Abandon All Ships - Shake Your AAS Lyrics

Come on!
Come on!

The night is young,
Can you feel the heat?
We got nothing to loose.
(We got nothing to loose.)
This is all we do,
Now can you feel the beat?
It's a party.
(Its a party.)

So leave your problems at the door.
If you come then you better have them no more.
So leave your problems at the door.
If you come then you better have them no more.
So leave your problems at the door.
If you come then you better have them no more.
So leave your problems at the door.

Come on!
Come on!

Lets go!

We never thought that it would come to this.
We never thought that it would come.
We never thought that it would come to this.
We never thought that it would come to this.

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Abandon All Ships Shake Your AAS Comments
  1. Sam Core

    Not bad.

  2. Malcolm Oliver


  3. pyroimaniac15

    Obviously he was able to do both i just think he should drop base and go back to drumming, he is kick-ass at the double-bass

  4. pyroimaniac15

    Did anyone know that for this album, Martin Broada(The clean vocalist) did drums for this self titled album... like if you listen to the new albums, like infamous and think that martin broada should be the drummer again!

  5. jefferson modesto

    too much "ETF" hahahaha... sad :(

  6. TheNoviath

    Because it's on Abandon All Ships

  7. S. IX


  8. Nivlektehfudger

    I'm guessing it's like this /watch?v=qp_zyuo0W2o

  9. Tim

    I remember a friend telling me about these dudes when they practically didn't exist. Now they have merch in Hot Topic. Awesome:)

  10. TheShadowHunter4

    2:15 - 2:17 BEST PART

  11. Nadav Knoller

    its on their self titled EP instead

  12. MrCoke

    because is a EP ^^

  13. BitterShadow

    ok, cool story bro

  14. BitterShadow

    ok, cool story bro

  15. BitterShadow

    u cant blame em, timmys is the best

  16. JapWaf


  17. Nivlektehfudger

    "Nothing Bro, just at YD"

    "Hey Man Come to Timmy's"

    lol only people from Toronto xD

  18. Sunnie

    Leave your problems at the door <3

  19. Speedy Rabbit

    @xViZoNZx you mean FaZe Agony?? when did he use this song on any of his montages?? I recently found out about this band through a friend of mine, had no idea he Agony used this song

  20. IShadoxI

    Love ♥

  21. Dre S

    Ha this was my first time hearing this song n in the beginning i was like umm wtf ahaha xP

  22. Marceline Batista

    ahahahhhhh <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  23. Blackivy22

    OMFG anyone who doesn"t like this band needs to shut the fuck up and go listen to something else!!!!!

  24. fallenangelxoxoable

    i love the guitar solo ^_^

  25. Tom Kiely

    shuthefuckup, using screamo to describe any genre of music is just terrible.

  26. Its always been Wankershim!

    @xmosh4everx then dont listen to their shit, fucking idiot

  27. lecram1000000

    i think one person is an idiot how thumps not up

  28. Steven

    angelo aita is my italian teachers son

  29. Matthew Morales

    favourite song from aas next to megawacko 1.0 (^o^) sounds like sumthing id find on a ddr track or sumthing theyd play on scott pilgrim xD

  30. Anthony Carey

    The guitar riff sounds a bit like the one in Rise Against - Historia Calamitatum ... even know it's a completely different style of music.

  31. trter10

    1 person doesn't olike to shake their AAS

  32. gwarkill


  33. SubswiftTV

    @whoyoucallinturkey Fuck off, People have different tastes in music, but you wouldn't understand that because your an ignorant 9 year old fuck.

  34. ItzMorphinTime22


  35. xwarlockx69

    the end breakdown is there intro.

  36. Xander D.

    @UnderWearNinjas the reason no radio would take AAS is because they're just too awesome to be placed with mainstream music :D

  37. Scott Benstead

    epic scream at 2:16 !! gotta love it.

  38. Scott Benstead

    epic scream at 2:16 !! gotta love it

  39. Cletus

    Haha my name is Angelo and the beginning made me shit myself.

  40. Dylan Reykdal

    they should have put this song on the album

  41. danii nero


  42. 38snipshow

    "nothing much bro, just flexin my chest" HAHAH and 2:20 is the sexiest thing i've ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. Josh A

    i cant believe how bad there new album is when there EP was fucking fantastic

  44. Taylor Williams


  45. BleedingxRainbow

    this shit makes me smile

  46. Sergio Gonzalez

    @TimmyChilders1 FAAAIIL!

  47. Rockin818

    @xDBFDx thats exactly what i mean, like i wish muchmusic would actually play good music... like im so sick of katy perry and justin bieber and all that shitt.. like i feel bad for people like abandon all ships because they work so hard, and some people dont even get noticed

  48. 4tw4ever

    @justinbieber171 ROFLMAO at your name. i am big and bad, you'll find that out once im in your mouth.

  49. Vinsanity2K

    @UnderWearNinjas hell im gonna make a radio station just to play the guys lol

  50. Tim

    okay i went to hot topic and there was a blue blessthefall shirt and next to it was a blue brokencyde shirt i accendentally grabbed the brokencyde shirt and bought it. when i got home i took it out of the bag and was like WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKK!

  51. xNeroTheSablex

    @4tw4ever i was being sarcastic. chillax :)
    idk how the lead singer looks like, and i bet he can't be more overrated than Oli Sykes.... srsly

  52. mraidanful

    @4tw4ever lol if we aas fans got haters, then we know were doin somethin right, bakerboys all day! shake junt shake junt shake junt

  53. Rockin818

    im sooo glad abandon all ships is getting noticed, ive been to a couple of their shows. honestly stereos has no talent to these guys, even if your not a fan of their music they are way more talented, stereos cannot sing for shit live.. ive seen them they sound like the lead singer inhaled helium and is trying to sing.. just terrible. goo AAS <3

  54. slyman will

    HA radio bastards i should start a metal radio station and im pretty sure alot of ppl would listen to it whos with me

  55. 4tw4ever

    @metallica41070 yeah, please, do us all a favour and get this shit on the airwaves so it can clog my stereo with filth. you dont get it clearly, these guys arent on the radio because theyre BAD, not because radio sucks. i mean, radio does suck, but if radio sucks as is and these guys cant even get on, what does that tell you about their quality of music? fag.

  56. 4tw4ever

    @xNeroTheSablex not enough autotune? youre fucked. oh, and these guys cant get played on the radio because screamo's going the way of ska: death. sorry to break it to you. as for their lyrics not being about sex/drugs, this song is CALLED shake your aas, its about reaching a live jam. god youre stupid. typical AAS fan. i bet you love the lead singer. you guys should get a room.

  57. xNeroTheSablex

    @metallica41070 AWWWWW YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!
    please do. how isn't accepted in the radio?
    OH! I'm sorry. This genre doesn't have enough generic beats, lyrics about sex and drugs, and not enough autotune.
    My bad. Parents sure don't want kids to listen to stuff that isn't suckish and subliminal. n00dz to you on the radio station thing :D

  58. brandy b

    @AussieFlush thats like the whole song lol

  59. KillSwitch66627

    @Jeimii84 ok, so u got it completely wrong, please troll something else

  60. Nick Shahfazlollahi

    Lol knowing angelo they didnt go on disband to get signed, they went to get noticed

  61. baileyblue

    These guys are amazing live, hands down. Probably one of the best DisBAND winners yet. Just goes to improve Canadian pride <3

  62. CartersOtherChannle

    Tomarrow is there muchmusic finale show thing like they did with stereos

  63. Charles Wiggand

    waxing my chest, something about dirty tits, tvs, and 25 minutes LOL theyre such beautys

  64. aporchmonkey

    they have more fans then what the stereos and other fags on disband had when they started off.

    Not hard to top 200 fans, all the bands on that show suck ass, including these guys. Decide what type of music you want to play, don't take Rihanna, Emmure, Lil Wayne & T-Pain and throw them into one.
    TRASH, so sad, I'm assuming they're Canadian, almost as much as an emberrassment to us as Belly.

  65. thetoughcheese


    The whole fucking song is eargasmic! :D:D:D:D:D

    It's so fucking awesome. :D

  66. Rayne Williams

    aw come on.. you know it's true

  67. shandyandy0

    ur fucked

  68. gac3la


  69. n3rdslife1864

    lol u actualy need lyrics?

  70. Rayne Williams

    If you do enough research you'll notice that this band, attack attack, brokencyde, breathe carolina and all the other scenecore bands are actually one band that dress up differently for each band they play as, they also slightly change the tuning and tempo of the breakdowns to try and make their songs sound different from each other.

  71. RealTalkative

    DUDE SOMEONE FIND THE LYRICS TO THIS SONG. ITS FREAKIN IMPOSSIBLE. please i need it. good vid awesome song

  72. darkfinch99

    really you need lyrics ?

  73. kylef8

    is the mom speaking portuguese? xD

  74. Jonathan Lau

    does anyone have lyrics for this band?

  75. Kasperi Divekaniemi

    abandon all ships is a lot different, i like them more, but attack attack is a lot heavier, but if you compared their breakdowns AAS would destroy AA

  76. iSlayEskimos

    Attack Attack and Abandon All ships are like the same. :]

  77. XoPOOKIEoX

    Enter Shikari - Sorry youre not a winner
    there like attack attack but better and they have been around longer :) plus there british LMAO

  78. Kamilio Oliveras

    i like attack attack and abandon all ships equally but brokencyde is fuckin gay

  79. CSSlTheDonut

    Both are really good.

  80. Franco Moulin


  81. towa7

    whats the opening to this supposed to be?

  82. brenttester


    AAS FOR [email protected]!!!1111

  83. Keoman101

    AAS 4 LIFE!!!!!1