Abdul, Paula - Next To You Lyrics

When we met
The sparkle in your eyes
Showed me that
We were meant to be
In love

Sharing our fantasies
You touched me
Then we kissed
I could not believe
That love was so strong

It didn't take too long
To learn
Love will go on and on
Love's an everlasting bond

When I'm next to you
Our love flows through
I can't explain
What you do
When I'm next to you
I feel brand new
I love you for
All the things you do

Can't deny
The feelings deep inside
Our hearts and minds
Love is alive
It's true

I'm so into you
I love you

When I'm next to you
Our love flows through
I can't explain
What you do
When I'm next to you
I feel brand new
I love you for
All the things you do

You know when I'm all alone
And you're so far away
I wish that you were here
Holding me

And I find myself thinking
Of how it would be
Knowing you're with me

I love the way I feel
When I look into your eyes
I love you baby
I love the way I feel
When I'm standing by your side
And I want you, baby, I need you

When I'm next to you
Our love flows through
I can't explain
What you do
When I'm next to you
I feel brand new
I love you for
All the things you do

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Abdul, Paula Next To You Comments
  1. jef cabrera

    another 80s gem

  2. Ivan Glamuzina

    that bridge....my god

  3. jal b

    I always liked this little gem. Like another posted below, I definitely think this is one the songs that Yvette Marine did more than background vocals.

  4. sabrinasjourney

    This has a strong El DeBarge vibe

    Joe K.

    Yas... Is very similar to Someone

  5. John Cisneros

    I don't care what any of u'z say, she was always, n still be 4ever MY GIRL. LOVES you mama, you got me through many a dem there pre-teen years, n den some. The Bad Guy...

  6. Rodney Raiker

    2019 and still lovin it

  7. Danny Agundez

    Great Song

  8. Jay- Cee P

    This was my favorite jam in junior high school ❤️

  9. Benjafovi1 CR

    for sure a filler song, but one of my favorites.

  10. Nicole Mariah wright


  11. Andrew Flood

    LUV THIS SONG !!!!

  12. 榊原奈留美


  13. Geraldo Estrada

    This song needed a video and a radio release badly she could of sold 20 million more if she released this Hit

  14. Omar Knight

    Always loved this track should have been a hit and released 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝😍😄😳💝💝!

  15. John Drake

    Miss this kind of music.

  16. Bennie Collins Sr.

    Use to pay this track a lot when I was stationed in Germany (88-90) and this is my favorite track by her. A hidden gem. Classic.

  17. Kelvin Mays

    Beautiful song

  18. Kawela Pringle

    This is my song brings back memories

  19. bonnie bianco

    amazing song .

  20. TheBeautifulGoldenhour

    wow what a beautiful song

  21. Rico Suave

    I fell in love with this song at 12 yrs old and still love it now at 40


    Same here, I was 12 or 13 when I first heard this song, and fell in love now I'm 40 going on 41 next month, but then again, who's counting?

  22. Kendra Hueston

    Still love this song. It does sound dated, but it came out in 1988. Lol.

    David Brunson

    still lurve it. Every song eventually becomes dated or outdated. Someday soon so will Taylor Swift.

    Kendra Hueston

    I agree that melody still gets me.

  23. Artur Lapurinsh

    One of her best songs.Love it very much,thanks ;)

    David Brunson

    hi handsome

  24. Nancy Mccoy

    love this song

  25. Citlayin Gonzalez

    muy buena rola

  26. AND Bsjk

    paula Abdul-(1988-1989)-pop in r&b-2015

  27. Jay Dobbins

    Such a sweet tune.

    Jay Dobbins

    +toyoscio I thought her voice was beautiful.


    +Jay Dobbins To each his/her own.

    Jay Dobbins

    +toyoscio I respect that. 👍


    +Jay Dobbins Cool :}

    David Brunson

    the girl sure could dance though. She's mostly known for her outstaning hits but it was refreshing to hear this beautiful ballad.

  28. spike2ize

    Beautiful Song!!<3

  29. Dwight Carrero


  30. Richard Gottheil

    from Richard    gottheil     next     to     you

  31. Richard Gottheil

    from     Richard     gottheil   next     to  you

  32. Eric Springer

    being a junior high kid at the time, I always had wished this was going to be a single but sadly it was not but I still think it had potential of being a huge hit


    +Eric Springer Lol, ever the optimist.

    David Brunson

    it could've should've would've exploded as a major hit. Leave it to them radio programmers and business ppl and what they qualify as what they should release as singles. When I was 8 or 9, I wore this tape out and sung along with from The Way That You Love Me to One or The Other. This song really had potential. IMPO I would've that been a single instead of "Knocked Out" or "Opposites Attract."


    Her album had too many monster hits for this one to come out but in my opinion its the best song in FOREVER YOUR GIRL LP

  33. anye76

    this was probably a filler song but I so love it,its one of my favorites 

    jess s

    The best way i can think of to describe a 'filler song' is a song to fill out the album that wouldn't be released as a single. The record company would have a basic idea what songs they want to release as singles and the rest is 'Filler'. That said i personally don't agree with the term i think this is a great song.


    A song put in an album just to put enough songs in it, usually they have at least 7 or 8 songs.

  34. Diamond Humphrey

    Worst song ever

    Dwight Carrero


    David Brunson

    oh fuck off? Then why the hell did you listen?

    Diamond Humphrey

    Wow people are still commenting on something I wrote 2 years ago . I still feel the same way though. I totally forgot I wrote this.


    I will play this at your funeral

    Eric Taylor

    Find a short bridge and take a long walk and let those of us who love real music alone.

  35. Tre404

    Have always loved this song. But have a feeling this is one of the songs Yvette Marine (formerly of The Mary Jane Girls, and backing vocalist on Paula's first album) sued her over, stating that she did much of the vocal work herself (and I believe her!). Nonetheless, it's a great song though, that still gives me chills.

    jal b

    I agree. I have always loved Paula but I defiantly agree that Marine's vocals are more than just background on this song. I also hear it in I Need You and the album version of Opposites Attract.

  36. TheInfamousR00

    A classic!