ABBA - People Need Love Lyrics

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith and a helping hand

Man has always wanted a woman by his side to keep him company
Women always knew that it takes a man to get matrimonial harmony
Everybody knows that a man who's feeling down wants some female sympathy
Gotta have love to carry on living
Gotta have love 'till eternity

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith in a helping hand

La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la la
La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la laa...

Flowers in a desert need a drop of rain like a woman needs her man
If a man's in love and his woman wants the moon
Then he'll take it down if he can
Somebody who loves you and somebody who cares
Isn't that what you call a friend?
Gotta have love to carry on living
Isn't it easy to understand

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith in a helping hand

La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la la
La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la laa...

People need hope, people need loving
People need trust from a fellow man
People need love to make a good living
People need faith in a helping hand

La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la la
La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la laa...
La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la la
La la la la, la la la la-la, la la la la la la la-la la laa...

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ABBA People Need Love Comments
  1. Bramble Bop

    If you sat down at the piano and "composed" a song like that, over three major chords, you'd think nah, that's too simple, what is it, for kindergarten kids, that ain't it, it won't sell, let me listen to Mahler to steal something hairy from there. And yet, they make it sound great. Oompa song over I-IV-V. How's it possible, I don't get it. Rod Stewart does it a lot too, come to think of it.

  2. supervisor iddqd

    the LGBT community will be buried under this song

  3. Felix Sugan

    Белобрысая оч красивая!🤗

  4. Falene Motionless

    Anyone else love the yodeling?

  5. Temporary Account

    I don't have love so I guess there's no point

  6. Marcus Hudswell

    in 2019 this still sounds so good!! WOW!!!!

  7. Louise Beeson

    i love abba and i am watchintg abba rigth now

  8. Gerry Smith

    Just thinl it al started here the 1st real Abba song what talent what beauty the Amazing Abba

  9. Vasectomy Fail

    it's a shame this song isn't more popular, i'm 37 years old and just discovered this song about 3 months ago


    Well, the Ring Ring album was released before they became famous

  10. lorofcb3

    How good do you have to be for this to be one of your least successful songs?


    Best bands for me:

    5 - Rolling Stones
    4 - bee gees
    3 - ABBA
    2 - the beatles
    1 - Queen

  12. Gábor Borsos

    Ezt nagyon imádom!

  13. Washmi Wijeratne

    Their voices go so well together I just can't

  14. Rogerina The Killer Queen

    This is like a church song 😅

  15. David Bee

    OMG, Agnetha. An absolute stunning blond angel in this video


    Probably she was in her earlier pregnancy. Soon she was replaced

  16. Tango Eliott

    They were always great

  17. resireg

    I love those lyrics, they praise the tradition and family.

  18. M R

    Agnetha yodeling at the end makes me so happy

    toscano alexandre

    Yodeling isn't only from Agnetha

  19. Vasectomy Fail

    this song sounds like the theme song from a 70's tv show where people of all different races turn and smile at the camera as their character is introduced

  20. Dave Stang

    Good example of directions musical groups ABANDON to become more popular. The same thing happened to THE BEE GEES in their transition to a much more popular disco format as well as their transition to singing primarily in English.. It's obvious that if the men in the group had continued as prominent singers ABBA would have never achieved superstar status. They admitted as much in interviews.


    They were close to stardom, and only aced it with Waterloo

  21. Engelina77


  22. Igor Paiva

    Amazing!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ atemporal music❤️

  23. Torill Lund Born

    Not strange that I believe in Gods Paradies...with wonderful landscape...air...songs and music like this...AND......FOREVER YOUNG

    OH sighs..Jesus...Amen

  24. Storyboard Dave

    Agnetha is sending me secret messages trying to make me fall in love with her.

  25. K S

    They are so young here.


    Not so young. Anni Frid was a mother of 2 already

    toscano alexandre

    @resireg you can be young and already have 2 children


    @toscano alexandre well, she was probably 30 years old. Most pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brother, Billie Eilish, Lorde, Taylor Swift, they debut when they are between 16-19 years old, when you look most attractive in your lifetime


    When this was filmed, Bjorn had celebrated his 27th birthday a few days before.  Frida was 26, Benny 25 and Agnetha 22.

  26. frankcastle Madden

    And I knew them since I was 11 years old. My favorite ABBA.

  27. Thiago Henrique

    Brazilian Fan of ABBA here!

  28. The Triumph of the Thrill

    Interesting to know how successful they were in general throughout their career. Here the magic had yet to come but the style was already there and Fältskog had yet to come into her own.

  29. Marin Varbanov


  30. Janett Grady

    Love ABBA. Great video. We desperately need another ABBA...NOW!!!

    Kris A

    We sure do!

  31. victor navarro

    Abba before eurovision. Great in every aspect. History of world music from sweden.

  32. Peter Lejewaan

    i love Abba

  33. Galo Donoso

    I consider myself a big ABBA fan, but this is the first time I'm hearing this song and I LOVE IT

  34. Sandrina Rodrigues

    People need ABBA to see how wonderful life is when we love and respect each other

  35. Livia James

    This song is making me happy

  36. J_ G_

    the yodeling part is my favorite

  37. Gusdocs1

    Advert Absolute radio is truly dire Abba are amazing

  38. Anton Korf

    The beginning ❤️

  39. Onés Cervelin


  40. Samara Vieira

    A Frida parece uma cantora sertaneja

  41. city slicker

    Give them credit they deserve it🖒

  42. tim lodge

    New ABBA Music coming in the Fall of 2019.....

  43. mcquinn01

    Does anyone know what the yodeling means in English.?
    As sung, it sounded like...
    hoe-la-vow-ehl drrrritta-var,
    hoe-la-vow-ehl drrrritta-var,
    hoe-la-vow-ehl, drrrritta-var

  44. Gumby Shrimp

    Agnetha is such a cutie in this one

  45. Mihaela Ittu

    Fantastic! People need ABBA!❤

  46. Christina Hansen


  47. Martin's Travels

    A classic group. You won't get anybody like them again

  48. Michael Lee

    I am eagerly waiting for their new releases in 2019.

  49. Roberto Brito

    Best Pop Group of all time.

  50. Valeriy R

    Уникальное видео! 👍

  51. Sandrina Rodrigues

    Wow! Agnetha is so young!

  52. Finiasdrama world

    2019? 😍

  53. Liza Elliott

    This is one of those worldly wholesome songs that drive my fancy wild. Kind of like Heal the World. It makes you love people that much more, makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. If the world needs anything, it’s that. Promote the feeling, everybody! 😆❤️

  54. Junior17

    Were they yoddling at the end?! haha

  55. Mark Munroe

    One of the realest songs ever! ☺️🍧🦢

  56. Михаил Чашинский

    Йодль в конце ваще !

  57. BeeLee Good

    Frida yodelling???

  58. Ethan Ethan

    And that people, was the first song they ever did as a group.

  59. Гость 2020

    Как же это было давно.

  60. MontagZoso

    Fantastic, thank you! Love ABBA so much. The yodeling at the end is just awesome. People need ABBA!

  61. Kyle Duncan

    This is from before they were named ABBA. They seem to have used a temporary name of "Festfolket" here, which is a bit of a pun in Swedish: It would mean "Party People", however, "Fästfolk", which would be pronounced identically, is a (nowadays unfashionable) word meaning "People who are engaged but not yet married", which at the time was also a suitable label for these two couples.

  62. Dan Stickan

  63. Dan Stickan

    En dum kommentar - Hette de inte Fästfolket?

  64. cinnamon709

    Young Agnetha is a goddes

  65. Tomba 2

    Agnetha is so shy and so beautiful,!

  66. Dave Moishe

    I love ABBA. I absolutely despise this song.

  67. Don Brown

    it is amazing that this is on song!

  68. Katchen

    I love how Benny and Björn are always looking at the woman they love but Frida and Agnetha are just looking around the room xD

  69. Idaho

    Americans need to hear this song.

  70. Sasa Jung

    Agnetha is so beautiful, omg 😍

  71. Jon Gowan

    Well I don’t think 🤔 that any one ☝️ is going to try and bet them at what they do .

  72. ysaac wichmann

    YODELING !!!

  73. คงชัย แสงฤทธิ์

    No money

  74. Joseann Leer

    When the guys looked at the girls while singing their part. Too cute😍😩❤

  75. Johnny Caper

    this was my shit when I used to do whippits

  76. Claire Winchester

    one of my favorite !

  77. rob roberts

    Wow.............that sux.

  78. Stannis Baratheon

    altro che gente ha bisogno di SCOPARE!!!!!!

  79. Scott Phillips

    Yodeling... Love it...

  80. James Fredette

    People need Agnetha

  81. Karen M.

    that's such a flower power song, I never heard before 🤗

  82. Матвей Авдышо

    И мне всего два года...

  83. traficante de neskuik :v

    Que clase de "hey jude" es esta? :v

  84. Stephen King


  85. Graham Pearson

    Interesting that Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny and Frida are all participating in the vocals for this song. True to life this song.

  86. galier2

    The strangest about this clip is their clothing. They look so strange in normal outfits. We're so used to their flamboyant and extravagant clothes (for tax reasons) that normal does not fit.

  87. johan lawmte

    Yes people need love

  88. Jaqueline Crute

    Now compare this group with what just won this years Eurovision, utter crap that fat ugly can not sing is Israel artist, whilst this lot took Eurovision by storm and kept us going for years. And we listen and love them some 40 years later, no one will even know the Israel artist next year

  89. александр парфенов


  90. 121212

    Most annoying group ever...

    Francis Raluy

    If beauty and harmony bores you, then you have a problem

    blind sniper

    so go away from earth..

  91. Ирина Сергеева

    Агнета-лучшая певица всех времен и народов! И композитор!"!!!

  92. Daniel Ondráš

    People need music by ABBA

    Mr Wisdom

    Daniel Ondráš If your Swedish be proud. 🇸🇪

  93. David Jacob

    Agnetha is gorgeous ! 🌷

  94. ר. פ.

    Wow whete did you find this vintage clip 😀


    don't give love a chance,..

  96. Cherry vodka is canon

    0:19 irony was that they were icons for the lgbt community.

  97. Pierre Cardone

    What a great time in human history

  98. flipper Reppilf

    Hi Marius, auch ich möchte mich bei dir für die nice Zeit mit dir bedanken und freue mich auch auf die noch folgende Zeit. Mach das, was dir gefällt und enjoy das Leben. Du wirst das Leben schon ballern.

  99. flipper Reppilf

    Hellöö Marius, auf eine Ära, die in Italien begann. Wir und die anderen Idioten hatten immer viel Spaß zusammen, ob es nun beim Wandern zu gewissen Burgen oder beim Karen-hassen war. Ich bewundere dein Organisationstalent, obwohl dir die Chaotenbande da manchmal einen Strich durch die Rechnung macht. Bleib so nett wie du bist, vielleicht nicht ganz so, die kalte, dunkle Welt da draußen ist hart. Trotzdem alles Liebe und Gute für deine Zukunft 😊