Aaron Pritchett - Right Down The Line Lyrics

You know I need your love
You've got that hold over me
As long as I've got your love
You know that I'll never leave

When I wanted you to shape my life
I had no doubt in my mind
That it was you, woman
Right down the line

I know how much I lean on you
Only you can see
The changes that I've been through
Have left a mark on me
You've been as constant as a northern star
The brightest light that shines
It's been you, woman
Right down the line

I just wanna say this is my way
Of telling you everything I could never say before
Yeah, this is my way of telling you that every day
I'm loving you so much more

Cause you believed in me
Through my darkest night
Put something better inside of me
You brought me into the light
Threw away all those crazy dreams
I put them all behind
And it was you, woman
Right down the line

If I should doubt myself
If I'm losing ground
I won't turn to someone else
They'd only let me down
When I wanted you to shape my life
I had no doubt in my mind
And it's been you, woman
Right down the line

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Aaron Pritchett Right Down The Line Comments
  1. johannababy143xo


  2. Andrew Reynish

    1st is me,2nd is family,3rd is friends.tell me world,am I wrong.

  3. Johnny J

    Yes it was you down the road and back,you are only one that made my life to what it is today,this song fits us perfect

  4. tesheller

    Has always been just a great groove right down the line

  5. tesheller

    Has always been just a great groove right down the line

  6. Joe Scott

    Thank you, Gerry.

  7. Mona Nasrallah

    A beautiful song that is pure and simple. Inshallah one day a man will have these feelings about me. ❤️

  8. David Craik

    I agree with Jamie. Boy this love song is from a deep part of Gerry's soul. The lyrics are sublime......He is so badly missed...What a talent !!

  9. 8mei2002

    Love this song still in 2019

  10. Samuel Presley

    art and music.

  11. Ꭾʜɒlʞɘ lɒwl

    I love you Aros xoxo 14-12-19 12:21

  12. Martin Munoz

    Is that Lindsay Buckingham on the guitar sounds like his style

  13. Clemdane

    I like how he says "WOO-man"

  14. Tsnore

    Miss Terri, you've done very well with this.

  15. Andrew Jackson

    10k people thumbs down this??? Mind. Boggled..!!!

  16. Aziz Assab

    Goldens songs...stilling in my mind.

  17. 7 serpents

    No song perfectly captures the way i feel about her like this one does.

    Henk de Tank

    It's even better when it's bittersweet

  18. markfromct2

    This song brings back memories of me being a lonely young man...now I am lonely old man...thanks Gerry

  19. Astral Wednesdays

    masterpiece by far

  20. Lexie Rafferty

    Sooo good

  21. Anikke Sevinc

    Nice Songs 👍

  22. Suzanne D

    Head to toe goose bumps. A definite go to.

  23. Google User

    Growing up in the 80s as a kid, rough childhood, songs like this put me at ease. Just now getting out of prison, and battling cancer, here I am right down the line in memory lane again 💯

    bob corrigan

    Ditto on growing up in rough neighbor and familiar with being incarcerated. I am sorry you have the big C, hope you are getting great treatment and beat it. Some people have better lives than others but all people have gone through or will go through tough times, heartbreaking times, times of betrayal or anguish. Great songs, such as this one have always been a comfort in hard times and can ease the pain for a bit. Music and reading was how I made it through the chaos. Great music still provides a little relief. I wish i could communicate with you directly, if nothing more than to offer support and lend an ear. Again, Im pulling for you to win this battle. Never stop listening to your favorite music.

  24. peter gregory

    It's just beautiful isn't it. A beautiful song.Straight from the Heart.

  25. Mark s

    69 dodge dart going and getting my girl and to school

  26. Samira 8

    I love this song

  27. Tina Heifort

    For my love of my life!!!!

  28. richard collacchi

    this is the song that made me want the woman i am lived with today god help me be witrh her forevever

  29. Paul Davidson

    baker street will go down in history

  30. Carol Holmes

    Wish there had been live footage of this brilliant song ❤️

  31. a good boah

    This song should play in the start of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, in a love scene after Starlord married Gamora.

  32. CoNdUiTe AnOrMal BaDG90

    Des bons svnr sur se son 😊🎶👌 #AyopMweU #RdvLkvl

  33. John Peragine

    58 now and played music all my life and honestly have to say one of the best heartfelt songs I've ever heard. 🎵

  34. Rin Williams

    This song is too much ❤❤❤

  35. hammeredscout


  36. jim dartouzos

    Rafferty was an Amazing singer /songwriter /musician. ...he was AWESOME

  37. Chip Mares

    Every time I hear this I think of my wonderful wife. I love you baby..

  38. Julie Swirk


  39. Diegl Dominguez

    Por Dios donde mierda se fue esta hermosa música

  40. Joe Harris

    Ten thousands haters....Really? This is a great song to sing or play for your wife...

  41. hockeyDVB

    where is the train

  42. Kimberley Bourland

    For u Kimmie the love of my life love desi

  43. NoNeedForNames

    Married 16 years till she left me. Remembering our wedding song. Sometimes there are no answers

    John Bootle

    This was my song for my recently-passed wife, Cindy-Lou, along with the song "She." NoNeedForNames a broken heart can mend, make you stronger, and guarantee a better view of the world when looking for a new relationship. I hope you can move on and find your Cindy-Lou.

  44. Judy Sherry

    Another one of Scotland's treasures! He's is forever young. Me

  45. earnesto mcspliff

    Such a great song!

  46. Suzanne Willis

    Isn't that something a long time ago radio stations used to play lots of music on the radio,than they started to change and get bad.if they didn't waste time having talk stations on ,they had stations with boring music to make you want to fall asleep.and the music they play on the radio now they play like 100'000 times a day until you want to beat your head against the wall like a drum stick against a drum! Music is that bad.but when you hear classic music you don't hear that much anymore like right down the line you will feel right at home.gerry rafferty had some songs that I liked and now you don't hear any of it any more.and that sucks.

  47. Michael Waters


  48. JIm A.

    I lost my friend and lover of over 10 years, and this song, just scratche's the surface how wonderful she really was in my life. Such a wonderful song indeed. and makes me realize how lucky I was for those 10 short years.. God bless you Crystal !

  49. NHJOE53

    My song to my bride on our wedding day...

  50. Miranda Nistor

    44,559,182 views as of 26 Nov 2019. Something tells me this song touched lives.

  51. G G

    Great song, too bad he wasn't singing to God. He made a woman his God. That's where he went wrong.

  52. RAFAEL Herrera

    Bella yya

  53. RAFAEL Herrera

    Eres Tan Hermosa 😘

  54. Donna Schuler

    My husband and I trucked to this song. God rest his soul. He passed 2018.

    Andrew Jackson

    Happy and good thoughts to you Donna.. May he RIP..

  55. Buck Gonsalvez

    Gerry Rafferty one of the most famous solo musicians of the 1970s …. RIP Mr. Rafferty your music lives on

  56. JasonEasthamCC

    Reminds me of being 9 years old... just awesome music then.

  57. Ken Perk

    At first I thought it was funny when Dave Grohl of Nirvana, during an interview, said Right Down the Line and Never Let Her Slip Away were two of his favorite songs because they are on the same shelf with my favorites. Then I got to thinking. I found out that Curt Cobain was only 7 years younger than me and Dave wasn't much older than Curt so we were all exposed to the same kind of music.

  58. Jojoe Cerda

    Love this song

  59. john roeser

    So different than stuck in the middle with you.



  61. Faith Hope & Love

    Loving it 2019!

  62. Gary Ryan

    Probably my favourite Gerry Rafferty tune of all time ...just so smooth, so melodius & makes so much sense to boot...a true love story so beautifully told. Thank you Gerry, not only for the music, but for making us realise how important our loved ones are we go through life.

  63. Stephen McCabe

    Prefer Streets of London. Love 1Q84.

  64. The Dude

    Nothing better in life then YOU TUBE . Twenty years ago I would have to buy thousands of dollars worth of records to get these tracks. Now for 50$ CDN a month I get the internet and can find any song I want on you tube. TY you tube for making my life a much cheaper and better place !!!! And Ty Gerry for making some of the most casual music that ever was created !!!!

  65. Darren Davenport

    Who's Lindsay Lohan?

  66. Callmebaby 1

    This song always brings my mind somewhere else


    I wanna thanks not only Harry Styles but also Harry Styles for his amazing taste in music always

    Lilian Mendes

    amen sister

  68. Olivia Snow

    Así que esta es la canción que le hubiera gustado escribir... Simplemente, hermosa. Simple y hermosa.

  69. aylen tejas

    i'm here for harry ❤

    خوخة وكيوي

    Me too haha.

    Melisa Subasic

    mee toooo hahahahha

  70. Gabriel Gonzalez

    The brightest light that shines

  71. Lancer X


  72. No Hype Network

    Perfectly in tune

  73. Joseph Winkler

    Absolutely timeless genius

  74. Gienek Mal

    The song great ! Respekt.

  75. annie

    15 right now and listening to this after my dad yells at me before school. gerry rafferty is the shit, man. just an escape from everything.

  76. Stephen Pearson

    This song feels like a cry for help, just like I cry for help, omg even the guitar feels right, everybody loves somebody

  77. Kenny H

    10K miserable zombie drones gave this a thumbs down? I feel sorry for them, they are truly blind and stupid.

  78. Kenny H


  79. Thief Of Hearts

    Takes me back. It's been a minute. Loved Gerry Rafferty. So many underrated songs from him. See you on Baker Street...............

  80. Green Hornet

    Thanks for the memories For my brother

  81. dgt3800

    Thank You, I play and sing this to my rescue dog, and she relaxes into a slumber. She's so timid, but loves music. Its a therapy for us all!

  82. greetings777

    Blown away

  83. Diana Gonzalez

    Temazo !!!!!! 🌷🌷🌷

  84. retrogamer82


  85. Andrew p

    You got that hold over me

  86. Lori Wise

    Romance is gone these days in music...and life.

  87. xoxo xoxo

    Fuckin Eh!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. Jenn Koko

    Im gonna expand my horizons a lil more....

  89. Eric Berrios

    I clicked on this bye accident. What a great song

  90. Leann Nonya

    Beach bum?

  91. scott mauck

    MY wife HATES most all the Music I like but She SMILES AND SINGS when I play this.

  92. JDP PDJ

    Gerry Rafferty music is so meaningful it touches everyone that's lived his music his music will reach out and grab you

  93. OEC-Opportunity English Center

    Listening on a rainy tropical island remembering the quality that was once in a musical ballad.

  94. Jam Onit

    Good times with my X girlfriend in the 90s.TIMELESS CLASSIC 🔥❤️

  95. jack denham

    whos here listening after watching The Beach Bum???

  96. Tim Taylor

    Where is this photo from? Seems like Alaska.

  97. Robert Noles

    10th grade I was bussed to Central HS in Louisville for desegregation. On the bus we had this song on one of our boomboxes and sang along in four-part harmony. It's a great memory. Love the song. Miss you Gerry.

  98. Nick B

    Gerry was true and genuine talent. Masterful songwriting and memorable melodies. I was blown away by Baker Street when I first heard it, and having lived (if you can call it that) in London I could identify with the lyric "the city desert makes you feel so cold, its got so many people but its got no soul." So, I bought the album City To City and discovered many more treasures. The following year Gerry gave us Night Owl (one of my all time top 5 ever albums) and that was it, I was hooked on his music. Thank you Gerry for giving me so much wonderful music and easing my way through this, sometimes difficult, life.

    Tracie Miller

    I agree 💯

    Jenn Koko

    i marked your heart

    chris bond

    Gerry Rafferty was Scottish, therefore he would find London a wilderness, back in the day the Scots, Irish and Welsh were not that welcome in London on account of their drunkenness and wanting to fight everyone once well oiled. That said did you know that the iconic sax on Baker street was never intended, in fact it was a bit of a mistake, it was originally written for guitar? Apparently they arrived at the recording studio, and the guitarist had forgotten his instrument, , and as another group were leaving they asked them if they had any spare instruments, and the only thing they could spare was ,,, yep you guessed it the sax,, hence the iconic sax on Baker Street .

    Dave Banfield

    Nick B Gary didn’t write this song but he did write many amazing songs 💯

    John Bootle

    Nick B Thankyou for your inciteful comment. If I could, I would have said it, just like that.