Aaron Pritchett - Unraveling Lyrics

I wasn't all tied up in knots
It wasn't all part of a plot to never fall in love
Never give my heart

I wasn't running from a past
I guess my wheels were spinning too fast
To slow down enough to ever put it in park

And now I can't believe, I'm unraveling

Like a faded old pair of jeans
Coming apart at the seams
You've untangled all my tangled strings

You got me all figured out
Suddenly, somehow
Like a mystery, I'm unraveling

I love the way you strip me down
I can't believe what you have found
Another part of me I didn't know was there

There's no reservations or hesitations
It's a new sensation
You can touch me, take me anywhere

It's alright with me, I'm unraveling

Like a faded old pair of jeans
Coming apart at the seams
You've untangled all my tangled strings

You got me all figured out
Suddenly, somehow
Like a mystery, I'm unraveling

I never knew how good it'd feel
To be unraveling

Like a faded old pair of jeans
Coming apart at the seams
You've untangled all my tangled strings

You got me all figured out
Suddenly, somehow
Like a mystery, like a mystery
I'm unraveling, I'm unraveling
I'm unraveling, I'm unraveling

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Aaron Pritchett Unraveling Comments
  1. Luke Meier

    I love women.....so wonderful....

  2. Devonda Arnold

    Awesome got me listening to country again 😘😘

  3. Young OG1323

    2019 we out here

  4. joshua aarts

    Why does he look like Mel Gibson

  5. brittney papist

    This song is amazing. Up beat and nice

  6. Sara Staples

    I party at the OK Corral every Thursday! I love that this music video is filmed there.

  7. Adi TheGentleBoy

    Sounds good...love it.


    A 'COWBOY 'who wants to be a BITCH ??? NOT a part of my reality.

  9. Eric Woode

    So true

  10. Danielle Thomassin

    Kane. Brown

  11. Motherhood Honestly

    Tori is THE CUTEST thing!

  12. Tom Drew

    I just meet Aaron at one of the bar here on Vancouver Island

  13. Aesop 2.0

    auto tune is shit.

  14. Pantherman Jacob

    lm in your

  15. Pantherman Jacob

    Subscribe to my Chanel I just have 5

  16. Pantherman Jacob


  17. Pantherman Jacob

    l-l-lm your biggest fan eeeeeee

  18. Donald Nguyen

    This video was filmed at the OK Corral in Kelowna BC!

  19. Spencer Ripley

    I can't wait to see ya at Trudeau park buddy !!

  20. Johannah Stahl

    Wht a staker lol jk

  21. Brahdin

    I like this

  22. Cindy N

    I absolutely looove this song! But... I feel like he's trying to be Kenny Chesney here. The hat, the hand gestures, but mostly the short, tight shirt sleeves. Great song though!

  23. Sherie Scott

    I could dance all over my house to this song all day... Love Love this song 😍

  24. Katie Gauthier

    I love this song and country music ❤❤😊😊 Who else loves country music and this song like and reply to this 😊❤

  25. Medusa Quinn

    Kitchen party can't wait to meet him his songs are the bomb

  26. Ryan vtec

    It's because of this song that i gave it a special lady and even though she didn't feel the same, it could be the beginning of a great friendship!

  27. Kallie Gerritsen

    love this song!!!!

  28. J me Sweet man

    "The Barn Katz" ❤ Great Canadian Band..

  29. Ryan vtec

    Thanks for the song .. im gonna give it one more shot

  30. Matsimus

    Love it!

  31. Paige N

    I just love this song can't stop listening to it

  32. fredy antonio

    Congrats, it is a beautifull song! I am from colombia and I love your art!!

    Beff Jaker

    fredy antonio your gay

  33. Langi Beats

    So good!

  34. secrethart

    All the lyrics online say he's saying "by end of the night all I got on my lips is Tennessee fine hey why the hell not" but correct me if I'm wrong is he not saying "all I got on my lips is Tennessee FIRE?"


    yeah its definitely fire

  35. Natural Gallant Bodybuilding

    Here's his latest music video https://youtu.be/NE4xctI4iUM

  36. Natural Gallant Bodybuilding

    You should consider having Todd Richard open for you on your next tour. His music is great and has a lot of heart.

  37. Nick Fernandez

    Great rockin' tune

  38. J.T. Brock

    Cool video Aaron.

    Kallie Gerritsen

    nice post

  39. Darren Sharpe

    Awesome tune my friend

  40. Lu Dux

    Love those gay boys!

  41. Aimee Black

    This guy is just brilliant! So much fun to watch live! Thank you Aaron! xx


    Brilliant??? In what EFFEMINATE way?

  42. Leon Kennedy

    Ive been there!

    Kallie Gerritsen

    love it

    Lucas Woodruff

    I'm there now

  43. Al Montgomery

    June 20/18 First time I have seen this... Aaron... I believe this is the one. Yep... let it roll man.. the sound, the everything... it's worth a shot... bring it south big time.

  44. Susan Elizabeth

    Justin is a NATURAL! Great video.. Very professional.. Loved the "plot". Great DJ @JillianHarris

  45. Carolynn Herman

    Loved it!! Justin and Tori did a great job.... Jillian too! Lots of fun!!

  46. Michelle Rose

    What a great time you all must have had! I think this would be way out of Justin's comfort zone and he rocked it. Tory looks gorge, catchy song, jealous I wasn't there!! This is extra special as it's a group of friends that came together to celebrate and support each other rather than some strange ole actors. Lifting each other up! Good job Aaron!! Sincerely, Michelle aka squishylishy1 on Instagram...I watch your stories all the time!! Proud fan here of all of you. xo

  47. Mallory B

    I recognize this bar !!! OK Corral !! The best :)

  48. doja

    Why is the bar empty? lol

  49. Rachann35

    Loved it! What a great song! I dont even like Country. Lol. Great job everyone!!

  50. bccwwc

    Love your new song!! Another hit for sure!

  51. Joanne Stacey

    Well, I loved the video and the song! As I don't know the people in it, outside of Aaron, it made me smile and I really thought it was well done.

  52. Janna Banana

    This song is catchy, generally good country fare. But please consider hiring actual actors for your next video. It was like watching several cardboard cutouts made to interact as humans. And that’s not even their faults! These things always seem like such a good idea amongst friends, but it just didn’t work in execution. Luckily, Justin and Tori have other interests and their own businesses so I’m sure they won’t be crushed by this feedback.

    Eric muffman

    You're an idiot bud...

  53. Lynds S

    Had this song cranked in the car the last week! Saw Insta stories for this being filmed and couldn't wait to see the full version. Fantastic song and great video 👍🏻👍🏻

  54. Kaylea Madden


  55. The Spa Room

    Was so cute! Love the song!

  56. Nancy Dembinski

    OUTstanding. Great song. You guys did a great job. Love it

  57. JoJo N

    Good video, but watching your guy flirt with @fraichenutrition was really too much ! lol

  58. TheZanymom

    Love it, great job. Love Jillian as the DJ

  59. Cara Echino

    Couldnt get over the image of @justinpasutto and @fraichenutrition flirting. Seems just wrong! Lol

  60. Ezra Perez

    The video is cute! But its kind of distracting to see Justin and Tori flirting. 😂

    613 prankz

    Haha right

  61. Ashley H

    Yes Jillian Harris you rocked the DJ booth!!!

    Braedon Mackenzie

    Is that a bar in Oshawa