ABK (Anybody Killa) - Grind 2 The Flow Lyrics

Yo, I’ma a little hipper than the average hop
I’m the type of motherfucker you can’t stop
Especially those that make me mad
Cause I can be the worse enemy that you ever had
So if you knew me then, then you know me now
And for all the virgin ears, I’m so glad to bust you out
I be all in your face but hard to find
Underground living so this killer can hustle and grind

The life that you live, is it real or are you fakin?
Those rules you make, are they from your heart or were you persuaded ?
So I’ma grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow
So I’ma grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow, grind 2 the flow

You know, every time I spit it people get it because we connected
And every time we get together we wreck shit
I pay dues to make moves just like the next man
Soul of a warrior, come and catch me if you can
Some of ya’ll recognize real shit
While other are influenced and just take it like a bitch
So if you real with the words that you spill
There ain’t no reason you should feel anything you do is ill


I got some courage in the heavy hitting heart beat
I got the attitude to survive in the streets
I got the wisdom of an old school cat
With my mind set on one thing, taken it back
I got the nerve to go do whatever
Cause there really ain’t too many out here doing it better
So when you see me keep one thing in mind
That this motherfucking killer is always on his grind

[Chorus x2]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) Grind 2 The Flow Comments
  1. Michelle Allison

    Keep it grinding. 💖🔥

  2. scott walker

    Whoop Whoop

  3. Jeffrey Fromm

    Thats trippers alley and the blind pig I think A2 ann arbor

  4. S Dox

    From the heart
    No persuasion..
    Real recognize real
    And I'm not Asian..
    I'm Caucasian
    Mixed with native

    S Dox

    And I'm not dissing Oriental love..

  5. Dat Persian King

    He got a Krazy Klan hat on 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Kristopher Hansel

    whoop whooop

  7. Kristopher Hansel

    i love biean a ninja i need chineese stars and liqwid swards.

  8. Kristopher Hansel

    iam leaving vagus to go denver this is ninja k whoop whooop hit me back fam

  9. Danny Harvey

    whoop whoop mmfwcl juggalo family 4 life

  10. Chris Patterson

    I love this video

  11. Michael Oliveira

    whoop whoop!!

  12. Debbie Young

    whoop!!whoop!!! showing love

  13. Jessica Johnson

    whoop whoop love this song

  14. L . Ka

    the beat is the shit :D

  15. Airybuffalo 1

    This vid is the shit WHOOP WHOOP mmfwcl

  16. Elizabeth Burris

    I know he can't help it but i think his lisp is f'n HOT!!

    Kristopher Hansel

    i think ur hott this ninja k whoop whoop

    Fawn Flying

    Not only you...

    the satanist

    Elizabeth Burris I want to tongue punch your fartbox

  17. xDominoDoodx

    ABK is one of the few psychopathic artists who I feel like they constantly channel something. James had this persona before he was even signed to the label. Dudes motivational as hell

  18. nathan white

    fuk yea this is dope as helllllll MMFWCL4L :D

  19. ryan briggs

    dont forget about native funk yo

  20. brandonorjuggalo

    probably kotten mouth kings

  21. voodoo doll 6

    love ths video!go killa!

  22. Chris Hansche

    whats the double k on his cap mean?

    wayne schaller

    it means krazy klan

  23. dj tyler

    cant wait so see this killa july 6th whoop whoop hope to see you there fam

  24. christian adams

    whoop whoop abk one of the best rappers

  25. Damien Nicholas

    that was a disturbing advertisement from google right b4 tha song....


    IMA Grind to do flo grind to da flo! it is real so pay yo dues mmfwcl!!

  27. 517anon



    Fresh ass shit yo

  29. kingknowles2112

    abk has vevo...

  30. Gage Falcon