Aaron Pritchett - Drivin' Song Lyrics

I could sit at home another Saturday
And channel surf my life away
Gonna grab my keys, get behind the wheel
Got nowhere to go I just like the way it feels

'Cause life is short and the road is long
I'll be punchin' dials
Lookin' for a drivin' song

Ain't gonna stop for nothing but a tank of gas
Take an old back road that ain't on the map
Gotta little hula dancer bobbin' in my back window
She's gonna stick with me anywhere I go

'Cause life is short and the road is long
I'll be punchin' the dials
Looking for a drivin' song

The hours and the songs and the miles fly by
Got all I need to clear my mind

Turn my headlights off and crank the tunes
The only light I need is that big full moon
And I know soon this night will end
We'll have to head back home but I'll worry about that then

'Cause life is short and the road is long
I'll be punchin' dials
Looking for a drivin' song

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Aaron Pritchett Drivin' Song Comments
  1. kevin heatcoat

    I Miss The Old Aaron Pritchett.

  2. Kole Dupe

    He looks so different without the cowboy hat

  3. Roe Johnson

    still love this song, miss all my friends from roosters

    kevin heatcoat

    I miss The Old Country Music.

  4. Adam Wilson

    great song

  5. Rider on the White Horse

    Aaron....who's your REAL song writer?

  6. Chegnanigans

    Grad song :) oh the memories

  7. Leamont


  8. asstastic226

    I love this song just makes me think about my man cant wait to c u baby love ya

  9. Angela Ruel

    cute :)

    kevin heatcoat

    I Miss The Old Country Music.

  10. Audra K

    hes a real sweet guy. stays after his shows to take pics n sign autographs till everyone is gone.

  11. GeneralRaamen123

    are me and this guy related?

  12. Jonathan Traverse

    Aaron Pritchett, sexy as hell!

  13. Zorann07

    saw him at dauphins countryfest 2012, awesome concert!

  14. trish urban

    Filmed on Naramata bench & kaleden on the south end of Penticton ~ AP lives in Kelowna with his brood ~ my son shone @ the final concert held in the Pen Hi auditorium ( RIP ); Marshall stole the show ,running up & singing Hold My Beer over AP !!!!!!!!!!
    Marshall got backstage & met AP ,his lovely wife & then 5 yr old son. AP headlinded Peachfest in '08 Marshall sat on my head ( front row ) proudly displaying his Hold My Beer T-shirt from AP :-)))))))))

  15. Erin O’Brien

    @WestCoastCowGurl I know eh? I’m from Penticton, all my friends thought I was nuts for pointing it out!

  16. WarriorLaurie

    can u plz make a video of this song with the words on the screen plzzzzz. love this song

  17. AngelicSpirit Lizabeth

    <3 Love the Okanagan Valley.. Born in Kelowna.. and no matter where I am in this world.. It will always Be Home <3

  18. dirtbikerodeogirl

    @WestCoastCowGurl It's spelled "Okanagan" by the way...

  19. somegalfromcan

    The lake shots were filmed in Naramata, BC - it's Lake Okanagan in the background. Summerland is on the other side of the lake.

  20. maria gomez

    ....in europe you gat to a new frontier every few hours....i think that there are less than 3 hours betwen paris and london in a high speed train.....

  21. Steve Mulholland

    i sat in his seat at the Juno's, talked to his partner. I wasn't sure who they were at the time. Now I do and it's totally an awesome memory. Go Canada!

  22. TheKaleden

    The building he is singing from is the old Kaleden Hotel on the beach in Kaleden.

  23. TrailBlazer

    Ah yes, the was my grad song. Well the stupid "Friends forever" one was the one played when we walked into the ceremony,
    this played when we walked out.
    It brings back memories...

  24. earlyblue

    Check out Ritchie Nevada - Someday

  25. RoxyAgilityRox

    well atleast i use to live there...

  26. RoxyAgilityRox

    I live in Kelowna by Penticton and that is deffinitley it....

  27. LilMissDressage

    he is.... I talked to him for a minute or 2 when I got his autograph and he was soo nice

  28. LilMissDressage

    He does smell good!!!! He signed a t-shirt for me... and Both me and my step mom couldnt help but notice how great he smelt..... i wish all guys smelled like him... mmmmm :P

  29. amriya17

    Aaron is frekiin sexci & Canadian to boot!
    I love this song.. it made the hottest videos of CMT countdown. That water scene is just soo sexd! loord :D Hes Amaziin! <33

  30. ClarksonsinUSA


  31. Bailey styles

    which is also where this video is filmed!

  32. Bailey styles

    LOL this guy isn't from Hollywood or Nashville he's from my hometown in west Canada LOL

  33. Sailor Odango

    It's because he really loves his fans. I've seen him three times in concert and at each of those concerts, he did a meet and greet. Two of those concerts were with about a hundred people, the other was about a thousand. So the small venues really let him mingle with his fans. And it's true that he is the nicest guy in the world.

  34. gallop24

    aww man lol

  35. texasoutlawss

    wow really?
    why such a cold insult?

  36. DavinSteidel

    k he is not single,, he is my uncle well i guess u can say my antie married his brother jason!!!

  37. DavinSteidel

    i know,,, and arron is my uncle kinda my antie married his brother jason!!!

  38. MrsB

    Well, you were mislead.

  39. MrsB

    Yes, she is.

  40. scott b

    We played this song at our grade 12 grad it was fricken sweet

  41. Nick Czapiewski

    great guy/singer (im seeing him today!!) but this is kind of an awkward music video. (maybe its just me)

  42. Caitlin Edwards

    i was so wondering if it was made in the okanagan... took a wrong turn and ended up at that abandonned building one time.

  43. EmberLynn C

    i love this song

  44. DavinSteidel

    hey have u ever met his brother jason prichett, my antie married jason so yeah its pretty cool to have arron as an uncle

  45. natey2k4

    I had a few beers with him.

    Great guy. Great music.