ABK (Anybody Killa) - Come Out To Play Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Where you at motherfucker heard you been talking shit
But everytime I come around it's like you seem to forget
Shut your mouth you little hoe before I scalp your lip
In other words you'll be a dead little punk ass bitch
I won't forget you every time I'm pissing over your grave
Or when I'm slanging payote in hoods that you once claimed
Learn about the tribe you're dissing cause we all ain't the same
Tomahawk steady swinging as I'm dancing for rain
So come and play with me, at least until the sky turns grey
Shooting off my arrows like AK's
Amazing situations, four colors of man, represent the wicked nations
Underground street level, running this course
Keeping you shady bitches scared to come up off your porch
So come and hang with me, unless you blaming me
Because the native hydro keeps changing me

Come and play with me (even if it means your death)
Though you hated me (my tomahawk swings right to left)
You bet just wait and see (I'll be a juggalo till my very last breath)
Then you hate to see (these hatchet men up on our chest)

[Verse 2]
Warriors, come out and play
Roaches I spray, I'm ABK
I'd rather be dead than fade away
All my life I been a scrub, I wouldn't change a day
What I'm saying quit playing I'm a tell you how it's slaying
See me in the streets psychopathic chain just swaying
Anybody Killa so it ain't no delaying
Dead body six feet in the groud decaying
When I come I'll rub the serial numbers from my gun out
The tribal war paint on my face will make you run out
Bust shots in the sky and shoot the sun out
An keep us in the clip until every last run out
Erasing all the drama that this world brings
Moon light shine bright on shattered dreams
Keep away from a killer with a god damn fiend
Get your own fucking bullshit scheme


[Verse 3: Jamie Madrox]
Twiztid Madrox and the ABK
Buying automatic weapons from renegades in Bombei
Fuck Alize and a fake ass bitch
We the sharks in the water, y'all popcorn shrimps
So you can eat my cocktail sauce and ass
Throwing east in the air when we walk past think fast
You can be a hater with a lot to say
But you're talking from the door so come out and play

[Chorus: Repeat x 2]
Come and play with me (even if it means your death)
Though you hated me (my butcher knife swings right to left)
You bet just wait and see (I'll be a juggalo till my very last breath)
Then you hate to see (these hatchet men up on our chest)

These hatchet men up on our chests [until fade out]

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ABK (Anybody Killa) Come Out To Play Comments
  1. Kris Mazi


  2. Blue Kaprice

    Arizona warrior bumping this shit

    Navajo Red Nation Warrior
    Smoke Town - BCV 14

  3. Brandon Martin

    Hatchet Warrior was a great album

  4. minecraft and roblox pro remix

    Abk for life

  5. Hunter Owens

    Down for all 16 of my years

  6. Kenzie Dawson

    Proud to be a Native American and a Juggalette

  7. melvin shermen

    He sound if ad rock from beastie boys with diffrence accents and ge slim in his throt

  8. Michael Romines

    Woop Woop


    Kinda has that necro feel , dope song much love to my native brothas

  10. Davelle Washington

    C'om out and play wit them

  11. Juggalo 'J'

    Whoop whoop what's up my Native juggaloz & jugglettz MNJL from ABQ.

  12. Cenobite Tha Spawn

    My debut single https://youtu.be/eLuGYhu5hIA

  13. Demi Cordova

    i love this ...hella dope

  14. Mary Jo Black


  15. CHIQUITO '13'

    Whoop whoop im out to play NATIVE PRIDE fam.............

  16. Chris Ortlieb

    Love abk

  17. Michelle Allison


  18. SkyVenomZero Rants

    Why did I expect a offspring cover from this video?

  19. Angela Parmele

    Bad ass song

  20. Austin Savage

    whoop whoop

  21. Austin Savage

    juggalo till the day the put me down i dont judge they shoulnt neither

  22. 313thop

    whoop whoooop see yall in the valley 2018

  23. Diane Clagg

    Whoop whoop

  24. nick gfgfgf

    My benchmade knife swings from right to left!! ]:->

  25. Jessica Horn

    Whoop whoop Juggalo for life

  26. Rosanna Snyder

    whoop whoop juggalette for life

  27. Frank Castle

    Whoop Whoop

  28. Andrew Lemieux

    Yah okay tech n9ne I’m
    A playa makes this song sound weak

  29. Annabelle York

    My girlfrien says she's a juggalett but she won't say whoop whoop

    Annabelle York

    Ps this is her bf

  30. Westgate666

    Fuck I forgot how hard this song goes

  31. Dustin Springer

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  32. Lauren Kohler

    You can beat my ass

  33. Lauren Kohler

    I wanna play with you 💦💦💦💦

  34. LenDog

    Rep yo tribe


    Red lake nation, Minnesota Chippewa boaaa

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    Whoop whoop this track is the shit

  36. Tishara Harke

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  37. Philip Heath

    any body Killa bitch

  38. Jason Shipley


  39. Jc Wolfsvain

    When this hommie is down this song brings me up then I get home and have fun with my hatchet and a dummy board

  40. 7Gunr

    My first ABK song I heard when I was a young Juggalo. Whoop whoop!

  41. Grimace_ Reapens

    Lost who I am, but always find my way back to being down with the clown, I can't explain my love for the hatchet. Although, it's probably the only love I have left. MMFWCL whoop whoop.

  42. sin

    lost my virganity to this song

  43. Jabba Jab

    love love love

  44. Julio Perez Jr.


  45. Eddie Maxwell

    twisted evil whoop whoop

  46. Harry Hyder-Wilson

    Is that one of the guys from Twiztid who does the verse towards the end?


    Harry Hyder-Wilson yep

    rj vangordon

    It's Jamie Madrox

    Jerry Ratchet

    Btw yes it is Violent J singing the hook

  47. Jason Chiquito

    whoop,whoop to all my native fine juggalettz come an play with me!!! MCL

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    Thats bad ass he represents are race ...... native pride!!

    Justin Coryell

    He is native though.. so makes since to rep what he is.

    Ninja SneakyToes

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  54. Pumpkin71 Juggalo

    I'm 1/8 indigenous, 3/8 Celt!!! Wikid born wikid wild, born with a hatchet, rake, and a Juggalo face! Whoop whoop MMFWCL

  55. bobby eckert

    what if the lisp comes from speaking tongues

  56. Ashes Dewey

    Yo abk what up? ;3..

  57. Grooves


    Matthew Everhart

    You're kind of late there bro

    Urban _cultivator 420

    Bri that's the ABK gangsta lisp whoop whoop

  58. biz kit

    im glad hes my brother

    Stank- Fingers17

    biz kit for real?

  59. happy j

    love this song, one of ABK's best tracks


    whoop whoop

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    MCL from the 541 area whoop whoop

    Zenith OJackd

    street king juggalo whoop whoop 541

  62. Ganusquah Mcmanus

    abk thank you for the tracks as being native im very proud u came  try some tracks with supa it will be dope

  63. StraightUp Oldies

    I just scrolled down noticed a lot of fat fucks on profile pictures listen to this its probably because he sounds like he's got food in his mouth so you can relate to it

    StraightUp Oldies

    Really big hairy one hahaha

    happy j

    StraightUp Oldies you need a life, sr8 up

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  66. Lets Go Blues!!!

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    Its from Hatchet Warrior not Dirty History

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    Down with the clown

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    And just for the record, the first lotus album with marz IS better. No hate or homo!

    Hanz Maulwurst

    yeah ABK is decent, but it was better w Marz

  77. Brian Dickerson

    Blackfeet nation coming with that hatchet swinging!!!

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