Abandoned Pools - Clone High Lyrics

Way way back in the 1980's
Secret government employees
Dug up famous guys and ladies
And made amusing genetic copies
Now their clones are sexy teens
Now they're going to make it if they tried
Loving, learning, sharing, judging
Time to laugh, and shiver and cry

Time to watch,
Clone high
Energetic and engaging
Clone high
Our angst is entertaining
Clone high
Our lives are never boring
Who am I?

There's a place that you can go to
And it's never very far
Famous people you can live through
If you don't know who you are
Why, there is so much to live up to
Expectations are so high
I'm not crying
It's my contacts
There must be something in my eye

You all must watch,
Clone high
Inspired and organic
Clone high
Possibly dramatic
Clone high
More fun than watching static
Where am I?
Clone high

Time to laugh, and shiver and cry...

I'll see you at
Clone high
I can't escape my name
Clone high
That's the price of fame
Clone high
Life is just a game
That's why...
Clone high

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Abandoned Pools Clone High Comments
  1. Luigi The Invader Zim Fanboy 2019

    R.I.P Clone High

  2. Ariyoko 44

    this show hit different.

  3. A .V

    They should of never canceled this show, who cares if people went on a hunger strike? The world has an obesity problem anyway

    Bring back Clone High

    sami6870 sami6870

    I get the spirit and I totally want a reboot or continuation but

    The hunger strikes were in india.
    I rather poor and starving country

  4. R DRAKE

    phil lord and chris miller. makes more sense now.

  5. 8-Ball Fracture

    People compare total drama to ANYTHING huh

  6. Indecisive

    My feelings. “I’m not crying it’s my contacts. There must be something in my eye”

  7. Droxx

    I hate that this is not on ITunes

  8. Droxx

    I hate that this doesn’t have a 2nd season... Today is the Prom!!!!

  9. Jarred Wise

    So it’s not weird al singing? Or is it?


    Nope, it's Abandoned Pools. The singer is Tommy Walter.

  10. Guitar Guy AKA The Doof Warrior

    The song has great sound, only if the lyrics weren’t forced to be about a TV show.

  11. Ladytrixiee

    JFK is the best character

  12. Tim Balch

    oooooh, Caligraphy!

  13. Raul Gatez

    I miss this show

  14. Star

    Underrated Theme Song. Relate to it like 500%.

  15. C H E T A L E X A N D E R

    I’m not crying you guys are

  16. TriEdgedPrism

    Damn the nostalgia is strong. Btw another show i liked in the same years, Undergrads, will make a movie. Fans like me pledged on kickstarter. I hope it makes you happy. Undergrads and Clone high were similar shows. I can't wait :)

  17. Conii RockerGirl

    #UnfreezeCloneHigh 😭

  18. Scott

    Follow me on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/panbugs
    Check out my new video + channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nSfOxC-f_A

    Commander Tunji

    Scott Kube I’ll pass

  19. Nicolas_15


  20. Slayerthecrow

    It begins like an all fun and cheerful song and becomes kind of sad and dark by the end

  21. floral romeo


  22. Dorkymations #


  23. Jeremiah Reno


  24. BACHUR

    I'll just comment what I say every single time I come across anything even vaguely Clone High related: NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENS TO THE KENNEDYS

  25. The Lady Karen

    Am I the only one that hears the theme song and just sits there like, "I've heard this before... I've heard something like this before"

  26. Meada

    I love clone high

  27. 1997residente

    Release Clone College...i know It exist in other dimensions !!

  28. Robert Bottoms

    "I'll leave you two alone because it looks like you're about to do it anyway!" Lmao so awesome. Tommy is one of the all time great song writers in my opinion. "I'm not crying, it's my contact, there must be something in my, eyyyye"

  29. Edward Davila

    2018 2019 What happened to claw hi the movie?

  30. Edward Davila

    Lotta down the final bill within the people got finished and he forgot 13 2003

  31. rake Ere

    Man in Miles Morales' universe in into the Spiderverse, the show was a hit, there's a movie poster for it in times square for God's sake. I'm starting to wish I was in that reality.

  32. simon

    "They're right under my eyebrows!"


    Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, anyone?? So cool that they added a brief reference of "Clone College!" Definitely would watch that!

    Jonathan Pinzon

    BAMFONY sure did.


    Where ???

  34. Shadow Wilson

    "I'm a Kennedy! I'm not accustomed to tragedy!"

  35. Aidan Francke

    I'm not crying
    It's my contact
    There must be something in my....

  36. iarley RMS

    Guess I'll like my own comment

  37. Zed

    I actually play this on aux lol

    It’s genuinely a good song

  38. zeldaed123

    I remember the first time I watched Clone High. It was immediately after an episode of Sunday Night Heat (which MTV aired for a while) and I instantly loved the show as I watched that first episode. The best part about this? I was just 9 years old. Obviously a lot of things went over my head (it was also the first time I found out there was such a thing as non-alcoholic beer), but little did Third Grade me know that I was going to relate with Abe a lot once I hit High School age. And I mean A LOT.

  39. Sarada Uchiha

    Best show ever

  40. Eric Poirier

    This song helped me discover one of my favorite bands 10/10

  41. darksideofevil13

    Really love the line “I can't escape my name.” Really sums up the conflict of the characters. Especially And who was most interested in living up to Lincoln.

  42. Kayla Arbury


  43. Truebones Motions Animation Studios

    I subbed you, thanks and cheers

  44. J- ic


  45. marshmallowbudgie

    they should've let Lord and Miller do "Solo"

  46. Bronson T

    If Clone High was remade, it'd be shit.

    Bronson T

    But I loved growing up with it.

  47. 23 Heathrow


  48. El Drupy


    Gunner Moomo

    It has the perfect setup to pick up at litterally any time they want so it just makes it sadder

    Rubben Caldderon

    Welcome to the year 6009 where we have finally rebooted the clone high series

  49. Siddartha Tummala

    Total Drama Island wishes it could compete with this


    It had the same artists and character designers on that show

  50. SHAO 73O

    There's nothing like this show.

    The closest thing I can watch is Scrubs only because it has a lot of the same voice cast.

  51. Sunky TV

    Clone high <3<3<3<3

  52. PicklePyro


    Skin Lizard



    *car flips*

  53. Gemz

    JFK Lookin High AF

  54. Andrew Pitts

    RIP Clone High.
    Your time came too soon.

  55. aesthetica

    It's the nostalgic kind of sounding rock of the 90s/00s era. Like a fusion of toad the wet sprocket, incubus and oasis

    Adriano Vaz

    Big muffs give it that specific sound

    Kristopher Ryan

    @Adriano Vaz agreed. that driven guitar sound was a major staple to alternative rock during that time. Pumpkins, Radiohead, and especially even Nirvana used it for many of their albums during that period.

  56. hokum ocarina

    Joan needs spine surgery

  57. Nadeko Nadeko

    This show came out when I was 3 but I have vague memories of it???

  58. monkeyarefunny23

    "Last year Abe said he was 15, this year he says he's 16. Which is it Abe?"

    Thunder1177 Weekly

    "Better get your story straight Abe!"

    Rubben Caldderon

    How’d JFK get my spaghetti video?

    Eternal Branches

    @Rubben Caldderon JFK would like to thank Joan of Arc for her help on this ad


    “G-Spot rocks the G-Spot”

    Armascout the Armageddon scout

    “Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys” Crashes car.
    I don’t know if that better or worse than being sniped

  59. TheCanadianBeast

    My abs are so hard you can GRATE CHEESE ON THEM!!!



  60. Scarlett

    whisper whisper, hush hush

  61. Ryland Cook

    Clone High was a fantastic cartoon, but it would be nothing without Tommy Walters amazing music

  62. Toxic_Syndicalist 75

    We need to kickstart this shit like NOW!

  63. Atticus Rex


    Courageous Nova

    The Dugler

  64. CapitalCrow

    I await your resurrection Clone High, one day one day 😢
    What!? I'm not crying it's my contact there must be something in my eyeeeee

  65. Anthony And Comics

    This show was amazing

  66. Gamer's Blood

    Never forgive never forget

  67. Othman Al abdulhadi

    I wish I've seen the series when I was younger and I wish that they continued on the show 😞😞😞😞

  68. Abelardo Inocente

    para ser una serie tonta de humor , tiene el  mejor opening

  69. Evil Jester

    god netflix needs to make a new season of this asap like they did with young justice

  70. Gamer's Blood

    I mean this show is free speech now we're just gonna let those East Indians fucks take that away from us those shitty smelling Indians needs to understand that ghandi's already is dead and all of the characters are fucking dead their just fucking CLONES can't you shits understand that

  71. cln

    Does anyone know any bands or songs that have this similar sound and vibe? I love it!

    Courageous Nova

    Nirvana kinda :>

    Avery Jenson

    Just check out Abandoned Pools, the “band” that created and performed the song. They’re great. If you want more, check out late 90s-2000s alternative- stuff like Jimmy Eat World, Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, Silversun Pickups, etc. I’d recommend checking out the show’s OST as it includes bands like the Gloria Record, Student Rick, Sunday’s Best, Helicopter Helicopter, Mooney Suzuki, among others.

    Corvin Bass

    If you want something to listen to that's like this maybe go for this song: Colors Custom English Mix by Trocadero

  72. Steal the painkillers

    I think if Clone High would be too different if it came back. Or maybe we'd be too different.

  73. Salt Factory



    it's Kennedys, not kennedies

    Hype Kill

    @TunaTic I know that comment was over 2 years ago but I think that was a play on words considering most of the Kennedys died unnaturally


    @Hype Kill Really? Wow, I would've never figured that out

  74. Mandi Lee

    I'm a Kennedy, I'm not accustomed to tragedy.

  75. bordei aurel

    This full song sounds like a brainwashing song to MUST watch Clone High

  76. Dustin Saunders

    I will be completely fine with them changing ghandi to whatever they have to if it gets the show going again. as long as they just dont cut him out entirely. cause this show will never continue if ghandi stays the same cause we will have indian protesters all over again.

    Émeric Houde

    T'was supposed to be revealed in the next season that Ghandi was in fact the clone of some rapper instead, if only India would've been a bit patient.

  77. Hobgoblin 99

    If Young Justice can finally get a season 3 after years of the fans demanding one, I feel there's hope this amazing show can return someday! Hell even the creators said they' like it back!

  78. mark twain

    "I didnt see it coming either and by it I MEAN ME hahe"

  79. Waffle Iron

    I love the start

  80. Gabriella Victoria

    why why why did it have to end after 1 season? :(

    Meta snoosnoo

    Gabs Man because people wouldn't shut the fuck up about ghandi.

    Meta snoosnoo

    Gabs Man because people wouldn't shut the fuck up about ghandi.

    Gabriella Victoria

    it's a shame, man.

  81. Soi Boi

    Season 2 never dropping, just like all those chief keef mixtapes on spinrilla

  82. Dr_whats_his_name

    Who came here from rebel taxi!?

  83. Diego Jose

    Here thanks to the RebelTaxi a.k.a PanPizza

  84. Captain Weekend

    God this song is fucking meta

  85. jeff mcclure

    Abandoned Pools and Clone High. Two very underrated entities.

    Ryland Cook

    God damn, Abandoned Pools is so criminally underrated. Tommy Walter is such a fascinating musician and it's sad to see his work buried by overrated pieces of shit.

    Avery Jenson

    +Ryland Cook also sucks to see he likely dropped out from making albums and is instead composing music for advertisements. Don’t even know what he’s doing now.

    ? Mr. E

    Abandoned Pools and Sunny Day.

    Seems to make more sense

    Diddler on the roof

    Clone high started my love for the abandoned pools


    jeff mcclure Sunny Day = Best Song

  86. Count Dooku

    Why isn't this on iTunes!?

  87. Tacticool Tourist

    Anyone else really love the bass in this?

    Jam _

    Sure the bass is good in this song but I like the drums better imo

    Leon The Strange

    Most stuff from the abandoned pools has great bass work

  88. Sueno Princess

    Someone should fan fiction of this show so that we can get a satisfying ending pllleeeasseee

  89. The Shitposter

    *whispering* DENTAL DAM *whispering*

  90. Nicholas Canez

    Did you see the pool, they flipped the bitch

  91. TheMasterXemnas

    "More fun than watching static." The best advertisement for a television series that I've ever seen.

  92. The Ultimate gamer /snail

    Put this on Spotify bitch

    Meta snoosnoo

    The Ultimate gamer /snail >not illegally downloading the show and mp3. pleb

  93. Corinthian

    Such an underrated show. Here's to hoping it'll come back. One of these days...

    Chicken Stripz

    @Gamer's Blood especially from a Canadian. Isn't "ol Cernada" known for being non racist?

    Gamer's Blood

    Chicken Stripz how is that racist what's racist is what hitler did

    Chicken Stripz

    @Gamer's Blood you're being racist by hating on a group of people due to their race. Because they cancelled your favorite tv show. Get over it. It's been cancelled for 15 years now.


    The fuck is even happening here
    The true story is that they got offended by the portrayal of Gandhi (the fact that he got beat up in episode 2 didn't help) and threatened to go on a hunger strike. The show got cancelled because of that and the terrible ratings.


    Wgen everything is a reboot, we can onoy hope

  94. Shaymin Craft

    The first picture made me think... in episode 3... HOW THE *FUCK* DID THEY KISS?!

  95. CommentPoster10

    "My abs are so firm you can grate cheese on them!" -JFK

    The Sneezing Picture

    "No, no, no! Lyke dis: 'Fo-uh suppah I, er, uh, wahnt ah pahty PLATTAAAAAAH!'"

  96. Bubby_25


  97. Faxerton30




    @***** Thanks!

    Sean Ferguson

    well I'll just leave you two alone BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR ABOUT TO DO IT ANYWAY!!

  98. The Cartoonfan

    This theme is so awsome but i miss the show

  99. Bropup

    -Abe Lincoln