Abdul, Paula - The Way That You Love Me Lyrics

The way that you love me
The way that you love me
The way that you love me
It's just the way that you love me

The way that you love me
It's just the way that you love me
The way that you love me
It's just the way that you love me

It ain't the clothes that you wear
It ain't the things that you buy
It ain't your house on the hill
It ain't the plane that you fly

It ain't your black limousine
It ain't your ninety-foot yacht
It ain't the things that you'll get
It ain't the things that you got

It ain't the money or the diamond rings
Honey, I ain't impressed with your material things

It's the way that you love me
It's just the way that you love me, baby
The way that you love me
It's just the way that you love me, babe

It ain't your friends at the top
It ain't their fortune and fame
It ain't your heavy connections
It ain't the Hollywood game

Ain't famous people or the parties they throw
Honey, I ain't impressed with all the people you know

It's just the way that you love me
(In the heat of the night)
It's just the way that you love me, baby

It's just the way that you love me
(When you're lovin' me right)
It's just the way that you love me, baby

It's just the way that you love me
(And the things that you do)
It's just the way that you love me, baby

It's just the way that you love me
(Make me crazy for you)
It's just the way that you love me, baby

Break it down
That's right
Keep it right there
I like that
Get tough

It ain't the money or the diamond rings
Honey, I ain't impressed with those material things

It ain't the trips to Brazil
It ain't the weekends in Rome
It ain't the French Riviera
You know I'd rather stay home

Ain't the Bahamas, it ain't Monaco
Honey, I ain't impressed with all the places we go

It's just the way that you love me
The way that you love me, baby
The way that you love me
It's just the way that you love me, baby

The way that you love me
(It ain't the money)
It's just the way that you love me
(Or the diamond rings)

The way that you love me
(Ain't what you buy my, baby)
It's just the way that you love me
(Ain't material things)

The way that you love me
(Ain't your Maserati)
It's just the way that you love me
(Your house on the hill)

The way that you love me
(It ain't the parties)
It's just the way that you love me
Or your trips to Brazil

Watch me dancing
Watch me dancing
Watch me dancing
I'm watching your, girl, girl
Watch me dancing
Keep a-rocking the world

Watch me dancing
you dance
Go Paula
Watch me dancing

Watch me dancing
I'm watching your, girl
Watch me dancing

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Abdul, Paula The Way That You Love Me Comments
  1. jt rover

    True Story: I remember watching Casey Kasem's America's Top 10 TV show at noon every Saturday back when this album was out. I remember at the end of one episode they played a clip of this video at the end of the show as one of the biggest new songs. The clip they played was this video. A few weeks later when it was actually on the show, it was the other video (second version), which I've seen numerous times. I have never seen the entire version of this video (or the clip again) until now, 30 years+ later.

  2. Marcus Chan

    She still the hit dancer, wishing she come back to the pop industry!

  3. lipstickprincess1

    Of course it’s the money 😂

  4. David Barkley

    Oh Paula 👄 tap dance part makes me Manish!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  5. BrotherApexx

    Paula Abdul was a bad woman

  6. Mr Schmeltz

    I barely remember this but I did see this a few times.

  7. Taylor Kendricks

    PHENOMENAL! Never got the true recognition she so richly deserved. She is the driving force behind Janet Jackson's successful rise in the 80's plus countless other artists. It's 2019 and this album is still sensational.

  8. Bob Cummings

    The dancing in this video is STILL off the chain in 2019! OMHG! REAL DANCING here!

  9. Bob Cummings

    Paula made a awesome debut in the 80's. There are 2 videos for this song alone! WOW!!! Still cool!

  10. Polani Almoni

    what is she singing at the beginning? ink ink?

    manuel soto

    It's '' It ain't"" Lol... song is off the hook!!!

  11. Anthony Coleman

    Anybody here after seeing that amazing performance at the 2019 Billboard Awards?

  12. Zafira Msp

    Keyboard casio ct-670 demo song😂😂😂

    Norton Lee

    Zafira Msp also in ct-680/665/470/395! Still have my ct-677(East-Asia version of ct-670), enjoy the song and the keyboard always!

  13. C. H.

    This is one of the greatest dance videos of all time!!! I’d always wished she’d incorporated tap dancing into the choreography for her video from the Spellbound album & Head Over Heels. It’s rare to see tap dancing in main stream videos. It’s a beautiful classic art form! I love Paula!❤️

  14. Gregalls Magic

    I love the whole song, but my favorite part is the tap dancing.

  15. Kathy Van sumer

    Paula, the Pioneer of the Britney Spears!!

  16. Velvet Snow

    turn this UP

  17. lurch321

    MUCH better than the other version, which is just too boring for me.  She really shouldn't have made another version in the first place!

  18. Bob Cummings

    Paula was so HOT in her debut CD in 1988! WOWWWW!!

  19. Marisa Faith

    Honey I ain't impressed with your material things- *true straight model for girls*

  20. Shawnee Tate

    Her and Janet Jackson have the same style.💜

  21. West Coast Emerald Bull

    This song was the anti Material Girl and gotta love that 80s tech

  22. Gill

    This video (and the tap dancing section in particular) will ALWAY give me life. 🙌🏾

  23. Yvette Bailey

    Paula Abdul was THAT female!! Extremely talented. This is my favorite Paula Abdul song and video. The tap dancing was the S***! The whole video is. Git it gurl!! She did the damn thing.

  24. Mehdi Boumour

    What model of Porsche is that?

  25. 1234 56789101112

    hey paula.... when i was in sixth grade you were my biggest hero..💋amyj808

  26. Robert Wiegman

    Better video of the two...every Paula video has to include her dancing and choreography...the other version looks good but doesn't showcase all her abilities...this one and all the others did.

  27. Robert Wiegman

    Her best song :)

  28. Abel Mantor

    Remember this song like it was yesterday.

  29. nyc78

    I’m mesmerized by her almost nonstop and high variety of dancing in these videos. You hardly see this level of dancing in music videos nowadays.

  30. Lee Nock

    Another stunning woman who can't sing tp save her life.great legs though.

  31. Bob Cummings

    Paula can love me anyway she wants! LOL!!

  32. Lynn Marie Anderson

    About 12 years ago, and I'm 47 now so you can do the math, the church I was going to put on this fun, talent show night, I was around 35 and my husband and I had recently married and I lost 50 pounds to look good in my wedding dress. I had the Forever your girl CD- still have it, and I decided to lip sync and put together my own crazy dance number to this song! It was really fun, no, I'm not as amazing as she is, but I took ballet, tap, and jazz dance lessons from age 12-18, and I was in the intermediate group at a great dance studio, and I really miss doing all that. Paula Abdul has such a nice and positive attitude, I know she had a problem a while back taking painkillers because she broke her leg on tour, but I just don't get how she's been divorced twice and is single, I think she's phenomenal!!!

  33. Make America Great Again

    She’s a very talented woman. Easy on the eyes too.

  34. Chris Canale

    wow awesome thanks

  35. Jon Y

    Man, she's got the looks, the moves, the voice, and the hits... she was like Madonna, but more naturally gifted in almost every way. Sadly, she also apparently had lots of physical pain, which ultimately ended her career.

  36. Logan Williams

    I’m here from the Casio ct-655

  37. MikeyBagofDonuts

    Can someone please clarify for me why there were 2 versions of this video released? Thank you! (BTW, I absolutely LOVE this song!!! But I think I like the other version of this video better.)

    Floyd Johnson

    MikeyBagofDonuts The cynical folks will point out that as things stood in the late 1980s, this one, with its "house music"-inspired instrumental break, would have run more on BET while the one with the "distortion guitar" or "conventional rock" instrumental break would have run more on MTV.

  38. Michelle McCloy

    The tap dancing dance break was EPIC!!!!!! Who else but PAULA ABDUL???? Just awesome!

  39. Ronni Dillon

    Tellem Girl !!!!!!!!!!! We Miss U

  40. Evangeline Galaz

    Always great singer , songs that r so specias like the way she is , my favorie too as well !!!

  41. Mr. Black Wolf

    is this a demo<'? It is AWFUL, I stick with the VH1 version.

  42. Layla Malloy

    I just don't understand the trolls on here that talk sh*t. Why the hell are you watching this or even on anything that has to do with Paula Abdul if you don't like it??? What you watch on the internet is a choice and I feel sorry for your pathetic lives if this is what you do to make yourselves feel good. Paula Abdul definitely is a legend being the most famous Laker Girl ever, the most famous Laker choreographer, and becoming an "A" list star off of that. She choreographed all of the Jacksons, including the beginning of Janet's career, and many others. The "A" listers were asking "who choreographs the Lakers" and boom, she was all over the place at 23 years old. Her work spoke for itself and it made her a millionare, made her dreams come true, and solidified her spot as an "A" lister. And that is just a tiny glimpse into her accomplishments. She also didn't have the internet to make her famous like people do now. She had to do REAL hard work. Don't be jealous, and quit being such freaking nerds that you purposely go onto things you don't like and comment. OMG you must have no idea how much worse you make yourselves look when you put such energy into things that you supposedly don't lik or care about. That's putting it nicely. Go back to your nerd games in your dungeon, by yourself, and leave normal people alone.

  43. Erin O'Riordan

    Hearing this song in 2017, it sounds like Christian Grey fan fiction.

  44. Ulccxx de la o

    bonita canción buena mezcla!

  45. Seven Keyes

    Paula Abdul is Jewish, Serbian, Brazilian and French Canadian. Her mom Lorraine Abdul is Jewish and French Canadian mix and her dad Harry Abdul is Serbian and Brazilian mix


    I always used to think that she was Puerto Rican.

    Floyd Johnson

    This fact was hinted at in a sketch in John Leguizamo's "House of Buggin'" -- it aired on Fox a few years after "The Tracey Ullman Show" (for which Abdul did the dance choreography)

    Marisa Faith


  46. Lola Olarte

    san fernando

  47. Matt Toledo


  48. Doreen Hamlin

    maserati is one nice ass car if any of u know what they look like.

  49. M R

    I loved when pop stars didn't look like porn stars!


    Back then, porn stars looked like that as well. And I loved _that._


    M R oh my God. I am so over the endless hyperbole from people who think everything in the past was better. And BTW....What pop stars look like porn stars? And even if they do....SO WHAT?!?

  50. Alan Fox

    This video proves Paula a good dancer and unlike her contemporary artists Janet Jackson and her brother Michael don't feel the need to show off to let people know it.

  51. Sherry Jones

    No, nope....Madonna is the White People's Janet Jackson. Maybe Taylor Dane.

  52. Cupcakes World

    shes the white ppls janet jackson😅😅😅

    Agatha Mirelle

    +Bricktown Washington Not so. It's not that hard to research shit.

    Agatha Mirelle

    WTF is so funny? That between the both of you don't have a functioning brain cell to share?

    Naomi M

    Paula actually choreographed some of Janet's music videos back in the 1980's. And btw Paula is half Syrian - her last name Abdul is of Arabic origin if you look it up so she's not exactly white.


    @Naomi M Middle eastern people are white. Northern Africans are also white. Jews and Arabs are both white people. Adam and Eve were from the middle east and were white. so was Noah and his three sons.  where the three races descend from. even God, who happens to be Jesus Christ is a white middle eastern Jewish man.

    Lola Olarte

    paula she's granDIOSA

  53. Eric Jones

    Paula Abdul the way you love me

  54. Juan Antonio Rosales Medrano


  55. King Mojo

    back in the early nineties I was caught up into Broad just like everybody else but now this is the only Paula Abdul video I like...now

  56. Quinn Brown

    I missed me some Paula Abdul watching her videos and listening to her singing on the radio ok! ☺ ❤ U ok!

  57. david barkley


  58. Francisca Garcia

    2:45 - 3:07 gives me life every time. Now that's what I call dancing.

    david barkley


    Floyd Johnson

    As they said back then (at least within 50 miles of NYC), word.

  59. SweetpeasbbGirl

    whats with her always dancing with the shoes that make noise?
    does she dance better with them or something?


    +SweetpeasbbGirl She mixes tap into her routine.

    Naomi M

    duh, she's trained in tap dance.


    thanks...i had not known

    Lisa S

    it's called tap dancing.


    Holy fuck are you talking about tap shoes. Look take one fucking lesson and get back to me.

  60. Jarrod Lacy

    The tap dancing bit gets me every time. Certainly not offered in the revised version of this song/video. Much thanks for this post.

  61. temmie chan

    all her songs kinda sound the same...


    +Le Redditor So true, Dated.

    Cupcakes World

    +toyoscio true

  62. adam ravencross

    an inspiration!awesome style! LEGEND Paula Abdul!


    +Adam Glambert Nah, that's David Bowie

    sam houston

    +adam ravencross True Adam!!

    David G.

    +adam ravencross "Legend"? LMAO!

    Paolo Velasquez

    +David G. paula abdul is complete artist


    David G. With all she's been through yah she's the complete package she's sings and an outstanding performer and dancer she's the best choreographer in the world she's won emmys

  63. jurr47


  64. Alejandra Uzueta

    I was 14years old in 1990, she was my girl then and she's still me girl. I guess she's "Forever My Girl"!

  65. Quinton Millett

    It would be cool to Selena the one hologram do a remake of this song and music video. It would be exciting to Selena the one do the choreography to this song.

  66. MrNYCEyes

    1:17 - 1:21 fucking slays with the hair.

    Karla Williams

    @MrNYCEyes YES!

  67. Erica Daniel

    2:47-3:03 They tapped it out.

  68. Bob Weiner

    #780 on my all time countdown


    +Bob Weiner Kind of low

  69. Nola Chick

    why were there two videos for this song?

    Luna Bar

    At the time this album was released Paula's record label fitst released Knocked Out and then The Way That You Love Me, the singles did okay but it was only after Straight Up came out did the album really began to sell. The Way That You Love me was re-released as a single once again, where it got a new video as well. Truly a classic pop album and her choreography is amazing.

    Darren T

    Luna Bar also Knocked Out was re-Released with a new video and remix in 1990

  70. Shawn Defeudis

    I guess I love paula since she has a lot of heart and talent but mostly she's so vain or a hard catch that she's never been married nor gone gay. She's a chaser keeper.  Arab name mole..looks like leah..why?


    She was married to Emilio Estevez for two years.  Then she married again after that.  It would have been cool if she married Arsenio Hall instead.

    Dwight Carrero

    @Shawn Defeudisif u google PAULA ABDUL she has been married twice but it didn't worked out. there's nothing @ all wrong with her mole {it's a BEAUTY MARK for 1 there's nothing wrong with her arab last name either, paula dad is arabic she looks like him.

  71. Ally Raymond

    Paula was bad-ass back in the day!


    +Ally Raymond That's just it, back in the day, Those days are long gone.

    Marisa Faith

    Lol she still kicks ass when dumbasses want a dance off

  72. Roger Jewell

    Notice that there were only 8 hands down on this video and the large number of people who have seen this video. Amazing how so many people love this! Never seen such a low amount of thumbs down compared to views!


    +Roger Jewell 17 thumbs down last check.

  73. MrPizza063

    I do believe that paula Abdul was way ahead of her time in her dance moves .she is  very talented in her field


    MrPizza063 there is NOTHING "ahead of their time" about her dance moves They are 100% OF their time. 1988 with a vengeance!

  74. Mr King Dice

    I always loved this version the best.

  75. Airsoftcleaner

    (It's Just) The Way Simon Loves Me

  76. Natasja Meesenburg

    The style and the clothing reminds me of one of the greatest artists, MJ...

  77. Firehawk376

    I see the hair, and I think "really?" And then I remember this is from the eighties. I wasn't even born for another decade. No wonder I find the fashion...objectionable. The music is good though. And that's really what we're here for.

  78. Elixis 28

    I loved Paula. Straight up was awesome too. I loved them all! 

  79. John Begay

    So, this is the 4th song off of Paula Abdul's debut album "Forever Your Girl" and definitely one of my favorites! Money was a big thing in the 1980s and living large was a big theme in music videos and this was my first exposure to that. Even though Paula is dressed in this song, she just has a very sexy vibe going on in this music video too! I like the awesome rock guitar halfway through the song - one of Paula Abdul's best songs ever! #PAULAABDULITSJUSTTHEWAYTHATYOULOVEME

  80. manuel soto

    Paula Abdul destroyer of the dance floor!!!

  81. Les Plus Belle Choses Dans Le Monde

    The choreography is astounding.

  82. آحمد أبو ضباع - Ahmad abudeba

    God. I am really jealous of my neighbor right now. He has actually been alone for a long time. But he’s mind-fucked a part-time model to say to him she has fallen deeply in love with him in under a month. Just how can that be achievable? He said to me he tried the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone stunning told me that… I’ve never seen him so cheerful. Sort of makes me frustrated.

  83. SUGAR XYLER !!!


  84. Atl Walton

    yep close

  85. Rizal Alamsyah

    I read some of the posts on here. I just think that's a great youtube video. My bro wants to get effective with chicks. He began to understand a lot from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The strategies concerned with attracting women through night clubs in the emails via that website helped get got him his first sexual encounters in more than 2 years. I was really pissed though due to the fact I heard them all. Grrrr.

  86. lis ash

    love her dancing fast quirk karate like moves

  87. narayan mahaju

    Ok. I'm aggravated. My friend sleeps above me and he just turned brilliant at getting a lot of women. He went to the Master Attraction site (Start looking in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing chicks back. He's constantly getting the hottest women back. I can't help but hear it. It's yucky. If only he never discovered that site. My best friend is getting laid now too coz of that site. I'm jealous!

  88. mohamed saleem

    shes bought dance camera action

  89. Carla

    Saula - there honeymoon song 100%

  90. hhtwbps

    of course you teach people to dance, why do you think there is DANCE CLASS! paula abdul was a highly trained dancer, there is also a thing called singing lessons which my husband took and now he is in a fairly notable singing choir. there are also vocal coaches so yes you CAN teach people to dance and sing , ignorant fool!

  91. LadyDos2008

    Not even worthy of a comment.

  92. LadyDos2008

    Dude, like...shut up! You're friggin stupid! I don't need to look up anything, I was there! Maybe thats your problem. Stop looking up shit, and position yourself to know for yourself.You can't teach someone to dance! You can't teach someone to sing! Either you're gifted or you're not! PERIOD! Paula Abdul choreographed Janet's Pleasure Principal dance, and it was hot. BUT SHE DIDN'T TEACH HER HOW TO DANCE! State facts, and not dumb shit. Thats all I'm saying. That is how ignorance spreads.

  93. Rahul Srivastava

    Great video clip. I'd been so puzzled witnessing my best mate change from being lame to a ladies man. He went from a no-one into being astounding. He acted like it was standard for a little bit. He then told me when he was wasted. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to learn about it... He's on a date today with a stunning girl... Lucky fucker! Where are the most useful videos online?

  94. sdanshehan

    Happy Birthday to Miss Paula. 51 has never looked so great!!!

  95. Dafonz Dafonzarelli

    When Paula Abdul came out, in the late 80's, she was dubbed as the female Micheal Jackson. We know Janet Jackson as the female Michael but she wasnt quite there yet, as she could not out-sale Madonna. Paula Abdul was the best dancer, it was rumored she taught Janet to dance (might be fact these days). Paula sang better than Madonna and danced better than Janet but ultimately still outshined by both...

    Like the Ciara to Rihanna and Beyonce


    It's fact! Paula taught Janet.

    Lisa S

    madonna doesn't have a sister.

  96. Hannibal Lecter

    That was great material. I stumbled upon this because my pal evolved into a lady-magnet He started attracting girls magically. He acted as if it was natural for quite a while. He then smiled and told me while he was wasted on Bourbon. He said he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will find it... He's on a date right now with a gorgeous girl... Lucky bastard! Where are the best videos on Youtube?

  97. Camila Madueño Tapia

    LOL well I think she DANCES AMAZINGLY but to be "female michael" has to be succesfull and sing like heaven and I love her but I don't think she has whole package...

    Carlos Alomar

    In dance terms!....(she is)!