Aaron Carter - The Perfect Storm Lyrics

She's just like a storm
She's running on the waves, washing up on the shore
She's coming out of thin air (she's coming out of thin air)

She blew in like the wind
Became more than just a friend
And now I just can't wait to see her face again
That girl so beautiful, got a body I can't forget
She got style, she got class
And her smile's like the sunset

I can see the lighting , I can hear the thunder
I can feel her heartbeat, but I can't find her
I can feel the rain all over my face
Like a hurricane, she's taking me away....

She's just like a storm
She's running on the waves, washing up on the shore
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)

Came out of nowhere
I was not prepared
Almost time to evacuate, I feel it getting near
The sky is getting dark, and now I'm getting scared
She got style, she got class
The girl is a perfect storm...

I can see the lighting, I can hear the thunder
I can feel her heartbeat, but I can't find her
I can feel the rain all over my face
Like a hurricane, she's taking me away...

She's just like a storm
She's running on the waves, washing up on the shore
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)

She's just like a storm
She's running on the waves, washing up on the shore
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)

She's just like a storm
She's running on the waves, washing up on the shore
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)

She's just like a storm
She's running on the waves, washing up on the shore
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)
She's coming out of thin air (thin air)

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Aaron Carter The Perfect Storm Comments
  1. Nicolesheehean558 sheehan

    this. is a great. song.😊 i love. aaron carter. music. a. new. song.😊 ti. one. of. my. favorite. one lol

  2. Rhonda Romiti Reiser

    On my way home from the VA they said that I had a false pregnancy. All I can do is let it go.

  3. MsSkylar2

    Love this song

  4. Hanij Fgo

    Guys were I can download this song ..

  5. Eila Bo

    I can't wait until his music Video of this song is coming out :) #AaronCarterIsBack =) hope he comes to Germany too :/

  6. Shenna Tarrayo

    i still love your song,..ever since i was 9,.. 

  7. Gwen Cunningham

    Love it.

  8. threea leztarye

    Aaron always look perfect,,love it ...^_~

  9. Acoustic Alexie

    he's so cute... still.

  10. ChrisFSP

    Watch out Bieber! Jewess baaaaaackkk!

  11. Samantha Buss

    Actually, Aaron Carter started making new music back in 2009. It's only been about four years since he's been working on a new album, not ten! I understand what you are saying, though. I really really hope Aaron Carter's new album comes out ASAP 'cause i am one of his BIGGEST fans ever!!

  12. Melissa1596

    he's been supposedly putting out a new album for years. He just keeps releasing singles. Damn, we want a whole album! 10 years is a long time... blah

  13. Laboni Gomes

    Wow with the comments about aaron and the drugs, like move on. Everyone makes dumb decision when they're young and he can't take back what he's done. The good thing is he has moved on which is amazing considering all he's been through in his life. So yea anyway not here to start an argument but yea Aaron's a talented artist making music so I think we should focus on that.

  14. SinaLeuthaeusser

    aaron said that there will be a new album.. he said this at the end of 2009 .. im still waiting :'(

  15. bykarti

    Im getting goosebumps,how can his voice be so identical to Nick's?!

  16. The Sydnerian

    Don't get some of you Aaron fans comparing Aaron and Justin in the first place

  17. howieloverbsbforever

    @POOKiEBOO87 i know right aint it freaky??? but they dont look alike so its all good i guess. HOWEVER they are both freakin sexy : ) ♥

  18. howieloverbsbforever

    @glittertrombone i think hes trying to come back. so attention everyone AARON FANS UNITE!!!!! ♥

  19. freakof391221

    He was sexay when I was 7, He's still sexay and I'm 17 :]

  20. Sofia Hernandez

    duuuuuuude. he sounds so much like nick!
    haha. awwwwww aaron carter, its been a long time!!

  21. K_Poppin_No_Stoppin

    love it...he sounds just enough like nick...nick is still my #1 carter lol

  22. lonlon1780

    everyone follow Aaron on twitter @IAMAARONCARTER

  23. lonlon1780

    @lydiaphan12 yes it is ac i have heard him sing it on live ustream

  24. lonlon1780

    @awb4130578 its aaron you can tell by the voice that its not nick

  25. liviahays

    love him

  26. lonlon1780

    if you like this song by ac also check out his newest songs called Vindication and Planet Rock....Vindication is a song that he wrote for his mom.

  27. LTJ488


  28. Moncliii

    i love aaron!!

  29. LTJ488

    @RomanticChic01 me 2 lol lol!!! u think he gna make a successful comeback?

  30. LTJ488

    love it!! when does the album come out?

  31. lonlon1780

    @ThePetezuhutt aaron is now 22 not 21

  32. pinky frye

    wow he has an amazing voice

  33. SmellyChips

    i think i am in love with him !

  34. lonlon1780

    yes he is back he is just finishing up the album

  35. littlemissmeish

    omg u serious hes back AHHH! i loved him when i was younger and i still do <3 ily aaron <333333333

  36. Kristin

    i tried to dl this on frostwire and its noooo where wtf???

  37. Queen Len

    i am very happy that he's back,he's one of my favorite keep up aaron!!

  38. Queen Len

    yeah your right! keep loving 'im

  39. Mariluvskpop342

    2 words: LUV IT!

  40. Nandi Van Hecke

    I WANT THIS SONG! where can I find it? tried to download but it's like it doesn't excist...

  41. LD088

    great song, thanks for sharing

  42. Angélica Cris M.

    I liked his voice now, only a lot like Nick

  43. sarahncellphone

    i just listened to the I want Candy song and its so weird how much hes grown since i was like little

  44. disbaby94

    i used to not like this dude but he's way better thsn he used to be n he can really sing now like his brother

  45. jo716


    what do you mean? He went through puberty lol. He probably sounded similar to this around his mid teens also. You should check out clips of him dancing on "Dancing with the Stars" if you haven't yet - he's so handsome now ^_^ and a great dancer. Oh and mature too. All good stuff

  46. Maria Olsen

    its crazy how he sounds so similar to nick!!

  47. Bunnyscene

    well, it don't matter, I LOVE his voice.

  48. Samantha Maureen

    his voice is sooo pure.. i love it~!!!!

  49. StarBlitz

    wow he is super fantastic and amazing i really love his voice now he has trully matured and his songs are more meaningful and has soul ....
    wow i really love all his new songs....

  50. Shane Robinson

    man I got goosebumps from that, he is aaaahhmazing, he sounds nothing like when he wuz younger, his voice has matured so much. I remember me and ma cousins use 2 keep I want candy on repeat lol, good luck on ur come back aaron

  51. Little Uchiha

    Wow, he sings really, really well! His voice a little high when he talked, but this is great! Aaron <3

  52. joanna0412k


  53. alyssa henson

    he sounds more and more like Nick good song

  54. cbluedove2

    Beautiful song, wishing Aaron continued success.

  55. Faby Pau C F

    I think the same that you Their voices are similar, but well, it doesn't matter when this is a very good song.

    (I'm in love with Nick too, but I'm not as young as you... I'm about to be 25 in two months... XD)

  56. Kimberly Fernandez

    i agree wth u...but i'm an evn younger fan! XD 14 and proud of it =D

  57. Julie Элизабет

    wow... last aaron carter song i listened to was thats how i beat shaq...

  58. Sarah Chase

    in this video he sounds like Nick so much. I've been in love with Nick since I was 4 and now I'm 16! ahhh im a young fan

  59. Ryan William

    he is really getting quite good.

  60. kareem Fahmy

    20 more days n he turns 22

  61. bsbhimrasmus

    i know what she said was wrong and she's not teaching me to hate somebody becasue of their sexual orientation. And some of his emotions did look like he was gay, but like i said before i wouldn't care even if he was, i still love him. and my mom likes aaron carter's dancing too. and if she thought that about straight guys i don't think she would be married for 22 years. and just so you know i have a friend who's gay and i don't really care and his being gay doesn't change our friendship.

  62. TheKeyera1234

    thanks ! lilblurtoot

  63. TheKeyera1234

    get a life people!
    really who cares it aint ur bissuness

  64. hellokatya

    he's not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. TheKeyera1234

    woow wierd!

  66. bsbhimrasmus

    me too. after aaron crying on DWTS and the way he acted on some of the eps my mom thinks he's gay. Even if he was i wouldn't care. he's awesome (and cute) and his music and dancing is great.

  67. debateist

    These new songs are just awesome!!
    Loved his old songs and really love these new ones!!

  68. Edu B. Rojas

    sounds like Nick!

  69. Melissa1596

    I like AC's new sound. glad to have him back! maybe he can stay out of trouble if he is making music and touring. lol. he will be 22 already next month. damn....

  70. Vanillamiracle

    sound so like mick

  71. 1vampgrl

    aaron is so HOTT!! love this song:D

  72. Romee Theresa

    He is so hot!
    I love his music <3

  73. Zainab Azad

    nick and aaron are gay and i also heard that they both are dating a guy OMG iam not freakin keding . Nick is such a fat ass he thinks he lost so much weight but i sayWAKE UP FAT ASS.

  74. Mackenzie Laney

    i ♥ aaron carter, i hope he goes on tour!!!

  75. Riley Lim

    He's got a very nice voice
    Fell in love when i heard this song :)

  76. kylel0vesjuice01

    yeahhhhh. nicks gay. kevins a little funny. thats it. they suck. aarons always been loved and grrreater then frosted flakes.

  77. lighteyes214

    I am so shocked at Aaron's new music!!! I've never been a fan but I'd buy this and Let Go in an instant!!! I hope it'll be available soon. Does he even have a record deal? Last I heard he was trying to get a new one.

  78. Tati Rad

    i know like wow! no offense but his face isnt as cute as when he was younger but his body! yummy! lol. and when he talks its higher than before but i still love him! i first saw him on Dancing With The Stars! That is when i realized how he looks now and that he is writing songs i was like OMG MY BOYFRIEND IS POPULAR AGAIN! hahaha :P

  79. obsessedwm

    This song is awesome! Aaron's new stuff is super good. Can't wait for the CD! : )

  80. ilikitty

    i want that song !!! where i can download plz help!!

  81. Tati Rad

    omg i totally agree! i had a major crush on him! and when i heard this is actually thought it was nick!

  82. BSBforlife1

    i'm loving aaron's new stuff and he sounds so much like nick!

  83. Shut Up & Listen Productions

    it's amazing, he even talks like the young Nick. it's crazy how alike they are lol


  84. kareem Fahmy

    Its comin out in January 2010.

  85. lili8618

    omg, I know. I was almost wondering if it was Nick instead. But ....they are brothers after all. lol :)

  86. kate f

    ive always loved him and always will.

  87. BSBforlife1

    is it just me or does he sound so much like nick? the only difference is nick's voice is deeper

  88. 89Bri008

    Loving the new song...been waiting forever for him to get something new out :D

  89. Lori Ann

    I don't think that he sounds like Nick at all on this song.

  90. Lori Ann

    Love his voice!!!

  91. luvblue00

    his voice changed a lot!!!! but i like it :) its sexier
    cant wait till his album comes out!!!
    ive missed him so much <3333

  92. bsbluver453

    aaron carter
    i love his music!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Laboni Gomes

    no this is aaron. he has it on his myspace. its his song and its amazingggg:)

  94. Liz Kaylean Chau

    this is surprisingly good.

  95. iluvmusic J

    *meant his new stuff is good

  96. iluvmusic J

    if listen close you can tell it is Aaron not Nick though they sound alike...he still has that voice you can pick out like he did when he was younger.....I LOVED him so much before this stuff is new stuff is great!

  97. landon l.

    this is not aaron. it's either one of nick's songs but with the background vocals it sounds a lot like is a new backstreet boys song=] what do you guys think?

  98. Natalie Davies

    woah! he sounds nick. lol

  99. Daphine holland

    i luved his music since i was 14 lol now u wonna talk boycrazed him i was to go sleep dreaming about this guy

  100. Danielle Edelstein

    Hell ya