Aaron Pritchett - Hell Bent For Buffalo Lyrics

I'm on the ninety heading North, its iced up pretty bad
That wind off the lake makes it hard to stay on track
There's a pretty little thing, brown hair and green eyes
Right now she's the number one thing on my mind

If I can stay on this highway and get there alive
She says that shell make it worth my drive
She's waiting for me on the other side of all of this snow

Why else would I be hell bent for Buffalo?

There's a Semi in the ditch, there's flashin' lights ahead
But I'm thinkin' about a fireplace and a nice warm bed
My coffees way past cold, all my cigarettes are gone
My knuckles cold and white from how tight I'm holdin' on

If I can stay on this highway and get here alive
She says that shell make it worth my drive
She's waiting for me on the other side of all of this snow
Why else would I be hell bent for Buffalo?

I could turn this rig around, its still like summer in the South
But I can see her in my mind as I throw this hammer down

If I can stay on this highway and get here alive
She says that shell make it worth my drive
She's waiting for me on the other side of all of this snow
Why else would I be hell bent for Buffalo

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Aaron Pritchett Hell Bent For Buffalo Comments
  1. Scott Marsh

    I live in Niagara Falls new york right near Buffalo... This song is so true... My only reason I stay is because my family is hear.

  2. SmokinMog

    Aaron you are so damn sexy!

  3. Adam Wilson

    this song definitely describe me

  4. Lars Kortsen

    Winter is officially here. our local country station just played it. It's the ballad of a trucker driving through a blizzard to get laid.

  5. Elizabeth

    ❤♪♫♪Nice song.♫♪♫❤

  6. Dark Wolf carpenter

    aaron love your music

  7. missks5n

    lol my best friend is his niece...

    Grace B

    missks5n I was her best friend in grade 1 before she moved


    ♡ed it

  9. Greg

    Yes coming out of Erie it is the 90 and it does run north but it's south of Buffalo, not Syracuse. And if you listen to the first verse, he talks about the wind off the lake and the winds off Lake Erie are hell in the winter.

  10. TheSmokinApples

    and thank you :)

  11. TheSmokinApples

    It is Syracuse.

  12. Tgunderson79

    I like the 359 myself. but I'm running a Kay-dub 660 right now

  13. Tgunderson79

    Coming out of Erie PA, 90 east turns "North" into NY south of Saracuse (if memory serves) before turning into the NY Thru Way Toll Road

  14. Devan MacDonnell

    I like his 'Hold my beer'.

  15. Allan Rondeau

    I seen him live in Smithers BC just a small town but he came there, now a life long fan.

  16. HD Productions

    I love this song :)

  17. TheSmokinApples

    i90 goes east and west. i81 goes north in ny

  18. TaCkLeZdEm


    Damn hypocrites.

  19. jlwow21

    Your all dumbasses. There is a route 90 in buffalo wyoming and it runs north and south. Have a good day..

  20. Danny Pods

    ok just to clear things up..the 90 might "technically" run E&W BUT if your heading towards Buffalo from OH or PA it runs primarily north until beyond Buffalo. TRUST ME I drive it 5 days a week from south of Buffalo to Buffalo. and to the people analyzing the fact that he's Canadian what is he doing coming from the south heading to Buffalo...seriously? its a song..not every song by every musician is legitimately about their own personal lives. this one obviously isn't, but it is a fantastic song!

  21. Breigh Butchart

    OMG.. Finally a song about a girl with GREEN eyes! <3

  22. northerncustomsracin

    that truck <3

  23. stephen rankin

    My dad has all that.. what your saying is so stereotypic... A truck driver will make as much money as he wants too. but he has to work for it.

  24. danebrewer10

    Peter built it.....

  25. Roniery Bernardes Bernardes

    speaking very good music of Brazil

  26. Ryan McNamara

    Isn't he saying he's hell bent to get to Buffalo in order to cross the border and get home? He's a Canadian artist.

  27. mark cargill

    @pullinpete better than freightshaker but just a hair under k-woppers ;)

  28. Joe Dirte

    fuck yeah buffalo! i moved to northern new york and miss the place, dont know why when all i wanted to do is get out

  29. scollins2291

    Just browsing on youtube and found this, pretty damn great.

  30. Mackenzie Hallam

    OH I MISS THIS DAY SO MUCH. best day ever <3

  31. AkimboJive

    Fuck yeah Buffalo!

  32. typhoon5000

    I'm from Buffalo, but currently live in Detroit and I listen to this song every time I drive back!

  33. cat336BL

    Lots of immagrents driving truck in Manitoba which means our number for accidents with big trucks has come up not going to say any company's who hire them cough(transX)bison)


    @otterpat idk about that theres alot of ppl up north that cant drive in the snow and they live in it.....

  35. ken hatfield

    To Aaron Pritchett,

    Awesome video and song keep up the good work.

  36. ken hatfield

    @jeremys80 you know they really aren't that hard to handle, why don't you post some videos of how it is done and show the rest of us how good a driver you are? i have my videos up for the world to see so let us see just how good you really are.

  37. E. Sand

    Or Norway..

  38. cat336BL

    The song sould be I am number 1 heading west and song should be called hell bent Winnipeg or Calgary or Edmonton or vancover

  39. otterpat

    @larson399 i did not mean to afend i was saying people that do not get snow. drive safe

  40. otterpat

    that's mean but funny lol : From Buffalo NY ps: I love how people form down south can't drive hear in the winter LOL

  41. Bryan.B

    Get a grip people its a song not mapquest,hate to see the comments for Dr Suess (green eggs and ham is stupid and fake and gay) WOW

  42. brz1968

    @krtsr1 Well, not everybody can be a "super-trucker" like you

  43. Garilynn Vickers-Fletcher

    Funny i just came from Bufflo, and even if it primarily run North and South out of Erie to Bufflo it's not listed as so! So it kinda makes me think the songs stupid! lol

  44. steve2275

    for a minute i thought this was christian kane

  45. George Tweedie

    @OriginalBurton true, 90 does run east/west, but if he's coming from the ohio area, 90 does run diagonal for a while from ohio to buffalo...actually, in ny it does go primarily south from buffalo.

  46. Matthndrx1

    lose the earnings

  47. chevfan08

    can't beat a peterbilt but i still love my MACK!

  48. Jer Bochie

    This guy came up to a small town in northern BC Canada called Mackenzie BC.We had a bad wind storm with hurricane force winds upwards of 120km/h and he had to cancel out on Nov 17.He arrived here on Dec 8th/2010. He sang this song in honor of a lady who was killed during my birthday night of Nov16 during the start of the bad storm. When he arrived on Dec 8th it was snowing and cold and i thought it was ironic that he was singing this song......GOD BLESS Arron Pritchett!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Jim P

    ok here is an idea it's a song relax it dont have to be exactly right and anyone who is or was a trucker can agree with this song

  50. missks5n

    he is my friends uncle and im not lying

  51. missks5n

    he lives in canada and u wont believe this but he is my neighbor!

  52. Brian Cooper

    proud to live in Buffalo!

  53. TGIRiley

    anyone have the chords for this song?

  54. Arianna Gingras

    He is playing at Calgary Stampede on Saturday ... fricking excited

  55. Angel Wings and Crossroads

    His face looks weird but great song!!

  56. jaycee REED

    HES COMING TO BfreakinC for merritt mountain music fest weeeoooow!

  57. pullinpete


  58. hiwaycowboy1

    i was a trucker once loved it loved the nights coming home to two sons who would be like this little girl miss the road and single now so look out hiways im going back to it

  59. Jer Bochie

    least he's drivin a decent truck
    he should come up here to northern BC Canada and drive through the Pine Pass and see what real truckin is

  60. Jer Bochie

    least he's drivin a decent truck

  61. Beth Brown

    great song..

  62. jlwow21

    There is a state route 90 in buffalo wyoming for people who are clueless

  63. jlwow21

    @sonic42797 Buffalo Wyoming you idiot. Dont try to be a know it all, and green eyed girl is a term every song writer uses. Please refrain from writing anymore dumbass comments. thanks

  64. Jer Bochie

    he is drivin the best rig out there....PETERBILT

  65. Jer Bochie

    Hell bound for Mackenzie, BC, Canada

  66. CosmicJerry

    @sonic42797 ok this id just a comment on the green eyes part
    so it does not matter what color the parents eyes are eye color is based of something completely different.

  67. sonic42797

    -He's on the 90 heading north- 90 actually runs east and west, the 87 runs north
    -90 OR 87, there's no mountains that look like that anywhere in the area.
    -Neither Aaron Pritchett (blue) or his "wife" seem to have green eyes. Where did the daughters green eyes come from?

    Semantics out of the way, resumption of listening to an awesome country song may resume :)

  68. Audra K

    Aaron is soooo hot. His eyes make me melt.

  69. Blakey7612

    Great lookin' Petercar.

  70. VickieMarie39

    What a great song who is the little girl at the end. you can tell aaron is good with kids.

  71. UntouchedWagons

    If the road is iced up pretty bad how come there's no snow on the road (or anywhere)?

  72. Faith Gray

    @Night7Star ggrrr. boy is this edmonton alberta?!

  73. Chad Bonvie

    Makes me think when I did trucking with a dog in the cab. Can use any kind of company when your on the road for days

  74. echo3rhythm

    @Carriepooh nope its not. its pretty, thats about it.

  75. Celine Desjardins

    @echo3rhythm Screw you Quebec is awesome!

  76. Celine Desjardins

    @echo3rhythm Screw you Quebec is awesome!

  77. besskelly123

    this song made me smile
    but i so predicted the end :)

  78. Stavros

    @echo3rhythm Why quebec sucks???

  79. Keith Forrest

    who cares if there is snow or not listen to the song and enjoy it

  80. Cory Wyatt

    Ok love the song, but really you can't do a video FOR a sing about ice and snow and not have ice and snow.

    Just some minor corrections I made for ya there..... smart one....

  81. cliffweatherall

    @Derek9308 Hey smart one, look on the ground in the trailer scene, there is snow!

    Just some minor corrections I made for ya there..... smart one....

  82. cliffweatherall

    @countrymusicgtavboy2 ohhh did you notice that when he gets to buffalo ... no snow at his house... really i love this song, but it would be a better video if instead of only half following the story with the coffee and smokes if there was snow and a semi in the ditch it looked winter not late spring... which is my point.

  83. cliffweatherall

    @countrymusicgtavboy2 ohh, forgive i didnt know there was more snow in the south then in the north. watched it again ... nope still not enough snow for how he discribes it, especially heading to buffalo. way more then that dust you see on the side.... '

  84. cliffweatherall

    ok love the song... but really you cant do a video about a song about ice and snow and not have ice and snow

  85. john sipe

    cool video im a trucker and i like songs and videos that show and tell about the trucking life!

  86. djmighton

    Move to northern Canada Lassy

  87. Faith Gray

    MAN! im always humming this song I LVE IT!

  88. Kelly Appleton

    He lives in Kelowna?? I live in Penticton lol. Awesome =)

  89. djmighton

    did aaron used to truck for a living?

  90. brad holstiene

    if u drive highway truck i highly dought u have a place like that

  91. djmighton

    LOL once ur cigarettes are gone and ur coffees cold u put the hammer down

  92. Kizuishaskittle


  93. pilsnerdude

    and a good thing is that most of his band members are from sask and not too far from my home town

  94. ItsBritKneeBitch

    If this is true... Why on earth would you broadcast this???

  95. Helix09

    believe so, we have a cottage there

  96. DarkKnight500

    actually, hes canadian, western to be exact.

  97. Faith Gray

    awesome song

  98. crhm19

    aaron pritchett is canadian

  99. Shayne Greening

    it does look pretty weird but its still a great song

  100. moosemagnett

    yep born and raised in vancouver