighborhood
Is on some shit like you ain’t never seen
My neighborhood
Red dirt roads full of thugs and fiends
My neighborhood
Country fucking mouths ain’t never heard of no blocks
My neighborhood
Is so far out, don’t bother calling no cop

[Chorus x4]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) My Neighborhood Comments
  1. Tommy Lionel


  2. Shady Fizz

    ABK's lisp is god material

  3. Jacob Begay

    ABK is the shit

  4. Dizzy Aaron

    Riddlin free psycho muthafucka actin crazzy!

  5. Jugga Slow

    I remember listening to abk on the school bus when I was a kid, my girlfriend thought he said "yellow neighbor" lol

  6. William Register

    I loved this

  7. sommer madness

    Paris verse >>>>>>



  9. Dizzy Aaron

    Almost 160k views an i Kno its all Juggalos!!!

  10. juggalo nation

    Who's the other dude beside abk?

    Dizzy Aaron

    Paul/Monoxide from Twiztid. And Esham

    sommer madness

    @Dizzy Aaron that's not esham that's paris

  11. Vngxl

    fuck a bitch at burger king just to get some free snacks lmao

  12. exploring ninja

    Love this shit man juggalo love from Colorado springs still going strong since I was about five I've been a juggalo

  13. Antichrist Thoth

    Being a native american juggalo in detroit ive coined this as my special song for my neighbors😂

  14. John Rogers

    W.C.N.D. Whoop Whoop

  15. Tonya Hatter

    Just love him

  16. aye who mee?? ????

    was in 10th grade when this came out still dope 14years later lol

    Dizzy Aaron

    Thats Awesome Fam I was 6 when this Album came out lol 😂 still hella dope 🤘

  17. C Lisk

    dope shit.

  18. Mike Miller

    alwayz ridin😎 big up frm SOFLO!

  19. Brian Barnes

    that last guy went way in holy shit

  20. Three Dimensional

    whoop whoop

  21. Kenneth B DeCosta

    JRB woop woop

    Taylor Garrett

    Juggalo ryda bitchz

  22. Airplane Doc

    abk needs a tounge reduction.

    Ninja Requiem

    Betcha his girlfriends disagree

    Tin Tizzy

    Airplane Doc lol

  23. DarkSora

    whoop whoop

  24. Patrick Whitedirt

    whoop whoop

  25. Ricardo Blantini

    Daaaamn, rozpierdol swoim flow robi ABK!

  26. chris wyatt

    Whoop whoop

  27. Ed Bronfield

    you know its abk when you hear that lisp

    Matthew Everhart


  28. Elaine Koob

    I love ABK

  29. Mat Hampton

    I love when haters get on YouTube to talk shit on the fam they just embarrassing them selves lol

    Jordan Pack

    North side for life

    Jordan Pack

    Mat Hampton whoop whoop

    John Rogers

    phuk them haters. W.C.N.D. Whoop Whoop

  30. Major Nomad

    Abk killin it SON. WHOOP WHOOP

  31. chuckles218

    was bumping this shit in 03 sophmore year of HS, still listening, thats good music

    John Iturra

    Same except I was a Junior in 03

  32. Guillaume Mongrain

    Fuckk YEAHH MONOX IN da songg

    ....Totallyy Killed It !!

    Matthew Everhart

    Yea we knew that 16 years ago

  33. Nellie Nel

    Esham killed it!!! so sis ABK

    Lance Finner

    esham is not in this song! go listen to some esham amd come back to this track. dont say i didnt tell you so.

    Jugga Slow

    Yeah that's not Esham. Thats Ruckus, fam. Love

  34. shaun fitzgerald

    its not esham. its paris

  35. ryan mckee

    fucking good song bitches

  36. kase kuchen

    esham killed it

  37. Tre Adventures

    um sheld u lost me on that fam post english plz homie

  38. yeshua onishua

    i remember hearing this shit at his shows i didnt really know him after he got done i went and bought all his albums whoop whoop

  39. Amanda Carrow


  40. FTP 666


    Damian Izza Alien Llama

    That you are.

  41. Eat Your Chips

    Paris absolutely killed it on this track. He's madly talented.

    Alberto Vega

    Never heard of Him but I always thought his verse was sick

  42. worldissocold


  43. Chad Howe

    mono rips this shit not a big abk cuz of his lisp but this whole album was fuckin dope

  44. phillip cantu

    this guy has a lisp yechssssss!!! lol thisch guy schucks

  45. Ryan

    lol a scene from warriors at the begining



  46. saftypin420

    magic magic ninja wat

  47. juggaloutah

    neighborhood badass, I think tha whole block hates me.

    Sean Youknowwho Iam

    Haha damn straight

    Roberto Ramos Rivera

    juggaloutah you a lame

  48. sleven cleavra


  49. Chubs Munro

    Oh haha my bad, thanks homie

  50. icalledherjanet

    @ilikepie7616 actually its paras homie

  51. Chubs Munro

    @bluetrogan that's probably Esham

  52. kunu98

    Whoop whoop. Elimination chamber sucked to night. Thanks a lot WWE

  53. miz n

    whoop whoop!

  54. combatcat91

    @killjoyclown o your saying dayton family isn't black ... do your research befor you hate

  55. FTP 666


  56. shayna w

    much love fam whoop whoop muder mitten lette right chea love ya homies

  57. Enoch

    Whoop whoop much mutha fuckin wicked clown love for yall

  58. monodrox

    @killjoyclown its not rap dumb fuck

  59. Aîmée Melby

    Well I like this song, as well as many others, and I honestly, dont give a FUCK, what anyone else thinks. Cuz I love this music. Whoop whoop. MMFWCL

  60. Why?


  61. Kallie Harris

    if u dont like it dont listen 2 it! Juggalos and lettes like, so stfu!

  62. FTP 666

    juggs are pussys in real life dude its 2011 who still listins to this shit man wtf cmon this is gay ass music no flow haven motherfuckers rap is for black ppl

    Holly Hemlock The Sick Clown

    Shooter like ginobili u a damn liar I’m Lucy fucking halliwell and I’m a juggalette so shut ur ass up before I cut your dick and balls off and tie you to a chair and shove them in your mouth and fuck your girl in the ass with a strapon while you watch

  63. FTP 666

    fuk jugs

  64. mathewklein69

    im not a icp/twiztid/or boondox or anything fan, im a juggalo, a fan only buys and listens to their shit, and dont consider theirselves family. Juggalos consider each other family, so fuck a fan, im yo family!

  65. Danica Utinowatum

    First time hearing this :) I rike it !! XD MMFWCL !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Little hearts for everyone :P

  66. queenstixxzz

    @ColmM36 will do

  67. kingzezu01

    This song was recently requested on Wfuckoffradio! I'm tuning in hope you all are too. Whoop whoop MCL

  68. queenstixxzz

    whoop whoop 0 dislikes!!

  69. Ransom Stark

    juggalo commanments??
    LMFAO grow up cupcake.

  70. Ransom Stark

    YOUR LAME DUDE,Get over it.
    You prolly suck at life too.
    Whoop Whoop!!

  71. Ransom Stark

    Who cares about your opinion,Miracles suck's,and real fam have there own opinion.
    Don't be a sheep and think you have to like everything they do,and that's my OPINION.

  72. shorty MC


  73. Alcatrazzdeathangel

    I never really liked abk too much BUT i love this song!!! Paris [Most underrated rapper EVER] stole the fucking show on this shit from 2:20-3:01. mmfcl y'all

  74. killingtwilight

    Woop woop I love abk. Mmfwcl errbody

  75. dizzy2dope17

    yeah like for real his shit now is what i just called lol

  76. bangtizzy

    Old school! I grew out of ABK a long time ago, but Ghetto Neighbor, Hollow Point, and Gang Related were the theme songs for fuckin shit up with my juggalo crews at early Gatherings/Shows... Won't you be mah Ghetto neighbor???