Aaron Pritchett - Perfectly Blue Lyrics

Time can make lonely a fools paradise
Thought I was in heaven, alone every night
Before I met you I was perfect
Perfectly blue

Change doesn't come easy for the good or the bad
Honey you're the best thing that I've ever had
Before I met you I was perfect
Perfectly blue

I used to cry out in the sun
To the dark side of a love I was accustomed
Then you came along
And turned my whole world
Upside down, upside down

I'm lost in your sweet love, ain't cried for days
It's so hard to be lonesome with a smile on my face
Before I met you I was perfect
Perfectly blue

Oh, before I met you I was perfect
Perfectly blue

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Aaron Pritchett Perfectly Blue Comments
  1. Tim Clarke

    One of the best videos in country music. Aaron's MVs make me laugh.

  2. PikeSlayer69

    These comments are creepy; a bunch of girls objectifying a man they do not know, without his knowledge. Ruins my faith in humanity. Have a little respect.

    Ryan vtec

    Its kinda funny because deep down woman love this shit. The feminist with needs to speak up.

  3. PikeSlayer69

    Lmfao, Leik tell those guyz to sit up straight. Song of summer Mr.Pritchett killed it. AND POST!

  4. Stevie Mark

    Hmmm I sense some jealousy...please admire the beautiful woman

  5. Stephanie Myers

    So gross, misogonist pigs


    Neck yourself

    Robbie Kuhnlein

    So much neck

    Im so hot i was born in a microwave

    shut the fuck up you feminist bitch

    Ryan vtec

    It's funny because i know talking about a girl like this gets them we as fuck.

    Ryan vtec

    Hey we all know you woman love this shit.

  6. John-Paul Cuneo

    this lady has an incredible physique!

  7. Laura Anne

    This video is creepy; a bunch of men objectifying a woman that they do not know, without her knowledge. Ruins the song for me. Have a little respect.


    Mostly all country songs are like this.

    Im so hot i was born in a microwave



    hey Laura Fucking Anne . you are the exact problem with the degradation of our internal compassion and opinions fuck off with your SJW bullshit. .stop taking it so personal, its a fuckin video what about the videos where women look and ogle men in the same fucking scenario . objectify that .

    Backyard Homestead

    Laura Anne just calm downs every one douse it

    Ryan vtec

    hey were men its going to happen!!

  8. shades23

    The Peach City ... love seeing my home town on video .. Penticton

  9. Bean Pie

    The music video made me hate the song, I regret watching it, it was better without seeing it

    Zach B

    Your comment made me hate you, My life was better without knowing you existed

  10. LetThe MusicPlay

    Catchy song!

  11. Cheryl Nicklaus

    Was at the Mule in Penticton, BC when parts of this video was filmed. Best part of my night was watching a drunk crowd at midnight to bounce the beach balls every where but back up on the stage...what a hoot it was to watch...lol great song by the way Aaron and band :)

  12. Jip Houben

    This video was uploaded on my birthday! Love this song :)