Aaron Carter - You Get To My Heart Lyrics

When I need someone to believe in
I turn to you
And you never ever let me down
You always come through
And I just wanna thank you for
The way you make me make feel, heyyy

Baby you get to my heart
The deepest part
Girl I wanna be where ever you are
Only you know
Right where to go
Something that I never had
Is taking control, it's your love
From the start
You get to my heart

If in time
You don't know where to run to
Just come to me
I'll be here for you with all my heart
Be all that you need
Cuz someone like you is
One in a milion, it's true, heyyy

Baby you get to my heart
The deepest part
Girl I wanna be where ever you are
Only you know
Right where to go
Something that I never had
Taking control is your love
From the start
You get to my heart

Can't believe how long I've waited
Without you in my life
All I've ever wanted
I can see in your eyes

Baby you get to my heart
The deepest part
Girl I'm gonna be where ever you are
Only you know
Right where to go
Something that I never had
Is taking control
It's your love
From the start
You get to my heart

Yeah, you get to my heart

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Aaron Carter You Get To My Heart Comments
  1. BrilovesKurtHummel Briones

    Aaron Carter reminds me of Jesse McCartney

  2. BrilovesKurtHummel Briones

    I love him so much!

  3. karen paye

    what a very cute voice....I love your voice Aaron...

  4. JonathanKnightFan

    Absolutely love old songs of his. Beautiful Nostalgia of my little girl and teenage years. 2019 and forever listening!

  5. Pauline Denise Gepana - Sayson


  6. tiana39

    Love love love Aaron Carter!

  7. zayn ELJAN FLORES

    you get to my heart

  8. Юлия Реденс

    Хочу чтобы все были счастливы и Аарон тоже🐾Love and Luck to all the people.📯

  9. Bridget Grosso

    All the best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year cuz this one goes out to you feel better you'll be good out throughout the years I don't know why I stopped you music Backstreet Boys forever

  10. Meriam Sadik Normina

    i miss him☺☺☺ nkkamiss yong araw na inalay nya skin ang song nato😢😢😢

    gieniel Barrientos

    Meriam Sadik Normina same tayo

  11. Ashley Blasdell

    this reminds me of some one

  12. Darius Castillo

    Memories from the past flashback whenever hear songs of Aaron. I sooo love the songs

  13. kaitlyn headley

    I love aaron carter

  14. Charm Believe

    still loving this, it's on my playlist and never get's old for me your wonderful Aaron.

    Recep Akcesme

    Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm

  15. Rhonda Romiti Reiser

    Baby I'm in Reno and here's my number...1-775-203-8921 text me if you want..code word 34. ☺😘💋 be good. Bring sleeping bags for you and your brother. You're welcome here with me. I think I can overlook some of the things that have happened. It's okay because you guys never really hurt me on purpose, I know that now. Sometimes tears come when we care about others. I knew that you needed to know that I care about you...I know that you were in danger and Nick almost lost his life simply because his name was Nick. I'm here for you. God bless you guys. I'll be happy to help you and I can share what I have with you. For the record I never filed a lawsuit against my real mom. Thank you for telling me who I really am. I'm sorry that they put you guys through hell. Among my household items stolen by Martin Moving Company was my stepfather's favorite painting that I wanted to donate to a museum in the name of those lives lost by those monsters since WWII. God bless the families who suffered. My heart goes out to all of you and your families. I hope that the painting can be recovered in the name of my real father and mother. I won't name them here, but I think you know who they were. Ya it would be nice to not worry about where the next dollar is going to come from but I have lived on less all my life and I will survive somehow with the help of my dearest friends and family members. I love you all. God bless you all.

  16. Paladin Tim

    how do you get this song? My wife loves this song and wants it for her birthday.

  17. angelbritney2000

    wow, i never heard this before. it's awesome :) I think I will buy this :)

  18. Recaldo Stylez

    The song at the end is called Swag up - Aaron Carter

  19. Han Chao Zhao

    whats the song at the end

  20. Annette Jenkins

    Again! True to the "Heart"!- Been there Since beginning!!!-Love it!!!- Thanks for this!

  21. xindi 2050

    I like Aaron's songs!!

  22. Ali B

    It sound like he would be able to sing a really strong note but he dose not

  23. Keli Gutierrez

    Rebecca he follows me too! Did you meet him i did

  24. Rebecca Roxy

    He follows me on twitter! :p

  25. Jeverson Sobreo

    where this video edited?

  26. kert ratliff

    just to clarify im girl im just using kert :P

  27. kert ratliff

    aaron carter is my ultimate crush since i was in grade school and until now, i love you much aaron, you get to my heart and for me your the best , the one and only :)

    Chloe Chelsie

    kert ratliff
    yeah one and only
    then and now
    i love aaron carter😍😍

  28. olivy posadas

    niceeeeeeeeeee ^^

  29. ices carmack

    aaron is so HOT

  30. Donnelle Groves

    Thanks Aaron ur soooo awesome tlc-dkg...;)

  31. Romit Sen

    whats the song in the end?

  32. Edaina Moonrazor

    i will always love aaron his songs are deeper and more heartfelt that ver half the new artists of today. LOVE YOU AARON!

  33. Paperbomb Kakashi

    A.C. Nation Forever !!!

    Chloe Chelsie

    James H
    yeah forever and ever

  34. vanessa desrosiers

    I love this song and him <3

  35. MariyamRocks

    this song sounds like his song I'm All About You

  36. nickcarterlover100

    he followed me on twitter and said happy birthday and i love this song :)

  37. Emily Chaney

    i miss him soooo much!

  38. yunior angomas

    es un video muy bueno me gustan la cansiones de aaron carter

  39. bsb girl

    Sexy baby aaron love u and this song you get to my heart my deepest part wish I was your gilrlfriend

  40. HarmonyAgony

    this was uploaded on my birthday

  41. Vy Dương

    i'm in love

  42. prince boby

    am inlove.......................

  43. Joan Osillos

    his so nice

  44. LeRousa

    so bittersweet 0____0 I miss him :')

  45. america1061

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaroooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn yyyeeeeeeeeeaaah!

  46. kimmy vispo

    he's so humble.. he tweeted back on my tweet.. he even followed me on twitter.. see how humble he is.. I ♥ YOU AARON CARTER!! :))

  47. Ariel Teo

    Loving it ;)

  48. Gena Hursey

    i love Aaron Cater<333

  49. Amanda Webster

    ive never heard this song. butit def a old one but i like it

  50. Shannon Marie

    love this song. haven't heard it in a very very very long time!

  51. Breana Pant

    this song is so sweet

  52. Em-Em Mandy

    aaron <3