ABBA - Crazy World Lyrics

I was out for the morning sun
Couldn't sleep so I thought I'd take a walk
I was thinking of you and me
And I went to your house 'cos I had to talk
I could hardly believe my eyes
When I saw this guy closing your front door
Had a feeling of emptiness
Like I've never had before

And I close my eyes
Will you leave me, girl?
And I realise
It's a crazy world

As he disappeared in his car
I was stunned and I didn't know what to do
Everything I had ever been
Everything in my life's a part of you
And I just couldn't move my feet
So I stood on the pavement as you came out
You acted as you didn't know
What it was all about

And I close my eyes
Will you leave me, girl?
And I realise
It's a crazy world

Baby how could you do it
You just told me lies
Had you been behind my back with other guys?
Baby how could you tell me
There was only me
I was stupid to believe you
I was blind but now I see

Then you smiled and you took my hand
"There is something," you said "that you may not know.
There's a couple of men in my life,
And one of them is my brother Joe.
He's been gone for a long long time
But he's back and I think he's gonna stay.
You'll be seeing a lot of him
He's so nice in every way."

And I close my eyes
Never leave me, girl
And I realise
It's a crazy world
So I close my eyes
Never leave me, girl
Then I realise
It's a crazy world

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ABBA Crazy World Comments
  1. 별꽃채송화

    He sung very well....but the women were better....ㅜㅠ

  2. Margaret Mkangala

    It is.true motion now is 2019

  3. tim lodge

    New Music coming in 2020 from ABBA i can't believe this beautiful song......Enjoy

  4. Dan Frost

    This was one of their b-sides, always thought it should have been an A Side.

  5. Tânia Mara Martini Pereira

    Essa música é triste e parece que fala deles! Eu não sei, mas parece que êle cabra com uma voz triste!

  6. Gate Night Productions

    I think the Love Theme from St Elmo’s Fire borrowed heavily from this

    Morning Sky

    Just had a listen and I have to agree there are some strong similarities. David Foster is credited with writing it in the mid 80's, so it's quite possible that Crazy World was the template.

  7. Alexander Brookes

    Another fantastic vocal from Bjorn.

  8. veronica greenough

    One of their best

  9. Tomy pratama


  10. Kerm Burt

    It's definitely one of my top 5 ABBA song's this song is great love it

  11. willt

    One of their weakest IMO


    I agree ^.^ but I still love it :D!!!!

  12. dalia hassan


    Alexander Brookes

    I do agree

  13. A. BoqnoF

    they are the best i love abba

  14. andynwlad

    Never heard that one before, thanks for sharing.

  15. Dmitry Shickov

    Perfect song

  16. nini bibilashvili


  17. Dave Moishe

    Gorgeous melody. Great arrangement. The lyrics bring it down though.


    I think that Bjorn sang only the songs whose lyrics were weaker

  18. Milo Van Houten

    This song doesn’t get enough attention

    Tiku Tiku

    I think so too.

  19. Roxy Music

    Hermosa canción ...😍

  20. Gusdocs1

    Bjorn had  such a nice voice ,and what an amazing songwriter

  21. Paul Henderson

    I love this song

  22. Crystal Phoenix

    The song should've been a single in its own right, not a B-side! This is an extraordinary balled and beautifully sung by Bjorn. This is definitely one of my fave ABBA ballads of all time.

    José Carvalho

    In this time of 45 rpm the B sides were always strong themes that most of the time could have been released as singles

  23. Julietta Julietta

    The best Bjorn's song.

    Simon Pinlaw

    Haven't you heard Rock me, or the incredible Suzy hang around ?

  24. shaun spadah

    forgot to tell u i had a brother

  25. linguafrancesca

    I don't think there is a more Swedish-looking person in the world than Agnetha Fältskog.


    You obviously have never seen Joe.

  26. Martti V

    She might have slept with her brother, but her brother is a robot, not a real person, so it's probably okay.

  27. Maks Rosebuster

    This song is sort of nice, but I'm not sure I can fully appreciate the lyrics. It's a little too silly the whole thing is around the fact a guy makes a ridiculous assumption about another guy who could be pretty much anyone. It's not like he caught them kissing or dancing together or anything. Some guy was closing the front door. Could be a lot of people. Could be even a god damn yoga instructor coming to give private lessons. Or a plumber she called to fix the sink. Turns out it was a brother. But you know what? It's a crazy world indeed, because I know for a fact situations like this happen in real life and people are stupid enough to jump to conclusions before they even ask.

    Natalie Harshman

    I think it was more like he made that assumption because it was so early in the morning when he saw the guy leaving. But I know what you mean.

    heathcliff darling!

    its just a song

  28. Giosia Perretta

    watch my cover of this song :)

  29. Yukiko Matsuda

    2 people here have a serious case of ear wax!Bjorn has a lovely sweet voice,and wow,i could listen to him singing forever!!!

    Iron Enthusiast

    6 people. 6 musically dead people. Fantastic song.

  30. Paul Bradley

    inspired by cat stevens ?

    Musiclover musiclover

    Abba never copied, abba tunes are always 100% original.

    Simon Pinlaw

    Well I am an Abba fan, but knowing a good song when I hear one, obviously I can hardly knock Cat Stevens. Morning has broken, and Mathew & son are an achievemnet in the pantheon of popular music. What do you mean by inspired ? If you are saying it is some sort of copy of a Cat Stevens song, tell which Cat Stevens song you think it resembles and I will give it a listen. You need to provide more detail and more evidence.

    Tomás Seeber

    @Simon Pinlaw He doesn't need to provide anything. See, it's just a fair question. If you don't agree, I recommend you listen to Cat Stevens more ;)

  31. Paul Bradley

    good enough to be an A side , now i have it on the reissued cd

  32. CuteC4thy

    to me all of ABBA songs are great! since i was young, 30 years ago....i love them so much...

  33. khoascience

    Oh gosh! How didn't I know this song? I couldn't find it in many hit collections of ABBA. Thank you for sharing it so as that I know one more pretty song of them <3

    Humphrey Bernard

    that's why I always ignore so called "hit songs" albums and choose my own taste and selections.

    David Parsons

    This song was unavailable until a few years ago. Love it.

  34. woobiefuntime

    Unless shes sleeping with her brother

  35. Toma Maria

    Here are the lyrics:

  36. MFlego81

    It's a lovely song ❤

  37. thugangel662

    0 Dislikes. Its not a crazy world after all (:

  38. goldheartbadge

    If 'Thank You For The Music' is Abba's 'Hey Jude', then 'Crazy World' is their 'Thank You Girl' - their classic non-album B-side. It was recorded for their eponymous 3rd album, but appears only on the CD reissue; it was originally issued as the flip to 'Money, Money, Money'. Whatever anyone says, Abba took over where The Beatles left off.

  39. grahamcoo

    The harmonies in this song are magical. Listen to the backing track to this song and see where it goes. Pure genius yet again from Benny and Bjorn.

  40. wawa96loveabba

    Wonderful song, beautiful montage.! :)

  41. ABBFridalicious

    Love the videos in sepia! I made one for this great song with a combination of pictures and vid parts. Dont really understand why Bjorn's leads are so underrated, this one in particular.

  42. Coco Chanel

    I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with this song :))

  43. Sian Edwards

    I dont think anyone can help but liking and singing along to this song!

  44. Ivory Inkwell

    i love this song! i'll put it on repeat when i'm on the tredmill. I wish this was played more oftern... Thanks for posting this song!