Aaron May - Cream Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, look
They said the paper get hot turn you to ashes
Only thing is I don't remember me askin'
Fill up my bag of chips and I ain't sharin' a fraction
I'm down for whatever, niggas know I'm bout that action
He asked me for a ballpark price, I pitched him double
I'm taxin' like they uncle but I gotta keep it subtle
And even if he notice I know he don't want no trouble
Cause there's nothing like the hustle in a nigga from the struggle

I been on my dough since a youngin'
You should know that shit
You should know (You should know)
I been on my dough since a youngin'
You should know that shit
You should know (You should know)
I been on my dough since a youngin'
You should know that shit
You should know (You should know)
I been on my dough since a youngin'
You should know that shit
You should know (You should know)

I got what you need, what you want, and what you don't
I do what you see, what you plot and what you won't
I just served a fiend walkin' out the corner store
Only thing that's guaranteed is I'm bound to get this dough
I got what you need, what you want, and what you don't
I do what you see, what you plot and what you won't
I just served a fiend walkin' out the corner store
Only thing that's guaranteed is I'm bound to get this dough

Now don't let me catch you slippin' cause I always got that grip
We might run up in your crib and take whatever we can get
Meet the plug up for a zip but we gon run off with a brick
All them hundreds on the counter cause that paper counterfeit
And I'm -

Man fuck what you talkin about, I'm tryna get paid
You know it's whatever, I'm down for whatever
If it's bread I'm there
Shit, Imma get mine

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Aaron May Cream Comments
  1. Ivan Romero

    Better n realer than j cole

  2. Ivan Romero

    Underrated asf ima share your shit

  3. Stacyion Goodman

    I can’t even front like yo shit don’t slap

  4. Stacyion Goodman

    Aaron tbh bro you inspire me to follow my rap dreams

  5. Nicholas Chiha

    This deserves a couple million views

  6. Audrey Kayembe

    Yooooooo this shit 🔥🔥

  7. Brawnson Bredlow

    Y’all six people who disliked are dumb

  8. BIGFOSS 1977


  9. Ramon Slepcik

    This makes me feel good
    Love it!

  10. Jason Saiza

    All this man songs slap 🔥💯

  11. Whex

    0.75 speed thank me later

  12. Jgot hoopdreams

    Jid next Kendrick lamar Aaron May the next j Cole

  13. S. rere

    One of the beast albums 🥰🔥🔥

  14. Vallery Munoz

    Good song

  15. HAtE LOvE Noተ LovE ከaተe

    Dreamvile sign this m

  16. Vallery Munoz

    Subscribe and you wile get a cookie and if you like you wile get 1000,0000,00000 cookie

    Vallery Munoz


  17. Richie D

    Bro you don't have a Twitter account? I'm trying to share the art

  18. zaier theslayer

    Its like something from nas its gotta nice 90s sound that's rare nowadays

  19. James Upchurch

    Aaron May you have blown my mind away! #underground 🙏

  20. Jay Park

    can we use this in videos or do we need a license


    Idk how people can dislike this type of music

  22. Alex Tran

    Keep grinding fool!! Juss found out about ya music man and shiddddd this shit is like that!!💯🤟

  23. Miguel

    Nice song bro ⚡️

  24. noah thinn


  25. vince cerda.

    that beat🗣


    when lobby music gets lit

  27. Troy Gode Johnson

    Fav song on here 🥵🔥

  28. PugslySC

    Waiting for this man to blow up

  29. Breanna

    “I got what you whatchu need, whatchu want, and what you don’t
    I do what you see, what you plot, and what you won’t”
    🔥🔥🔥🔥 *CATCHYYYY*

  30. Jennavive valencia Esclante siasz

    Reminds me of j Cole omg 💙 your amazing !!❤️❤️❤️

  31. Yxng Prince

    def smoking a wood to this hoe when i get home

  32. Jun Li

    U gon get ya shine , all within good time . 👽🔥

  33. Chris H

    Damn dude you have such a chill/funky kinda vibe. I really dig it.

    Keep keepin on no way you arent gonna blow up.

  34. Klara Lupi

    I’m so glad yt recommended u 😌

  35. Alif Abdourahman

    I really fuck with this! keep hustling, I see u

  36. Jean Pierre Garcia Ruiz

    4 dislike? 4 people who don't appreciate the real music

  37. All that Jaz

    ✊💜much love

  38. Gandalf Gray

    Extended version planned?!

  39. Tiago Almeida

    I just wish you kept going on that last verse 🔥

  40. South.Bound.Sounds

    In some time, everybody who seen this gonna be talking about I heard it before it blew 🔥 mad track 🏅

  41. Samantha Choate

    soo good <3

  42. Hero2BDetermined

    If you aren't a nominee for Dreamville, I feel like they're gonna miss out. Try and connect with them, because your vibe fits their brand so well.

  43. brev_ get_loot

    U up next my nigga 🔥☝ imma fan of u and yo work

  44. Brandon Moreau

    I really don't believe my eyes when I only see 17 k views , just wait homie if this shit docent blow the actual fuck up along with the album , I will personally blow this shit up hahahah

  45. DarkSagan

    Sick man.

  46. Jasmine Gomez

    You're in my top 3 favorite rappers btw :)

  47. Slippery Beatz

    Yo I get a young J Cole vibe from all of his songs

  48. Emil Vang

    Early j cole 🔥🔥🔥 just stumbled upon your traxx keep droppin

  49. Chino -

    Found you on Apple Music. First song I listened to was “I’m good luv, enjoy.” I had to download the whole damn album after that. This some good ass music. Imma support yo ass bruh ✌️

  50. tyrone van der schagt

    i love this song

  51. Benjamin Kruger

    Fyeeeeee 🔥

  52. Nelbrayan Santana

    Where can I get a hard copy??

  53. TheDirtyBird_ 11


  54. josephhh

    favorite underrated rapper🥶🔥

  55. Courtney Fogle

    nice vibe and beat keep up the great work you up next!

  56. Yeah, Aight

    First dislike!
    (I actually liked it tho, great work, keep it up)

  57. Tay Campbell

    His music is so chill😎

  58. Bruther Billy

    5 for 5. chill.

  59. Mychael Shakur

    You are literally already better than cole was at 26 at your age now which we all know aint that ahaha. Great work G. If you're willing we should work sometime

  60. Amira Maid

    Straight fire no cap bruh keep goin im already tellin my friends to sub and telling everyone i can

  61. TJ13332-_- -_-

    Imagine seeing J Cole feat. Aaron May🤯

    Or the other way around

    High Life

    Or j.i.d

  62. Kyan

    love your songs bro keep up the good work!

  63. Joana

    Why is he so underrated??????😒😒😒😒

  64. steven martinez

    Keep doing your shit dawg you well make trust me bro gold shit

  65. Andre Bossier

    i havent seen one single bad or just a negative comment in general on any of his songs lmao not even a dislike !!

    Andre Bossier

    damn i dont think you realized how much of a heart attack you gave me when you favorited my comment no joke thank you wtffff

  66. yellow dante

    Your flow freestyle is better than for example: lil pump lil peep and other and why are they famous and youu have only 11000 subscribers

  67. Moses Lawson

    Is there an extended version to this?! This cant be all of it, I REFUSE!!! haha

    Stefaun Watson

    RIGHT!!! 😂

  68. Jays_adventures

    Yo this is nice

  69. Isräel R

    Brooo was goin in at the end 💯🔥

  70. A.II.Z theSouthbayNiño

    Call me # 394. And 0 dislikes. This straight fire, love from San Diego,CA

  71. T.I H

    Your music is helping me thru my struggles❤ you a real nigga hope u reach the stars one day

  72. Jah Blood

    I'm a fan from philippines bro 👌👍💯

  73. ashwin john

    This is dope 🔥

  74. Hip-Hop Gods

    not a single dislike so u know its fire

    Gabriel Thomas Trobaugh

    The 6 just mad they ain't him

  75. Britty Nicole

    the whole album is amazing! real shit, always.💯

  76. Ironizando

    I really loved this vibe

  77. Logan Dillon

    Can’t wait till he blows up

  78. Ned Flanders


  79. Julian Sells


  80. Sol Rose

    Underrated as fuuck ! 🔥🔥 Keep it up my g

  81. dra

    Wonder what an Aaron May × Taylor Bennett collab would sound like🤔

    jonathan rojas

    sandy facts that would be a big ass banger 🔥

  82. Logan Dillon

    Bro Im deadass keep it up you’ll be number 1 in the country 💯🔥

  83. SwankDaSauce

    Top 5 rapper 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  84. Brittany Marie

    Crushing 😍🎶🎶🎶

  85. Wallace Awaseb

    Found my fav track on the album, this kid is straight fireeee!? 🔥

  86. AleexGod

    Your voice and your flow are so relaxing but at the same time it makes you so fucking happy and kinda hyped up wtf

  87. BOSS


  88. Nathan Lee

    Waiting for him to blow ❤️


    X is that you

  89. aivaras aivaras

    dope track ,fan from europe.

  90. Michael Vieau

    When you don't have any bad tracks💯

  91. Simon

    damn thats fire! much love from switzerland! can't wait to listen to your first album

    Labinot24 •

    Bro de typ isch füür 🔥🔥

  92. Yung Post

    Gonna be on top soon 🥵🔥

  93. Ralph Pelia

    SHEESH! 🔥