Aaron Pritchett - Bad For Good Lyrics

Well, I changed my ways to please that woman
But that could never be good enough
I gave up drinkin' and I took up churchin'
For a while it wasn't tough
But barkeep I've made a decision
After doing the best I could
That for better or worse
I'm gonna be bad for good

So, bring on the whiskey
Turn up the jukebox loud
These boots were made for talking
Worn every woman around
I'm gonna wind it up tonight
A little tighter than I should
And for better or worse
I'm gonna be bad for good

I really like my reputation
And how I'm known all over town
Of being the first in my generation
To close every single honky tonk down
I'm gonna be a tough act to follow
Doin' what I said I would
And for better or worse
I'm gonna be bad for good

I'm gonna wind it up tonight
A little tighter than I should
And for better or worse
I'm gonna be bad for good
Yeah, for better or worse
I'm gonna be bad for good

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Aaron Pritchett Bad For Good Comments
  1. Louis Tait

    <3 <3 <3<3

  2. Denise Pare

    that was so me back in the 80s

  3. Azure sky

    This man is AMAZING live. If you ever get a chance to see him live DO IT... he rocked Sault Ste Marie Ontario

  4. mp2020202

    The women I am seeing now was recently in a relationship like this...she's happy and safe now but of course still has some insecurities. Her previous partner (the abuser) wanted to meet me a few days back "the idiot." He wanted to shake my hand and believe me..Im glad he didnt even speak to me let alone only looked at me once because it wouldnt have ended well. Karma shall come around.

  5. Nami&Kiyoshi

    It makes me so mad that anytime I try to talk to someone about it when they ask why I am acting funny they get mad at me. Why get mad at the victim, yet I understand it is a taboo to talk about but that is why it happens so much and part of why reporting it is so difficult to do. The guy I was with never did it when we where around people, he made sure it was just to two of us and then he waited till I was not paying attention and locked the dogs up first. He would always make sure the dogs where locked up because he knew that they would bite him if they saw this behavior. It has been a year and half yet I still cry at least once a week, the night-terrors are down to a few times a month. Last time I slept at a friends house when they tried to wake me up during one I started swinging and screaming in my sleep. I was with him for 5 years, the violence appeared during the last part of the 4th year. It is hard walking away from half a decades worth of life and picking yourself up and rebuilding. For this reason I understand why some women stay...

    Amanda P

    I hope you're doing better now that a year has passed since you posted this comment.

    Denise Pare

    im so sorry to read about you going tru that but I went tru the same 33 years ago and I still suffer from it the only thing that really stops is the night terrors he was the father of my daughter the only way I got saved was he got stabbed 21 times and survived but stayed mentally handicapped my prayers are with you to get better I wish you the best but the memories last forever I think

  6. Dustin Saunders

    my family is friends with his family......i only met him once. also met his son once but i am going to his sister's tomorrow !

  7. Ray Bascus

    any man that puts his hands on a woman like that is a sorry piece of crap and ant a real man , a real man would never hit a woman, no woman should ever have go threw this , its just crazy how some men think they can do this, a woman should be loved n protected  is what i think 

  8. Emily

    I must have been like eight when this song ame out and I loved it. Of course it didnt really understand it but oh well.

  9. paul c

    i hope hes there for you !!
    my fiancee let me go as shes not able to cope with what happened, me being there and strong for her wasnt enough, i wish you luck !

  10. Jessica Johnson

    this is one song i can majorly relate to and love it ....

  11. TheNinjaseverywhere

    No man ever has a justifiable reason to ever lay his hands on a woman

  12. Terry Percy

    I wish my Uncle liked country, I wish I could show him this song to help him understand what's going on with my aunt and her attack. Why she's soo scared and why it's not his fault :(.

  13. brittany boudloche

    this song fits me perfectly about my ex and now the guy i talk to dont understand why im the way i am :( wish he could understand

  14. paul andrew

    i hope you getting your life back together rca chicky !! god bless !

  15. paul andrew

    i recently found out my girl freind had been raped, bit before i meet her, only now do i understand why she was how she was with me, i love her dearly and one day i WILL marry her !! every time i hear this song , see this video i want to cry, my baby must have gone through hell !

  16. ShannonCR

    This is the first time Ive watched the video to this song. I always thought it was about a girl who held back emotionally and stuff because she was afraid that the singer would break her heart like the guy before. Now this song has a whole new meaning to it.

  17. rebamac10

    I know how you feel <3 I've been abused by boyfriends mentally and physically. and I was also sexually assaulted twice. Its hard to get over, and even harder to let other people in.

    Brian Tobin

    rebamac10 I hope you are doing better in your life now. God bless you

  18. Kittykatwolf147

    no man has the right to lay a hand on a woman, and if they do i swear they should be prostucuted (dont care if i spelt it wrong)

  19. Tricia Eustache

    same here

  20. Tricia Eustache

    I feel really
    sad for the
    girl in the

  21. Tricia Eustache

    u got that right!!!

  22. Tricia Eustache

    go to the police as soon as possible.

  23. Tricia Eustache

    some men do shit like this just for power
    and control over you and cause they think
    they'll get away with abuse... Girls don't
    let a man lay one finger on you. If you
    have a bad feeling then go with your

  24. Tricia Eustache

    I agree totally your right
    don't ever let a man lay one
    finger on you, go to the police
    as soon as the first hit comes
    or if you have a bad feeling I all
    can say is listen to your gut because
    it's mostly right.... :)
    he's going to hit you....

  25. Completely One

    i love this song so much!

  26. slapoutz

    @pedro335500 agreed "you gotta whoop a mans ass sometimes" Trace Adkins, i know id whoop a "mans" ass if i saw him touching a girl.


    i really dont understand how some men can do shit like this to a women it aint right

  28. Krissy733

    I was in a 2 year long relationship that I was abused in, then a relationship that I was cheated on. Now theres a great guy in my life, and it's so hard to let him in, after everything I've been through! :(... I literally forgot this song even existed! <3 A.P for singing this.

  29. landouwwe

    i wold kil any buddy for doing this to any off my frineds that is girls

  30. Martha McNabb

    I 100% agree with that, the same goes for me and guys just don't understand... this song helps so much

  31. Rachel

    I came to this song just to see the comments from men. I am happy to say i was not disappointed. Guys, no matter how your friends laugh or call you gay. Just remember that in the long run, They'll be alone and you will most definitely have a beautiful wife and adorable kids. Trust me. I'm a girl and sensitive guys are what we all need. Which is why we date emos.

  32. Brittney Doan

    i have went through a couple bad relationships where abuse was in the picture, more emotionally then physical but i had that in other aspects.. The last relationship i was in was amazing, but i was so scared of getting hurt that i never got close to them, and i apologize for it.. but when i told him what happened he understood.. and he loves me the way i should be treated and respects me the way i should be. so those who have been through it i know how you feel. STAY STRONG <3

  33. keatsgipsy

    Oh you know this song must of gave a lot of woman strength to stand up and take their hearts and go ... you are a gem
    THINK this song need a lot more air-time -
    GIRLS request it from your local radio stations! I am going to!

  34. ladyjpratt

    he sho look fine ;)

  35. MrsB

    It's called a "flashback". They're showing what happened to her in the past and how it's affecting her present.

  36. Krissy733

    This is a really good song!
    Hes hott too :P
    But one question;
    Those 2 guys in the video, two different men shes dating? lmao
    So confusing :S