Abdul, Paula - Cold-Hearted Lyrics

He's a cold-hearted snake (girl)
Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a lover boy at play (girl)
He don't play by rules
Girl, don't play the fool now

You're the one givin' up the love
Anytime he needs it
But you turn your back and then he's off and runnin' with the crowd
You're the one to sacrifice
Anything to please him
Do you really think he thinks about you when he's out?

He's a cold-hearted snake (girl)
Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a lover boy at play (girl)
He don't play by rules
Girl, don't play the fool now

It was only late last night
He was out there sneakin'
Then he called you up to check
That you were waiting by the phone
All the world's a candy store
He's been trick or treatin'
When it comes to true love girl
With him there's no one home

He's a cold-hearted snake (girl)
Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a lover boy at play (girl)
He don't play by rules
Girl, don't play the fool now

You could find somebody better, girl
He could only make you cry
You deserve somebody better, girl
He's c-cold as ice

He's cold as ice
He's cold as ice

Stay away from him, girl

Cold-hearted snake
Cold-hearted snake

He's a cold-hearted snake
Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a lover boy at play
He don't play by rules
Girl, don't play the fool

Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He don't play by rules
Girl, don't play the fool

He's a cold-hearted snake
Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a lover boy at play
He don't play by rules
Girl, don't play the fool

He's a cold-hearted snake
Look into his eyes
He's been tellin' lies
He's a lover boy at play

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Abdul, Paula Cold-Hearted Comments
  1. Nicole Sheehan

    Geat song 2020

  2. David Robinson

    I wonder how many between 71,600 & 10,886,701 think what an A****ole, rhet. I think 10.8 Mil I think do!


    30 years ago MTV Monday night December 11 1989
    around 7pm ET This video was played. YES I'm watch it .

  4. Sky Haven

    One of my favorites!!!

  5. Edgar Filho

    Great! Very sexy!!!

  6. Georgia Martinez

    I love Paula Abdul music from the 80's wow ❤❤

  7. Anthony Johnson

    She also choreographed in the movie coming to America.

  8. noob with SSJ2

    I can tell some people are here because of marching bands

  9. Melissa Johnson

    I think that Paula is just as good as Janet Jackson and her brother Michael.

  10. Pearl Love

    4 u Judy ✌🛸🦸‍♀️

  11. George Trapp

    Love how she's breathless and shiny on "Well, what'd you think...?"

  12. Mark Saguindel

    The choreography was good but heavily edited. Let's see something live on stage with the same props

  13. Larry Marle

    This is Paula Abdul’s best song





  16. Sasha Velour

    Coco's spinning beautifully her outfit works perfectly for her dance move listen she is everything.

  17. ben eller

    the new one hit me Thursday at work I haven't heard this one in a long time

  18. Archangel 15

    One Love

  19. steve joe

    Thumbs up if Jenna Dewan brought you here

  20. Rui Castro

    R I P Elliot wof who wrote and produced this and straight up.

  21. Mr. Squid

    tsk tsk tsk
    YES I AM
    tsk tsk tsk

  22. Sarah3984

    Directed by David Fincher!

  23. wpy yang

    Paula invented sexy!

  24. pieldnieve

    Better than boring ass Be-yawn-ce and Jlow. Big time.

  25. Mister Evans

    Ooh no the sexiest dancers in world is dancing in Paula Abdul concert..

  26. Sivai Soriano

    TY SOOO MUCH for posting this. I performed to this song back when I was in 6th grade, 12 years old. I’m now 42 so imagine how nostalgic I feel right now! Back then people recorded with big ol’ video cameras w/HUGE VHS tapes inside the camera. If I ever get ahold of the original talent show footage, I’ll definitely post on my channel. Thx again for sharing this.

  27. Samuel Griffin

    When Paula Abdul was on American Idol on Fox as one of the panelists few of the wannabe singers judged her and her music

  28. Nikki

    I met one of these. I'd love to dedicate this song to his Instagram @(----'--------)..ha! Lucky I didn't insert here. Karma is a Beyatch!

  29. Thunder Rush Movie

    Why does she remind me of Janet Jackson..??

  30. Laurie Jackson

    This video is hilarious


    Paula, if your really behind this channel I have a song for you . It can go #1

  32. Mopar18SlowRt

    I knew I was hearing this song on the MTV commercial about bringing alot of people and there exes on a mountain,,I knew I heard this beat..

  33. QUE Bolden

    She still fine

  34. Grace Gracy Boo

    I remember when Paula was the devil. We werent allowed to listen 2 her music. Lol

  35. tonyatic

    Iconic. Beautiful Paula.

  36. najmi shafiz

    Tag yourself . I’m coco montrese’s orange huge sleeve doing stunt

  37. Jeff Froment

    Damn Paula was so hot back then and still good looking now. One of the best to do it.

  38. Евгений Художник

    Paula Abdul Брависимо ,Браво!!! Умница идеальная женщина!!!Молодцы ребята!!!

  39. Kye Love

    Ok so hear me out ok....Britney Spears and Paula Abdul and the song is called "Sweat like me"😀! Nothing like "me against the music" because they won't be battling each other. They'll be mirroring one another to have an EPIC slave 4 u, cold hearted snake dance break🥰🥰🤩🤩🥰.

  40. Kerry Redwine

    She still looks exactly the same you rock paula

  41. 1968 Florence

    Teen titans? Anyone?

  42. Cristiano Rubagotti

    who's here in 2034?

  43. Svetlana Durham

    Paula best female dancer of all times

  44. Maxpein resnera

    2019? Who still watching

  45. tayy rocks

    All I can see is that Orange dress going up and down -coco

  46. Danny Swiss

    its ..... very nice....

  47. Arvin Ornopia

    TOXIC by Britney - Uhm okay
    POISON by Nicole - Uhm yeah..
    COLD HEARTED by Paula - 🤩🤩🤩😲😲🤤🤤🤤🥴🥴🤓🤓🌡️🌡️🌡️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 LIT asf

  48. awilda filpo

    Love this

  49. Henrique

    Coco spinning very beautiful

  50. Phlip74

    Vs other artists. Why was Paula’s videos and albums came quieter vs everyone else?

  51. lioninarobe

    I was like 7 wen this came out and after i seen it all my girl friends turned into girlfriends lmao! Shot out to Paula.

  52. ilatfen787

    Still love paula abdul

  53. David Robinson

    at surely before just a sex b4 @4:25 WTF!!!! WAS "he" thinking?

  54. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    I 💖This Video! I also Love Glee's Tribune Version!😘😍😂💃🎶🎹👯

  55. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala paula abdul

  56. I am a man and I'm a poof80808

    Because people can't dance these days so they uses vulgar shits instead.

  57. Chris damion divine Guzman Guzman

    My favorite is rush Rush

  58. Chris damion divine Guzman Guzman

    I love you Paula

  59. David R. Davidson

    Hello Ms. Paula! I haven't seen you in concert since 1999 or so. I see I'll have to take a trip to Paradise, NV. and catch you in at least one of several for old time sake. Love you ALWAYS Dear Lady! God do to no matter what. He loves us all ALWAYS. Shalom Y'all! from Kentucky.

  60. Rich Parker

    just watched George Michael's Freedom 90 and wanted to calm down for a bit, came across this which I hadn't seen before... it did not have a calming effect haha! know nothing about dancing or modeling (except that at world class levels they leave me thunderstruck), but perhaps this song is to dancing what Freedom 90 is to modeling.... I'm off to saltpeter and cold shower...

  61. Анатолий Колпак

    Я один тут русский смотрю Паулу похоже....)))


    ну если Паулу, то один.... а вот если Полу, то уже не один)))

    Анатолий Колпак

    @vlad И это радует)


    @Анатолий Колпак =)

  62. Erica Boisvert

    The choreography alone in this video. Can we please bring back the well thought out, entertaining music video???

  63. It's Me Tenille

    *_Alyssa Edwards vs Coco Montrese_*

  64. William Aubrey

    Damn Paula, you really was the first hater. He ain’t cold hearted. He was going through something!

  65. kensredemption

    I never realized how erotic Pop music videos were being produced...

  66. Elfego Chavez

    I love you Paula

  67. Gabriel Talavera

    Talent like this in pop music does not exist like this these days. My 10 year old self bows to Ms. Abdul for being my sex kitten with moves that are timeless.

  68. Kathleen Shaffer

    This is still hot as hell and I love it!!

  69. WenD1908

    Not a Paula Abdul fan but this right here, was and is FIRE.

  70. Sonof Ragnar

    I was just a kid when she came our, but godamn she was sexy.

  71. daperfectstorm est.1980

    Hands down, best video choreography ever!

  72. April Willis

    November 1, 2019

  73. Anthony Strunk

    I remember I was watching MTV one day at my grandmas house and this video came on and she was like that’s filthy turn it off lol

  74. flatlandrory

    She's a real stunner. Very hot.

  75. Şafak

    Same place/decaration with What a Girl Wants. I thought that video was creative. But actually it is 80s creative. Also i see a little bit I am Slave 4 U. BoA - Eat You Up also.

  76. Tyler Anthony Greene

    Is anyone here because they wanted to see if Glee copied it from somewhere? :)

  77. blink831forever

    Who else got their sexual awakening from this video as a kid? I did!

  78. Dakila Lozano

    searched for "he's a cold hearted snake roger". found this

  79. ArrodynamicBeats

    Every HBCU and black HS band plays this tone. . Marching band classic

  80. Rita Akiki

    Anyone here after watching lilly ?

  81. La India Fisherwoman

    Who else came here after watching Jenna Dewan's Lip Sync battle of this song?

  82. wolvieguy

    Volume is too low.

  83. Olga Alvarado

    This is normal nowadays..smh..

  84. Daniel Ortiz

    One of the sexiest girls ever

  85. Tim Horn

    This song was awesome when I was in high school

  86. Autumn's Child

    Technically Paula Abdul could whoop Madonna's arse on every level as a performer any day of the week, and twice on Tuesday! Paula Abdul is a Bad Ass Period! I love her!

  87. Octavio barria ulloa

    amo a esta mujer ....maravillosa

  88. mg19cal

    0:32 I was 7 when this video came out. Soon as I saw Paula turn around I was ready to develop sperm as fast as I could so I could get her pregnant, right then and there. Lord!!!

  89. Miriam Owens

    great video back than but we are 2019 yep


    Hahahaha!!!! Yeeaahhh!!!

  91. alicja D.

    Niedoceniony teledysk,twórczość... a przede wszystkim SEX-apil ;)...CUDO ;)*

  92. Paul Ciarlo

    This song was practically written about Trump

  93. CaptainSpauIding

    God what an awful song.

  94. kaoruancafe

    This is the song that make me fall in admiration for her ! Love her songs since that one !

  95. Demetrius Coleman

    Coco M VS Alyssa E brought me here.

  96. Dorothy Bellion

    dam that woman could DANCE !

  97. Zelda Boss

    3:47 best part