Aaron Shust - Let The People Praise Lyrics

Our God is the God of gods
Our Lord is the Lord of kings
The revealer of secrets, of mysteries unknown
Let the people praise our God

His sovereign rule will last forever
His kingdom won't decline or fall
He does as He pleases both in Heaven and Earth
Who am I that I should question Him at all?

He lifts up kings and brings them low again
He shows us what is right from wrong
God of all time we give You thanks and praise
For you have made us wise and You have made us strong

Everything He does is right and all His ways are just
Those who walk in pride He is able to humble

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Aaron Shust Let The People Praise Comments
  1. Cook with Nisha

    Best song ever

  2. Ankita kumari

    This song is close to Jesus

  3. Cheryl bois

    had the CD

  4. Cheryl Rouse

    Love this song