Abdul, Paula - Forever Your Girl Lyrics

Hey baby
You gotta remember
I'm forever your girl
A baby forever,
And ever and ever
You know I am

Baby pick your head up
Come on and look me in the face
'Cause I can tell that somethin' is bringin' you down
(Why are you down?)

Is it the rumor
That another boy wants to take your place
(I hear he's after your heart)

Have you been hearin' the stories
They're goin' around
(All of my friends are talkin')

Baby just remember I gave you my heart
Ain't no one gonna tear us apart

He could promise the moon and the stars above
Even if he promised me the world

Just remember
I'm forever your girl
He could promise the world
You gotta remember
I'm forever your girl

Honey listen to me
Your love is all I need
You should know that I don't need nothin' that money can buy
(It's no lie)

So if a boy were to come along
And try to make me leave you
(Girl I'd go out of my mind)

There'd be no need to worry
I'm tellin' you why
(I need to hear that you really love me)

Baby don't you know that I love you
And I'd never put nobody above you

He could promise the moon and the stars above
Even if he promised me the world

Just remember
I'm forever your girl
He could promise the world
You gotta remember
I'm forever your girl

I'm forever your baby
Just remember
I'm forever your girl
He could promise the world
You gotta remember
I'm forever your girl

When the mountains crumble into the sea
That's the day someone'll come between you and me

Baby just remember I gave you my heart
Tell me ain't no one gonna tear us apart
Baby he could promise me diamonds
Even if he promised me pearls
Honey you know I ain't lyin'
Listen as I tell it to the world

You gotta remember
A baby remember
You gotta remember
I'm forever your girl

Baby forever
And ever and ever
We'll be together
I'm forever your girl

Baby forever
And ever and ever
You gotta remember
I'm forever...

Hey baby he could promise the world

Girl you know I love you
And I always will
Hey baby
If we live 'til forever
You got to remember
I'll be lovin' you
I'll be lovin' you still

Just remember
I'm forever your girl
I'm forever your girl
Just remember
I'm forever your girl

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Abdul, Paula Forever Your Girl Comments
  1. Sugvom Gog


  2. Earl Lee Ray

    A young Elijah Woods and if Eye'm not mistaken Brandon
    Quintin Adams

  3. Barnpicks888

    PA does it with class

  4. Fabricated Reality

    Love Paula Abdul! She was the IT girl of the 90's! Legend!

  5. Eric Lehman

    In my opinion, this is Paula Abdul's best song.

  6. Richard

    I loved all of our women artist back in the days...

  7. Lorna Swasey

    I am an intravert,you ar edd an extravert

  8. Lou Flores

    Pretty little woman...1986, I just came home from a year in Nicaragua and ten years in the Army and nobody knew what I had gone through because it was the 80's and no one had a clue. Having returned to NYC, lost and not knowing who I was anymore and I saw this video and heard this song... This was a popular song and in the interim over the next couple of years, I learned to be a regular person again. Thank you Paula for helping me through the darkest of days.

  9. Atom Hill

    I remember a time when PA was tha joint. Never knew her , but I wish I had

  10. john foy

    I was 17 in 89, my girl used to sing this to me. I’m still with her now!! Long road but we made it 💕

  11. Liz Kozlowski

    Is that river phoenix at 3:07 or the kid from the terminator movie?

    jose lopez

    It's neither of them but resembles River Phoenix.

  12. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


  13. David R. Davidson

    Paula Abdul you'll forever be My Girl! Love you. God bless you and your family always. Shalom Y'all! from Kentucky.

  14. Bonnie F. McPherson, McNeil


  15. cat woman

    🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🙋💃💃💃💃💃 I so miss good music like this you do not here music like this music know more 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 it's no lie ....

    cat woman


  16. Yogui Bear

    Paula Abdul, la "Madonna" bis, 4 étages en-dessous loool

  17. Dion Lodge

    89 this song among many more came out during that summer, lots of memories. Paula Honey

  18. Jewillz Daprince

    Why did she quit music

  19. michaelandamy1

    All I can say is AWESOME 👍😊

  20. Elfego Chavez

    You're forever my girl Paula!

  21. Matilda Bond

    forever your girl

  22. Jay Youn

    This is the first song that I listened to on K-GAY, a Palm Springs radio station while on a road trip. It will be stuck in my head forever.

  23. Golam Rabbani

    Anybody from Bangladesh
    2019 -2020???Love from🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 .

  24. Fla Gal

    Just remember I'm forever your girl! I love her smile

  25. Rogelio Cervantes


  26. Andrew Senft

    Thank you Paula Abdul!

  27. Paul Staker

    This is the most amounts of kids in a David Fincher video.
    And he still makes it look slick.

  28. Chillin Villin

    Man makes me feel like an og hearing this old song and others lmao wow memories good tune miss the old days

  29. Rose Andrews

    I was truly madly deeply into Paula when I was about the same age as these kids. She always had the funnest videos and the hookiest songs. Paula is one talented and very beautiful lady.

  30. Respect Knuckles

    3:29 got to rememba!!

  31. Eros AMORI

    Who's watching in October 2019? Grew up in the 80's and 90's, miss the era.

    Btw, fun fact, the kid executive breaking a pencil was Elijah Wood, his first ever gig as he personally credits Paula for...

    Chillin Villin

    Lol yea nothing like pencil break

  32. California Pearl

    True performer!!!!!

  33. Dmitri Seleznev

    That's sucks!

  34. It's Trixs

    I came here only for Elijah Wood.

  35. Blanca Carrillo Gonzales


  36. gazoontight

    Beautiful Paula.

  37. Oziel Muñoz

    un exitazo alla por el año de 1989 en todas las discos

  38. Truth Reigns Forever

    Vote for an 80s musical renaissance in 2020. New Years resolution 2020: “I will view and seek out more 80’s music and unknown artists I have serendipitously yet to discover” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Rachel Willan

    Loved Paula Abdul 💛

  40. devonferris

    This version is better than the one in the album

  41. devonferris

    Still as good today as it was 3 decades ago.

  42. Criselda

    She’s so beautiful I’ve always loved her music growing up ❤️

  43. Lawrence Foster


  44. Peter Mitchell

    Paula was truly underrated, she taught so many dancers, who are very famous but her most successful is ..... the most famous Janet Jackson

  45. Benson Davis

    I love you Paula.

  46. N Anthony Brown

    her voice is so sexy ...me enamora!!!!

  47. Enrico Aquino

    One of my favorite songs, music videos by #PaulaAbdul, “Forever Your Girl” reminds me of my youth. My memory of my fifth and final year of elementary school and those memories carried with me throughout my years in both middle school and high school

  48. Roy Castro

    👍👏👏👏😘mexico 2019

  49. SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat

    This was too cute, I forgot how fun this song was!

  50. gina webb

    Paula Abdul is so talented. Love her 💖

  51. Ronda Walker


  52. Donray Clower

    Paula tap dancing was out of this world. Best part of the video starts at 3:52.

  53. Wally Guajiro GTA5

    How did you sneak in here??? Hmmm?

    Wally Guajiro GTA5

    Aaaah! The children! Cool!

    Wally Guajiro GTA5

    Lakers Lady!

    Wally Guajiro GTA5

    Great figure! A dancers figure!

  54. Valeri Grillo

    When everythings janet janet janet thru it lately may i start seeing more of paula pauka paula too!:)

  55. Alisha A

    Just got this album on vinyl

  56. WaveFront

    I’m just here for that Roland D50 brass 😍

  57. Angel88eyez

    Baby, just remember I gave you my heart
    Ain't no one gonna tear us apart
    He could promise the moon and the stars above
    Even if he promised me the world

    Just remember I'm forever your girl
    He could promise the world
    You gotta remember
    I'm forever your girl

  58. Jessica Williams

    Still a cute video after all this time!

  59. Rene Alvarez

    This woman here is my beautiful dream wife, I LOVE U PAULA!

  60. akerockstar

    Might be my favorite Paula song!!!!

  61. Ruzzy Whalen

    Great father daughter song!

  62. LetsTalkFilm

    Thank you Pose for reminding me of this gem

  63. SuzyQ523

    My first concert was the Spellbound Tour. Color Me Bad opened for her. I sooo luv her to this day 💗💗💗

  64. All InOne

    I really miss this era, not because I think it's better than today, it's just the memories of being a kid and how everything was new and cool...before I became jaded....

  65. M Sol

    Oh the memories!! Of how badly my cousin and I wanted to be tap dancers after watching this video😊

  66. Ami Talati

    I remember I was such a big fan, I was jealous of the kids that were in this video. LOL

  67. Ami Talati

    flashbacks !!

  68. Atomic Pressure

    I'll just remember and let the kids state the obvious

  69. Kevin Clover

    Paula loved the kids! She wanted them to look good in the video, but more important have a great time. Special lady.

  70. Jesse A

    This was my very first girlfriend's song she dedicated to me lol I was like 8 hahaha I remember i was so nervous to kiss her lol and then after I did I was so scared to tell my mom..she said AS LONG AS THATS ALL YOUR DOING! Lol again I was 8

  71. Ariel Valenzuela

    Time Hannah take rigth gone bib bibnt meachel Jackson came rigth jusse

  72. Ariel Valenzuela

    Bull far win

  73. Ariel Valenzuela

    Yea not rigth all batttle fat face

  74. Ariel Valenzuela

    bEause she same find can yes sad rigth famous

  75. Rosalind Morgan

    I never sent this song to Kimberly Marie Osterhout-Ash have love for you

  76. William D

    Is she being tased oe something lol? Looks like she has to take a 12 lbs shit.

  77. Maciej Gatkowski

    This is it!

  78. Crazy A

    Real talent. Paula can sing and dance

  79. carolki13

    how the hell did she tap dance in high heels!??

  80. hazeleyeschick jen

    This still makes me smile. Thank you, Paula. 🧡

  81. SuzyQ523

    Elijah Wood - soo little 💗💗💗

  82. Taneeka smith

    I love this

  83. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala paula abdul

  84. Sherika Hunter

    This is dancing ♥️#myera

  85. Raul Nava

    Fagg me LuLu m.nava,I didn't finish where are with y o u .oral s e x

  86. Raul Nava

    Jessie Arellano hi babe ,slut who's was your chic then aster St. about a earing

  87. Arthur Garza

    I’d watch this over and over in my room crying and praying that God would let me marry her! Hahaha. Crazy feelings and memories to this

  88. CharmingHomer

    She dances so gracefully, love it.

  89. Diana Peterson

    Oh yeah I am forever in love with Crescent City Ca Ku Klux Klan if you believe that I got the Golden Gate Bridge to sell you for 10 sense

  90. Rickey Engle


  91. Justin C

    This song hasn't aged well.

  92. snuegliffer

    Forgot about this song, until Gary mentioned it to Howard whilst talking about Paula’s residency. Baba Booey.

  93. 80sVidLover

    Happy birthday Paula!!!!!!

  94. Teresa mendoza

    Me and my Ashley. Best daughter ever

  95. Angel88eyez

    🥰Just remember♥️
    I'm FOREVER your girl
    Forever YOUR girl
    😍Just remember
    I'm forever your GIRL♥️