Aaron Carter - That's How I Beat Shaq Lyrics

And it goes, and it goes
And it goes a little something like this

Hit It!
Aaron's in the house
Come on
Get up get up
I wanna make it bounce
Here we go
Aaron's in the house
Get up get up
Aaron's in the house

Yo guys, check it out
Guess what happened to me
(Another crazy story, come on AC)
I was hanging at the court
Just playing some ball
Working on my game
(Yeah, we heard it all)
I heard the fans screaming
I thought it was for me

But then I saw a shadow
It was 12 foot 3
It was Shaquile O'Neal
(What? What did he say?)
(How 'bout some one-on-one, do you wanna play?)
I told him why not, I got some time
But when I beat you real bad
Try not to cry

(Please Aaron, are you for real?)
(One-on-one with Shaquile O'Neal?)
Yeah, 34 Centre from the L.A. Lakers
(You must've been nervous)
I knew I could take him
Stared' at Shaq, psyche him out
I said O'Neal, you're in my house now
Start the game the whistle blows
Pay attention close 'cause the story goes...

It's like boom (boom)
I put it in the hoop
Like slam (slam)
I heard the crowd screaming
out jam (jam)
I swear that I'm telling you the facts
Cuz that's how I beat Shaq

So check it out
I thought I had the lead
But then he started scoring mad points on me
I was scorin' the bricks
Was he hitting those shots?
I knew that there was a way that I could make it stop

I had a plan, that I could change the pace
I said, Yo Shaq you didn't tie your shoelace
He looked down, I stole the ball
I'm taking him to school now, watch me all
A 3-pointer, nothing but net
Come on Shaq, had enough yet?
Down by two, I'm catching up
I guess your getting nervous
Cuz you already lost


Dunk after dunk
Jam after jam
Cheerleaders are cheering
Aaron's the man

Announcers were shocked
Couldn't believe it was real
(I can't believe a kid just stuffed O'Neal)
One more second, was all that remained
I put the ball up
I put him in shame
I must admit that it sounds real crazy
but the ball went in
Then he cried like a baby
Sorry Shaq, I should've let you win
You're good too
And we can still be friends

The fans went nuts
They put me on their shoulders
Then I heard a voice
And it sounded like my mother's

(Get up for school, you're gonna be late!)
Ma, can't you see that I'm playing the game?
(How you could be playing if you're still in bed?)
(Are you gettin' sick, did you hit your head?)
Aw, man it was all a dream
I guess that kinda thing could never happen to me

If it was a dream and it wasn't real

How'd I get a jersey with the name O'Neal?


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Aaron Carter That's How I Beat Shaq Comments
  1. Vox3l-Gl1tch

    Aaron is a good remix of this.

  2. Paul James Lopez

    A true underdog story.

  3. Daniel Morris

    I never knew "Rocky" by The Lonely Island was a parody til now. Utterly hilarious

  4. im_waffle

    Aaron created this when he was 12/13
    I used math.
    2000 (The year this song was made) - 1987 (When he was born) = 13

  5. Gabe Bean

    1:42 would you like to review the rules of basket ball?

  6. grit1

    In reality Carter should've just played slap-a-shaq and forced him to try to make free throws. Would've been a double digit victory.

  7. Jaehun Jeong

    It’s 2019 and this boy still capping

  8. Megan Griffis

    As if this music video wasn't sad enough, they couldn't even get the real Shaq and that dude was in Kazam so...

  9. Angelo Taylor

    The stupidest song tale ever!!!!!

  10. StriderOwO

    I came here expecting a meme but my god this is actually a bop.

    Brandon Feltman

    it is tho

  11. Erik Waterson

    Bruh just foul on Shaq

  12. Susplore TV

    This was my SHIT

  13. Joshua Smyth

    Anybody else find it ironic that his songs as a kid were crazy stories and now as an adult he's still telling nothing but crazy stories?

  14. Rabbit TeaPot

    Dear god, no wonders he’s mental when this is the shit they were having him put out back in the day

  15. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    Who else came here after all his recent madness & interviews with Jake Paul and no jumper!
    According the Aaron Carter we're all just living in his world!

  16. Thomas Yerex

    Way better slowed down to .75

  17. Oak Brundage

    Rematch to get his guns back

  18. TyMacGaming

    Whos here after the pluffaduff stream

  19. Daniel Brunner

    I don't know why but I really think he's over exaggerating this a lil... This is when he started lying and thought people would believe everything he says! Fast forward 2019 the saga continues!

  20. Abelino Jara

    AC's mom hot AF

  21. Tyler L

    20 years later and his stories are still bullshit

  22. Robert Blue

    This song is great lol

  23. Nathan Boehm

    Didn't you guys get flattened by the bat mobile?

  24. Aye Gal

    That's where his lying started

  25. MattAttack

    just came

  26. 彡kawaiigaythug

    this is real hood music

  27. imfromtambunan

    0:55 hey it's present day Aaron Carter!

  28. Chris Cream

    and hes still compulsively liying till this day ...it all started wit shaq

  29. Reve Kalell

    Best rapper ever.

  30. Harley Miller

    Another crazy story ? come on ac... has all new meaning 2019 lol

  31. jon kidd

    Still got flattened by the bat mobile

  32. Charlie Parker

    Why did the crowd scream out jam tho?

  33. Ryan Russo

    This shit haunts Carter in his dreams

  34. Lisa Janine

    Lmao listening to this song in 2019 seeing the foreshadowing of Aarons compulsive lying.

  35. Sabrina Collins

    Hey Aaron I'm also bisexual just like you just saying

  36. Sebastian Tickleberry

    This shit defeated ISIS. Straight bombs☄🔥

  37. killerdude1121

    Damn he's still a lil bitch to this day. He acts like he's still a kid too still telling fake ass stories and lying 😂

  38. Mark Skell

    Who is still listening to in 2019?

    - OlivenickO -2

    Raid Shadow legends

  39. Jimmy Mack

    That’s how Shaq came in his moms mouth

  40. Ryan Long

    Simpler times

  41. mgtz10 chillin

    Who knew this guy was going to be fucken crazy

  42. Vincenzo Proulx

    Who’s here after Adam22 interview lol 😂😂

  43. Mykie DYDSS

    *Man I hope this young kid doesn't grow up and become out of control. He's got potential... please don't throw it away.*

  44. eliana sigurdur

    Omg what a cutie

  45. SawseMasterA

    He Swear Hes Telling Us The Facts.

  46. R Kelly

    King of cringe

  47. Charlie Henderson

    I'm in ❤️ with Aaron Carter. I'm not just in love with him in this video, but also right now. He's my favorite entertainer and celebrity. He's equally beautiful inside and out. 🔟

  48. Ljohn 24

    He fucking double dribbled at 1:40

  49. Chareta Canady

    My son who is 23 now use to love this song when he was a kid. Brings back fun memories.

  50. Scope DNR

    I rather listen lil pump

  51. sean oleary

    Why does this song sound like the flow of “fresh prince of bel Air “

  52. Darkhalf 7

    Been telling stories his whole life

  53. bigA littlec

    Yo I saw that travel

  54. Ward 5 G.E.M.

    Young carter straight tweakin

  55. Cody the Bug

    When I tell my grandchildren this story of the great Aaron Carter aka AC ...how he conquered the beast Shaq that day in early 2001

  56. Subliminal Flash Alpha waves

    The biggest thing in hiphop

  57. AJ X Ponia

    He fought big shaq, how is this not a meme 😂

  58. darrin cleary

    Can’t believe Aaron says he was the Justin Bieber back then , Bieber has actual talent

  59. beNICEmedia

    This is the best video of all time 😀

  60. Brandon Johnson

    He was already on some delusional shit at this age😂

  61. bomatt

    Okay, all these songs are garbage. They weren’t good in 2001 and they’re still shit.

  62. Hello Kitty

    He’s so full of himself

  63. Rudi Grudi

    Im here after no jumper cringe interview... Both of them...

  64. DJ Tru Luv

    Who is here after the No Jumper interview ?

  65. Tails

    The golden age of rap. I miss this era

  66. Adam Lenhardt

    I'm proud to say I'm 48 and have never heard this song and never knew it existed. And I now I feel shame that I can no longer make those claims.

  67. Just a Cup

    Aaron charter has the ultimate “can I speak to the manager” hair style

  68. Adam Lahalih

    Wow how things have changed!! U can tell even when he was young he was gonna grow to be a narcissist 😂

  69. Bucsfan818

    Dame should've used this in his diss 😂

  70. Sean Montemurno

    This explains perfectly why Aaron Carter has become the mess that he is

  71. TheSinWriter World

    It's a copy of "the prince of bel air " just saying 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  72. Brian

    Hollywood ate that family up and spit them out in pieces. Aaron carter is very narcissistic, dudes needs help before some beats him to death or he kills himself. Dude needs some humble pie. I’m surprised he still hasn’t gotten any.

  73. Nick Preyma

    What I wanna know is how he got away with a blatant airball

  74. IXS EXO

    Who else is here from No Jumper?

  75. J L

    We all know this kid only got his light cause of his backdoor boy brother. Ridiculous.....

  76. Cole R

    Doctors ask if he's always been delusional. Look his name up on YouTube..... "Oh yeah", the doctor says.

  77. Jesus Vazquez

    I used to bully kids that listened to this and now I find it gives me the most nostalgia

  78. Rob Vazquez

    I can see my he is delirious as an adult. This little kids mind was warped.

  79. Kylito Mcmanus

    Is this that MGK dis track?

  80. Coolcatlover69

    I’m still not sure what this song is

  81. Kevin C

    Justin biebs on crack.

  82. nik yakubow

    He was huffin not dreaming

  83. Wendy Elise

    He said in the no jumper video "I already beat shaq" lmao

  84. mauracat

    dude, you dj, shaq dj's now. yall need to make a comeback collab

  85. 87 ONTHEBEAT

    White people

  86. Austin S. Clemons

    Who knew this kid would be where he is today... I had this CD. This was like late 00

  87. gee

    After he beat Shaq, he went after Nick and his wife, which is why Nick had to get a restraining order. Damn, Aaron, does your blood lust know no boundaries?

  88. CaliBear 415


  89. Zach William

    Who woulda thought someone named a.c would grow up to take so much heat 🤣🤣🤣 what a buckteeee

  90. AyyeNick

    fattest travel i ever seen 1:42

  91. GOTO

    Aaron Carter used to be so innocent

  92. Manager Hum Ripple

    No Jumper

  93. valkor73

    this is horrible. ac just hanging at the court sucking some dong

  94. Julie Reichel

    Did all those crazy IG lives bring you here IM ADDICTED TO THIS CRAY CRAY 😜 SHIT

  95. Ben Turley

    His eyes even looked all googly back THEN

  96. TVBUU

    Can I go back to this era :/ everything was so fun and free :/


    I came here after watching him on Adam's podcast. I think Aaron forgot his past. 😂😕