Aaron Pritchett - Hold My Beer Lyrics

I've been watching you watchin' every girl in the bar
And payin' no attention to the one on your arm
You're a dog
And man she's smokin'
I've seen your kind before
You think you're so cool
This country boy's gonna take you to school
Hold out your hand
No man I ain't jokin'

And hold my beer
While I kiss your girlfriend
'Cause she needs a real man
And not a boy like you
Hold my beer
Yeah I'm a man on a mission
You don't see what you're missin'
But I do so here
Hold my beer

Well friend I wouldn't blame you
If you wanted to fight
If you wanna later we can take it outside
But for now
Do me a favour, yeah

And hold my beer
While I kiss your girlfriend
'Cause she needs a real man
And not a boy like you
Hold my beer
Yeah I'm a man on a mission
You don't see what you're missin'
But I do so here
Hold my beer

Well guys like you
You ain't good for nothin' no
Hold on a second
You gotta be good for somethin'
For somethin'
I know

Hold my beer
While I kiss your girlfriend
'Cause she needs a real man
And not a chump like you
Hold my beer
Yeah I'm a man on a mission
You don't see what you're missin'
But I do so here
Hold my beer

Hold my beer
Hold my beer
Hold my beer
But don't drop it (Hold my beer)
Naw seriously man don't drop it
(Hold my beer)
'Cause I-I-I just bought it (hold my beer)
You gonna be hangin' around here a while
You wanna watch my jacket? (hold my beer)
Aw thanks man, I'm gonna be out here dancin'
With-with your girlfriend (hold my beer)
Hold my beer
Hold my beer
Hold my beer

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Aaron Pritchett Hold My Beer Comments
  1. Louis Tait

    While I kiss your girlfriend, ♡ ♡ ♡

  2. Cole Reddd

    Bro I have been looking for this song for soooo long

  3. B Singh

    Great going

  4. Victoria Brown

    I'm a lesbian and my fantasy is to sing this to some jerk in the bar and end up leaving with his girlfriend

  5. Victor Creed


  6. Yvonne Amuyaw

    Love this song and been searching for it...thanks for uploading it 😘

  7. Aesop 2.0

    Country music has been raped and left on the road to die.

    Nicholas O'Brien

    1000% Agreed mate. Modern country music is ear AIDS.

  8. Gordon Bristol

    Words of a bully , and the donald trump fans who like the assholes music .While he was passing me the beer with one hand I would be putting him to sleep with a punch to the head with my right one , [email protected] have a few of those assholes around here that like that song , but nobody likes them

  9. Michael Fett

    Holy lame ass shit batman

  10. Dale Swan

    Great song!!

  11. Slappy McSlapster

    I had no idea this song was so old due to the fact of how much they play it on my local country station. You cannot find a bigger fan of country music than me! Old Country, new country, I love it all. But I really detest this song. It is juvenile and just plain stupid. Any song that has anything to do with I'm going to steal your girlfriend/do you want to fight is juvenile and just idiotic. Country music is all about integrity and honesty and respect and this message is anything but.

  12. John

    Who came here for the memes?

    Kole Dupe

    What memes

    Bri Carrick

    I can to

  13. Eldon Budd

    More like "Hold my girl, while I drink your beer" 🎵🎵😂😂

  14. JACQUELINE WhiteCocoaTea Phillip


  15. Brandon Saunders

    Fuck my ear

  16. Astro Naughty

    If a dude said that to me, I'd beat him to a pulp.

  17. Ryan Copoc

    Award for most shit generic lyrics goes to the talentless man on a brutal mission.

  18. MCVD

    haaaai348*$(W*&(%Hey everybody, *Holdthony Beertano* here, the internet's busiest music nerd. With a review on the music video fo "Hold my Beer" by country singer Aaron Pritchett. Don't quite see the direction of this video. To think there has been a time when Simkin produced some very promising content. This misses the mark. The seemingly reasonable enough main character loses all common sense when his ankle is pulverized by the imbecile driving the truck, and doesn't have the self respect to go in for surgery or call an EMT. He probably doubled his healing time by holding off medical help, not even considering the later injuries he sustains in the bar. The female love interest doesn't stand up for herself or the people around her, and might as well be replaced by a dog-chewed Barbie doll, because even a mangled piece of plastic is more active in responding to its environment than this bimbo. The villain strikes me as the type who would become a violent rapist if pushed too far, and probably smells of dollar store cologne and broken homes. (I guess that makes for a good villain though.) No one in the bar is concerned that one of the patrons now has a backwards, flattened left foot. The accompanying song is... not horrible, but leaves plenty to be desired. Overall, I am feeling a light to decent 3 on this project.

  19. Brad Shapka

    This might be the worst song I have ever heard

  20. cchill100

    This is not a song to take seriously so lighten up no one is going to ask you to hold their beer while they kiss your girl but if they do and your girl kisses back then maybe you need to treat her a little better in public and then you go over and ask him if he has ever drank a beer thru a straw from his bellybutton

  21. Michael Bannister

    this is what I want  when I die

  22. Jesse Otto

    is this karaoke?

  23. Duncan McCockiner

    Heard this at work yesterday, couldn't make out the lyrics.
    ..yup, it's even shittier than I thought. Dude's got serious compensation issues.

  24. Chuck Taylor

    What the hell is this? This is not even music, let alone country.

  25. Gamer Play

    this songscool I guess  I like when he says u need a real man

  26. HibHab69

    Wow what a shit voice he has. And no, I don't hate country music in general.

  27. Brad Early

    Hold my bottle of Molson Canadian! Hold my can of Budweiser! Hold my beer!

  28. John Alexander


  29. The wicked_gamer13

    my uncle lyle use to party to this song lmao hearing his music on full blast from a block away😂👍👍 and his buddies would be loud asf lmao

  30. When i became the sun..

    bwahahaa nice

  31. Chris Pia

    Hey jeff........yeah you know who you are.......hold my beer! ha ha ha

  32. Professor NOOB

    and I like hiphop who likes country music reply to me and tell me what kinda song u like

    Vicky Hoff

    Poop boy

  33. Professor NOOB

    I keep asking my cousin why she likes country music and she said b\c I doooo

  34. Josh S

    Love this damn song

  35. NinjaPinecone

    I fucking hate this shit song! Play this song just to show friends how shit it is!


    This song got me back in to country songs but this is one of my favrat songs by him

  37. Snickel Fritz

    stupid song lyrics and whats w the earrings???? hes hot but they need to work on his voice and style then come back and try again.

  38. Bob Tib

    he dosnt have a good voice

  39. TechMill Creations

    2:25 The head on that beer?! Man, fire that bartender!


    ???? a beer needs a crown!

  40. jacob cooper

    good video

  41. Matt Smith

    Not a very good song but I still like it. Guilty pleasure perhaps?

  42. Jordan Woollard

    great song, memorized in a week

    Duncan McCockiner

    It took you a week to memorize this ?

  43. Patrick Henry

    this song is good

  44. Josh S

    Love it!!! Roast to those pussy boys..

  45. Tanja Rija Blaser Sanz

    just to say...
    this girl needs a real man is so true! In this world i say 79% arnt mens anymore but i can say the same about womens...
    sad ^^.
    but i enjoy this song!

  46. Dustin F

    god this song sucks. it's generic shit like this that gives country a bad name.

    Luna Eclipse

    if you don't have anything good to say don't say it

    Luna Eclipse


    Todd Ouellette

    +Audrey Johnson Funny story. The alarm clock was slightly off station and I woke up to this song. It made my day!!!

    The wicked_gamer13

    Dustin Forbes are you kidding? my whole family use to love this song, they partied to this lmao

  47. Shaco

    Hold my beer,I can do that too

  48. tiannamakesyoulaugh

    You know this is old when in the description they leave a MySpace link.

    Jay Nigma

    you know know its old when you looked at the published dated

    Justice fire eating disco panda

    Sound quality

  49. Aron MC

    love your music

  50. valoumj

    good singer,nice voice!

  51. Justin Head

    horrible, horrible piece of shit song. 'murika.


    Canada actually

  52. Bunny

    Lol, this guy jumped on my step moms back 😂😂 it was so funny hearing about it, I wish was I there to have seen it 😂😂😂

  53. Victoria B

    He has a terrible voice. I don't hate country.


    So roll over & die monosyllabic will notice

    Josh S

    I just heard it on the radio and it sounded awesome

  54. Sarah Benton

    Why is it impossible to find this video in HD?


    Because it was recorded on a potato. Maybe one day we'll get better crops to grow the potato.

    Sarah Benton

    @MissFashionista One can only hope.

    Kandi Bee

    check your YouTube settings. i remember seeing something about HD in the settings.

  55. Shakey

    Just love the song... alright people... don't find the message enjoy a Damn beer!

  56. Ban Fasso

    The message translates to "despite the fact that you deal with her bullshit every day of your monogamously tortured life, I'm going to disrespect you by flexing my happy single muscles by forcing a fresh taste of man on your woman as a departure from the monotony, not because of any chivalrous or benevolent intention I might be masquerading under but simply because I only want the fruit but don't want to put in the gruelling work of maintaining this fair tree of life. That's right. You will hold my beer, and I will kiss your girlfriend, and you will take her home and deal with all the fallout and epic life-destroying nonsense my stupid, thoughtless idiocy has caused. I am beyond a douchebag.... sooo far from understanding the bro code that my superficial "cowboy look" veneer masks a pussy-pandering mama's boy."

    You're an epic pile, Bitchett.

    robert hastings

    Well said...


    Haha that's a really sad outlook on it. From a lady's perspective it's that once a guy gets to comfortable with you he turns into a gross farting disrespectful pig who never compliments his woman anymore because why not? he's already got her at this point so he doesnt have to woo her anymore. goes from calling her beautiful everyday to calling her an old lady. When in reality every guy in the bar wants to punch his face in because she's absolutely gorgeous and amazing and any guy would kill to have her but he can't see that anymore and doesn't relize he's on the verge of losing the best thing that's ever happened to him for a real gentleman.. Maybe my stories sadder hah. But truth. 👌 guys are dumb. so are woman tho.

  57. Anthony Bellemare

    Man, so much negativity on here, cant we all just agree to disagree

  58. Zeemas

    I can sing better, hold my beer!

    Bri Carrick

    I can to

  59. Victoria Lomax

    His son, Jordan Pritchett, plays guitar for Faber Drive. Jordan even sang this song at the Saskatoon Ex in 2013. We can do Aaron a favor and thank him for convincing Jordan to get involved with the music industry. Originally, Jordan didn't want to get involved with the music industry but I guess, he had a change of heart and decided to try it after all. Apparently, Faber went to Mexico and had a few drinks, and then he met Aaron. Faber was looking for a new lead guitarist because Hinsley (the original lead guitarist) had already left the band. Aaron told Faber that his son (meaning Jordan) would try out and so he did.    


    sounds like its time to check out Faber Drive

  60. godly04

    Douche bag song

    Ferdinand Alester

    Lol definitely

  61. Martin Maltais

    Bon show à Ayer's Cliff ce week-end (14 juin 2014).  Y êtes vous allé?

  62. Riley Blackburn

    he sucks

  63. youknowwhatimsayyyin

    Love how he's form my hometown :)

  64. donkeydnd


  65. Duilin

    you sing it, record it, put it on youtube, so we can tell you how you cant sing...period!

  66. Sharon Garrison

    just bad audio?...no, the dude can't sing...period!

  67. Sharon Garrison

    WOW!, that's just really BAD! I think my ears are bleeding...LOL!

  68. TheSergeantkyle

    this is just bad audio


    I love country music and big guns for arms, but this guy has NO singing talent :(

  70. zacharytoronchuk

    I agree with the other Zach, I'm kinda a metro jepro, live in the city sometimes but go to the country a lot, which I prefer the country

  71. zachary saturday

    all the ppl say bad crap about the song are not country they are cites dum asses

  72. Andreas Moen

    i bet 80% of the likers was drunk...

  73. Cory Szakal

    love it. fantastic, quality music. we need more of these guys in music today. : ' - ) or whatever

  74. david deme

    Somebody hold my bear while i'l dislike this shit

  75. Meg Rempel

    my cousin Jeremiah likes this song

  76. Marneux

    Wow. This is horrible.

  77. TheSydneycarter

    going to see him at a cancer funsradiser in Cloverdale ....should be awesome

  78. paulbrandt.com

    hold my beer easy easy

  79. noah simms

    I love this song...I listen to it all the time, I think I'm so close to getting it stuck in my head...please make more songs like this...it was a GREAT song

  80. Beer Guy

    No s*it Sherlock !

  81. lawrence johnson

    you yanks have got to lighten up.aaron is just having some fun .toby put out a song called beer for my horses and billy ray had a hit with burning down the trailer park,hardly classics and don't forget hello walls by faron young, hilarious !!!not all country songs are classic.

  82. James Morris

    hell yes this goea out to the girl at work you need a real man not the little boy your with!

  83. Nicolai

    my beer can do that. here. hold me

  84. FROY51

    i can do that here, hold my beer


    But real men cut their hair so they dont look like women, queer.


    COUNTRY MUSIC: Because I'd rather listen to song's about truck's and dog's than bitches and ho's.

  87. locluke77

    man fuck you! i guarantee 90's rap is better then this shit

  88. Saud Faraj

    WTF IS THIS?!?!?

  89. spen1940

    he calls himself a man.. i dont know to many real men with ear rings

  90. Amantero

    *Their girlfriends

  91. KEN L. B

    This song is genius

  92. 2damaxmr2

    Haha i love this song.

  93. noah simms

    this is a grat song were do u come up with these

  94. mookixox

    Only if you hold my cougar...

  95. adam bristol

    hold my bear

  96. david hill

    shit i hit the weird side of you tube......hay Aaron hold my beer im out of here......dont drop it...drink it....you need it...