Abdul, Paula - State Of Attraction Lyrics

I'm in such a state

Such a mess
Such a funny feeling
I must confess
I never felt like this before

Runnin' hot
Runnin' my emotions
Your lovin' shock
Goes through me like an open door

My heart's in animation
And beating double time

State of attraction
Somehow you make my body come alive
My arms wanna hold ya
My lips wanna kiss
You make me want to want you

This is strange
This is all a new thing
Oh, what a change
I know that real life ain't like this

Goin' mad
Goin' past the love zone
I got it bad
I got it so I can't resist

I'm in a deep suspension
A limbo void of time

State of attraction
You're just a magnet to this heart of mine
These eyes wanna know ya
These hands wanna touch
'Cause I'm affected by you

I'm in a state of attraction
Somehow you make my body come alive
My arms wanna hold ya
My lips wanna kiss
You make me want to want you


This is love science, a chemical reaction
Ooh baby, to resist ain't worth tryin'
'Cause once ya start the action

State of attraction
I can't resist
A chilly action
The first time we kissed
You got me so excited
What can I do?
You make want to want you

State of attraction

State of attraction
I'm in such a state
And I think you know
That I can hardly wait

If I'm the magnet
Then you're the steel
And I just wanna show
Exactly how I feel

State of attraction

I'm gonna stay baby
I'm wanna hold you
Lips wanna kiss you

I'm in a state of attraction
Running hot, running my emotions, baby

State of attraction

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Abdul, Paula State Of Attraction Comments
  1. paco galvez

    Fine … beauty and Music

  2. Lady Grünwald

    This song sounds like a Harlequin romance novel 😂

  3. jal b

    PRobably my last favorite song from FYG. but I still really like it. Just goes to show how strong of a pop album FYG was

  4. Andrew Tarantino

    This song is so Pop 80s,and that def isnt a bad thing

  5. MissTia777

    7th grade JAM!

  6. Radio Bla Bla Leiden


  7. Rene & Styles Gold



    Memories of Higschool Times 1989´s

  9. dragos tudoran

    Who can forget Paula's beautiful nervy latino style. Thanx a lot for her superb music.


    Paula is a Syrian Jew :)

    Beautiful Woman

    What is Latino style? Lol

  10. Drowning In Tea

    Great production :)

  11. Jorge Alberto Perez Duran

    this song remember me when i was at highschool... and one party night dj played it..do you remember that night melissa?

  12. Jorge Alberto Perez Duran

    im very lucky ...bought the álbum at second store almost free !

  13. James Franklin

    I'm playing this song tonight live

  14. melissa CHAIKA

    Still listening in 2017

    MJ Su

    melissa CHAIKA 2018 and onwards 😉

  15. bonnie bianco

    i fisted my sister many times to this song.dirty bird loved it.

    William Tha Foo

    it's been a full year since you've commented this and yet I still question myself why you did

    A Guy Called Pi

    I suspect it'll be a while before this comment stops being a part of my conscious stream of thoughts.

  16. Freddie Fischione


  17. Alodia Lozano

    Siempre he pensado que, de haber hecho un vídeo de esta canción, la coreografía hubiera dejado a la de "Colhearted" a la altura de la catequesis.

    I have always thought if they had made a video for this track, its coreography would have made the one from "Coldhearted" seem like it was made for sunday school.

  18. Alexander Ockenden

    I want to buy stocks while listening to this album.

    Gentle John

    Holy shit. I seem to run into you in the most unexpected places. You have great taste in music. I hope you're doing well.


    Patrick Bateman ovah here!

    Irenic Metanoia

    This comment is perfect.

  19. Eric Springer

    some of you will be surprised to know this, Glenn Ballard who produced songs and co-wrote songs with Wilson Phillips and later on with Alanis Morrissette wrote and produced this song and I had seen this in the credits when I got this album ...so long before Wilson Phillips or Alanis ( which I am a fan of both acts ) I had learned of Glenn through Paula :-)

    Fabián Ferrada

    He wrote some songs for Barbra Streisand in the middle 80s as well.

  20. figment1988

    to Rob Brooks, you aren't the only one who was brought here by Bill Nye (whose episode this song spoofed showed more explosions before Michael Bay oversaturated them)

  21. Leon Lipscombe

    she still is all those things...

  22. Rob Brooks

    bill nye brought me here

  23. suavehinrg

    My favourite album track from the "Forever Your Girl" album! I love this synth-funk infused Dance-pop song!

  24. ValPicinichFan4Life

    Back when Paula was young, pretty and sane... and could sing like an angel...

    I love this song.