Abdul, Paula - Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics

Well there's not a bit of truth in what you hear
Just a whole lot of jealousy out there smearin'
My good name all over the place
Just to get you thinkin' that I'm -- two faced

But I would never go south
I was never dreamin' of anybody else
You're the only one I'd ever be with
I got a whole lot to say but babe the truth is

Ain't never gonna give you up
Ain't never gonna let you down babe
Ain't never gonna give you up
Hey hey hey hey
Yea yea yea
Ain't never gonna give you up
Yea yea yea
Ain't never gonna let you down

I wanna be right there for you so don't
Believe another word cause all of these low -- girls
Only wanna put the split between us
They keep getting off on all -- the fuss

But I will always treat you
Just the way I always promised I'd do
You're the only one I'd ever be with
I got a whole lot to say but babe the truth is


Baby don't you know that I want to be with you


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Abdul, Paula Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up Comments
  1. Johnnie Gonzales

    No doubt she is The Pop Princess.

  2. Jason Ryan

    How can you not like this song she rips her skirt off and out dances the other lady

  3. Troy Anderson Anderson

    Summer 1995 Looking for your new album I'm happy you Janet Jackson friends 5 24 2019 Peace

  4. Evan Cheng

    Her voice is really funky.

  5. Troy Anderson

    This was 4th album came out 1995 1-23-2019

  6. aarontume x

    Intro sample same as Candy by H.O.T.

  7. Blue Phoenix

    I pay attention whenever i see her enjoyable incridible performances

    I dont care if its lip sync sometimes

    Everyone did lip sync anyway

    Paula abdul s arts and dance performances are better than madonna britney spears and janet jackson

    Paula abdul should come back with new albums and concerts paula abdul is one of the queens

  8. Gia Blonde

    She dropped the ball as a singer! BIG TIME.....it's like she just quit


    she got injured and couldn't dance for a long time. it took a lot of work for her to get well enough to do idol.

  9. TtotheD IsMe

    Love the song and the album(Head Over Heels)!

  10. Wm Chan

    This is the most underrated song of Paula Abdul. When the CD was released in 1995, I bought it. I loved the song and thought this song was so brilliant and catchy and would be the Billboard Hot 100 No I when I heard it. I was utterly disappointed when it failed to enter the Billboard Hot 100. What was wrong with the radio stations and the CD stores in the USA in 1995?

    Husam Elzien

    It wasn’t so much the radio stations and the CD stores. It was the lack of support from the label and MTV. They didn’t push the promo as much as they did for Forever Your Girl and Spellbound. Plus, the performance of Vibeology from the 91 VMA’s kind of hurt her chart success as the three Spellbound singles released after the performance charted lower than the two released beforehand. Also, I feel like they were pushing Paula as hard as they were for the first two albums to compete against Janet but once they signed Janet over to Virgin, they thought that they didn’t need to put a big effort into Paula since they didn’t have anyone for her to really compete against since Janet was really her only competition because they were both dance heavy artists with softer vocals than Whitney, Mariah, Celine and Toni. Plus, Richard Branson revealed that he was taking out loans just to reach Janet’s 50 million dollar demand so of course that should’ve been a red flag.

  11. Andrew Flood

    i love this song !!!!

  12. EDGE6678

    Damn Paula was badd!

  13. Uniquaization

    2:31 I always thought that part was incredible as a kid LOL

  14. Simon5005

    Never knew there was a video to this song! Not sure how that's possible, having been on YouTube since the beginning!

  15. naokohunter

    Again, thanks for uploading in HQ! I love Paula's videos!!!

  16. xianghuamalaysia

    she is the best

  17. CaapriceTube

    The Only Good Thing About This Song Is Bryan Abrams' Backing Vocals!!!


  18. Inger Nielsen

    yeah Color Me Badd are singing the adds, You can HEAR Bryan Abrams step out with his PHENOM voice ;)

  19. Kalel Gee

    @KevinBeaches i heard her once say that she consideder herself black although shes not AA at all.

    Trent Totally

    No you didn’t. Show us a link to her saying this.

  20. Robert Farmer

    I would know Bryan's voice anywhere just wish the group was in the video that would have been cool

  21. blissmermaid

    the girl that has the dance off in this video with her is Nikki Patenburg, she use to be one of Janet's dancers.

    Trent Totally

    Oh I thought it was Josie. The one who married Babyface for his $$. She was also in Shai’s, If I Ever Fall In Love, video.

  22. Enrico Moretti

    She's so hot in this video!

  23. Alden Hai-Kelly

    @antcar1375 Mahalo for the info! I've always loved this song, and always wondered who was the male voice. I never would've guessed it was them, kinda sounds different! Nice! ~Aloha

  24. Alden Hai-Kelly

    was Color Me Badd in this song?

  25. Joshua Wood

    WOW GREAT to see in hqq,whaere did u get this in this quality lol,would you happen to have vh1 to one documentry from 1992 ill trade you for the 1995 nancy collins one lol

  26. leonard matthews

    wow one of the best dancers from way back in the day the good old days

  27. leonard matthews

    great dance video plus paula singing is an added bonus

  28. leonard matthews

    great dance video these are the type of videos that VH1 should show paula abdul at her very best . so that the next generation can be entertain by the beautiful voice and wonderful dancing style of paula abdul

  29. leonard matthews

    wow paula is an awesome singer I remember when she first came up in the 90s . she has a beautiful voice that when ever shes on american idol judging performer people should listen to her more than Simon because she has experience more experience than simon

  30. leonard matthews

    wow paula is a great singer and a wonderful dancer and a pleasure to watch on youtube