Aaron Lewis - Lost And Lonely Lyrics

Well I've been shattered and broken, for most of my life
But I've done pretty good, with a job and a wife
Got a family that loves me, and a good piece of land
That I bought with hard work, that I earned with these hands

These things that I do
I did them for you

So just tell me you love me, and tell me you'll stay
And you'll watch over this house, while I go away
And just promise to be here, when I get back home
So we can start where we left off, all those years ago

Before my demons... they took control
Lost and lonely, out here on the road

Cause I've been careless and selfish, got no self respect
I'm an albatross hanging around my own neck
I'm a hard one to handle, and I've played the fool
And I'm so hard to love, cause I break all the rules

These things that I do
Cause I couldn't have you

So just tell me you love me, and tell me you'll stay
And you'll watch over this house, while I go away
And just promise to be here, when I get back home
So we can start where we left off, all those years ago

Before my demons... they took control
Lost and lonely, out here on the road

So just tell me you love me, and tell me you'll stay
And you'll watch over this house, while I go away
And just promise to be here, when I get back home
So we can start where we left off, all those years ago

Before my demons... they took control
Lost and lonely, out here on the road

Lost and lonely, out here on the road

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Aaron Lewis Lost And Lonely Comments
  1. KensPlay

    wow singer amazing

  2. Scott Griffin

    Wish I had the tuning to country boy.

  3. Scott Griffin

    Just keeps getting better!

  4. Michael Adams

    Bro I'm sorry man for the self hatred you have endured man. It's definitely a bitter pill to swallow daily my friend. May you find peace my brother from another mother.

  5. Robin Biernbaum

    Seen this man three times in concert and all three were great ....and no he didnt swear at anyone ....everyone showed him respect .....last concert of his I went to he was joking around with the audience ....he was in a great mood that nite .....

  6. N K

    Aaron, your songs speak to my soul. You have helped me through a horrible break up! I have lyric swimming around in my head. You have inspired me learn guitar and to write my own story to music. I do not know where I would be today without you! Grateful!💞

  7. Victoria Nicholson

    Reminds me of my relationship with my dad.. god rest his soul. He was a truck driver and never home and we were never close. He passed away in 2009. I never knew him at all very much

  8. Jonathan Underwood

    Who knew Negan was so musical. 😉

  9. Jedi Mind Tricks

    Learn your alphabet fools

  10. chief 1 redwolf

    Every word of God is pure, he is a shield to those who put their trust in him 📖. And that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

    We must be willing to turn from sin and self to receive Jesus forgiveness . And to know and live out his teachings. Fall in love with the Word of God. KJV, NKJV, NASB.

  11. Brooks Collins


  12. wheelie King16

    I've been listening to aaron lewis for 20+ years and I will always do so untill my dying day!

  13. vibe808

    This guy can touch the hearts of the toughest men.

    Jonny Gaudert

    vibe808 took the words out of my mouth

    Daniel Le Heiget

    @Jonny Gaudert same here

  14. Jon Martens

    What is this song about?  I love it but don't quite understand it.

    Matthew Peters

    Fighting his inner demons, feeling alone and lost will hes away from his love

  15. Cynthia Lott

    Happy Anniversary BOO.
    .THIS $0NG IS4 U
    MichaelFlyN, SALUTE
    iKnow NoOne will Answer but iSaid IT 1st...

  16. Phillip Smyser

    Aaron and hank 3 should do a song

  17. Selena Garcia

    I wish I could have love as deep as oceans and a family like the stars in this land of the fake

  18. Kyle Smedley

    How could anyone dislike this? Aaron can sing the dictionary and I'd listen. But when someone is just pouring their emotions into their music like that, how do you dislike that? I love almost every song this guy has written especially his country mostly because he puts so much soul and passion into his work.

  19. Proud Military Brat

    I have probably commented on this video a couple hundred times, but this song never gets old. In my opinion, none of Aarons or Staind songs get old, but even the original Staind songs Aaron has redone, (Tangled Up In You, for example) are 100 times better with him solo on the vocals. I listen to this song all the time. It's just a major bonus that I get to look at Aarons gorgeous face as he sings. :-) That's one sexy man right there.

  20. Tara Kniceley

    I love this song so much- it reminds me of my husband 😢

  21. Christi Mccormick

    Ur musis gives pains to my ears but it's a good song

  22. Justin Harris

    I sure wish this was on iTunes

  23. Cynthia Dillard

    Love to listen to this man sing

  24. Tobias MUC

    Love this guy. Love his Songs and lyrics. Greets from Germany.

  25. Gary Mckinney

    Awesome song this was me

  26. Greg Mellish

    Yeah alfull ain't it

  27. Friedrich Koenig

    Mein Bruder

  28. Gary Standridge

    Love his music. This song speaks to me

  29. Karl Thode

    This is the best song in the world

  30. Leo Zamudio

    This song is so relatable for so much men

  31. no name

    I've just found this song today. So nice voice and song.

    Lord Sesshomaru

    no name // that’s Aaron Lewis for you.

  32. mR n0b0dy

    I love the solos and riffs. Steel guitar. Now I HAVE to learn them

  33. CenterSight_420

    November 26th 2019 I lost a man that raised me and taught me a lot he had a temper and could have showed his love better but I understand as a man its hard to show our true feelings I love him and I wish him a happy eternity in heaven. You maybe gone but you won't be forgotten I love you dad...I wish I could have told you in person I never would have thought you would have left the world like you did.. Don't worry dad I'll watch over my sisters I promise...I wish you could be here so I could make you proud R.I.P Jacky Farris Battles Jr.

  34. Rod King

    Aaron Lewis is hands down... the working man's musician..... no matter where you come from.... he is a great taste of America!


    Good job Josh i love your below comment. This artist is simply pure talent. No need for all the crutches that most so "called artists" have today.

  36. Christina Simonton

    Keep strong Aaron Lewis we love u ❤

  37. Zach Yeomans

    The moment I heard this song my eyes started to tear up, not many songs hit me like this but it's so accurate. Really makes me look back and realize how many mistakes I've made in my life.
    Makes me see how much I really regret.

  38. Daniel Thurston

    God man you feel certain types of music. I’m a fan of bush and grunge music because it really shows the raw form of a human. aaron lewis broke walls here man.

  39. Betty Boop

    Scotty you did have a family that loved you.

  40. Jeannette Dutton

    Good song thank u sir

  41. Tom Benton

    I'm a new Daddy and Aaron Lewis makes me think of my grandfather and other men that showed me how to work hard and be a be a honest man the way God wants me to be . My past is just that my past my son will know dirty hands make clean money God first family second and doing what's right when noone is looking is integrity and that life is about doing what's right Evan when noone is looking kindness expecting something in return is business not kindness

  42. John Doe

    This is my thanksgiving song

  43. SoLo Soundz

    His voice gives me chills

  44. Tom Country boy

    keep them songs coming injoying sound

  45. Crazy Talk

    Jesus, this mans talent is absurd

  46. B B

    Wow who are you Sir ... 👍

  47. William Kelly

    Such a amazing song!!

  48. Wayne Bacon

    I first heard this song shortly after I got out of prison, and I wish I had these words before I went in.

  49. Kevin Dillon

    And he has a good voice

  50. Kevin Dillon

    Good song

  51. Junior Enriquez

    When you heart breaks bad ass music is good for the soul loving West TN Women can make you and break you Aaron Lewis beautiful

  52. Tina Beck

    good song thanks for posting

  53. Christopher Fletcher

    Always have loved Aaron. Stains was great but damn if he don't bring something that's been missing from country. He could sing anything.

  54. Anita Bonghit

    Wow, this is so different from Staind yet his voice sounds amazing whether he's singing metal or country.

  55. Michael C

    That steel guitar would cut anyone’s soul. Such a powerful song. Keep rockin Aaron!

  56. Urban Kiwiana

    I just found this song this guy has such an incredible voice his music is so relatable and real..love this song

    Dylan Harr

    Lead singer of stained

    Urban Kiwiana

    @Dylan Harr +I legit just clicked earlier lol I knew the voice but couldnt out it together, thanks 🙂

  57. Danny Brooks

    I get it arron but somtimes they never cared to start with.jonnb.cause i qould have given anything and ahw dis not care at all call me stuff turn my kids agiest me.and put in thw ground thats what she wanted she got...jonnb lost an loney in the ground

  58. D S

    does the hipster with the apple watch ruin it for you just a little?

  59. fabian r

    Arron Lewis singing=eargasm

  60. Kelly verhaeghe

    Beautiful man with a beautiful voice

  61. DECK HAND217

    Three more weeks im getting off the boat. Cannot wait to hug my kid and my wife. Thank you aaron for the amazing music.

  62. Eddie Garcia

    Aaron. Fucking kick ass song. Its amazing how much you actually lose when you makin a living out on the road when you actually sacrificing yourself for your family.

  63. Owen Goodwin

    Wow, such an amazing song. Thanks Aaron.

  64. Damien Toscano

    Listen to this song at least twice a day . Father of a beautiful 2 year old daughter and a handsome 2 day old baby boy . Still fighting my own demons but I won’t let that get in the way of my children’s happiness. Much love too everyone reading this , keep pushing forward.

  65. Roland Herrera

    ADB this song says how I feel for you.

  66. Chris Brown

    I've been listening to this man for the last 20yrs. It always seems as though he's singing about my life. His music has been there for me in a lot of dark times in my life. He's one Hell of a musician and I respect the Hell out of the man. He's pulled me from some dark places and if I ever met him I'd like nothing more than to shake his hand and tell him thank you. Keep on making music my man. Much love!

  67. Cole Adamson

    I would love to someone sang this song at my funeral

  68. ronnie parker

    Love this song..

  69. Ivan L.

    Aaron is true to himself and has always been this way. No matter what the deal is, he is genuine and one of a kind.

  70. Beamon Snider

    I listen to this ever day. A husband and a father of 3, I made a lot of mistakes in my life.

    John Storer

    Beamon Snider you made 3 rights. You do those those 3 rights right, that makes up for a billion wrongs.

    Sara Smiles

    We ALL have <3 At different ages and different stages of life. Love and light, Mr. Snyder <3

    Wayne Bacon

    I keep wishing I had these words before I went to prison but I doubt they'd have helped.

    Doug McGuire

    Don't dwell on those mistakes and let them define you. Learn from them and let your inner voice guide you. You clearly have a good soul to make such a comment in the first place. ✌


    Real life brings out great music because you’ve lived it !

  72. Cheezeburger Walrus

    Who's listening in the current year?

    rachel rigsby

    2019..right here bud..eating a liquor ball sandwich and listening. Baaaaaam

  73. Terry Farr

    Amen brother Amen

  74. Frank p Cabral

    my daughter dedicated me that song she was 16 she was killed by a recklas Lyft driver .I'm an addict that lives on the road 24-7 .god forgive me .i miss you Taylor beck

  75. noisepoisen

    This song is to my beloved. RIP

  76. Dee Marie

    This song hits home wish I can go back to the way life was when we were a family love you farrit from tuudems

  77. Joey Taylor

    I've traveled my whole career. I gave it all up for my fiance. I loved her and tried to make her happy every day..... In the end it wasn't enough no matter what sacrifices I made for her I just wasn't enough. I'm back on the road and completely lost with out her.

  78. Shannon Dechand

    I will always love you baby and i hooe you remember that i nevet gave up

  79. Michael

    That dude came jam out!! My wife and I always go see Aaron when he's nearby. I've been listening to his music for over 20 yrs. Rock on Aaron!! P.S. come back to Biloxi MS soon 👊🏻👍🏻


    Just saw him at the fillmore in New Orleans and soon will be in baton Rouge. Saw him once in Biloxi... Great show

  80. mohunter68

    I love aaron Lewis. He connects wtth me and my brothers.

  81. Stephanie Marie

    By far sexiest man ever hands down

  82. Russian G

    Love this song

  83. Will Deloach

    Damn, nailed it. MGW

  84. steadymakingcash

    This song reminds me of myself as a person who works hard in the oil and gas industry who is always away from home and gets lonely away from his love and this song nails it to the tee. Great job aaron

    Romeo Antonio

    I am totally agree 100 percent for you because my man of my life whom I met at facebook group chat who works at oil and gas industry at Ohio, USA he was the same thing as yours working and was lonely. And we both lucky as we met on that facebook site, hopefully sooner our relationship will be forever. I just love him so much for he is. Don't lost hope @steadymakingcash it's not over and the Universe knows that and it guides you were your heart deserves for the person of your life. We are in a distance relationship of my man at this present, he's from USA and I'm from Philippines.

  85. DEE 300

    What do u do when the demos won't let u go. X

  86. Dusty Seitz

    Im need your help BRITTANY KARSETENS

    Dusty Seitz

    Im SORRY i lost myself and im asking you BRITTANY for your help

  87. James Wildey

    I have tickets for the November 23rd show at the Fillmore in Detroit i can't wait until i can hear the emotion in person

  88. Candy Porter



    HenrynCandy Laughman Tennessee is the best is this a joke

    Candy Porter

    No its not a joke...cuz if i come back home..il kill him n his whore..for reall...i just cant...it hurts to bad

  89. Bianca Dancel

    My husband showed my daughter this song and he recently is not here and she sings it at the top of her lungs it’s the cutest thing ever 💕

  90. Justin Brown

    The most powerfull line in this song for a man is ..
    Just the promise me you will be here when I get back home.

  91. Tracy Pahos

    And this is the guy that really knows what he’s doing really nice one to the nice guy

  92. Tracy Pahos

    Listen to the song blows your mind and it’s full of love

  93. Kago Motshweneng

    i just love music like this..that draws you in to really really listen!

  94. Dalton Riley

    I'm not crying I'm just cutting onions

  95. The LongRanger

    This was a good performance but his buddy needs to loosen up he’s so stiff in the face

  96. Dustin Stevens

    Lost and lonely...

  97. Thomas Vetor

    I lost my dad last week , he was truck driver for a good 10 years or so ... He told me , how each state has such beautiful mother nature ..... The words Lost n Lonely is big part of life , missing yr loved ones ...

  98. Thomas Vetor

    Another powerful song that really hits 2 the heart big time n gets ya crying galore ...

  99. Stephanie Marie

    He is super sexy