Aaron Watson - Next To Heaven Lyrics

Pinch me I must be dreaming waking up with you and feeling
The tender touch of your good morning kiss
No where else on earth is better than being next to you
Next to heaven, it doesn't get any better than this

Next to heaven lies my fate, my best friend and my sole mate
God knows this kind of love only comes from up above
You're the answer to my prayers, nothing else compare
I'm next to heaven when I am next to you

You look just like an angel tangled in white satin sheets
Lying there with your hair all in a mess
I swear you look your best all dressed up next to nothing
Next to heaven, it doesn't get any better than this

[Chorus x3]

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Aaron Watson Next To Heaven Comments
  1. Wanda Owens Sampson

    My husband played this song everyone to wake me up , God sent him to me bc i meet my best friend an soulmate on September 6, 2014 . I knew that day he was my soulmate an he said the same about me . My step daughter called an said Dad i got a song for u an my new step mom an we was just dating , she said go listen to Arron Watson Next To Heaven that u an my new step mom Wanda . Vince ask me to take a ride on his bike with him so that nite on September 14, 2014 he ask me to married him bc i was his soulmate . We got married a yr later on October 20, 2015 . I surprised him with tickets to see u at Billy Bobs , an he loved it , When Arron started to sing this song my husband started to cry an said dance with me , i got to meet Arron an his beautiful wife in Longview Tx . My husband wanted to meet Arron Waston so i finally got tickets to see Arron this year for our annerivary an it was a surprise for my husband .... We woulda been married 6 yrs this month on Oct. 20, 2019 , But i lost my husband in a bad car accident we was in on July 20, 2019 bc of a drunk driver , i miss my husband an this song being played everyone to wake me up , Mr Arron i for the first time scents he been gone i got woke up to a phone call this morning An Next To Heaven was playing , my 3 yr old grandson facetime me an was singing it to me , he told me after it was over that his nana needed to smile an pawpaw always made u smile with this so i'm going to make u smile everyday an sing u my pawpaw favorite song , My so vedio my husband singing this song an him thanking God for send him me , So if i can an his daddy lets him come with me he's going to be my date to to come see , he's excited he's only 3 but he loves Arron Watson . If it hadn't been for that little man calling an singing to me Today , i was ready to give up , bc i lost some of my soul that on the side of the road when my husband died right next to me an i i could save him ,
    Your music has help me a lot , i strayed away from God but i hit my knees an ask God to help me throw all this an your gospel music helped out to . You an Your Wife are a blessing to me an my family, your music saved me an my family Thank You
    Arron Watson

  2. Amber Webb

    I love me some Aaron Watson, and I love this song!! One of my favorites of his for sure ❤️

  3. J Doe

    Just dreaming... 💔😭💔

  4. William Johnson

    Me to i hear it it makes me cry

  5. Angie Hardy

    Absolutely in love with this song!

  6. Granville Smith

    this is exactly how I love my baby...I love you Heather Dawn Brink

  7. Jacob YouTube channel

    Damn really good song.

  8. Daisey Lugo

    oct 14 2001 and threw oct 14 2015 got married been together going on fifeteen years this year

  9. Daisey Lugo

    mr and mrs david ryan hayes

  10. Daisey Lugo

    thats mine and my husbands song and we played it at our wedding

  11. Daisey Lugo

    Love aong

  12. kellie wylie

    OMG..... you just dont know how much I love this song......

  13. WhiteBoyMatt

    Great song

  14. Nicole Kluna

    Love this song

  15. sellersmd

    my FAVORITE Aaron Watson song, hands down.