Abbott, Gregory - I'll Find A Way Lyrics

Times I feel helpless, lonely and blue
Spend every evening, thinking of you
And I'd welcome you back to brighten my day
One day soon I'll find a way

When you were with me, I was so cavalier
I took it for granted, you'd always be near
Now I understand there's a price to be paid
I will pay it just to find a way

I'll find a way, though the road won't be easy
I'll find a way, I'll be searching every day
I'll find a way, I hope it won't take too long
Soon I know I'll find a way

Well, my life is empty with you're not around
The love that you showed me (love that you showed me) just can't be found
I've made up my mind, I hope and I pray
I won't stop searching 'til I find a way

I'll find a way, though the road's not easy
I'll find a way, I'll be searching every day
I'll find a way, I hope it won't take too long
Soon I know I'll find a way

Oh, you make me believe in the power of love
Now I'm so much wiser, yeah
Having you back is all I'm dreaming of
I'll treat you better, whoa

I'll find a way, though the road's not easy
(I'll find a way) I'll find a way, I'll be searching every day
I'll find a way, I hope it won't take too long
Soon I hope I'll find, have my peace of mind
One day I will find my way, hey
Hey, ooh
I'll find a way

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Abbott, Gregory I'll Find A Way Comments
  1. Doreen Vivian Namai

    I'll find a way, beautiful touching song, so loving it😍❤️💘♥️💕💗💖💯👌

  2. Noemi Chapa

    I love this song,keep writing more songs like this one.🎵🎼❤

  3. Jurandir Oliveira

    Showww !!!!

  4. Fräulein Woof

    Whos still here in 2019? 💕

  5. Ana Cecília

    Eu gosto de todas as musica dele eu aninha 😀😎🤗🤗🤗❤💋💋💋💋👄👄

  6. Tommy T

    What a beautiful song. Very under appreciated

  7. Linda Comeaux

    Because It's Worth It, You Will Indeed Find A Way. Sung So Perfectly.

  8. Linda Petry

    A Charming Song, Smooth Melody, Yet Sung In A Profoundly Way.

  9. Christle Green

    "Oh, you make me believe in the power of love. Now, I'm so much wiser. Having you back 
    is all I'm dreaming of.
    I'll treat you better."

  10. Ruby Larkspur

    Truly love this man. What a range of styles, even in just one song!

  11. Michael R. Wilder

    Just reliving some memories and this tape was one I played over and over. Love this guy and can't understand why he didn't make it bigger.

  12. Lynn Lofthouse

    I'm in love with your music Gregory Abbott God gave you a great gift .😘

  13. Delois Jackson

    Iam so In love with this song. Gregory Abbott has an amazing voice. beautiful song, i have played it so much that i knows almost all the lyrics to this song. Thank you Gregory for such beautiful music!!!!

  14. Andrew Flood


  15. cookie cookie

    it's heart touching guy's give you're best shot

  16. Freak 121

    Why is he lip singing every performance

    Delois Jackson

    Broderick Scott Gregory Abbott doesn't lip sing, that's really him 100% he can change his voice to different sounds, he that good and talented. This guy has an amazing voice.

    Delois Jackson

    Broderick Scott I'm a music lover and when I'm listening to my favorite artists and their music and trust me Gregory Abbott does not lip sing, that's a fact!!

    Delois Jackson

    Broderick Scott i listen so closely to my favorite artists songs and I'm really into the song and why i says Gregory Abbott does not lip sing. I'm surprised you said that!!!

  17. ty brady

    (C.A.R.)  FIND A WAY HEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Robin Light

    My dad use play the mess out of this album!! Memories are flushing back to me, thank you for posting this great song!!

  19. launa M franco

    all things beautiful and bright for Gregory i hope he has found the way or person he's looking for


    This song has a dual meaning..just my opinion...I'm going to sleep with this one on my mind & in my ears. Good Night

  21. Roxanne Nelson

    It sure is..singing from the..soul..
    But i see comments of mixed emotions...some ppl says its a sad song..while others brightens their day..either way i guess they will find a way

  22. Alizander Marquez

    My older sisters are crazy over this artist & his songs/voice. They met him during his visit to Monaco, years ago. They have pictures of him & our then Royal family.They have been following him on all the networks for years. Did not know he had so many videos on Youtube. I'm usually listening to Justin Timberlake & Usher. They are my knid of shake-you-down-guys...But Mr Abbott can sing to

    Delois Jackson

    Alizander Marquez you need to check out Gregory Abbott videos on YouTube. This gorgeous guy has an amazing voice and very talented. Love ❤️ Gregory Abbott music 🎶

    Delois Jackson

    Alizander Marquez Gregory Abbott has it going on, love ❤️ this guy songs and his voice!!

  23. pumpumgenius

    This is what .."singing from the soul" sounds like

  24. right2knight

    I find a way to "Shock the show everytime"

  25. HesaidShesaidluvU

    Gregory Abbott always find a way to brighten our days with his melodies

  26. jtaime8888

    I feel so much wiser, this song gives me peace-of-mind

  27. got2avfay

    Gotto 2 find a way to see you. One day soon We are 2 old 2 fonicate, But it this was 1986, it would be like that show Californication Featuring U&me lol

  28. TheGmananswers

    This song has become My Ladies fave Yep even over SYD

  29. olanialoha1

    Yeah so many fans request this hope he's planning something Dont' be Shy Gregory We will love you no matter what you look like now. So do find a way to treat "US" better


    On my playlist I've this song, Crazy Over U I Like What U Do Rhythm, Rhyme & Si Ti back 2 back and I call it My Daily Cleansing. Try it and get some peace of mind

  31. grantmeluv

    Can't get enough of you and your fabulous voice, lyrics and looks Hmm! hmm! had to drop that mask-)<3

  32. acrossthepondful

    GA u r the power of love & attraction 24/7>>>365 days a year. And this song esp gives me goose bumps & "peace-of-mind"

  33. lexisexiable

    After listening to this I wasn't sure if i felt a need to cry or smile. But I had a "aha moment" Gregory Abbott always find a way to reach out & touch someone -)

  34. adinaebonypanther

    you're truly welcome :)

  35. jtaime8888

    My friend told me to listen because I was having a bad day. Now I am happy. This was the remedy, I found the way, the moment I heard the words of this song. Thanks to my friend & Gregory

  36. got2avfay

    I agree, I agree I agree

  37. rico101ism

    yeah that is what i am doing "spending my day thinking of you"

  38. grantmeluv

    I do hope Gregory found the way to the love he dreams about