Aaron Lewis - Massachusetts Lyrics

Sing here on the stairs and listen to
The nighttime as the daylight fades away
It's such a haunting and familiar tune
When I hear it in the distance I can say
That I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me...
All alone, but the truth is
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be
Because I'm home

The north shore is where my father lives
I wear my Red Sox hat around the world with pride
But the Berkshires are where my heart is
And when I see them in the distance I could cry
Because I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me...
All alone, but the truth is
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be

Nyla started pre-school and Indy just turned two
And Zoe's just the perfect mix of me and you
They keep getting older, time keeps going by
To think about it makes your daddy wanna cry

So I just pass the sign that welcomes me to Worthington
Established long before this country came to be
A place that hasn't really changed with time
The way this country that I love, it used to be
Because I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my daughters and my wife they wait for me
All alone, but the truth is
It's where I always am, it's where I long to be
Because I'm home...

In Massachusetts
Where my hero teaches classes everyday
When my friends, they don't treat me different
It's where my family is, it's where I'll always stay
Because I'm home

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Aaron Lewis Massachusetts Comments
  1. Matthew Witmer

    I was born in Concord and lived in Hudson until moving to Sandwich before I turned 1.

  2. airforceaggie

    Plymouth, no place like Mass from the North Shore to the Cape out to the Berkshires

  3. David Medeiros

    Born and raised in southeast mass. Very pretty state. Was just in belchertown couple weekends ago. We ate at the little Irish pub on town common. Lol! Love western mass. Deer hunting in the Quabbin. Beautiful area.

  4. Brian Joyce

    I love this song. I was just in the gym listening to it and started to cry lol. I live in Florida now and my heart will always be there. I had to
    Leave to start over Mass was good and bad to me but I will always love it. Great song.

  5. tippycolfax

    Mount Greylock

  6. adam karpowich

    Great song , REDSOX HAT ,represent WHERE YOUR FROM.

  7. Ryan Berthiaume


  8. Nate Stover


  9. Jess B

    My moms family has been born and raised in the Plymouth area since the pilgrims. We were the first to move; Tried Wisconsin, Arizona, and Connecticut, I finally settled in western MA for 15yrs now and I just can't picture ever leaving. Love this place.

  10. Lost .ghost

    The people who disliked this song are not true massholes

  11. Jeremy Thompson

    313..but great song

  12. Lennt Cowen

    Beautiful song bro good memories of the family vacations, mohawk trail , north Adams, my greylock is awesome

  13. Joi Dubin

    Just found this song...love the haunting sound...the video brings me home to the Northeast...I am from New York...but this song and the visuals are comforting for anyone who misses and loves their home town.

  14. Jason Caron

    Love this song. Born and raised in the 413

  15. Lars D.82

    Not from Massachusetts... Not even USA! I am from Weissenfels - Germany! But I feel and love this song so much!!!

  16. Kristopher Perez

    Proud 413 guy, originally from Hardwick MA for people who never been past west of Worcestor and into the swift river and Pioneer Valleys you missed out on the true beauty of Massachusetts. There is the Quabbin Reservoir the Connecticut river Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County and the Berkshires. People in the Eastern part of Mass come west and visit us.


    Cape Codder For Life

  18. Willis

    413 for life miss it so much

  19. Steve G

    New Hampshire's a little bit better because we don't get killed with taxes like Massachusetts residents

  20. Heidi Phillips

    The 508 is where. My heart is

  21. שמואל רלטה

    This song brings up so many emotional thoughts. I like it !

  22. nick west

    Once a masshole, always a masshole. It’s not an insult if your from here, it’s a sense of pride

  23. MidwestPatriot

    Massachusetts looks like a nice place but there are far too many liberal Democrats there

    nick west

    MidwestPatriot there definitely are to many, most of us just get smothered by them

  24. Moto Hellion

    Massachusetts. Where it all started.

  25. Jeffrey Carmel

    Pittsfield MA!!

  26. Flip 5077

    DEAR GOD......I MISS THIS !!!

  27. srvfv40

    978. Billerica. Born and bred Love the whole state. Love new England. Love America.
    Remeber stained playing the new England circuit. Seen Aaron up Hampton few years back. Great time watching him jam.

  28. LiLy PenDragon

    ALWAYS*ALWAYS makes me CRY. Reminds me of being home with family. All of 'em. The godZ bless that place. Go in autumn, the way <3-Craft wrote it. AMAzinG. 29/51

  29. James Fischer

    Always be home 978 once and always a masshole go sox

  30. garrett eller

    781 💙

  31. Michael Gloth

    Beautiful tune i live in The berks

  32. marguerite jaskolski

    I live in eastern Wisconsin but proudly I can say I was born in the 413 and that’s where my heart is and will always be ! Born and raised in the valley ! The Berkshire’s is where my heart always is , go home every year ❤️

  33. Stephanie Bristol

    413 South Hadley/ Springfield checking in 💜✌

  34. poppafish428

    Aaron, my son and I are coming to see you at Symphony Hall this Sunday. Welcome Home, Brother !

  35. Mr. Nate Solitario

    Proud 413! I live in Worthington, down the road from his house. love it up there

  36. Timothy Sutton

    Proud masshole love mass 413 born and bred

  37. ryanthedominator

    North Shore born and raised!

  38. Jess

    love Mass 978

  39. frank Daly

    having lived in Berkshire county all my life it's a great song because often times it's forgotten about even though it's still part of the commonwealth

  40. Dan Varilly

    I just saw Aaron today at the store in Worthington! Such an amazing artist.

  41. arman757

    When yanks think they're country, you get things like this 🤣

    Broc Miracle

    We’re northern rednecks bud. At least we get to fly our flag and not get shit for it

  42. Kim Leitner

    Just love this song & it makes me miss my east coast home !!!

  43. Dylan Kushinski

    God I wish I had been lucky enough to be born in Massachusetts

  44. softail springer

    Dick Hertz from Holden here!

  45. Allen Jacques

    Born in the Berkshire mountains like my father grandfather and his father before me. I love this song so much

    Jeffrey Gavigan

    I am from Texas but this song should somehow resonate with everyone and where they are from. Aaron Lewis is one of the best artists of all time. Singer-songwriter

  46. Mike Flood

    413 for Life

  47. Beshai/Torres

    Now I feel good living in massachusetts

  48. Jimmy Richardson

    508 here

  49. Benjamin Lewis

    Born and raised in JP, now living in Sussex County DE. This song hits me like a ton of bricks. Every time.

  50. Lester Benson

    Not bad for a guy that was homeless in Hampton Beach NH.. Love this guy!


    I'll never leave mass not for all the money in the world these are my stomping grounds

  52. Dan Marcoux

    413 Springfield.....stuck in Indiana God tho s song makes miss HOME

  53. Raquel Felkner

    My sons own an orchard in New Salem Massachusetts! My eldest son and his wife are buried in Orange Massachusetts! They died on Route 63 in a car accident! I cry whenever I hear this song!

  54. Josh Senical

    This song takes me home every time I hear it. Born and raised in Warren,MA....MASSHOLE thru and thru. I naw live in Key West,Fl

  55. andrew smith

    Proud canadian and red sox fan got a chance to go to a game a couple years. Ago i honestly can say Massachusetts is beautiful i love it there and would move in a heartbeat if i could .

  56. kennyfromlynn1

    Living in illinois but grew up in lynn lynn the city of sin.

  57. Katie Rae

    lol Aaron Lewis is my cousin

  58. Colleen Malcolm

    Makes me homesick💜

  59. colbybirse21

    I go camping in the Berkshires. Love it up there, no other place like it.

  60. Mastahkillah -CookieMonstersGuild-

    508 song still kills me

  61. Robby Bilodeau

    2:50 that picture was taken in Connecticut not Mass

  62. Duquette Beats

    Massachusetts you suck.are founders would be ashamed how you let government run wild with are great state.urgh.we started the revolution over a tea tax .Now people here except any an everything from the government.

  63. Rob MacLeod

    781 Sin City ....LYNN

  64. Katie Burak

    Never going to leave Massachusetts.

  65. James Cronk

    Greenfield mass only thing I hate is the heroin problem.


    I miss Bill's Restaurant. Excuse me, Famous Bill's.

  66. KingOf Percussion

    Chicopee mass baby. A born and raised masshole. My dad is good friends with Arron Lewis.

  67. Noah Kelly

    West Roxbury, Boston is where I call home. Proud of it

  68. Ryan Fregeau

    live in omaha, from mass. will never say any different.

    The dhgate 1:1 Replica reviews

    I luv 311 and am from Massachusetts...um that is all lol

  69. Jeremiah McAdam

    born and raised in Westfield till I moved

  70. Jeremiah McAdam

    I live in ware ma

  71. This is Sammie Sue's World

    I was born in Worcestor, grew up in Webster. I live in TX now, but had the privilege to get to visit home a couple weeks ago and decided Mass is where I belong. Always have, always will. Miss it so so much.

    The dhgate 1:1 Replica reviews

    In Worcester on east mountain st at the moment next to great brook valley

  72. Justin Marston

    Good song. I was in Mass today so I Googled thecstates name and this song came up

  73. 1984

    I live in dracut I heard this song in a bar and I loved it

  74. Rene Perez

    I always had a thing for the countryside of states. sometimes I wish I knew why some people want to get out of the country. it's so beautiful and peaceful and quiet.

  75. Chris Brown


  76. Charlie Gallivan

    The song is awesome

  77. Wayne Ronald

    Athol MA over here!:)

  78. Joel Wayne

    Could he have possibly picked a less country state to sing about if he tried? LMFAO. Silly Massholes...

    Justin Marston

    Blue states can't be country? LOL Not West Virginia? not Montana? not the buckeye state? Okay. Only states that vote for Killary's friend of 30 years, NYC billionaire Donald J Trump can be country

    Zachyredd 1

    Joel Wayne you're an idiot, he lives in massachusetts

    Joel Wayne

    @Tj Mccarthy you're probably right about that


    I'm not sure you understand the meaning of this song. It's about loving his hometown and the comfort it brings which is what country is about, pride in where you come from and the morals you were raised with. It's not defined by pretty boys in cowboy hats and boots serenading a girl somewhere in Alabama on some dirt road in the back of his pick up.

    Alvin V

    it's not about that.

  79. Leonard Salazar

    inspire me when im goin home

  80. TruthSeeker08

    Proud Masshole here. (inside humor to all my Massachusetts neighbors). Born and raised in Springfield, Mass. I lived in CT. for about 8 years and I've traveled on vacations but like Dorothy says "There's no place like home". I may have lived in Ludlow, Chicopee or Belchertown but I'm always in Massachusetts. This is where my family and my heart is. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I love this song and I do tear up to it. I'm going to stop complaining about the "pot holes" and other little things that at the end of the day don't mean anything. instead I'm going to be grateful that I have car to drive in the first place. Many people nowadays don't have that. I love my State and every Town or City I've lived in OR even visited. 💝

    boz box

    Home is home sis. Dodge them potholes!

    Michael Lavoie

    +Muckypup82 North Carolina resident, Easthampton Masshole.

    Timothy Sutton

    Springfield born and bread


    "Masshole" is what we call tourists up here in New Hampshire. The irony is most of us are from Massachusetts.

    shaine white

    Born in Springfield raised in Ludlow ma.

  81. John Dimambro

    Im from Woburn in eastern mass and i love my home, i love Massachusetts and dont ever wanna leave

  82. Louis Falabella

    from revere mass

  83. jrt01201

    live right at the base of mount greylock in lanesborough. makes me miss home.

    gooffy goober 101

    Hey I live in adams I think picture at 1:26 is an over view of adams

  84. gary sommerville

    have goog memories when I lived in Lawrence, Ma,

  85. John Spiegs

    I'm from Lexington mass originally I've lived in kerrville tx for the past 3yrs listening to this brings back memories . Go red sox God Bless 978

  86. John Spiegs

    I'm from Lexington mass originally I've lived in kerrville tx for the past 3yrs listening to this brings back memories . Go red sox God Bless 978

  87. Donna Leslie

    WoW.... I loved the song I'm not from Massachusetts I'm from South San Antonio,Texas! #HomeOfTheBRAVE #LandOfTheFREE

  88. jason mays

    Not from Massachusetts, I'm from northern California. But, I love this song and it speaks to me. I love this country and my country roots, everyone has a home, and if you love the way America should be, I'll bet this sing speaks to you too.

    Anthony Courtright

    absolutely love this song, live in NC but my kids and true home is in Upstate NY... So this song speaks to my heart and can fill my eyes wit tears on the right day...

    B Dawg

    Thanks Jason. Couldn't have said it better. (So Cal)


    im from arizona lol

    Joshua Dubois

    Born and raised in Massachusetts. Love it. God bless everyone.

  89. Matt Dowd

    I live in Becket Massachusetts it's great there so beautiful in the summer

    Hannah Ivey

    I live in Lee!

  90. kristen richard

    I moved to NJ from Chicopee a year ago...and i cry everytime i hear this song....

  91. da badass

    im in the Berkshire Mtns of Massachusetts

  92. Ghost508

    straight outta southcoast MA! from Berkley, Taunton and Fall River

    Frank Rizzo

    Taunton rules!!!!!


    Taunton pride. 508 repping see yall in the green!

  93. Ghost508

    straight outta southcoast MA! from Berkley, Taunton and Fall River

  94. Chris Sheperd

    The boy is from the 413, and WNU-WNEC

  95. Ta12dankdiscoveries

    Lol a few of the pics in the video are not massachusetts.


    @Debbie Marino The highway sign that says 'Worthington' on it is not in Massachusetts. There are no 4 lane highways in the hill towns of western Mass, and I only wish Worthington was that flat, which it is not. Plus Iv'e never even heard of the town on the sign below it.

    Debbie Marino

    Ahhh .. okay those towns are in Minnesota ...


    @Debbie Marino Also a few of those houses I'd love to know the towns of, because they are very interesting and also not very indicative of what Western Mass is like.

    Debbie Marino

    +Ta12dankdiscoveries lived in Western Mass my whole life, wouldn't live anywhere else.

    Jenn powers

    Most are western mass. Springfield and berkshires

  96. Jason Kemper

    arron lewis has been a huge inspiration to me his songs have got me threw lot of hard times in my life and makes me feel homesome talkn about his grandfather and being happy to be home with his family im glad hes here to make music thank u arron

  97. jimmy j

    love the song. Born and raised in the Berkshires (Adams) so I appreciate Mt Greylock and the town picture.

  98. Matthew Segal

    from Lynn,now in Franklin IN,love this song

  99. Dev T

    i have never been so proud to be from MA...