Aaron Watson - That's Why God Loves Cowboys Lyrics

He wanted someone who loves the land as much as he does
Someone who knows the blessings of a good hard rain
Somebody simple and strong that he knows he can count on
Soft as the wind yet bold enough to bless his name

That's why God loves cowboys I believe there's a place in his heart
Cause when the hurt needs tending and fences need mending
He knows they'll work hard
On his great big ranch called life cause they love and take care
Of all his creations from the horses they ride
To those broken hearted honky tonk angels
Oooh oooh that's why God loves cowboys

He knew they'd need room to breathe and freedom
So he gave ‘em Texas and those big Montana skies
He was there when he heard those prayers comin' from Cheyenne
Right beside that young man on his last ride

That's why God loves cowboys I believe there's a place in his heart
Cause when the hurt needs tending and fences need mending
He knows they'll work hard
On his great big ranch called life cause they love and take care
Of all his creations from the horses they ride
To those broken hearted honky tonk angels
Oooh oooh that's why God loves cowboys

Oooh those cold nights get lonely
He needs more than just a good fire to keep him warm
Oooh there's nothing more holy
Than the love of a woman to weather life's storm

That's why God loves cowgirls, I believe there's a place in his heart
Cause when the herd needs tending and the fences needs mending
He knows they'll work hard, on his great big ranch called life
Cause they love and take care of all its creations
From the horses they ride to those broken hearted honky tonk heros
That's why God loves cowgirls
That's why God loves cowboys

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Aaron Watson That's Why God Loves Cowboys Comments
  1. Hadley Carr

    who is better than Aaron Watson

  2. Joseph Matthews

    A good ol country song and thank god I'm a cowboy

  3. Colten Orton

    i don't even need to comment. just read through the comments and hit the like button on all of them

  4. Tiffany Dale Jansky

    Beautiful song Aaron Not into the religion thing but excellent song Good work

  5. Alex Ricas

    Funny how country music is timeless - I have been listening to country most of my life and haven't came across this song, until the other day. I guess, thats why God loves cowboys. Greetings from Copenhagen, cup of coffee and ready to throw a dip in, jamming to country music!


    Lol this is boring I like country like old town road 😂 LMAO jk I'm honestly waiting for my country girlfriend to appear

  7. Black powder Productions

    And might I add Aaron is trying to walk the path that Praises Jesus Christ , and THATS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF LIFE 🙏🐑🥰☝️💖😇
    Love ya brother , keep up with his word

  8. Frank Gonzalez Official

    Born in México raised in Texas here. Fajitas and brisket, coronas and Bud Light. God bless country music.

  9. Slots and poker

    Radio need to play real country music not that city type country music.

  10. Rae Keams

    Aaron Watson is awesome .

  11. Juanita Buron

    7:38pm 7/7/19

  12. Jay Cruz

    Long live horsemen to

  13. Khanspiritor NRG

    Why isn’t this song on corporate radio? Sure beats that junk that coming out of Nashville!

  14. Face value

    What would earth be with out cowboys, God, and our gifted land

  15. Matt Burns

    who's listening in 2019?

  16. Talyn Phillips

    I love how he is still remembering lane frost in this song

  17. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  18. Chandler Fairchild

    Still listening, 2019?

  19. Bongos and Lemonheads

    You can not go wrong with this song 🤠 Its like a breath of fresh air ❤

  20. nick wilsom

    It a good song but to me it’s like a prayer that he trying to tell use

  21. Blake4966

    Thank you for this song

  22. Wacey Hudson

    💯 R.I.P Virgil Hudson!! Cowboy Koo!!!! 💔💯

  23. Billy J. Acevedo

    Anyone listening to this jam on 2018 it’s theee best

  24. Vito Simone

    True blue country at its best. Great job Aaron. Keep em' coming. God bless you all

  25. G Jean Dobson


  26. Emily Kissire

    I LOVE AARON WATSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Angel Marie Wheeler

    True country! Long Live Cowboys!!

  28. Chris Green

    God bless Cowboy's all over the world.... New Mexico born n raised ranch n rodeo cowboy here.

  29. Carlos Vieira

    Thank you LORD...im a Proud cowboy from Dallas TX born and raised.

  30. Marie Halsey

    Howdy.... does anyone remember the 2005 song by Craig Morgan....That's What I Love About Sunday? Another good one. I remember hearing Why God Loves Cowboys and thought specifically of a few guys I knew. Because they know what hard work and love is about.

    Torrie !

    Ohh I love Craig Morgan❤

  31. cacaw cacaw

    I'm surprised social media hasn't made him bigger than he is. I wander if we tie up the phone lines at the radio stations if they would play him

  32. mt Sanchi

    love the music, im from tx, but god doesn't exist xc
    yeah atheists like good country too.
    definitely the worst sing in the album but still good shit.

  33. Christopher Kramer

    This is my favorite song of Aaron Watson

  34. Christopher Kramer

    This is not favorite song of Aaron Watson

  35. Chaz B.

    Well put!!!

  36. Jadyn Portales

    I am county not pop or that ugly music and I have a horse but that does not mean I am county but I am county

  37. Nick Jaramillo

    This Song really Sounds alot like Thats what I love About Sunday"

    Comander Mcgarrett

    Nick Jaramillo so true. When i was tired one night i started to sing the words from that song.

  38. Nick Jaramillo

    God loves Cowboys and Us Country Boy Singers who are also Latin lovers

  39. Country Cowboy and his Pitbull

    This song is the truth. The way we live our life isn't understood to much but our horses and cows know that they are loved and our land is taken care of no matter what the weather is. Yes we might have a different understanding and ways about most things but that's life. We live a free life that we love without anyone telling us what to do. 90% of people won't come out to a working ranch thank God for that.

  40. Meagan Dekkar

    Makes me wanta kicker dance!

  41. Su Miles

    Just love Aaron 's Music ,Magic xx

  42. Henry Vaclavik

    I'm not sure about y'all but I know and most definitely can hear in his voice that he is a true cowboy with understanding of what it takes to be one of few Country Artist of country.

  43. Kris Biebs

    love Aaron Watson. he doesn't sing Pop Country

  44. Toni Millett

    A beautiful singer songwriter.

  45. Todd Rye

    Keep it up Aaron I love ur music it's so much better than this crap that they play today that is not country at all you need to do a song with George Strait

  46. ExtraSweetTea Love

    He is my Uncle!!


    I don't know what y'all are Talkin bout him not bein on the radio but he's on the radio all the time on the station we play on the farm

  48. tcbkicker

    Perfect Concert: Merle Haggard, George Strait, Tracy Lawrence, Aaron Watson

  49. Hailey Bell

    Sam coughlin your damn straight

  50. Denys Mayse

    I love this song so much better than hip hop

  51. superman gaming

    man I love Aarons music

  52. Jay Cruz

    cowboy anthem

  53. jean dyer


  54. Robbin Banks

    Finally. Real country. I can listen to him while working my land.

  55. shane Still

    Good song

  56. Tom .Lang

    I think this young man is great, I don't listen to main stream, they only play what the money people wants them to play. Radio isn't like it used to be, they played music for the listeners. Give them time they will fall, but money doesn't go down without a fight.

  57. Lars Krogsgaard Hove

    L-O-V-E IT

  58. Angela Strader

    I like get away truck better

  59. Freddie Bettencourt

    Jesus is the coolest he's awesome he's he's he's so awesome

  60. Freddie Bettencourt

    Jesus is awesome

    Clyde Dough

    Freddie. challenges this is shit


    Amen brother

  61. Joshua Hall

    Country music nowadays is pop music trying to be country so it's nice to hear good country music

  62. Mittani Vigil

    Music sad 😢😦

  63. Outlaw Pawley

    one my favorite songs!

  64. Travis Coonrod

    This is gold! Great song sang well!

  65. Tony Medrano

    real is what we all live with. God bless all.

  66. JD Davis

    Is he talking about Lane Frost?

    Carsen Hawk

    JD Davis yes he is talking about lane frost hope that helped

    Ivan Griffin

    Yes also checkout his song July In Cheyenne. It’s about Lane.

  67. Roman Shoffner

    Why the hate on this song?

  68. Tye Sturgeon

    awesome song

  69. Crazy Cooter

    1:39 I like the lane frost reference

    William Kramarczyk

    Crazy Cooter same

  70. Garry Smith

    And this Superstar lives across the road from us!

  71. josie c

    nice song.!!!

  72. George T

    Hey country! Don't let LA and New York determine who you listen too! And I'm from a very big city. I knew when I saw country stars start imitating Rock & Roll that they were looking for approval and compromising their values.

  73. Elrose Davis


  74. Brian Roddy

    I love Aaron watson he makes great music that I can listen to with my 5 year old grand daughter and not have to worry about changing it


    i love his music

    travis clack

    Brian Roddy Aaron is a bad ass that's why his new album was number one on iTunes a week ago

  75. Hector Alvarez

    Can't wait to see him at the Houston Rodeo!

  76. Kevin Taylor

    great song!!!!

  77. Michael Bilsky

    love this song and especially him mentioning Lane Frost in the song and this will always be one of my favorite songs he sings

    Lisa Marie

    "July in Cheyenne " is all about Lane. Aaron wrote it for Lane's momma. And "Bluebonnets" is about his baby girl, Julia. He wrote it to help them heal after she died shortly after she was born. He an amazing person, good Christian and a phenomenal musician, Singer/songwriter. We love him! Blessed to have met him.

    Brendon Norris

    texascountryboy21 check out some Randy Rogers if you haven't he's a good'ol Texas boy

    Bucky Winchester holo glitter

    texascountryboy21 I just listened to that, and my dad made me watch the video of Lane’s death... and of course I cried.

    KJV preserved word of GOD

    texascountryboy21 you like Lane Frost and Justin Bieber there's something wrong with that picture boy!

  78. Mark Alcala

    Those cold nights get lonely.

  79. Dustin Wilson

    God bless Country.God bless Texas.

  80. Cody Hulbert

    Most kind and down to earth person Ive ever met and his live voice and his band are amazing. Thank God there's still a couple country artist who's boots have actually stepped in horse shit before

    Hayden Johnson

    Cody Hulbert I saw this a laughed out loud, too true

  81. William Carroll

    sounds like country music to me

  82. Laurie Cook

    this song is so good!

  83. That one kid

    This is what real country sounds like

  84. Ronaldo Attakai

    Beautiful song

  85. David Suess

    sounds like a whole lot of george strait

    Rylee heath

    and thats what we need in country music now not the rest of the bullshit on there

    Alfredo Alvarez

    +Rylee heath
    well said!

    Roman Shoffner

    Rylee heath agreed

    Robert Stevens

    About damn time!

    Sergio Gutierrez

    David Suess 9

  86. stelvio 1972

    his best song.

  87. Dusty Prevette

    I used to hear him in a small town called alturas in northern california yes I said california

    Andree Lamke


    Robert Holmes

    Dusty Prevette I'm live in Texas now.. but I grew up in a little town called Elk Creek I northern California, population 200.. bout as backwoods as you can get! (:

  88. Anyssa Lopez

    I don't know what you guys are talking about, he's on the radio in west Texas alllll the time

    Rylee heath

    its because hes from texas

    Connie Moody

    It's because he is from Amarillo. Texas. !!! !!!!! He is going to put the country back in country!!! Go Aaron Texas has your back.! Come see us in Dallas. Bet you can sell out Cowboys stadium. God bless you. We love our Texas troubadours!

    Charlie Woods

    You realize Texas has their own chart and are separate from the mainstream stations. There's 93 reporting stations to the Texas regional radio charts.
    Your comment is a year old but finally getting some love from mainstream radio as he had his first top 10 and first ever for an indie artist!

  89. Justin Thomas

    Holy ....just stumbled on this guy wow ,when u coming to Utah?

  90. Renard Shepherd

    coming from a black cowboy this guy is great

    Marie Halsey

    Renard Shepherd if love to have a look at you

  91. Bean Ty Tilley

    I have all of your songs on my phone on spotify but I love to listen to them on YouTube too


    there is one reason stations won't play Aaron Watson on mainstream radio with this pop crap. he would destroy the competition with his music. Aaron in my opinion is one of the best singer songwriters I have had the pleasure of listening to.

    Jason Sutton

    We don't want him on the radio. He is awesome because he is NOT on the radio. The reason all these Texas Country/Red Dirt musicians steer clear of major labels and Nashville is so they can continue to make the music THEY want to make, rather than having some suit with a mullet who has never played an instrument tell them they have to make pop country.

    Javonte Foster

    Jason isbell says hi

  93. Macey Reas

    DAD !!!

  94. Mary Chiles


  95. bj67mm

    Love your music but please bring your steel next time you come to London

  96. Laura Herrera

    i want to meet you

  97. Slavic N

    They won't play him on a radio because he praises the Lord in his music

    Mark Ruiz

    they dont play his music becausr they say its too country.

    Frank Gonzalez Official

    They do here in Houston.

    Puppy Monkey Gaming

    @Clyde Dough if you dont like this type of music then dont listen to it. Fuck off

    Brianna Williamson

    i'm from Amorillo

    Cowgirl Up

    Yeah what's the deal with that a cowboy praise God way more than anyone now days.

  98. Phillip R

    love it

  99. Kellyn Bardsley

    Good songs