Ab-Soul - Kendrick Lamar's Interlude Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar:]
24/7, 365, motherfucker I'm still right on time
Oh you thought you had me all figured out?
Take it from the horses mouth, you'll never understand me
I told you, my Plan B is to you win your hearts before we win a grammy
These Days ain't shit changed
Different toilet, same shit... and I drank a whole gallon of laxatives by accident just to shit on you has-beens
Had it been for my past tense, I wouldn't be rapping
See these streets made me, broke me down, built me up, drove me crazy
Made me hungry, made you hate me, but fuck love
It don't make dollars it don't make sense nigga
By the way that's DJ Quik nigga
Respect or check it
These Days I'm a little more focused cause y'all cracked the door and I kicked it open,
yellin' get the fuck down or I will shoot
I told you [gunshots] not to motherfuckin' move!
Be another example, I'll take the whole industry hostage if I have to
I'll sabotage this game, a good kid? Yeah that's only in my mama's eyes
I seen a dead body at five and that shit made me traumatized
So These Days, a little blood on my hands ain't nothing compared
To hopping out a minivan, with a mini 22 3s and the homie TuTu
Two more YGs
Ain't nobody got time for that!
These Days it's only time for rap!
So Herbert Anthony Stevens, you make or break bread before we break even
Before they broke our records we broke records and wrote pieces, of history
So These Days? These accolades are meant for we
It's only truth that this shit was meant to be

[Ab-Soul & BJ The Chicago Kid:]
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam

Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam
Life's in a Traffic Jam

Life's in a Traffic Jam

Shit... what more did you expect? HiiiPower
For the most part, we go hard for the respect
I'm obviously ominous to my competition and if I ain't better than Kendrick than nobody is then!
We shared our life with you, shared our light with you even in the darkest of hours
In hopes that one day, just maybe, one day the world'll be ours
Ha, and now they look up to us like towers for rhyming like we had super powers
They should've never let us in these offices...
Knowing good and God-damn well how well we've been ducking officers
Laughing at the scraps they offered us in the past
And now we toast champagne to the thirst we never had!
I had my ups and downs but I always left right
Rest In Peace Alori Joh...
TopDawg for life!

And oh yeah...

I watch that fire that we have gathered around and see that it burns similar to the fire that is inside you...

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Ab-Soul Kendrick Lamar's Interlude Comments
  1. Pach Pacheco

    Kendrick Lamar’s interlude > Ab Souls outro

  2. Young Conscious

    I miss this side of Kendrick. That side where Kendrick sounds angry in almost every song he's featured in even his own songs like "The Blacker The Berry". Tech N9ne's "Fragile" is a prime example of where he was featured and he had that angry delivery and his flow on there was insane🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. YungPipeCleaner -

    When the hostage tries to escape 1:16

  4. Obnoxious Kool-Aid

    "I take the whole industry hostage if I have to" many people probably think hes being too cocky but Kendrick could if he wanted to

    Oshane w

    He did. He solidified his presence as king. All hail king kendrick; king kunta; kung fu Kenny; K dot; Cornrow kenny.

    Obnoxious Kool-Aid

    @Oshane w yes!

  5. Obnoxious Kool-Aid

    1:16 I. 💥🔫 TOLD. 💥🔫 YOU. 💥🔫 💥🔫 NOT. TO. MOTHER. FUCKING. MOVE!

  6. ssj4goku18825theepic

    Who knew this was our introduction to tpab basically and considering this was 2013-14 Kenny only helps more

  7. K B

    Y’all some smart ppl lol

  8. The Princess Machiavellian


  9. Sidney Mosley

    "...Get the fuck down or I will shoot! *I TOLD. YOU. NOT. TO MOTHER. FUCKIN. MOVE!"*

  10. Jario

    Top 10 Kendrick verse soley for his aggression

  11. hiiipower iii

    So basically this was Kendrick letting us know what TPAB was gonna sound like


    hiiipower iii he ripped the mic

  12. SimpleGamer

    Terrace Martin kills this song. I'm always waiting for that solo at the end. Need an instrumental.

  13. Gilbert Lopez

    How the fuck does this not have over a million views? 🤔

  14. Vulpes Dolosus

    Different toilet same SHHHHHHIT

  15. shark canada

    kendrick goes fucking insane on this song. what a gem.

  16. Sunday Shobowale

    This could have been on TPAB

    KiiNg LeWis

    Sunday Shobowale Hell Yeah!!!!! It could've my g I just noticed that.


    Sounds like a track that didn't make it honestly. It has that signature sound that TPAB had

    Vincent Gordon

    Ab souls outro as well

  17. Tyler Jax

    Is there a instrumental to this?? god this track is amazing.

  18. Daniel Fogbawah

    Kendrick and ab soul did somethin similar to this but it was on section 80 which came out in 2011

  19. Keyser Soeze

    terrace martin lowkey killed this track...fya

  20. Kendall Harris-Burton

    Life's is a traffic jam

  21. Onise Okriashvili

    that god damn motherfucking sax solo holy tits

  22. Jacob Buffetta

    why all my favorite Kendrick songs less than 50,000 views lmao

    Ibrahim Audu

    Lol, hell even I am confused at this. I know that Absoul's outro is better than this but damn, I didn't expect the views on this to be so low. I mean, it's really good.

    Mike J

    Its now 51k we made it

  23. Shaggy Rogers

    This song always has me feelin good

  24. Chuck Jay

    Man Idk If This Will Make Sense But I Felt Like I Just Listened To A Mirror Reflection Of Ab-Soul's Outro...Ab Soul And Kendrick Lamar Together Is Like Shaq And Penny, Kendrick Is Shaq And Soul Is Penny

  25. Isaac Aye

    "Had my ups and downs, but I always left-right."🌹

  26. Isaac Aye

    The masses are too stupid for this song to be popular. It explains why it only has around 20 something thousand views.

    K B

    Isaac Aye fr

  27. Tha Realest

    Love this interlude. Seems like Spoken Word Poetry to me

  28. Serene

    shared our life witchu shared our light witchu, even in the darkest of hours.

  29. The Villain

    I just noticed: These Days Ellipsis T D E

  30. Zach

    at the time of this comment only 15.9k views? what s goddamm shame this shit is next level

  31. Malik Wilfalk

    this is like the start to tpab

  32. PsychicFrog

    “Get the fuck down or I will shoot, I told you not to motherfucking move" lmao

    ZayJuice Jenk

    i love that shit


    +PsychicFrog hell yea

    danny hernandez

    @xavier jenkins

    Tha Realest

    Gets me every single time


    i laughed so hard when i heard this part!

  33. Leonitus

    where can I find the instrumental to this?

  34. Leonitus

    where can I find the instrumental to this?

  35. Jonny Blaze

    Kendrick the shit dawg. Soul got Skillz too

  36. vash elray

    Sorry Kendrick but Absouls Outro was was better

    Nolan DoubleU

    vash elray what's your life about


    TBH i don't want for Kendrick X J Cole to Collaborate on a LP . I would rather hear a
    Ab Soul X Kendrick LP &
    J Cole X Wale LP .

    Christian Love

    Goldens Beauvais naw

    K B

    Goldens Beauvais I still want this shit 😂😂


    TBH i don't want for Kendrick X J Cole to Collaborate on a LP . I would rather hear a
    Ab Soul X Kendrick LP &
    J Cole X Wale LP .


    To be honest I'd likely that

    Cold February

    Goldens Beauvais shit i dont think the world would be able to handle any of those collaborations

  39. krissy

    How can anyone not love this ? This is beautiful. This is music. This is life.

    Ontayy Ri'Cardo

    krissy It’s Beautiful That a True Queen like yourself listen to this and not Always Up Cardi B or Nicki Ass

  40. Bianca Sanchez

    life is a traffic jam.

    Frank Sanchez

    From the film girdlok'd feature Tupac Shakur, Tim Roth and thandie Newton.

  41. Jadealex

    Lol this is kinda like a continuation of Ab-Souls Outro on Kendricks Section 80 album.


    +BlackGirlFly i must of confused my self when you said " I'll check out spiritual successor "


    @haloskater24​ Oh, ok. It's not a song? lol.


    +BlackGirlFly lol yea my b

    Prema El

    thats exactly how i listen to them

    Tyrell Pittman

    BlackGirlFly both are by terrace Martin also

  42. gussanchez

    There's a reason Soul made his debut album the way he did, he's sacrificing his debut album. Notice the cover of this album, it's Jesus like and Jesus sacrificed his life, well Soul is sacrificing his first album with the first half as the music compared to the radio music these days.. shit the album is even called These Days lol. However the second half of the album, after this song is when it really starts, it's the real Soul we know. Sounds like a good idea on paper but didn't come out as expected probably.

    Aggressive Banana

    except this isn't his debut album.


    +calsepher lol right people try so hard to find the truth of something, and assume their right or can read the minds of the artist ,

  43. gussanchez

    This is when the real album starts

  44. Waranish

    absoul dropped the ball on this album

    masih Abdullah

    +PipBoy hell no everybody knows this was the worst project to drop from a tde member he had mainstream beats with mainstream conceots when he is not the rapper good at talking about what he has hence why peoples favorite songs off this lp is this and stigmata

    Ra S

    +Waranish ab-soul said this album isnt understood, it actually connects to control system, that 'these days" is him, an artist following the control system. its actually, as a body of work, deeper than people think. but from this perspective, it's pretty much a throw away imo.

    Theoretical A.C.E

    +masih Abdullah Let me break Ab-souls album down for you.

    "hell no everybody knows this was the worst project to drop from a tde member he had mainstream beats with mainstream conceots "

    You do understand that this album was a parody of today's rappers hence "these day's" And also don't think you guys understand TDEs features either notice they use examples of rappers on features

    Kendrick- Poetic Justice ft Drake--- Song was about being poetic and writing your own raps what did we find out later? Drake doesn't write his stuff

    School Boy Q- What they want ft 2 stainz---Song is about the mainstream audience and what type of rappers they want.

    Ab soul- Never mind that ft Rick Ross--- Song is about how rappers fake their way into rhymes by acting out something they aren't.

    Rock is the only person that didn't go by that concept.


    +Theoretical A.C.E Exactly man , thank you for take the words and put it together good like this! Just as i would say.. :)

    Nolege _

    +Theoretical A.C.E you just made me see things entirely different, thank you for that 👊🏻

  45. P3NGU1N07

    woah, that aggression is maddd

  46. jimmy nunez

    How does this not have more views... or comments???

    Dax Browne

    +jimmy nunez right? lol