ABK (Anybody Killa) - Kill Me Lyrics

[Anybody Killa]
You betta kill me or you die
40 sippin bullets fillin the sky
When Anybody Killa ride, ain't no stoppin me
Bulletproof preventin you from poppin me
Unless your targets on my face
Don't think to call yourself a G
Cause me and my heater don't like no
Set trippin hoes buggin hard in my warzone
Crack ya dome to the skull, blame it on the alcohol
Mixed it with the tylenol, and peel ya body off the wall

[Chorus: x2]
You betta kill me or you die
I was put here to kill people
That's the reason that i'm alive

[Anybody Killa]
Bitch, I'll kill you for ya necklace
And drag your ass behind my ride around the hood
On some "I'm just bein senseless"
And flash the brights at the cops like "Fuck y'all"
Keep ya bitches on your toes, better duck y'all
3 bullets enter into the automobile
Now ones coughin blood and the other hug the steering wheel
Now I'm peelin out down the alleyway
ABK is a killa and this killa don't play


[Anybody Killa]
Say I'm a dead man, bitch that's my homie Blaze
And we been chokin motherfuckers since the old days
See it's somethin about chokin a motherfucker out
That makes you wanna scream and shout and rip his mothafuckin soul out
Stab you in the side with a machete blade
And watch the blood trickle down like Black Cherry Kool-Aid
Cause I don't want you livin, and plus this killa high
So if you steppin, betta kill me or you fuckin die

[Chorus x4]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) Kill Me Comments
  1. Machetefaceslap

    Best ever hip hop💪👍

  2. Darren Hopper

    I was put here to kill people thats the reason that I'm alive.......fucking bad ass

  3. Ryan Brinker

    this album is so dope

  4. Kiona Dvorak

    hell yeah 👍👍