ABK (Anybody Killa) - Im Just Me Lyrics

All this time I spend just writing down
These thoughts that build in my head
I try to get away but they keep chasing me down
They tell me set them free
So this is how I release
By giving everything to you
So you can witness what’s in me

[Chorus x2]
All I am is who you see (who you see)
All I give is what you really need (what you believe)
I’m just me, I’m just me
I’m just me, I’m just me

I just don’t understand why these feeling take control over me
Is it just because I’m weak or is my mind all that they need
Cause when I close my eyes is when they usually try to speak
And when I awake I just grab my pen because that’s how I spread my wings

[Chorus x2]

Is your eyes wide open, do you feel like you can’t keep copin
Do you believe in what you see
All these words that have been spoken keep some alive
And always searchin because they believe in what they see

[Chorus x4]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) Im Just Me Comments
  1. BigShane719

    Wow! So good! Love Killa & Clay!! So fuckin talented! IDK about the original, but in this context this song is so fuckin amazing!!!💯💎💎💎✌

  2. NephiLo Water God XVII

    ABK is the shit. Fuck what other fucker's bullshit is said. This is the stuff I can bump whenever with flavor for mad miles.

  3. Dis Min

    I also agree. If people want gangsta from Psychopathic or Hatchet House listen to Blaze or some Rydas. But even those, if you actually listen, are pretty much making fun of or talking shit about gangstas. They do have some fresher shit that is just them being funny/horrorcore artists but Psychopathic is all about how fucked society is. If only people would go to shows or read their inserts... Especially the inserts/story of the six jokers cards.

  4. tirckyspeed


    Psychopathic records isn't exactly supposed to be gangster. It's horror core.

  5. JuggalaShina J

    Juqqalos and Juqqalettes let NO ONE judqe yhu fo who yhu are yhur,yhur self &NO ONE can chanqe tht ....show tht wiqkid clown love &Swinq yo hatchets aht every hatin person onn dis earth (chop chop swinq swinq swinq) WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jacob smith

    @FuckFaceOblivion how can you compare dirty history to mudface dirty history was dope as fuck!

  7. ElOhhCeeOfficial

    ABK IZ DA SHIT he duz his best nd this shit aint dat bad WHOOP WHOOP MCL

  8. Randy Kelly

    needs to quit singing this soft shit, and get back to gangsta shit

  9. Ernstrom Entertainment

    Fuck man I love ABK but I feel like he aint tryin as hard these days I mean, COMPARE NATIVE FUNK AND HATCHET WARRIOR or DIRTY HISTORY to MUDFACE... These vocals are half assed... :/

    Oh well I aint givin up on him.

  10. bloodstaindtn

    Even DJ Clay can't save these stale vocals. ABK is my shit but damn I hate this song...