Ab-Soul - Sapiosexual Lyrics

[Intro - B-Diddy:]
You recording bitch!
Great minds... fuck each other
Uh, Let-Let me fuck your mind
(YMF Nigga)

[Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:]
Na-Nasty motherfucker might fuck without a rubber-
Ducky, if you're lucky
Only if you're lucky though, don't tell my mother
Am-Am I too blunt? She said uh-uh, then I lit the blunt
Young Mind Fuck, what the fuck?
She was such a...

[Hook - Ab-Soul & KR:]
Sapio Sexual
(think about it baby)
Let me fuck your mind
Let me-Let me fuck your mind
Let me hit it from the back, let me hit in rewind
Sapio Sexual
Sapio Sexual
(Think about it)
Let me fuck your mind
(She got that thing twerking)
Let me-Let me fuck your mind
(She got that thing twerking)

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul:]
Let me choke ya up (murder scene!)
Let me poke ya up (bomb bomb)
Pussy make you wanna call 9 (one, one)
Greatest of all time Like Mike (one, one)
Check mine (one two)
Now your brain is (All mine!)
Make it rhyme, why you worry about my double enten
To-Tongue on the clit, finger fucking (Throwing gang signs)
Oh shit, know them hoes told you bout the Druggies
Might lick your asshole don't judge me (Don't Wuwwy!)
Young Mind Fuck, what the fuck? yeah I'm in this bitch
And I'm in your bitch, ain't that a bitch? I'm looking like (Switch!)
Light switch, click, then I'm in the mall like swish! (Baller mayne)
You with the hips, you and your uterus could use a lift
Uh, kiss the lips on your face and below your waist (Mwah)
Asking rhetorical questions like "who's is this?"
There is Only 1
She got that thing twerking and one thing is for certain
Yeah she a...


[Bridge - Isaiah Rashad:]
Take em to church!
If you don't know man, better ask somebody
(Let me fuck your mind!)
If you don't know man, better ask somebody
Somebody, somebody, somebody
If you don't know man, If you don't know man
Better ask somebody!

[Verse 3 - Ab-Soul:]
Whatever you choose, whatever you do make sure he a thug and intelligent too (True)
Dumb as ditch but they'll still school you
Make you happy but fuck you like he mad at you
Pull your weave back, (lick around your areola)
Never sober (Always getting bent) Bent over!
Haha no really though, bend over and touch your toes mami, let me see what you can do
Crizzle my scrilla, Soulo that nigga
Cole World!
Uh, little nasty
This one for my...


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Ab-Soul Sapiosexual Comments
  1. ItsyoBoyNate

    Sounds like a Timbaland beat

  2. cas

    Weirdest bassline ever

  3. A. Ibnou YNWA

    Prod by J.Cole 👌🏿🔥

    Lee X0

    A. Ibnou YNWA 😮 oh shit I gotta pay attention that’s wassup 💯 thanks

    Manuel Hill

    They should say that on the track credits

  4. t merkabah


  5. Sifu Wanka

    This song needs to be heard by more

  6. Malia Bassett

    My boyfriend dedicated this song to me

    Jennifer Alvarez

    Malia Bassett GIRL SAME hahahaha

    Adam Harmon

    Either of you girls still dating these dudes haha?

  7. Donte Bell

    mind fuck from a ymf