ABK (Anybody Killa) - Keep It Real Lyrics

It's time to be real y'all
It's time to be real y'all
I said it's time to be real y'all

First breathe
Started off a bad ass
East side roamin
Out late gettin cash
Killas don't talk
So I can't say shit
So read between the lines
And just paint your own pic
Hustlin baby
On the grind
I was brought up right
But stayed outta line
Guess you can say when you lose
You're lost
But wit my parents passin on
I had to be boss

I'ma keep it real
I'ma keep it real
It's all I've ever known
I'ma keep it real
I'ma keep it real

Couldn't nobody give me rules
Every now and then a jail cell
But what's that prove
I was still bein hard headed
Claimin the streets
(We have a red skinded male here disturbin the streets)
Problems problems, everybody's got em
Jack and sticc and cut and shoot and rob and
I was addicted to all
Had to change and find a better way
To be well off


Nowadays I got a strong mind
I see it all
No need for safety nets
Cuz I will never fall
Keep it floatin like a ghost at night
And put fear in those who's eyes just ain't right
I got angels watchin over
I can feel em when I'm speakin
Like they're on my shoulder
And I admit that it sure feels good
To finally get a chance to be understood
Hard times was broke payin dues
Made a lot of friends and I met a lot of fools
That's why I'm here on the mic today
Cuz I'ma be real and tell you what I need to say


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ABK (Anybody Killa) Keep It Real Comments
  1. Unknown lette

    Juggalo 4 life that's real

  2. screwball the odd

    From what i heard on this album this was for him leaving psychopathic.

  3. Donald Virili

    yea cool stuff alright

  4. S Dox

    angels watch over ERRBODY!!

  5. S Dox

    this is part of the reason I LOVE this underground I believe in!!

  6. Tashara Mitchell

    ABK is the fuckin shit and cant noboy fuck wit it!


    big ups 2 abk... the mud face is from my native culture... the hopi tribe...

  8. JuggaloDL

    Eh its a point of view ya know man we all got our tastes, All ABKs records make me think about how my life is going... but so does ICP's and Twiztids. I aint gunna be diss u and ur opinions and shit because its fucked up ya know. But yeah... i actually lost what ever the fuck i was getting at with this message so erm... yeah
    MCL HOMIE!!!

  9. ZECT

    thx homie

  10. therealearthmunkey

    ABK is the shit and he speaks on the deepest stuff.

  11. ZECT

    wut song has boondox on it