ABK (Anybody Killa) - I'm Coming Swinging Lyrics

Bring it to the ring
Stick and Move
Let's see who the last man standin
You fucking wit a killa for real

[Verse 1]
This time I'm comin swingin
With my hatchet high
I'm about to let it loose
Cause it's do or die
Go ahead and tell somebody
Spread the word to the streets
ABK done lost his mind
Now he's disturbed his peace
Hey I don't give a shit
And you could let it be know
And Imma let it be shown
Mother fucker I'm grown
Imma swing if I want to
And you can't stop me
It's too hard to do if ya weak and sloppy
Put yo fist up
Swing em til somebody cries
Supersize a hater up with a order of knuckle fries
Let em see just how we doin
And what it's like to have somebody comin after you
Watch out!

[Chorus x4]
Go tell everybody ya know
That everybody ya know
Tell everybody ya know
This time I'm comin swingin

[Verse 2]
So I'm a psycho
I could deal wit it
Ain't no thang
It's ok I agree I love bringin the pain

And I'm not the only who loves they hatchet
Swinging it with perfection
From plenty of practice
I'm just a native
That's out for kill
It's time to battle
So understand I'm comin for real
I don't think when it happens
It just comes to me
And if I can't walk away
I stand so they can see

When you step into the ring, ready to do yo thang
Come swingin, What!, Come swingin
If they love to talk cause a fights what they want
Come swingin, What!, Come swingin


The hatchet warrior,
yet another psychopathic, known to kill anyone in his,

[Verse 3]
Sharp like an axe blade
Swift on my feet
Born to come hard
With my animal instincts
Nightcrawlin to watch yo health
I'm the sound that you hear when you by yourself
Like a killa on the streets
I be that's me
Comin hotter than the sun cause I'm bringin the heat
So if you Rollin wit me come on
It's time to get the show on
And bring it to these mother fuckers
Actin like they so grown
Break em down like a bag of some boot weed
And tell them you ain't someone to defeat
Put it out there so that it's known
That the hatchet better come swingin or go home

[Chorus x8]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) I'm Coming Swinging Comments
  1. legalize homicide

    Native love

  2. Wyatt Cervantes

    2020 and every fucking year after!

  3. master skull

    Come swinging

  4. Nick Godbey

    Whoop whoop!

  5. Shoe Bass

    Natives (Myself) LET'S GOOOOOOO

  6. Chris Smith

    abk stay true to your roots with psychopathic you are native bad ass

  7. Chris Smith

    abk stay true to your roots with psychopathic you are native bad ass

  8. th3dark pr1nc3

    only 200k views 😂😂 you sint a real juggalo if tou aint seen this shit

  9. john sanders

    native warrior muthafackoo

  10. Blake Collins

    kill it abk whoop whoop

  11. Lindsey Retherford

    so why the fuck listen to it...
    ....you forsure aint part the family...
    whoop whoop mmfwcl...

  12. hatchetmaster 0627

    awesome song native love whoop whoop and does anyone else think he sounded like boondox at 2:20?

  13. Hatesmostofyou27

    It sounds like these lyrics were written by a 12 year old!!! Who can take this shit serious?

    Bulletproof Zyko

    +Hatesmostofyou27 look like this comment was typed by a hater... Who can take you serious?


    +Tommy Smith well Atleast you agree that the lyrics are middle school

    Sadie Bane

    +Hatesmostofyou27 how about this.... you write a better rap....

    R3al_knife 69

    +Sadie Bane months later still nothing

  14. ethan trimm

    whoop whoop

  15. Brian Evans

    DAMN ABK EVOLVIN LIKE A NINJA!!! Loving this ABK right here..fuckin ferocious!! Love the sound you coming with ninjalo!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  16. Timothy Lewis

    whoop whoop ! Alex pace

  17. Kenny Staggs


  18. Raekwon Woody


  19. Raekwon Woody

    whoop whoop!

  20. Reinhard Heydrich

    big fan of horrorcore, as u can see by my picture, but, this guy is a rofl joke.

  21. Alex Pace

    Love this song! Give a whoop for all those natives out there!!!!

    Shoe Bass

    Alex Pace meeeee

    one of a kind last of a loyal bloodline

    Alex Pace whoop whoop

    Jesus barbosa

    whoop whoop

    one of a kind last of a loyal bloodline

    Native whoop whoop from the 541 fam

  22. keyblade zero

    such a low view count :(

  23. buzzbucet

    That lisp lmfao

    Simon Waldram

    @buzzbucet he sounds like Neil from Family Guy.

    Fawn Flying

    he's sexy. And particular.

  24. Christian Torrez

    Fuck yea

  25. yee yee

    Love this song whoop whoop

    Lacey Francoeur

    Whoop whoop mmfwcl homie

  26. Logan Morgan


  27. Corey Sanders

    man hate my self for not going to the gathering this year, seeing abk live must be the shit

  28. PFCblake

    ding... bitch

  29. wow

    this is fucking hilarious 

    Shoe Bass

    I Troll what's funny about natives?

  30. Drunk Dumb Fucks

    Been a fan of ABK for along time

  31. Andychrist P

    My nigga j moe Detroit 4lyfe

  32. james collica

    whoop whoop abk rocks fam before everything mmfwcl

  33. Marion Grump

    ABk is the shit woop wwoop

  34. MyticalJ

    Know this is gonna sound kinda weird.. but his speech impediment isn't an impediment.  It actually makes his songs BETTER.


    to me its like his trademark i hear people ask who is that guy that paints his face and talks weird and im like thats ABK


    When u think about your right

    Facts Over Emotions

    NNNNNNNNO. Just.... no. Can you imagine how many microphones get spit all over them when he raps?

    Momma T

    It adds a different flavor to his work. Like... instead of salt and pepper same old same old adding a big splash of chili pepper sauce instead.

    Check out Lowkey here on youtube, he's another one with a very unique accent that comes across in his rhymes. I enjoy listening to both.


    MyticalJ I agree 100% it's unique and all part of who he is.

  35. chris2crazzy

    52 dislikes wtf..This song rocks lol

  36. asa morneo

    sweet song

  37. aaron chojnacki

    Abk is the best entertainer ever. Blows away jayz Michael Jackson elvis even burt Reynolds.

  38. Harry Barker

    ABK and Boondox are definately my favourites, both are so underrated. Whoop Whoop Fam Mcl!!!!!

  39. anthony4947

    i want a medallion like that n a bandana

  40. Ninja Assassins MMFWCL

    ABK is a good singer whoop whoop

  41. KrypticWrath

    I'm not the biggest fan of his style, but I do show him MAD love cuz he got skill.

  42. Jacob Thunderus

    This is my favorite song.

  43. bigtaterman

    Whoop! Whoop!

  44. RainieSky

    Dont lile dont FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM personaly I fucking love them I love icp so fuck you this the only rap band I like

  45. Tommie .T

    Your welcome... Anytime

  46. Tommie .T

    O i have listened to it thats why i mute it. Its fucking stupid ass shit..

  47. Tommie .T

    Actually i am not listening to it, there is a mute button you fucking idiot... I must not be too retarded because i realize this is fucking dumb ass noise. So on the contrary you must be retarded for listening to this BULLSHIT

    For Fucks sake

    Tommie .T chill out bro why the fuck you so mad?

  48. Kialynn Shipley

    If its such bullshit music why are you hear listening to it? You must be fucking retarded? I see how you insult people. Pretty lame! WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL

  49. metalhead6442

    love this song ABK is fucking awesome

  50. Maureen Hite

    it was in a haunted house in Va beach lol

  51. Maureen Hite

    I object!! Im in that video n im sure im soaking wet 115...not quite fat even after havin 4 kids lol WHOOP WHOOP!!

  52. Syllabic Zero

    whoop whoop

  53. Tommie .T

    Nathan Riddle needs to quit beating off to this vid...

  54. Nathan Riddle

    Weasel needs to quit crying and change his tampon

  55. Tommie .T

    Na... I say dam you can't be that smart because you choose to represent fucking idiots like this. If you have a genius IQ, act like you do don't hurt your intelligence by listening to bullshit. Expand your mind and listen to real music that you can learn something from... But thank god that doesn't describe you because you obviously do not have a genius IQ or else you would already know that this "music" is shit. Faggot...

  56. Phill Mason

    and what do you say to a juggalo that not only reads on a daily basis, has even gone the bible cover to cover twice, and still rejects the "christian" world, chose his own path, and on top of that, has a genius iq? you say WHOOP WHOOP! REP THE HATCHET!

  57. Tommie .T

    Whoop Whhop? You guys are a bunch of idiots... Read a book ha, get educated for real.

  58. StarlaLette

    Now this is some good shit right here whoop whoop!!!

  59. Sarah h

    All those chicks are fat

  60. JuggyDaJester

    This is obviously shot partially in a haunted house attraction. Not disapproving at all mind you, hell, I used to work for a haunted house myself. I'm just curious what haunted house this was shot in. And my review of the video? I like it. It feels like a throwback to original music videos of the 80's in a way. Not like the overused garbage of today.

  61. Tatiane souza


  62. awesomerthatyou

    Love his lisp

  63. Daniel McIver J.R

    he ninja n it

  64. MrBearcat9

    remember when he says 'grip on the tip so my nub wont slip' look at his middle finger

  65. ShimiAkamara

    I know, right?!?!?

  66. J Brook

    well just found out my friend is epliptic

  67. juggalo4life206

    he is fucking OLD now. still got mad love, but damn....

  68. mason settle

    gimme a bottle of some bad meds and im on that level

  69. ShimiAkamara

    Yea, I like him. Alot.

  70. ShimiAkamara

    GREAT lisp. just like the guy that worked @ a sports center my dad & his friends used to prank call! :o)

  71. DollfaceNinjaBarbie

    ALL U SEXY LOS AND LETTES ADD ME!!!! ;) <3 <3 <3

  72. Jaci Olson

    Your welcome :)

  73. Rachel Anderson


  74. Stale Cookies

    thats a sick medallion

  75. shaggy4468

    Go killa WHOOP WHOOP

  76. 1Cheef7625


  77. John Musk

    whoop whoop

  78. chrisyoung201416

    Hey lil dude don be dissin family bro that ain't cool

  79. Themcjuggles

    To all you fam whay keep judgin these lettes in th beggining, quit hatin on your sisters and show some respect to your fellow fam thts what bein fam is all about, mmfwcl yall

  80. peter rippin


  81. joseph momodu

    very enjoyable music movies

  82. BudMcKenzieMusic

    ABK and BMK in this BITCH!!!!!

  83. somehow888

    I don't think Psychopathic paid for this vid.
    ABK did this on his own. I think.

  84. xlr8r7

    WHOOP WHOOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. job miller

    psychopathic dont make enough viedos WHOOP WHOOP MCL

  86. Giavonna Stinsman

    theres this thing called beer it dose that im so fucking sorry i was haveing fun and liseing to my facveorate music on my fucking youtube account damn i dont even remeber commenting


    OMG the grammar errors are killing me!

  88. cjose69

    he might have a speech impediment but he makes more then you so looks who lol

  89. John Marston

    That Wolfe At The End......Yeah That Was Me

  90. Giavonna Stinsman

    i caqnt find the bes in the family honestlyiv been trying to since i strared lisening to this gonre of music 5 years aggo

  91. paul gifford

    abk is by far one of the best in the psychopathing family lisp aside his flow and beats are sick as hell

  92. thecatcovenantdude_Dks

    come swingin what come swingin

  93. Arnold Lepez

    dis song is sick wit it.....gotta love dis fool

  94. nathan walls

    This is a muther fucking kool as hell song. mutch mother fucking wickid clown love. i like all or nothing

  95. Jaci Olson

    I love this video, Hes the best, he knows what the fuck he is doing. And he is doing the best he can

  96. 765DARKLINK

    The lip sync is off.

  97. tanshark9

    2:20, We need a new narrator

  98. Hyena Hagen

    thank you lol

  99. Hyena Hagen

    ew fat ugly bitches in the beginning lol